Fast & Furious Will Never Be The Same

I believe most of us know him from The Fast and The Furious. He was a young lad back then. It was only few months ago that we’ve seen Fast & Furious 6. Now, he’s gone.

Few days ago, I woke up to my Facebook flooded with the bad news. I didn’t want to believe it, I went Google to see if it was a hoax. I was hoping very hard that it was just another hoax that people created. This time, Google disappoints me. The news was already on BBC, it wasn’t a hoax. Within minutes, my Facebook was flooded with pictures of him.

I don’t know why this time a celebrity’s death could make me feel so sad. I was sad when Michael Jackson died, but not like this. I didn’t cry, but I felt the heart-ache. I got teary looking at all the RIP messages on Facebook. It’s weird for me to feel the pain when I don’t know him at all.

Is it because I’ve seen all of the Fast & Furious series? Is it because he was too young? Or I feel sorry for him to die at the peak of his career? Or because I won’t see him in Fast & Furious anymore?

People have been saying that we only remember Paul Walker, but we forgot there’s another person who died, which was his friend, Roger Rodas. Just because he wasn’t famous, nobody seems to notice. According to the website, he was only 38, even younger than Paul Walker.

A lot have also said that Paul Walker was only an average man you could find off the street and he didn’t deserve what he was having. Well…… To me, he was still a great actor and someone who did his part to make the world a better place.

Are good people destined to die young?

Too young. Too soon. 


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Philippines Relief – Reach Out Worldwide

寒战。Cold War 2012.








Skyfall for Daniel Craig

:D I love Daniel Craig for a reason…… His eyes. I think he could just hypnotise me by asking me to look into his eyes for 5 seconds. Hahahahaha. Look at his blue eyes, you’ll understand. He has got this charm too that you just can’t take your eyes off him in a movie.

So, how can I miss Skyfall then? I’ve been bugging Andrew since the day it came to the cinema, busy with work and stuff, I told him I MUST watch this by hook or by crook. Hahaha.

I’ve heard a lot of people saying that they’re very disappointed with the movie. I’m surprised. The movie, to me, turned out to be great. This time, it required more concentration from the audiences than the previous 2 movies. However, I don’t think it’s that bad to the extent that it’s boring or dull.

Action scenes were here and there, not too intense but sufficient for a James Bond movie. It was more like “getting smart” with the villains than the merely physical fighting and battling through. As all of us know it, all the previous James Bond movies relied on a lot of gadgets. However in Skyfall, you wouldn’t see many of those gadgets flying all over the place. Just a few of them are impressive enough to make you go “WOW”. Most importantly, this time you’d get to see a more brainy James Bond. :)

James Bond’s background has always been a mystery, but finally we get to see it in Skyfall. So, James Bond is just another troubled kid like most of us. Hahahahaha……

The movie has a different twist at the end. Never would I expect that Skyfall was actually a place. Before I went to the movie, I thought it could be about some terrorist attack using some kind of airborne weapon, hence the name of “skyfall”. Little did I know I was so wrong. :P I find that it was a bit lame though to use the name of a place for a movie title. It does sound nice and mysterious, but lame.

Another twist is I never expected M to die! Oh dear…… The graceful and yet fierceful M died! T__T That is tragic. However, am glad to see Ralph Fiennes as the new M. :D He looks so old now, I was smitten by his charm too once upon a time. Hahahaha.

Andrew and I love the movie. We love the fact that the James Bond played by Daniel Craig, is more human compared to all those previous James Bond. This James Bond, is scarred. As always, we believe hero is made, rather than born.

If you’re a James Bond’s fan, you shall not miss this. Whether it’s good or not, you’ll not want to miss this. If you’re not, you’ll find this boring. If you’re looking for excitement and action like The Expendables 2 and Bourne Legacy, you shall not waste your money on Skyfall.

P.S.: In the cinema, I was sitting beside this group of young people. When the scene showed MI6 Headquarters with the subtitle “HQ – MI6”, the “boy” (early twenties perhaps) next to me said this loudly to his friend, “M-Sixteen!!!” I nearly lost control and burst out laughing!!!!!!!!!! I was covering my mouth and laughing on Andrew’s shoulder!!! M-16 for goodness sake!!!! Clearly, he isn’t a fan of James Bond. Or perhaps, he doesn’t even know about James Bond. No one would ever think it was referring to M16 although the alphabets do look like it. I still couldn’t get over it, I laugh whenever I think of it. M-Sixteen!!!! Good one BOY!

Liam Neeson. Taken Too (2).

*Took me 2 weeks to finish this post! My mind is not at its usual state, few things happened lately and work is crazy and messy. It’s very difficult to think and write at this point in time.*

I guess it is only right to say, those who have seen Taken, would have jumped with excitement when they know there would be Taken 2. I am of no exception. :) Furthermore, I’m a fan of Liam Neeson, how can I miss this one? :P When I saw the trailer of Taken 2, I’ve already told Andrew that “I MUST WATCH THIS”! LOL!

Some of you may not know why I have this strong admiration for Liam Neeson (old man), it all thanks to his VOICE. I’ve mentioned in my blog here many times that I have a thing for men with sexy and husky voice (not that kind of old grandpa’s voice OK!). Liam Neeson’s voice, unbeatable! If he ever says to me, “let’s run away with me, Ashley”, trust me, I would. LOL! Just imagining of how my name would sound like from him is already making me weak at my knees! Wuahahahahahahahaha…… Of course, not just his voice, his acting is great too. :P

Ok, back to the movie. If you’ve not seen Taken, you don’t know what you’re missing. I concluded that Taken 2 was great, but Taken was even better! I believe a lot of people would agree with me. Taken was filled with back to back suspense and action, there was never an empty window that would leave you feeling boring. I was holding my breath every minute when I watched Taken. It was so exciting and enjoyable to see Liam Neeson kicking all the bada**. You would want to glue your eyes to the screen until the movie ends and you would want to know so much if he got his daughter back.

Taken 2, nice. When I saw Liam Neeson got taken too, I was like, “those people are idiots to want to mess with him”. Hahahaha. Well, I wonder what the story would be if his daughter was taken too.

In the movie, other characters were pretty forgettable. The movie focused so much on Liam Neeson, almost made him like the new Jason Bourne. I was so impressed with the character he played, Bryan Mills. Just like I was impressed with Jason Bourne, only that Mills is much older. :P

If you’re looking for a lot of explosives, gunfires and blood, you would not get a lot of them in Taken 2. If you do not like the idea of Taken, do not even bother to watch Taken 2. If you do not even know or like Liam Neeson, this is definitely not for you. If you’re watching it hoping to just get entertained, yes you will but don’t expect it to be extremely entertaining like The Expendables 2. If you’re a fan of Liam Neeson, you should watch it no matter how, nuff said. :P

Love this specific conversation between Bryan Mills and his daughter:

Mills: Can you shoot?
Kim: No.
Mills: Then drive.

LOL!!!!! >o<

Unknown 2011

Now, I fell in love with Fox Movie Premium channel on Astro. :D Oh, don’t forget HBO too. I can watch movies all day and night!!! Guess what, I watched 4 movies last Sunday!!! :D

When it comes to Liam Neeson, it can’t be wrong. Nothing can be wrong with Liam Neeson in the movie. His acting skills can make you believe anything that he said in the movies is real. :D Whenever he speaks, I melt. Aiyoooo…… His voice!!!! I can’t recall since when I become so hopelessly in love with Liam Neeson, I only know that he can “kill” people with his eyes and voice. :P No doubt he is old now, but he aged charmingly. Just like Harrison Ford. :) Still remember K-19: The Widowmaker, seeing Harrison Ford and him appearing in the same movie, divine!

Ok, back to the movie Unknown. Wanted to watch it in the cinema last year but couldn’t make it. Couldn’t find it on PPS, been waiting for Andrew to help me to download it and last week, I saw the trailer on HBO and they would be showing it on Sunday night! I was so happy and I kept reminding myself that I must not forget. WEEEE!!! I did not forget!!!

Unknown was great, how the director spent time explaining the characters impressed me . I would be lost if I wasn’t introduced to the characters well, seeing Neeson lost his identity was already a confusing and mysterious one. The director is very clever in keeping you suspended, and yet making you wanting to find out why. You would be so well-behaved during the movie and your eyes would literally glue to the TV, you wouldn’t want to miss a single scene! Although there wasn’t many action scenes, the mysteries and dialogues were enough to keep you occupied. :P

I must say I was fooled a few times. I was so focusing on wanting to know WHY those people stole Martin Harris’ identity, it was such a surprise to know that Martin Harris himself was the assassin! I again was surprised when Jürgen the private investigator committed suicide to protect his client!

Everything was so well played and set, the truth was only to be revealed near the end of the movie. When you thought that would be it, the snake is out and THE END but hey, it wasn’t finished yet! That was brilliant!

However, it is weird that why Neeson at the end had a sudden change of heart, that he didn’t want to be an assassin anymore? Who did they work for? Weren’t those people his colleagues? Why did they want to kill Neeson after the accident? Weren’t they a team? Why didn’t they save Neeson after the crash? Sigh…… Guess I’ll never have the answers. Hmm…… Somehow, I found a little bit of similarity of Bourne Identity in Unknown, the backbone of the story is pretty similar. :) How nice if Unknown were to be in drama series. :D

I Stand Corrected

Back in year 2010, the first time I heard the song “Eenie Meenie”, I fell in love with it. Wanted to know about the singers singing the song. I know Sean Kingston, but it was the other one that impressed me, Justin Bieber. I thought, “wow, this boy can really sing!”

The more I listened to his songs, the more he impressed me. Especially “U Smile”, what a soothing song. Indeed, a talented young boy.

Then, I kept seeing Justin’s face on the TV. His hair-style began to annoy me.

Then, I kept hearing him on the radio with the song “Baby”. For goodness sake, the constant chanting of “baby, baby, baby oh……” really got on my nerves big time. What the…… Whenever I heard the song on the radio, I would either switch frequency or turn it off. I know it was a HIT song, but what, 3 or 4 or even more times in a day??? Give me a break!

Then, I stopped liking him. Stopped listening to any of his songs and not taking any interests in him anymore. I admired his talents and voice, but I seriously do not enjoy that sort of pop music anymore. I told Andrew, “Justin Bieber is just another new kid on the block crying for attention, shall not go far”.

When I saw he has got his own movie last year, Never Say Never, I was very sceptical over it. Thinking, just another teen flick promoting his handsomeness and awesomeness. Don’t we already know he is good looking and awesome? Never had I thought to go to the cinema to watch it, or buy the DVD or even download it. Never would I want to watch it.

Astro was showing Never Say Never the other night, oh boy. I had nothing else to watch and was too lazy to switch channel, so I let the TV on. Was sitting on the sofa Facebook-ing on my iPad and watching the show half-heartedly. It started with some videos of Justin Bieber when he was much smaller, to be honest, you can’t say NO to cute little baby like him! The baby Justin caught my attention, he was playing guitar sometimes, or hitting a face of a stool with rhythm like hitting a drum, or singing, fooling around with family……

I was impressed 20 minutes after watching it. He IS freaking gifted with music talent!!! A small boy can do drums and guitar without proper lessons! If that is not gifted/genius, what is? I was so impressed that I kept gasping and saying “walau… my goodness… aiyoooo… fuyooohhh……” I told Andrew, Justin doesn’t just some handsome boy that can sing, he has got REAL talents!!! Hats off to him. I stand corrected – Justin Bieber is NOT just another new kid on the block crying for attention, he will go far! Or I hope he can go far. Such a talented person shouldn’t be wasted, I hope he can stay in the music industry for as long as possible.

Fame is not easy, especially fame that came suddenly. From the show, I actually felt heart ache seeing him having to travel so frequent, performing, without family beside him, far away from home. A 18-year-old boy has to go through all that alone, is hard. Boys being boys, in the movie you can see he is still very much the boy-next-door that likes to play.

Justin Bieber, is just a boy with a gift. Andrew said, “so he has really got talents, not some pretty boy who only sings well”.

I’ve changed my view on him after the show. Now I admire his talents even more. Hope he would not go astray under the guidance of Usher. May him be surrounded with good people, always.

P.S.: When I heard and saw Greyson Chance, I was like, “aiyooo…… not another handsome boy”. Well, he sings good, he plays piano very well…… Somehow, I just don’t like him. Hahahahaha…… Bieber is good, at least I like him the moment I heard and saw him. LOL! :P

P.P.S.: Heard Justin’s new song yesterday, he sounds so grown-up!!! Oh ya, he’s 18 now, a total grown-up if you asked me. He’s no longer that person who sang “Baby”, am actually glad that he is now a big boy. He looks so different now. :) Think I’ll buy his new album. :) Check out his new “Boyfriend”. :P Ooppsss…… We don’t get to watch it yet HERE. ARGH!

MTV First – Justin Bieber – Boyfriend


First of all, one of the many reasons that keep me on my blogging journey is that I know there are people out there reading my blog and take good interest in it to actually LIKE some of my posts. No words need to be written or spoken, just a LIKE and I know someone is sharing the same thought or interest. Thank you people, for liking my posts. :)

I too, take great interest in the people who LIKE my posts. I’ll often check out their profile and if they have a blog too. Yesterday, someone LIKED my post on “Bryan Adams”. As usual, I clicked on the Gravatar, it shows Moses Melkonian. Looked for his blog, Moses Junkyard, clicked. Surprise, surprise. A new, young, talented artist. I wouldn’t label him as merely a singer since he writes and composes the songs on his own.

I’m impressed with Moses’ new work piece, We Are Mighty, We Are Young. The video (shot by Aaron Leaman) may look simple, but that’s what it’s all about. Great music doesn’t need fantastic video to tell the story, the song itself is great enough. Love the rhythm of the song. I’m impressed that Moses does not go into the main-stream pop music what others seem to be doing. We Are Mighty, We Are Young is pretty groovy. I was swaying my body a little while listening to it. Don’t believe me? Just listen to it and you’ll understand what I mean.

I was googling about this young artist, all I could get is this interview with Steezy Street. Then I went on to YouTube, wanting to see what else he has. Gosh, I found Lunar Lull! So soothing and comfortable. Moses sounds so different in Lunar Lull.

How long since we have someone who dares to be different?

Let’s hope Moses could stay in the industry and be different for as long as he could.

Seriously, you don’t know what you’re missing if you have not heard this brilliant artist.

Ahh…… Bliss of the week to have found this amazing star. :)

Bryan Adams

Have u really ever loved a woman?
You will know this if you and I are from the same era. :)

For quite a while back then, I was pretty crazy in love with Bryan Adams. I would look everywhere I could to buy his albums, even old ones. I would listen to every of his songs and memorize the lyrics. It was pretty much of eat and sleep with Bryan Adams. :) At this point in time, I do love him still.

Why does Ashley who always loves the good-looking hunks love someone like Bryan Adams who isn’t got the looks?

There’s one thing you probably haven’t know. I’ve got a thing for men’s voice. Hahaha. Men with throaty voice or some may call it the manly voice, would get the most attention from me. I could listen to Bruce Willis’ voice and drool over it. I would go dizzy when Liam Neeson speaks. Andy Lau’s voice makes my legs go weak. Andrew’s voice? Makes me feel warm. :)

Bryan Adams has got a very unique husky voice when he sings! It’s like a magnet and I’ll be like a piece of soft metal, hopelessly drawn to him! Hahaha. Don’t believe me? Try listen to some of his songs and you’ll understand what I mean. Try listen to this “Please Forgive Me”, my favorite with his most husky voice.

So, it isn’t the looks that really got me, it’s the whole package. :) He’s not just a singer, he’s also a song writer and a photographer.

By the way, the most loved football star David Beckham, does not have my love. Have you ever heard him talking? You should, and you’ll know why I do not love the most handsome man as they claimed he is. :)

Hmmm…… Writing about Bryan Adams reignites the passions I used to have for him. Listening to “Please Forgive Me”, melts my heart.

Another one to charm your night away……

Ghost Protocol

The installation of kitchen cabinets and wardrobe last Saturday was a nightmare. I felt so sad. All I could do was sighing and sighing. Andrew, on the other hand, was tired. He was so busy with the house even when he was off from work for 2 days. He wanted to take his mind off the house for a while and proposed to go for a movie in the early morning of Sunday.

Mission: Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol is something Andrew has been talking about since early of the year. He is so impressed with Tom Cruise performing all the stunts on his own instead of using a stunt-man. Tom Cruise has been my idol for a long time. Andrew only likes his movies in the recent years. Partly because of me, he has seen more of Tom Cruise’s movies. He has been telling me he MUST watch MI4. Hahahahaha…… 5 years I’ve been waiting for another MI movie. What a long wait.

Ghost Protocol, a great one. Although there are things which may look impossible and man-made, it is still a great movie. Seeing Tom Cruise risking his life climbing the Burj Khalifa is already exciting enough, worth every penny you paid for a movie ticket. Mission Impossible never lacks in action. Everything is well woven that you will never feel bored. There is humours too, which made me laughed out loud quite a number of times.

I noticed, Tom Cruise doesn’t play cool and handsome in the recent MI movies as much as the earlier ones. I still remember he kept showing people how beautiful his hair was in MI2! LOL!

Love the movie so much. Of course, LOVE Tom Cruise too! :D

Now, let’s see how beautiful Tom Cruise’s hair was in MI2. Just watch and you’ll understand what I mean. :P

The Man That I’ll Never Get Bored Looking At

He’s handsome, charming, sweet, good-looking, charismatic…… He looks even more charming as he ages. He can carry all sorts of look and still maintain his own characteristic. He rarely comes under the spotlight of the media, he is said to have been avoiding the media. He is very low profile. He is a mystery. He has come a long way……

Need I say more? :)

Photos courtesy of Takeshi