The Much Dreaded D&C

Before I made the decision to go for the D&C (Dilation and Curettage), I was so worried. It is only human nature to fear the unknown.

I was Google-ing frantically what it is all about. Although I’ve heard about it before, I didn’t know exactly what the patient would be going through. All I got from our miss Google was medical explanations, there is rarely any one shared about their personal experiences. I wanted to know if one would feel pain after the procedure, how long does it actually take (although the doctor already told me it would only take 20 minutes), how long does it take to recover…… I only found 2 stories shared by some kind souls. I know, I know, it is not something good that one would like to share and we definitely do not want others to go through the same thing. Well, here I am, sharing my own experience.

The day when the gynae told me the baby has stopped growing, I was given two options. One is to wait for it to miscarry naturally, which will take another two weeks to one month! Another options is to go for the D&C procedure. If at all I chose to do the D&C, I could choose to do it in his private clinic, or he could write me a referral letter to do it in HUKM.

I waited for another week, partly hoping that I would miscarry, partly because Andrew and I would like to get a second opinion. So, we went to Columbia Asia Setapak, which is like a stone throw away from where I live! Before this, I’ve done some reading in Lowyat forum that there is two good gynae’s in Columbia Asia Setapak. In fact, I wanted to come to Columbia Asia at a later stage of the pregnancy. I should have come earlier…… I should have……

Anyway, we went to see Dr. Mohd Suhaimi Hassan, a very nice and patience doctor. He did another ultrasound scan, and confirmed the bad news. Again, I was presented with two options. He said I could wait, but there’s a risk that I may end up in extreme pain or haemorrhaging or the miscarriage isn’t complete, I would then still need to go for a D&C. He told me that I could go back to the clinic for the D&C, or he could also give me a referral letter to go to HUKM, which is much cheaper. He advised me to better do it in the hospital and do it properly. It is very kind of him to remind us to return during weekdays as the hospital will usually charge a surcharge on a non-working day.

We went home, thought about the options. Actually I have sort of made up my mind to do the D&C in Columbia Asia. Firstly, I did not want to do the D&C in the clinic after knowing that I won’t be going under general anaesthesia. Secondly, after seeing Dr. Suhaimi, I don’t feel comfortable anymore to go back to the clinic. Thirdly, to go to HUKM, get myself registered again, and it’s a government hospital, I’m not sure if I would get a good gynae. Most importantly, I feel more comfortable and confident with Dr. Suhaimi. Andrew too is more comfortable with me doing it in Columbia Asia. He explained that it is expensive, but nonetheless we can still afford it.

Went in on 23 October morning. Dr. Suhaimi explained to me what he was going to do later and he assured me again that it is a very simple and easy procedure which would only take 15 to 20 minutes. I was nervous.

First time I had a cannula on my body, first time I wore the ever-so-sexy surgical gown, first time I lied on a hospital bed, first time I got wheeled on a bed, first time I was in a operating theatre…… All the first times that I did not wish to have!

I was only admitted to the daycare centre since the procedure didn’t require me to stay over night. The anaesthetist, Dr. Ganesh came to talk to me about the anaesthesia. Another nice doctor. I asked him how long does it take for me to go unconscious, he said 30 seconds. I was thinking, that is long. LOL! I found out later that he gave us the safest answer, it didn’t take 30 seconds for me to fell asleep. I remember him telling me in the OR that he was injecting the anaesthetic, I looked at him and he said, “if you feel sleepy you can sleep”. Immediately I felt some numbness on my back and the second I shifted my gaze back to the ceiling, I went “CONK”. LOL! There was no counting down like what we saw in the movies! I just zonked out! Less than 3 seconds!

I heard the nurse calling my full name, I opened my eyes and there I was, in the recovery room outside the OR. He told me that the procedure is over and it only took 15 minutes or so. That was quick. Good thing is, I did not have any sharp pain. Only dizziness caused by the anaesthetic. I was resting in the recovery room for another 5 or 10 minutes before I was wheeled to the daycare centre.

The moment I saw Andrew, I started weeping. I suddenly felt “empty”, and the reality hit hard. It is gone……

I was in the daycare centre for about 3 hours. Lucky me that I did not feel nausea or pain. The only pain I felt was from the cannula! It was on the side of my wrist bone, I don’t know why Dr. Suhaimi inserted it there. S*** man, it hurts a lot when the nurse trying to detach the tube (I was on drips) from it. Around 3pm, after Dr. Suhaimi came to check on me, I was good to go. Had to come back for a follow-up and report the following week.

I was curious though, I read from the web that the nurse would insert some pill to dilate the cervix, I did not get those. I was wheeled to the OR straight away. I forgot to ask the doctor.

I did not have heavy bleeding for three days. My luck was short-lived. The Saturday following the procedure, my stomach was so bloated and I had extremely bad cramps! It was like what people described about the contractions! What the F***!!!!!! It came every 5 minutes and I couldn’t even sleep. I was cursing and cursing, that was the day I cursed the most in my life! If this is too much information for you, please do not read the following sentence. I was gushing blood and clots and tissues during that day.

I took Panadol at night and lucky that it helped. I could sleep at night. However, the moment I woke up in the middle of the night, the pain came. Fortunately, the pain subsided a little the next day. I was feeling slightly better on Monday morning but in the afternoon, I had another episode of cramps and blood again.

I couldn’t wait till the follow-up on Wednesday, went to see Dr. Suhaimi on Tuesday morning. He said I shouldn’t be having the pain and bleeding that much, and he didn’t have patients that went through what I was going through. He’s worried of an infection. Did an ultrasound scan, my uterus is clean, only some tiny blood clots left which the doctor said it would either come out or absorb by my body. Anyway, he prescribed me another round of antibiotics.

I only started to feel good again on Thursday.

I just hope there won’t be any complications anymore.


The Fat. The Sweat. The Machine.

I am blessed with a body that doesn’t get fat easily. I can eat whatever I want and still be slim. I don’t exercise a lot, in fact, exercise was never a part of life until recently.

Over the years, I have put on weight. However, I am still slim, just a bit meaty here and there.

Heard enough news of healthy people fell sick suddenly, I got worried about myself and Andrew. We’ve been eating out for the past 12 years, I can’t imagine what kind of rubbish are accumulating inside our bodies. So, we start exercising.

It was only early this year that we start exercising, but exercise still wasn’t a routine that we would do every week. We only exercised as and when we felt like to. Holidays, travelling between our home-towns, meeting up with friends, working late during weekdays…… All sorts of excuses and reasons. :P

I was getting my body into a good exercise routine before I got pregnant. Then I stopped until I miscarried. Last week, I finally felt healthy and comfortable enough to go back to the gym.

Did not exercise for two months and it was difficult for me to pick up the rhythm again. Took me two days of exercising consecutively for 45 minutes to finally stop panting so much. By the way, I only do stationery cycling. :P I hate jogging or using the treadmill, don’t like the impact it makes on my body and legs.

Measured my waist on Monday and I got the shock of my life, 28.5 inches!!! Holy cow!!! I used to be 24 when I was much, much younger, then few years back it went up to 26 and I thought it had stayed 26 ever since. Last week, I couldn’t wear a pair of pants that I’ve been wearing this year, and all the other pants were so tight on the waist I had to let go of the button whenever I could. That got me curious. 28.5 inches!!! I still can’t believe that!!! No wonder all the pants are so tight now! (I have no problems with the skirts, as most of my skirts are low cut and if I ever got fatter, I just need to wear them higher.) My jeans are all stretchable, which is why I don’t feel the tightness when I wear jeans!

My tummy is pretty big too, I thought I had an infection or something growing inside my tummy after the miscarriage, it looks like I’m 3-4 months pregnant! I must get rid of this tummy!

Worse thing is, my slender thighs now decided that they want to meet each other in the middle of the road! Holy moly!!! I stood in front of the mirror and I saw my inner thighs are meeting and “caressing” each other in the middle!!! OH NO!!! That is disaster!!! My legs and thighs which will-never-seem-to-get-bigger are now getting, bigger!

I am not obsessed with having a skinny body, but now all this fat-growing episodes lately are freaking me out. I need to at least remain the way I look, I can’t let my size to grow from S to M. That is because, I can’t afford to change my whole wardrobe and I would be heart-broken if I can’t fit into those lovely dresses that I have now. T__T I just want to stay the same, not thinner or fatter.

Surprisingly and weird, my weight doesn’t seem to go up. I was 52kgs early this year, and now I am still 52kgs. Funny huh, with all those fats growing, the weight should at least go up by 1 or 2kgs. *Shrugs*

So now, I have successfully incorporated the fat, the sweat and the machine into my daily life. I try to exercise if not everyday, at least 3 days a week.

I feel great when I workout. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, just a 30-minute run around the park nearby or in your neighbourhood is good enough. Trust me, do that 3 times a day and you can maintain your shape. :) I’ll get a jump rope in the future, so that I don’t need to go to the gym so often. And yes, jump-roping is one of many cardio exercises.

P.S.: According to experts, cardio/aerobics exercises won’t make your calves or arms look like Mr. Universe. :P Heavy muscles training does. Cardio/Aerobics exercises only help you burn fats and build muscles on a small scale. With proper warm-up and stretching before and after the exercise, you won’t become like Mr. Universe. :P Yay!!!

Dairy Products Off from Daily Diet

You may already know, I am suffering from skin rashes for more than half a year. Couldn’t really figure out the reason and cause of it, sort of resorted to the dry skin disorder.

Being a person who rarely has a skin problem, the rashes freaked me out. Fearing that some major problem could just break out any minute if I did not take good care of it. Everyday I applied rich and creamy body lotion frantically, in the hope that the condition would improve. Nah, it did not!

Back on medication last month. I hate those medications because they make me put on weight and rounded my face! Anyway, doctor told me affirmatively that I must be allergic to something, not dry skin. BAH! It is definitely not seafood, nor chicken, nor alcohol, nor beef, nor pork…… What else eh? Doctor asked me to stop one particular food at one time and from there, filter off all the possibilities. He said it could be dairy products, nuts or oats. Ahhhh…… Okay, I’d try to figure it out, but dairy products? Oh c’mon, dairy products are one thing that is so commonly consumed in our daily lives. If I were to be allergic to them…… Gosh, just the thought of it already makes me felt miserable.

I am a coffee drinker/lover, every morning I have to have one cup of coffee. It is a MUST to start my day. Sometimes, I’ll have another one in the afternoon too. So, to see if I’m allergic to dairy products, I only take black coffee with sugar. No milk, no condenser, no “Coffee-mate”! Shoot! It just doesn’t taste as good as the coffee with Coffee-mate. Sigh.

I too, love chocolate! And now I have to stop eating chocolate too? For goodness’ sake!

Ice-cream is also my not-to-be-missed craving whenever I go shopping or out with friends. Geez……

All other dairy things, butter cookies, cheese cake, and any other things that have dairy in it, I have to stop. :(

Now, do you see how miserable I am?

Worse, when I stop taking dairy products, my rashes stop too! Great! I am now officially allergic to dairy products. TT__TT

For the past 30 years, why do I have allergic now???? Why now???? Not in a million years I would have thought I could be allergic to dairy products.

They’re all my favorite, and I have to stop taking them. That is so sad, you know. For the betterment of my skin, I just gotta stop. :(

When my skin is healthy, I’ll steal the chance. Of course, what I’ll get is the irritating itchiness at the end of the day. Hahaha. I’ll just have to live with it now. Sigh.

Random #11 – Sick

Down with a super bad sorethroat. It hurts so much even when I swallow my saliva, drink or eat…… :( The pain even goes to the ear! Sigh……

Wish me get well soon.

Dry Skin

Last year August, I started to have rashes around my neck. Occasionally the skin around my eyes felt itchy too, then my arms. Didn’t bother it at first. Then it got bad. The skin started to become very dry around those area that I scratched. Went to a GP, the doctor couldn’t put it to what causes it, he called it “systemic allergic”. He prescribed me with some medication and cream for external use. That was it.

Obviously the condition was better whenever I was under medication. However, the moment I stopped taking those drugs, the itching started all over again.

I’ve tried to change shampoo, shower gel, facial moisturiser, facial cleanser, bedsheets, towel…… None seemed to work. Tried eating seafood, it didn’t make the condition worse. Phasing out all the possibilities that could cause the rashes. Nothing.

Last month right before CNY, I just couldn’t take it anymore. Went to another GP in my hometown, gotten an injection. Phew, all the itchiness and rashes gone! Too bad, it didn’t last. It came back last week. I was so sick of going back to clinic for medication. How long am I going to be on drugs?

For months I’ve been suffering from the irritating rashes and under medication. The skin started to look dull and grayish. My cousin told me it could be due to dry skin disorders. With some doubts, I started to don on a lot of lotion day and night. Surprisingly, the skin felt less itchy but the condition didn’t improve much.

I went on the internet, searching for dry skin disorders, found this website that cleared all my doubts and got me relieved. Ahhh… I’m not that sick actually.

So, I started asking around on FB for most moisturising body lotion. Finally, I chose Rosken. Thank goodness! It works! On the second day after I started using it, I did not feel itchy anymore! Then the skin condition started to improve. No more rashes or redness or dry flaky skin.

Guess my dry skin problem is caused by the air, age and habits. Used to take long hot shower in the morning, used to towel-dry my body so harsh that not a drip of water was on it, didn’t bother to put on any lotion both at home and at work…… Guess I took it for granted, thinking that my skin was so perfect that it couldn’t give me any problem. Nah, so wrong.

Now, it’s become my routine to don on the Rosken lotion in the morning before work and at night before sleep, right after shower.

People, please take some time to read the website I mentioned above, and start taking good care of your skin. It’s the largest organ of our body and don’t underestimate even the slightest problem it could give you.

Dry skin disorders isn’t a disease, you just need to take extra care so that it could recover. Start your body lotion routine now, if you haven’t. You won’t regret it.

Summary – How to keep the moisture in your skin:

  1. Do NOT take long HOT shower. It is best the water is cold or lukewarm and keep your shower time short.
  2. PAT dry your skin after shower instead of wiping or rubbing it.
  3. Put on the body lotion right after your shower when your skin is still damp.
  4. Use PH balanced fragrance-free shower gel/soap.
  5. If you have dry skin, use a thick and greasy body lotion. Especially if you’re in an air-conditioned room all the time.


Detoxification and Organic

I’ve been taking Melilea Greenfield Organic powder as my meals replacement. I’ve stopped consuming it for quite some time, but last week I started it again as I feel that my body is getting “dirtier” and it seriously needs some detoxification. Surprisingly, I’ve lost some weight. Not in terms of inches, but in kilos. Couldn’t help but shared my happy moment in my Facebook, and now I have a few friends asking me how Melilea works.

I’ve heard before, but was quite skeptical about it. I thought it was another MLM gimmick. Saw it grew bigger and bigger, I again thought it was going to be another MLM which wasn’t going to last long. Hahaha. Then, more than a year ago, Andrew’s then-colleague-now-friend recommended this Melilea Greenfield Organic. It is some greenish powder that’s produced from fermented organic vegetables, fruits and all sorts of botanicals. He told Andrew it works wonder to detox. Andrew tried it first, he kind of forced me to try it too. Gosh, it tastes so yucky! It is so slimy. *Blek* But hey, I am used to it already. I can now gulp it down without feeling nauseous or disgusting.

Back then I wasn’t taking it to replace my meal, I took it at night. First sign, I kept passing gas!!! LOL! Normally at night, don’t worry, not in the public. Hahaha. Then I had smooth stools. Then I felt healthier. Guess our body accumulates too much toxins from unhealthy food. To detox once in a while is actually a good thing.

Now I skip my lunch, take Melilea instead. First, to detox. Secondly, to keep fit. Hahaha. I’ve put on so much weight and I can’t seem to refrain myself from those yummy temptations! All I can do is, eat less.

I don’t encourage people to skip their proper meal. I skip lunch, but do you know that I have heavy breakfast which can usually last me till 2pm? At 2pm only I take Melilea which mixes with soya powder. That would keep me going for another 2 hours. When I feel hungry, I’ll munch on something. Of course I’ll suggest you to munch something healthy such as fruits or salad. Hahaha. Since Andrew is now working normal hours, I can have my dinner at 7pm or 8pm consistently everyday. So, to me, skipping lunch is fine.

If you really want to go on diet, please have proper diet too. Not eating at all is not the best diet to lose weight. Eat low carbohydrate food, more protein; less oily food, more greens; avoid snacks, take fruits.

All I want to say is, I take Melilea for detox, not for losing weight. My weight loss could also be due to the amount of food I take now is lesser. If you seriously want to try Melilea for total weight loss, I suggest you ask the expert or the agent. If you are considering Melilea for detox, I’d say by all means, go ahead. :) It’s good for your body and health.

Do remember, to always start your day with a hearty and healthy breakfast! You can’t function well without breakfast. Skipping breakfast doesn’t help in losing weight, at all. So, breakfast please. :)

P. S.: I am not a Melilea agent, but Andrew is a member. He is not selling, purely for the purpose of individual consumption. If you want a reliable contact, it would be Andrew’s friend. Hahaha. I too, am under no obligations/influences to promote Melilea. I am merely sharing my life. :) And I don’t want to give people the false impression of me skipping meals to lose weight. I am not. I am a food lover, I love to eat. I eat lesser, but I am definitely eating. :D Too slim, isn’t necessary a good thing. Obesity is not healthy too. If you’re meaty but in a healthy way, why not? Love your body, love yourself. Eat healthy, stay happy. :)


Few months back, when the A(H1N1) was spreading its wings of madness across Mexico and United States, none of us in Asia could be much bothered about it. Early of June, the wind has finally brought the fearsome evil to our region. Australia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia…… People started getting panicked, face masks in pharmacies were being wiped clean from the shelves. However, one month down the road, it seemed like the people here are no longer so concerned about it. Life goes on a usual. Seriously, I’ve been to Suria KLCC and cinemas a few times, no one seems to be so afraid of the virus now.

Another death case in Malaysia on Monday, the first local transmission death. The infected cases has gone to 1219. Still, none of us seems to be concerned!

H1N1 Getting Worse – The Star Online
Updated: 4th Death in Malaysia – The Star Online

Mom called me yesterday, telling me that father was scolding me why I went to Singapore at this time. LOL! Well, situation in Malaysia is bad enough, why are they only worrying when I was in Singapore? You see. I guess the news in Malaysia isn’t transparent enough. The people are getting the wrong signal that it is no big a deal.

You should be more aware of your surroundings from now on. This isn’t a small deal anymore. Please consult the doctor the moment you have coughs and sorethroat. Treating illnesses from an early stage is definitely way way way better than treating it late! Eat healthily, have enough of sleep, try to avoid crowded places if possible, or wear a mask……

Hmm…… I shall make lesser trips to shopping mall, guess I shall cut all the movie trips too. :(

Now I have one more excuse to ask Andrew to fetch me home after work, taking that crowded train isn’t “safe”. Hahahaha. Shall buy a box of mask, just in case.

Well, Andrew and I are going to take the flight back to KT 2 weeks later, guess we shall wear a mask then. Better safe than sorry! And, we must be social responsible!

Updated: With the 4th death and more schools closed and more infected cases, people, you ought to take this seriously. It’s no longer as harmless and simple as we thought.

No Lunchie

This is the fourth day I skip my lunch. My colleagues have been asking me everyday, “are you on diet?” My answer would always be “no lah!” Everyone thinks I’m on diet!!!

I am not that kind of girl who would skip my meals for the sake of dieting and slimming. I like to eat. The other reason I do not usually skip my meals is because I have a weak stomach. Few years ago I experienced a bad gastrict, for one whole week back then I did not eat proper or solid food. Since then, I’ve been having a smaller stomach. If I ate too much that my stomach can take, I’ll have gastrict. Also, if I do not eat, I’ll have gastrict too. Every now and then my stomach will still give me some trouble.

I skip my lunches just because I am doing detox. I take this organic drink that is supposed to help on cleansing the body. In a way, it also helps on weight reducing. Ok, weight reducing means you get rid of those unwanted toxic in your body and hence your body is lighter. This doesn’t have anything to do with slimmer body shape though. LOL!

I still have my breakfast and dinner. When I get hungry in the afternoon, I normally have a cup of hot Milo or some biscuits.

This isn’t my first time doing detox. I used to do it at night where I skipped my dinner, ’cause Andrew used to work night shifts a lot and I do not like to have dinner alone. Since Andrew is working kind of “normal” now and we have dinner together very often, I can only have my detox in the afternoon.

Why are people so paranoid about me going on diet? Even if I am, what’s so surprise about it? Come on people, diet does not mean I am fat, and diet is not for FAT people only! Don’t be so discriminative please!

P/S: Going back hometown tomorrow afternoon. I am so so so nervous now. Geez, I do not recall me being this nervous for my wedding!!! Now it is other people’s wedding and yet I am more nervous than the couples themselves! Ashley, calm down, you can do this. Have faith!

Let’s Pray

My colleague’s boyfriend is still not yet out from a coma, and today he had another surgery. It makes all of us worrying.

All we can do is pray, pray and pray. Pray hard.

Millions and millions thanks to the young indian guy who saved my friend’s life, his name is Peter. He was the motorcyclist that was behind when everything happened before his eyes. He didn’t just stop a car and sent my friend to the hospital. He took care of all the belongings, made sure no others would take them, did all the registration, went to meet my colleague to make sure everything was in order. Yesterday he even went to the hospital again to pay a visit. He is only 23, yet so kind-hearted. And yesterday was his birthday.

When this world is full of bad guys, it’s the simple act of those little angels around us that make the whole world hopeful again.

Also, the driver who rushed my friend to the hospital is another hero too.

For those of you who are reading this, no matter what your religion is, what your skin colour is, could you please help to pray for my friend? Just a little prayer from each of you. This is the only thing I can do to help.

Be Healthy

Andrew is sick, since Tuesday.

The mild fever just comes and goes. He would look fine now and then the next minute he would be feverish again. Went for a blood test on Friday to ascertain if it was dengue fever, luckily the result was negative. But the fever just never subsides. Given him chinese medicine too, still didn’t help. Other than praying and hoping, I do not know what to do anymore.