Missing My iPhone

Guess what, it’s lost for nearly half a year, and I am still missing it! *Cries* Was looking through my old posts to find some inspirations on what I could blog next, I found this post!!!

My iPhone!!! *Cries even louder* My Precioussssssssss……

Seeing those applications in the phone (of the photos), my heart’s breaking one more time. My iPhone…… Adoi….. Wahai ku…… Gosh…… Geez…… 心痛到……

I’m sorry. Sorry for being emotional. I just couldn’t help it you know. A year and a half with my iPhone and it’s gone! Now only I feel like cursing that sucker who took it from me! Sucker!!! ^*&%#@*$!! Hmm…… Isn’t it a bit too late that the emotions only come now? Hahahahahaha…… I don’t know why I was so cool with it that time. Now I’m missing it dearly.

I love my Galaxy S too, but I still miss my iPhone. T__T Guess they’re right, you have to lose it to know how dear it was to you. No, I do not wish to lose my current one. NO WAY!!! *Goes to cuddle her Galaxy S, “you’re my baby”.*

Okay, this is just a random post on my emotions. Sorry about the crap. :D

True Revelation

My precious is gone. I’ve been cherishing my precious for so long, not a scratch on it, and now it’s gone. I still feel sad. After all, it has gone through all the good and bad times with me for the past 1 and a half year. All my precious memories are in it! Sigh…… My carelessness……

You are right, I lost my precious baby iPhone. T__T I’m not sure if I was so blur to put it on a pile of clothes or someone has stolen it from (inside) my bag when I was crazy shopping. Just right after talking to Andrew on the phone, and it was gone the next few minutes. I was pretty calm back then, with 2 ladies accompanying me, their faces definitely looked more stunned and shocked than I was! Hahahahaha……

Sadness aside, I’ve gotta go through the stage where I had to decide which phone I should get! Ever since iPhone, I’ve not laid eyes on other handphones, nor kept abreast with the trend. I was clueless. I know Android, Andrew’s having one, which I do not fancy. Thought of BlackBerry, but gosh, hate those qwerty keypad. Then I saw this HTC Aria, looks cool and cute, good for ladies. Well, the salesman then recommended HTC Wildfire. Android still, but easier to use than Andrew’s HTC Desire.

Chit-chatting with the salesman for quite a while, I couldn’t really decide if I should go for iPhone 4. I do not like iPhone 4, the feel of it in the hand, the weight, the design…… The interface is not much different from iPhone 3G/S. Plus, iPhone 3G S still needs a good RM1750, and iPhone 4 costs RM2600!!! Sigh…… Tough decision, but I knew iPhone 4 is a no-no.

The salesman then took out the killer weapon, he said “just to let you see”. Geez…… See…… Gosh…… When he switched the phone on, I knew, “this is it, I’m doomed”. Everything is pretty similar to iPhone, some even better, but iPhone still has the best applications. It’s ok, I can live with it. Pity the Wildfire, was put aside by me and never gets to follow me home.

Here it is, my new baby, not to replace my precious iPhone, but am loving it too. :)

The Hello Kitty Live wallpaper. :D “Someone” is going to LIKE this a lot. You know who you are, my friend! This is for you. Hahahaha.

The interface and the apps. :D Now getting the hang of it, not as complicated as I thought it would be.

Phobia, now I keep checking my bag to see if my phone is still there, I keep zipping and unzipping to make sure no one can put their hands in, I hold my bag so tight under my arm and I am paranoid towards the crowds around me. No offense, but anyone could be a thief even though they look prim and proper. A lesson learnt, shall be more careful and vigilant. The price is just too much. :(

My preciousssss…… T__T

Flash An Apple

I didn’t know the fact that Adobe Flash is not working on iPhones until I have one of my own. For the past one year, I have been telling people who have asked me “how is your iPhone”, that “it is good but it doesn’t support Flash”. It isn’t a major issue to me as I have thousands of games I could download from the Apple App Store that do not require Flash. They are amazingly fun. But still, I couldn’t play the Flash games in Facebook. Yes, I play Facebook games.

Today, a friend shared an interesting and informative article written by Steve Jobs (just in case you do not know, Steve Jobs is the co-founder and CEO of Apple), it gave me a whole new insight on Flash. I have to admit unashamedly that I was wrong to assume “Apple doesn’t support Flash”.

Thoughts on Flash ~ Steve Jobs, April 2010

If you’re wondering why Flash isn’t on iPhone, iPod and iPad, like me, you should read it. Don’t even bother to click the link if you’re not into all these, because it is a pretty long article. LOL!

Without Flash on my iPhone, I could still play games, surf net, watch videos on YouTube, make payment, book a movie ticket…… Well, almost everything, without Flash. Now, now, why on earth was I so grumpy about “Apple doesn’t support Flash” in the first place? It isn’t a big deal after all!

Hmm…… This is bad. Bad, bad, bad. No, no…… Ashley, put that thought away! “You aren’t seriously thinking about GETTING that iPad, are you?!” Erm, why not? Since now I don’t see Flash as important as I did, iPad without Flash is just as interesting as iPhone, probably more. :D Let’s wait for the iPad in Malaysia then. Hyak hyak hyak…… *Grins evilly*

P. S.: It totally blown my mind away when I know the facts that Adobe Flash is so slow in adapting to the world changes and yet everyone (almost) is thinking it is Apple’s fault not to have Flash in its products. We, sometimes look at the surface of things and do not bother what’s underneath or behind them. Everything has 2 faces/sides. Undeniably and unfortunately, I am just as ignorant as everybody else. What a tight slap on my face. BAH!

A Year With YOU

Still remember last year when I first saw you, I thought you were something that I could only salivate for from far. First time I held you, the feeling was overwhelming. I would never want to caress or hold others anymore. I recalled I kept turning back to look at you when I was leaving. From that very day onwards, all I could talk and dream about was you. Even Andrew could feel my feelings for you. Yes, it was that strong.

Andrew couldn’t bear with the sight of me missing you terribly and miserably, he offered to take you in so that you and I could be together! Aw, that was so sweet of him. I was in cloud nine meeting you again. Gosh, finally, YOU ARE MINE!!! To hold you once more and knowing that we would not part anymore, that was one of the many sweetest moments in my life.

There are times you would give me troubles and problems, but I could live with that. Off late you have been acting kind of slow, I am fine with that too. I am still happy to be with you. The fact that I do not look for others like you, that shows that you have been a great companion to me. I wish for no replacement and I do not want to think of how life would be without you.

I feel guilty though, that I am secretly hoping to see another newer, trendier and faster YOU. How unfaithful I am. But… But……

Okay! Enough of killing my brain cells over that little iPhone of mine! LOL!!! Sorry that you have to read through all those craps only to know that I am talking about my phone. :D I am feeling so bored with work. So, came in here to get a little creative. Hahaha.

Time can really travel so fast…… I felt like it was only yesterday when I first gotten it. Never had I imagined I would be an iPhone user, but look, it’s been a year!

I have written a few reviews on my iPhone too. All in all, I am still loving it. If you don’t compare it with the 3GS, you wouldn’t feel annoyed. Recently my iPhone 3G is kind of slow in responding and loading. Too many applications I guess. But that shouldn’t slow it down since iPhone is made to fit in all those applications.

Am now eyeing for iPhone 4G, been waiting for it to show its face. Apple has really got its way to hide things from the public!

Eventhough iPhone has its limitations, I am still one satisfied iPhone user and owner. I do not keep abreast with the handphone trends now, ’cause I know there won’t be any other handphone I’ll be interested in. It is always going to be Apple iPhone for me now. Call me vain or plain showing off, there are people out there who would tell you the same thing about their handphones too. :) So, I am not alone.

Now revealing what I have in my iPhone 3G. Total of 8 pages, not a lot I think. But gotta slim it down, it’s been a while since I last organized them.

iPhone Review #3

3 months into using iPhone. Ashley, Ashley, are you getting bored with it already? LOL. No, hell no. I still love every bit of it. The applications, the games, the videos, the map, the internet…… All working so well. No regrets. About the myth that some people told me I’d ditch it after 2 months of using it, to me, that is just a myth.

I use iPhone for a lot of internet browsing. Checking the news, Youtube, blogging, Facebook-ing…… And with the new OS3.0, I can now do internet tethering!!! Did that when I was in Terengganu. The speed was ok since it’s on 3G.

The copy and paste function is awesome. Also I can forward SMS now. I have yet to try the MMS.

There is a new applications now, voice recording. The voice recorded is so crisp and clear!

Sad that I still can’t do video-recording. Sigh.

Someone told me, iPhone is very childish because she has seen some 16 year-old boy using it. LOL! And she has not seen teenagers using any BlackBerry. Hahaha. If the equation works that way, BlackBerry equals to an old-man’s phone? For Matured Adults Only. LOL. Also, someone told me iPhone is hell complicated to use and the settings are all so troublesome. Well… One man’s food could be another man’s poison, as the saying goes.

No doubt, iPhone looks cheeky, sleek and more fun. Picture this, a very successful business man with all the macho hunky features, holding a sleek black iPhone, touching it with his index finger. Hahahaha. Instead, he’s holding a black macho-like BlackBerry, pressing the buttons with his thumb. That looks way better.

Well, it all boils down to personal preferences again. If you hell love iPhone/BlackBerry, you’ll love it doesn’t matter if it goes well with your look. Am I right?

So, stop finding excuses for loving/hating that phone. You love it because you love it, and you hate it because you hate it. No excuse needed. ;)

Hey, when did my iPhone review became iPhone Vs. BlackBerry. Geez… I’m so off-topic!!!

Okay…… Back to iPhone. Now there’s a new iPhone 3GS. I have not seen one here. The look isn’t any different from the iPhone 3G, but 3GS can do video-recording, with 3MP camera. The speed is also supposed to be faster. If at all Maxis is going to get the 3GS, I bet Andrew is the next one owning iPhone. LOL!

That’s all for now.

iPhone Review #2

My first review on iPhone was about a month ago. Now, one month after using my iPhone, what I would say is, it is still a great phone in all aspect. I bet a lot of people out there may not agree with me. But there are also people out there who would be nodding their heads when they read this. :)

Now, let’s look at the flaws of iPhone 3G. Yep, I would say it does have flaws too. And I chose to use the word “flaws”, because I believe that the Apple people must be working hard to improve this gadget. Therefore, all the flaws will be improved and fixed.

I can’t receive nor send MMS via my iPhone 3G. Whenever I received a MMS, I have to log in to the Maxis website to view the MMS. Hassle huh? Well, the iPhone 3G now is of version 2.1. There’s a new version (OS 3.0) coming up soon, hopefully by June. It will solve the MMS flaw then.

I can’t make video calls. Wait a minute, I can make a video call, but the other party wouldn’t be able to see me as there is no camera on the front of the phone! That is something that could not be fixed by simply downloading a software. Unless they have a new iPhone with frontage camera.

Someone asked me if I could delete my SMS one by one. No, I can’t. The SMSes sent to/from the same person, are stored in way of conversation dialogue. It’s either you clear the whole conversation or delete all the SMSes. If there is only one particular SMS that you would like to keep, sorry, you still have to keep the whole conversation. I wonder if the OS 3.0 could improve that.

Also, copy and paste function is currently not available in iPhone. That is particularly irritating when it comes to chatting in MSN with your friends, blogging, or trying to copy a website address to some other place. Good news is, OS 3.0 is going to fix that! :)

Everytime I plug in the USB to my computer, the damn syncing process starts automatically! And it takes bloody long time to sync and backup. When the syncing is in progress, I couldn’t do anything to the iPhone! Unless I cancel the syncing.

Okay, one major flaw is that, I can’t record video with iPhone!!! That is a bit disappointing. Unless you do a jailbreak on it, else you can’t record any video! Heard that there’s going to be a new iPhone come this June and Apple may improve on iPhone’s camera and possibility of video recording. Read it here.

Recently I noticed my iPhone is slower in responding time. Getting into the SMS screen is like 2 seconds slower, getting out of a game screen also took about 2 seconds now. Perhaps I’ve downloaded and installed too many applications. But that shouldn’t be the cause of it since iPhone is famous for its applications. Probably it’s the bugs of respective applications.

The good thing about iPhone 3G guess I’ve said enough in the previous review. There’s one more interesting thing about this phone, it’s the accelerometer. Nowadays most of the smartphones are having this accelerometer, such as HTC. I can now play bowling like real, swing and release. :)

Another good thing is the battery recharging. I can plug in to any PC for recharging without installing any complicated software. I know Nokia can’t do that, wondering if Blackberry Storm can do that. :p The USB cable is much lighter than bringing the whole plug out and having the troubles to find an electrical output. And if you happened to plug in your laptop for that one and only electrical output you could find, the USB way of recharging is definitely what you’d wish for.

The camera of the current iPhone 3G is only 2mp. But I would say that it is performing well. I’ve seen people showing me their 3.2mp camera phones, the quality? Oopsie, worse than my iPhone 2mp camera! LOL! I ain’t gonna tell you what 3.2mp camera phone they are. You go compare and find out. I guess sometimes you can’t just judge the quality of the photo by looking at the megapixels of the camera phone. You have to look at other aspects too, such as the manufacturer, the technology……

I wonder why Apple is not giving the best to the iPhone. I mean, the camera could have been 3.2mp or maybe even 5mp. All those flaws that I’ve mentioned above could have been easily detected and improved on when they developed it, instead of launching a lower spec model and provides upgrade later. And now with the rumours everywhere saying that there’s going to be a new model of iPhone 3G coming this June. The public might just stop buying the current model then, like what Andrew is doing now. Hmm…… Guess that’s what people always said, you can’t have the best of both worlds without paying the price.

Anyway, iPhone still rocks. I love it, still.

X-Men Rocks!

Went to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine last night. Indeed, the movie ticket was only RM7 per person, way cheaper than any other day. I must say it’s worth every penny, X-Men is still the best.

The movie was actually about the story of Wolverine and also how all the X-Men gathered when they were younger. Hugh Jackman is still handsome as ever. There were a few familiar actors too in the movie, such as Dominic Monaghan from Lost (also Merry from LOTR), Liev Schreiber from The Manchurian Candidate and Taylor Kitsch from The Covenant.

It is a good movie, that’s what I feel and think. Though the story may be a bit lengthy, it just seemed alright with all the actions. I didn’t feel bored at all, good thing that the movie managed to keep people excited throughout.

Off topic: iPhone 3G is getting more and more common now. Everywhere and every time I go out I would see at least 1 person other than me holding to their iPhone. Last night in the cinema, 2 men sitting beside me have iPhone too, 2 of them are friends. Andrew is finding it harder and harder to resist the temptation of having one too! LOL! He said, “I must save money now, probably there’s a new one in June and I will have enough money for it”. Hahahahahaha…… He is now crazy about this game that he purchased and downloaded in my phone, Airport Mania! After one month of using it, I still love iPhone. Blackberry Storm is a good gadget too, but nah, I still love my iPhone.

iPhone Review #1

After 2 weeks of using iPhone, I am now so in love with it. It’s worth every penny I spent.

Previously, some people told me iPhone isn’t all that nice and there’s no great value for the amount of money spent on it. Well, I paid RM2290 for a 16GB iPhone, compared to the Nokia N96 which costs RM2999 (retail price for an original phone, not AP phone), I’d say RM2290 is money well spent.

I love its big screen. Love the display of the applications that I do not have to scroll through each of them. I can download any application directly to my iPhone without having the hassle to connect it to the PC. With the USB connection, I can connect to any PC without installing any software like what I’ve seen with other handphones. I can recharge my iPhone whenever it’s connected to the PC. I can delete the applications with just one touch, I do not need to connect it to the PC to remove them. And I could reinstall them from the App Store without any hassle. It automatically checks update for the application. There are so many free games and applications. I can keep track of all the SMS-es from the same contact in one page. Accessing emails from handphone has never been so user-friendly. Web-surfing on iPhone is so easy. iPhone isn’t a camera phone, but surprisingly the photos quality are quite good. Video qualtiy on iPhone is of course stunning. I’ve synced some of the photos taken by my DSLR to the iPhone, gosh… They look better than how they look on PC!!!

Ok ok… Enough of praising the iPhone. Of course, every handphone has its good and bad. The first “bad” of iPhone is, the battery doesn’t last long if the 3G is on. Last week I had to recharge the phone almost every day as I was on 3G pretty often then.

Then, it’s the trouble of pressing the home button after I’m done with the games. There’s no such option saying “Exit Game”. There were a few times it hanged for a few seconds before the home screen appeared.

iPhone uses iTunes to sync. You have to download the iTunes application to your PC. Everytime syncing the iPhone with the iTunes on the PC, I have to to make sure I checkmark all the applications and photos I had previously synced. If I didn’t check them, the applications will be deleted from the iPhone!!! Gosh.

Last Saturday, I experienced my first “iPhone crisis”!!! Alright, I know I exaggerated a little bit. Okay, I did exaggerate. Hahaha. What happened was, all of the sudden I couldn’t access to all the applications I installed! After I “touched” them, it kicked me back to the home screen again. Lucky thing is, all other applications came with the phone still work. Only those I downloaded and installed later couldn’t function well. Had to sync them to the PC to remove them from the phone and sync them back again. Geez……

Now it is the converting part that irritates me. God knows why my lappie couldn’t convert the song to a ringtone for iPhone! It only works on Andrew’s lappie. Also, couldn’t convert the format of the videos on my lappie too!!! ARGH! iPhone bullies my lappie. :( Probably it’s because my lappie runs on Windows Vista.

Despite those few bugs, iPhone still serves me well. I still love it. Especially the Facebook application!!! I can upload photo to Facebook anytime anywhere. Hahaha.

Now Andrew and I are all crazy about this tap tap game called Tap Tap Revenge 2. Hahaha. The wonder of it is, 2 players can play at the same time!!! When 2 of us were on the game, both my sister and father were laughing at us. 2 of us looked indeed silly tapping on a phone like some maniac! Wuahahahaha.

iPhone rocks!!!

iPhone MY Life

Got my iPhone!!! Yeah!

It works fine, only the typing part is a bit troublesome, need some time to get used to.

Ish!!! Used iPhone to type the first 2 paragraphs, failed to publish!!! Now back to using my lappie.

There was some small drama when I collected the phone just now. When I was right in front of KLCC, someone from Machines called me and told me I couldn’t get the phone tonight! WHAT?! I still remember when I asked her if I could collect it tonight and she replied “why not?” She said due to the server problem, they couldn’t see the update eventhough Maxis has approved and activated my line. WTH!!! I told her to at least release the SIM card to me as I didn’t on my phone for one whole day and who knows someone could have SMS me and I couldn’t reply. Finally, she called again and told me I could collect it. *Phew*

There I was in the Machines store, collecting my iPhone. We were there choosing the casing for the phone. That 2 sales assistant were with us for an hour!!! Yep, getting an iPhone casing is bloody more difficult than getting a dress for myself!

Time’s up. Gotta play with my new toy now…… Hahahaha……

iPhone Tomorrow

Bad news, my DiGi line has been terminated!!! I can’t make or receive any calls now, and I haven’t got my Maxis SIM card. ARGH!

Good news, that means I shall be getting my iPhone tomorrow!!! YEEHAH!!! Tomorrow after work, gotta make a trip to KLCC then. Still, wonder if I could use the phone tomorrow. Who knows what else they need to do with the port-in. Better don’t expect too much now.

This is something hilarious yet painful to watch. For those who do not like iPhone, enjoy. For those who own and love their iPhone, sorry that you have to watch this. T_T