Terminator Genisys

I watched Terminator Genisys alone. Yes, you read me right, A.L.O.N.E. I swore many many years ago that I’ll never watch movie alone again, that feelings sucks. Well, look…… You can never say things too early! It was Raya’s eve, company half day off. So I took the opportunity to go catch a movie since Andrew wasn’t keen in that movie either. Surprisingly, this time I don’t feel the awkwardness and loneliness like the first time. I have a feeling that I’ll be doing this more often. Sigh……

I love the movie!!! Andrew just didn’t know what he was missing!!!

Oh well, despite some unexplained plots/points (I can live with them), I enjoyed the movie. Especially the humours. Arnold, although old, still kicks ass! This movie also made his character more human.

And finally, Kyle Reese did not die. LOL! And the most handsome Kyle Reese of the series. Hahahaha.

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