Hello Lucy

If you’re reading my blog recently, you’ll notice that I have been blogging about my experience as a parent. Please bear with me for a while, I gotta write all of them down when the memories are still fresh in my mind. I have very poor memory after giving birth, I’d better write all of them down before I forget.

You know, we are often touched by the scene we saw on TV or in movies, that a mother cried after seeing her baby for the first time. Drama right? I can tell you that it is not drama. I too cried (just a little :P) when I saw Lucy for the first time.

It was such a pity that I had an emergency c-section, Andrew did not get to see her birth. And I too did not get to hold her immediately after she was born.

When the nurse carried her to me (after cleaning her up), Lucy was all bright-eyed! I thought “aww…… my little girl is so round and fair!!!” That’s it, just one look and I cried. I did not get to touch her until I came out from the operating theatre. I felt pity for my girl, she did not get the chance to have skin-to-skin contact with her mommy. :( That is one thing I regret. I was surrounded by family members, I did not have a lot of privacy and alone time after I gave birth. I should have asked all of them to give us some alone time, but I was too afraid to ask. My baby Lucy, was in the crib until everyone finally left and Andrew placed her in my arms. I did not cry again, because I was too tired and did not know what to feel. Now, I understand how tired it is, I guess I would not visit my friends anymore on the day they just give birth. Privacy and alone time with the newborn is all the mother needs during the first day.

The next day, I finally could sit up and breastfeed. That’s the time I finally got a good look at my baby. She is so fair, she’s got my fingers, her eyes are so bright and she’s got pretty eyebrows! Also, she is so tall. Finally, I could feel my mother instinct, I am the mother of this beautiful baby girl. Someone will call me “mommy” soon. That feeling, that revelation, is amazing.

Lucy, my baby. Mommy is so happy that you came into our life. All the pain are nothing when I get to see your little face everyday.

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