Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


A Year Wiser

My surprises started since 12am, 1 April 2013.

Cheeky Andrew came into the bedroom, with his right hand clenched.

Andrew: Come, give me your hand. I have something for you.
Me: *Wide eye* HUH?! Eeeeeee!!! What’s in your hand???!!! Don’t want! Must be “kar juak” (cockroach in hokkien)!!! You just want to trick me!!! Don’t want!!!
Andrew: Aiyoooo…… Come lah!!!
Me: Don’t want!!! Don’t know what’s inside!!!
Andrew: NAH!!!! *He opened his hand and took out the pendant*
Me: Ohhhhh…… Hehe…… Thank you ah.
Andrew: What lah you…… “kar juak” pulak……

Not that I don’t trust him, he is just too cheeky at times and I gotta learn to “protect” myself from all his tricks. :P


It’s another charm pendant from Thomas Sabo. He wanted to buy the same one that I lost, which he gave me during one of the Valentine’s Day years ago, but it is no longer in the production. :( Really clumsy me, how could I have lost the first ever charm from him! The most precious one…… *Cries*

Few weeks ago, I’ve bought a beauty box for myself. Did not expect to receive it right on this day though. Was so excited and happy to receive it yesterday! It smells so pleasant the moment I open the box! Ahh…… What a pleasant pick-me-up. First time I bought myself a birthday gift. Hahaha. Never thought that it would feel so nice to receive a gift from myself! Guess I should do this every year, buy something as a gift and have it delivered to myself. :D


Beauty box from TheLilacBox.

During lunch time, I got another surprise. When a close friend asked me for my office address last week I already knew she was up to something. What I did not expect was the gift! Never would I have thought that they would send me a bouquet of flowers! Flowers from my girl-friends! This is another first! Aww…… I’m so touched. So sweet of them to surprise me with such a lovely gift. Now, who said you could only be surprised with flowers from your partner/spouse? ;) Girl-friends know how to sweep you off your feet, too!


I actually thought the flowers were from Andrew, ’cause there wasn’t any card attached. Hahaha. You girls really fooled me lor, on April Fools’ Day! Really love the fa-wer!!! I couldn’t help but smile whenever I see this photo, even right now when I’m writing this.

Girl-friends rock! XOXO


Christmas 2012

If you haven’t already know, I usually spent my Christmas with Andrew’s aunt and her family. It is very generous of her to always invite us over for Christmas. We are very grateful of her generosity and kindness.

This year, she prepared a lovely feast for all of us!



Not just a great feast we had, all of us gotten a Christmas present from Aunt Felicia too! It is really thoughtful and sweet of her to personally hand-pick a Christmas present for us. Very much to my surprise, Andrew’s cousin got us some gifts too! So sweet of her.

It was a night filled with joy and love. We talked, watched TV, ate, laughed, made noise…… It was so merry! Indeed a merry Christmas. :)


With my lovely Aunt Felicia and family :)


Cousins rule!

the girls

All the pretty ladies. Hahahaha. :P They’re all cousins of Andrew.


All 19 of us in the house!

I am truly blessed, to have a loving family of my own, and a loving family of Andrew’s. I am so grateful to be surrounded by so many great people despite the fact that I do not have many close friends.

Nothing beats the love from your family. Cherish your family.

Thistle, Port Dickson

I’ve written this last year, but only managed to find time to upload the photos now. Hahaha. :P

Last year, I was looking for a place for our third wedding anniversary getaway. My intention was merely a getaway for both of us, to be away from the bustling town and the nuisance from the house renovation.

Was tempted by Golden Palm Tree located in Sepang Gold Coast. It’s pretty pricey but was thinking to go for the experience at least once. Then remembered my colleague went to Thistle PD early last year and she rated highly of the place because it has a private beach. Checked out their promotions and was so happy to see they had the Spa Package at RM635 nett per room per night. Was so happy when I gotten the green light from Andrew. :D You can check out their various promotions HERE.

Reached Thistle around 1pm. There’s 4 desks in the lobby, 3 were opened. I got a little impatient after waiting for 10 minutes, then a staff came to me and asked if I wanted to do the check-in. She then told us they have upgraded our deluxe sea-view room to a honeymoon suite at no extra charges. Oh… Wow… I was shocked and I didn’t ask her why. Was thinking perhaps it’s just a suite that no one booked and they could just upgrade ours and rent out the vacated deluxe room then. Mr. Faizal then came to greet us and wished us happy anniversary. Oh yes, I left a remark when I booked the room online that we would be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary and hope they could decorate the room a little bit to make our stay more memorable.

Went to the honeymoon suite, my jaw dropped open and I gasped. Gosh, it is so huge! I was so excited to see the bathtub in the bedroom! The dressing area is so spacious! The shower area is big! Geez…… Head over heels in love with the suite.

The door to the backyard was faulty, called the room service and someone came to fix it in less than 15 minutes. Good service.

We went for a stroll at the beach. It was a weekend but it wasn’t crowded, we get to enjoy some quiet time by the beach, having fun with the swings. The pool in Thistle is huge too. There is a jacuzzi beside the pool as well! Gosh, I just love this place.

Since it’s a spa package, we went for the 1-hour spa treatment in the evening. Totally relaxing!

The swimming pool is huge too! There is this small jacuzzi at the side. The adults pool’s depth is of minimum 1.6 metres if I remember correctly. A bit challenging for me since I’m not a good swimmer. Andrew challenged me to the deeper one, I tried and I nearly drowned! Kanasai!!!!! What kind of husband is this! So, people, don’t ever challenge yourselves with your life!

The only negative point is the variety of breakfast. The roti Jala is delicious, but they didn’t replenish it quick enough. I only managed to have 2 small pieces. Also, they did not clear the empty plates from our table too. We were stacking all the empty plates. Perhaps they were having some big groups of people for some company events, short of hands.

Our stay in Thistle was definitely a pleasant one. I wouldn’t mind going back again, but guess we wouldn’t be so lucky next time to have them upgraded our room. Hahahaha.

Jaw dropped open the moment we opened the door!

There is a common toilet in hall area!

The mini bar.

The room with the bathtub!!! Lovely!

The king-size bed!

The shower area! Very nice!

Wash and dress area, with the toilet.

The door leading to the huge deck outside.

At the swimming pool. The jacuzzi at the far end.

Fruits basket complimentary of the hotel.

Surprise from the hotel! Not very nice, plus the ants were covering most of the cake when we came back from the massage! We ate the little corner untouched by the “merciful little friends”.

Another surprise!

3rd surprise! Thought Mr. Faizal would replace the flowers in the vase, instead they sent me a bouquet of fresh lilies! How lovely!

A late night soak before bed! Heaven!

The yummy roti Jala!

Had another stroll on the beach the next day. No crowds, it was nice.

Don’t we all love swing regardless of what your age is? :)

My man was totally enjoying it until his sandals got washed away by the waves! I was laughing hysterically! Lucky managed to get them back! Hahahahaha!

The beautiful empty field and pathway connecting the hotel and the beach.

Loved the lilies so much!

Last one, been wanting to do this, PLANKING! LOL! :

Love Is In The Air

First of all, I am seriously and terribly sorry for not blogging for so long. Work, house, family and friends occupied most of my time for the past few weeks.

It is February, the month of love. Wanted to write about this as I’ve seen how people went crazy with food and gifts on Valentine’s Day.

If you know me, you’ll know that I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I’ve mentioned it again and again, we shall celebrate love each and every single day, not just one particular day. Furthermore, Valentine’s Day has gotten so commercialised now. Every restaurant is offering special menu on Valentine’s Day itself. Florists mark up the prices of flowers (sometimes even triple) on that very day. Jewellery shops have all kinds of designs specially for the day just to fish your money from your wallet.

I don’t like the thought of it, that Valentine’s Day has become so commercialised that it lost its meaning. Seriously, if I want to splurge on food or gifts, why must I wait for that particular day? I can do it any time of the year.

The love, is in the air. You don’t need to dedicate a day to celebrate love. Are you telling me you don’t feel the love as strong as the other 364 days?

Some has told me that Andrew is a lucky man, that I don’t celebrate anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, save lots of money, time and hassle. Well, they should probably say that I am lucky to have a man that loves me 365 days and shower me with the same amount of love (if not stronger) every single day. :)

I love YOU. Have you said that today? :)

Lucky End of 2011

Year 2011 ended great!

Lucky star was shining upon me at the very last minute! I got the present from the MD, and it’s an iPad2!!! :D Although I have one, who wouldn’t be happy to win another one? :) I was so happy! When the MD called my name, I thought he was joking! LOL!


Un-boxing my new iPad2 :D From the MD. Now, Andrew is using my 16GB whilst the 32GB new iPad2 is mine. Wuahahahahaha…… :P

My boss was telling me not to stop dreaming yet. Just before I managed to ask him what he meant, he handed me a L’Occitane paper bag with a gift box inside. “Here, for you.” I was so surprised! This is the first time he bought me a Christmas gift! Double happiness! :D Andrew was saying it’s an appreciation gift as well. Hahahaha……


It’s a Peony Set! :D Aww… Smell lovely!


On the contrary, I feel a teeny bit of uneasy. Yes, he appreciates what I have contributed thus far, that is also sort of reminding me to continue doing the best. Do you see that invisible “pressure” haloing over my head? -_- Ohmmmm…………..

Will the good luck at the end of year 2011 follow me to the year of 2012????? I hope so! Ah…… Everything is so full of hope now.

I am so full of hope even with the house issue I have with Kubiq.

2012, end of the world or not, let’s live like there’s no tomorrow. :) Cheers!

This Is It, 2012!

The movie, 2012, has created a lot of fear in a hell lot of people. I say, if the end of the world is coming tomorrow, why worry now? You’re still going to die if you worry, so why not die happily? And, everybody will die together with you, you’re not alone. So, why fear? I have so many things that I want to do, and yes, I fear death. However, I do not fear the end of the world. The selfish part of me is thinking, everyone is going to die with me, why worry? The angel part of me is thinking, everything ends, so I could continue my journey on the other world, why fear? :)

Okay, end of the world or not, life has to go on. Here I am, hoping for a better 2012, looking back at what I’ve done in year 2011.

My many firsts in year 2011:

  1. First time been to Melbourne, Australia.
  2. Took my first heli ride in 12 Apostles, Melbourne.
  3. Got my first iPad (iPad2)!
  4. Went to Seoul for the first time.
  5. Gotten the house key to my first house!
  6. First time been to Cameron Highlands.
  7. First free dinner in Nando’s! (Wuahahahahaha)
  8. Gotten my first Chuck Taylor All Star :)

Didn’t travel as much as I did back in year 2010, most of the times busy with the house. The most memorable one would be the heli ride over the 12 Apostles, amazing!

For year 2012, I will…

  • Exercise at least once a week
  • Read at least one book a month
  • Eat healthier
  • Sleep early (latest by 12am)

I think I can easily do the second and third, the exercise requires strong determination though. Sleep early…… Which means cut down on TV time……

We shall see……

Happy New Year! Here’s wishing everyone a greater and healthier 2012! World peace! :)

Jingle Bell. Jingle Bell. Jingle Bell Rock.

‘Tis the season to be jolly!!! YAY! Christmas is almost here!

I’m not a Christian, but I love Christmas. ‘Tis a season to share, give and receive love. I love the Christmas ‘smell’ in the air. Everywhere is so Christmas-sy. You see, the magic of Christmas. Whether you’re of Christianity or not, you celebrate Christmas. It is so contagious. :) You just want to get into that jolly mood. :)

This year, we may be able to get ourselves a Christmas tree in the house. Andrew and I are already hunting for one. We are so excited. Although we are slowly building the home with the limited dime, we would still want to get the home into the festive mood.

The Christmas shopping shall start any time soon. I don’t usually buy gifts for every friend I have, only among a small group of us that we would exchange gifts. Also, we always have gifts exchange and Christmas celebration in the office. This year, guess I could do a gift exchange with Andrew too. :D

I am already feeling like Christmas…… Christmas, Christmas, can you come faster? Hahahahahaha…… I love Christmas!