Is It Going To Get Better?!

I’ve blogged about the Shitty Memory after given birth. Now I wonder if it will get better. -___-

The recent incident got more ridiculous……

Was having lunch with Andrew in a Japanese restaurant. When we were done:

Me: Let’s go. *Grabbed my bag and ready to go*

Andrew: Okay. *Grabbed a piece of paper on the table*

I happily walked out the restaurant, waiting for Andrew to catch up. 5 seconds later and I didn’t see him by my side. I thought, “why this fella today walk so slow”. I continued with my people watching at the entrance of the restaurant while waiting for Andrew to come out. Another few seconds went pass and I was like “WTF…… What is this fella doing inside, still not coming out!” I turned and looked inside the restaurant to look for him. There, found him standing at the cashier. I finally realised, “shit…… we’ve not paid for our lunch!” LMAO!!!!!!!!

I ran back in laughing and saw this bugger was laughing too.

Andrew: I knew you must have forgotten that we’ve not paid! Saw you walking out selamber je (means relax).

Me: Luckily I came with you, or else people would have thought I wanted to eat free! Wuahahahahahahaha.

Oh gosh…… Something is eating away my memory slowly.

This is not just it. Many times I went shopping alone, I went to the wrong floor or place. Not because I did not know the location, it was all because I forgot where I was walking to!

I have so many things on my mind that sometimes I forgot that I was walking. When I suddenly came to my senses, I found that I was at the wrong place.

Many times, I would ask someone if I’ve told them something because I can’t remember if I have. :(

Blame it on the recent events that took place, worsen my already poor memory.

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