First Kick

I’ve been trying to feel baby moves. I have Googled a lot too on what other mommies say about baby’s first move. Most of them described it as flutters, rumbles, little probing inside the stomach…… I am already 16 weeks (today) and I didn’t feel any of those! Until last night.

Since two weeks ago, I would often spend about 5 minutes, lying on my back on the bed, trying to feel if I could feel flutters or rumbles in my tummy. Yes, indeed I got a lot of those, but I know they’re just stomach gas! Because I could feel them travel from one place to the other and most of the times they’re above my belly button, which is not where the baby should be.

Lately, I’ve been feeling some weird flutters in my tummy, but I still don’t think it’s the baby. I’ve been having some stomach issues, they’re probably just gas.

Last night, was doing the ritual again before I sleep. Put my right hand (palm) on the tummy, concentrate on what I was feeling inside, hmmm…… I gave up after few minutes of not feeling anything. The moment I decided to give up, suddenly I felt a “tap” on the tummy and my palm felt it too! Holy cow! It was like someone was poking me from the inside. That wasn’t gas, was it?! Gas doesn’t move like that! That definitely felt new to me. However, I didn’t feel it again after that.

Just one tiny movement like that is enough to get me all excited. Hopefully I can feel it again tonight. :D


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