Driver Vs. Husband

I have a valid license, driving license that is. However, I don’t drive. “You must be kidding, Ashley! What for you got a driving license then?” You know, just in case the need arises. :P Got it 8 years ago.

I don’t have my own car, Andrew does. He has been the one chauffeuring me around. So, yes, we spend a lot of time together other than at home. Another good thing is, we work in the same area. That is the reason why we don’t need a second car. We both know how burden it is to have 2 cars.

A lot of people are saying that I am lucky that I do not have to drive, and I have a 24-hour chauffeur to drive me around wherever I want.

Well, I never complain. I never find it troublesome to not have my own car. Even when Andrew can’t drive me, I find my ways. Taxi, LRT, bus…… There are times that I find it ridiculous for him to drive me all the way to somewhere and he has to go home on his own, I’ll tell him to just drop me at the nearest LRT station. Sometimes, he will insist to send me to my destination. I don’t argue, I just let him do what makes him happy.

I’ve tried to drive on my own, but he doesn’t trust my skill. :P He’d rather to chauffeur me than see his car got scratched and bumped. Hahaha. I’m not a bad driver, I just need time to get used to his car. The less I practice, the less likely I can drive! And guess what, I learned all my driving skills from him. So, who to blame?

About the point that I am lucky, is very subjective you see.

He’s willing to drive me around, he never complains. The only time he complained was to urge me to get my driving license, “just in case” he said.

He’s worried about my safety too. There used to be times I called him for help because I couldn’t get a taxi from a secluded place.

That is just his way of taking care of his wife.

By the way, my mom doesn’t drive too, and she doesn’t even have a driving license. My father has been the one who drives her around ever since they married. I never heard my father complained, except that he hates to wait. :) Andrew’s mom doesn’t drive too, and she too doesn’t have a driving license. Hahaha. But she does have a motorbike license, she rides motorbike to work, other time father-in-law will be the one who drives her around.

So, it is not that I am lucky that I have a “driver”. He is just, being a husband.

P.S.: When I need to go out and Andrew can’t send me, I’d take public transport. Very often, I would work around his availability. I don’t depend on him, I merely believe that he would want me to ask him first before I work out other options. Also, we always do things together, even buying groceries. :)


8 thoughts on “Driver Vs. Husband”

  1. U r back!! Lol

    Hmm I have lotsa girlfriends been chauffeuring around by their HB also. But then most of them do have a 2nd car, just in case hubby not free. Like me also beside driving on my own during weekday (since now my working hrs abit weird), hubby prefer to fetch me around on weekend. He would find somewhere to lepak, nearby bookstore or exhibition while I yamca with friends. He insisted cos u know la now kl abit unsafe.

    So this is totally norm. Lol.

    1. That’s why I don’t understand why a lot of people said I got a good husband and best driver. It’s like their husband or they themselves won’t do that for the wives. Hahaha.

      1. Hahaha u do have a good hubby, no doubt about that since he willingly to chauffeuring u around without any complain. Some rather prefer lazying at the house watching TV or lepaking with their kaki than wasting time driving us.

        Hmm guess half half quo. My hubby abit homey type. So he really doesn’t mind too much.

  2. I too don’t have a 2nd car. My husband send me to work every day and have to wait for me to get off work every day. At times when work is too busy, he just have to wait….t. He’s used to waiting and he has got patience.
    At times I wanted to get a 2nd car for mobility/freedom but I like the way things are right now we don’t find any issue for this arrangement. We do everything together, we spend a lot of time in the car as well and most of the time we forgot to switch on the radio coz we just keep on talking on the way home or to work. Sometimes my friend ask what do we talk about? Why so much to talk even so many years? I said I don’t know, anything everything. We talk a lot in the car and I don’t want to give that up.

    1. Same here leh! Last time hubby always needed to wait for me, but now it’s the other way round, I have to wait for him. And got few times I felt so tired and really wanted to get a car for my own, but really not necessary lah. I too enjoy the time spent in the car, cos he got no choice but only to listen to me, at home got TV and computer to fight for his attention. Hahahaha.

    1. And sometimes we need to depend on them a bit, too independent they will just think they don’t need to do for us.

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