So This Is How It Is

I have always had gastric problem. When my gastric attacks, it’s really no fun. You can’t sleep, you can’t eat…… But this is something else…… I must say it’s worse than gastric.

Right after the first gynae check-up, my morning sickness came. The fatigue was the first to set in, then 2 days later I started feeling nauseous and it never stops.

I lost my appetite, even my favorite food can’t tempt me to eat. I hate drinking water. Everyday my mission is to think, what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I don’t really crave for a specific food, ’cause I just don’t feel like eating at all. I’ve been vomiting everyday. Food I ate, water, gastric acid, even bile…… It’s no fun when your stomach is empty and all you can throw up is your stomach acid and bile…… That nasty, bitter, acidic BITCH!

I have tried a lot of things. People said crackers will help to absorb the acid, bullshit…… I eat crackers, I vomit crackers. Every time. Milo doesn’t seem to help too, whenever I drink Milo, it will end up in the toilet. Nestum oat sometimes helps, sometimes doesn’t. Chocolate is my worst enemy now. I don’t usually like sweet, and now I hate sweets. Milk you say? The moment I smell it I will already be running to the toilet. I can’t take bread too. I don’t have any cravings now. Except maybe mango, and sometimes ice-cream. I’ve been wasting food lately……

Went for second check-up and finally we saw the bean, with a flickering heart. Doctor said it was still too small to hear the heartbeat but good that the size is right and the heart is there. My worry is not over, not yet. I was only 7 weeks.

Doctor gave me some medication for gastric and nauseous, sometimes they help, sometimes they don’t. Sigh. Doctor said he wouldn’t ask me to eat healthily now since I’m having morning sickness. He told me to create my own food, find something that I like to eat and stick to it. He said even if I want nasi lemak everyday just go ahead and have it, feel like drinking Coca-cola just drink. My problem is, I don’t have my favorite food now. :(

I’m feeling crappy almost everyday. On better days, I can eat better and only vomit once or twice. During bad days, I lost count of how many times I vomited. Can hardly keep anything in my stomach. All I can do is eat, vomit, eat again, vomit again……

I was Okay yesterday, even walked a good 20 minutes and shopped in H&M with colleagues, had a big plate of chicken rice too. Today, crappy. Been vomiting since morning even after I’ve taken my medicines, couldn’t even finish half of my lunch. Andrew even thought of going to SS2 tonight to have a durian feast since I am now craving for it.

People said you gotta drink warm water, hell. Warm water only makes me feel nauseous. Room temperature water sucks too. I like cold icy water. Everyday I allow myself to drink a bit of chilled Coca-cola and 100Plus.

Don’t know when will this stop. Doctor said by 16 or 18 weeks…… My goodness……. That is like another 2 more months to go!!!

My New-found Passion

I was struggling to find what I really love doing. It was all over the place and I wanted to do so many things. Andrew told me to take my time to find it, it is not something that you can rush. There wasn’t one thing that I really LOVE doing and commit to it. Until, now. It was just like what people always say, you find it when you least expect it.

Recently, I found that I actually enjoy baking. :)

I enjoy cooking too. Whenever I can, I will cook. However, I don’t like the “aftermath” of cooking a meal. So many things to wash! Pans, pots, spatula, spoons, plates, bowls, chopsticks, chopping boards, knife…… And so much of waste to throw!!! I’m really lazy to cook whenever I think of that……

Whereas for baking, usually is just the mixing bowl, mixer, spatula, baking tray and measuring cup. See! Lesser things to wash and clean up. Also, it’s fast to actually whip up something to bake. Once you master the steps, it’s so easy. Mix everything up, put in the baking tray and into the oven, “DING”! Done. And the house would be smelling heavenly of baked stuff instead of smelling oily or stinky of the food you just cooked.

However, being an Aries, the biggest challenge is to make a new challenge/passion last. I am worried that this new-found passion will only last for a couple of months. I have to find new “challenges” for myself if I want this passion to last. So, I start baking for friends, colleagues and family. I make it a habit to bake at least once a week, be it cookies or cupcakes or muffins. I have to keep looking for new recipes. I have to keep exploring rather than feeling “safe” with the one-and-only recipe. I have to keep challenging myself!

My new mission is, learn to bake pineapple tarts! Andrew is a pineapple tarts fanatic. He can finish a whole jar of pineapple tarts within minutes!!! We only get to see or eat pineapple tarts during Chinese New Year. If I could bake it on my own, I can have it any time I want. When Andrew heard that I want to learn how to bake pineapple tarts, “GOOD! I like pineapple tarts!” First time he gave me respond like that on baking! Ish……. Just because it’s what he likes…… @__@


Il Lido Italian Dining @ Jalan Mayang

I’m not a big fan of Italian cuisine/food. The way the food is cooked, isn’t always my liking.

I can’t say that I’ve tried all the nice Italian cuisine available in KL, but I’ve tried enough. Every time I went I would try to keep an open mind, hoping that this would be different and nicer. However, I just couldn’t bring myself to say, “I love it”.

Il Lido Italian Dining, located just opposite my office block, has been around for quite some time. I’ve heard people singing its praises, but I’ve never got the chance to try it. Many times my colleagues and I had planned to go, and there would always be last minute changes that we couldn’t make it.

Il Lido has had a few promotional deals on Groupon, but I never bought it. Until last month, the deal came again.

It was the 3-course Italian fine dining weekday lunch and drinks for one person at RM35. Usually, during weekdays, they have set lunch which costs RM49.90++ I was thinking, perhaps I could go with Andrew. If at all Andrew couldn’t go with me, I’d go with my colleagues then. So, I bought 2. Then, I saw there was another deal, RM100 for RM200 value of cash voucher which you can use any time, any day! Damn! If I’ve had seen this earlier, I wouldn’t buy the set lunch. ARGH! After considering it for 5 minutes, I bought it.

I know, I know. For someone who doesn’t like Italian, it is crazy to buy 2 deals at one time. I thought if at all I don’t like it, I can give/sell the voucher to my colleagues. Also, we just got to be adventurous and challenge ourselves every now and then right? :)

I went with Andrew for the lunch last week. The restaurant is located on the 1st floor in The Mayang. The moment I reached, I was greeted by someone who could remember my name! I did make a reservation, but I didn’t expect them to be expecting and remembering me. When I stepped into the restaurant, I understand why he could remember me. There was only 2 tables occupied, the restaurant was pretty empty. Perhaps I was the only one who made reservation. Hahahahaha.


Decoration is nice, looks VERY classy! I thought I was in some 5-star hotel restaurant. :) The only problem is, in a restaurant with less than 10 patrons and with that kind of atmosphere, you have to literally whisper so that you won’t look like some “sakai” coming from the jungle. @__@ Imagine if you were to come with a group of friends, it would be pretty “uncomfortable” to even just talk or laugh louder. I didn’t even dare to stand up and walk around to take photos.

I am really sorry that I didn’t get the name of the man who served us. Andrew and I had problems choosing the food, because we weren’t given a menu. The man just told us, “for appetiser today we have…… for main we have……” Gosh…… I wonder why can’t they just give us the set lunch menu. I felt so embarrassed to have to keep asking him to repeat and “what is that”. -__- Lucky that he was pretty patient and polite with us, although I did see a tint of annoyance on his face.


Set lunch is actually a 3-course meal. We were so surprised when the waiter came and serve us this home smoked tuna with beetroot and horseradish. Heard the waiter mumbled something, I guessed he meant complimentary. It’s a small piece of tuna wrapped with beetroot and horseradish sauce. I took out my handphone, took a photo of it, admiring the tiny piece of tuna and talking to Andrew about how big the plate is for such a small piece of tuna…… And suddenly I realised something, the waiter was still standing beside our table waiting for us to EAT it! @__@ He was staring at us, with the stare that told us to “quickly eat it”! So, I popped the tuna into my mouth. Oh boy…… It tastes so fresh! The beetroot is crunchy and the horseradish adds another layer of flavour to the whole thing. My goodness, I wish I could have second one! Soon after I finished the tuna, the waiter was so quick to take (or I should say snatch) away the plate. @__@ What is this? I don’t appreciate this kind of “efficiency”.


Then we were served their homemade bread which also tastes heavenly. It is warm , the skin is so crunchy but it is so fluffy on the inside! None of the Italian restaurants that I’ve been to served warm bread! It is by far the tastiest bread I have ever had in an Italian restaurant. I so wanted to go for a second piece but I know I gotta keep some room in my stomach for the food later. The vinegar and virgin olive oil that comes with it taste better than those others that I’ve tried before. I am really impressed with their quality.


Here comes the appetiser! Andrew went for the salad, which I don’t know the name. Hahahaha. There is some red crunchy stuff in the salad, we can’t quite figure out what it is. Tastes like bacon, but also tastes like beef, or ham…… Nothing to shout about with this salad, only good is it is VERY fresh.


I am a soup person, so it is only natural that I chose soup. It is leek and potato soup. Sorry to say, I don’t really fancy the texture. It tastes more like runny mashed potato with leek. Unique combination of leek and potato, but it doesn’t have that “omph” chemistry.

As for the main course, we were given three choices, squid ink pasta, or sea-bass fillet, or meat platter (grilled lamb sausage, beef and chicken). I so wanted to try the squid ink pasta (I’ve been missing it since the first time I tried it last year) but I gotta stop taking so much of dairy products as my rashes is coming back. So, I got a bit more adventurous and chose the meat platter while Andrew went for the fish.


Andrew said the fish is just so-so. I had a bite, the fish has this strong “fishy” taste which I don’t like. No doubt it is fresh, but I don’t like fish that leaves the after-taste in my mouth that makes me feel like I’ve eaten the fish raw.


My meat platter on the other hand, is heavenly delicious! I only took a bite of the lamb sausage, I can now officially pronounce that I SERIOUSLY do not love lamb. I thought the lamb would “stink” lesser in the form of sausage, I was wrong. I could still taste the smell and I quickly chucked the remaining of the sausage to Andrew. To me, it is stinky lamb. To him, it is the aroma of the lamb. @__@ The beef is so delicious!!! It was nicely grilled, medium I would say. The meat was so tender. I enjoyed every bite of it and secretly wishing it to be of larger piece. Hahahaha. After I finished the beef, the 2 pieces chicken (perhaps I took a long time to finish the beef) were kind of cold. However, it still tastes nice. The skin is crunchy and the meat isn’t hard and dry. They used a lot of rosemary (which I find excessive) on the chicken. The strip of the gravy on the side of the plate is just not enough for me. Wish they could give more of that.


Ta-da! Here’s the dessert! I believe it is pannacotta. The waiter didn’t say anything and I was too shy to ask. :D Both Andrew and I got the same dessert, so there isn’t a need for him to say anything. First spoon, oh dear…… My eyes went wide and immediately I went for the second spoon. MMMMM…… I was urging Andrew to stop texting and quickly eat his dessert! It tastes so yummy!!! I can’t really describe it, you’ll have to taste it to feel it. However, I got kind of sick of it towards the end. Lucky that it is small. That’s the beauty of dessert, it is small. :) They know you’ll get sick of it at the end if you were to eat a lot of it and you’ll definitely leave a bad comment. :)

All in all, I would give Il Lido 4.5 stars out of 5. My favorite Italian at the moment. Now, I can say I like Italian cuisine. :)

Will be going for dinner again this Wednesday. Yippie! :D

One Thing You Would Rather Die Than Quit Eating

Was chit chatting with Melissa and this thing came to my mind. One thing that I could never quit eating. If you were to tell me that I can never eat that for the rest of my life again, I would stuff myself to death with it today. LOL!


That is one of the most amazing and delicious delicacies, how can you take it out of my life?! I would be so miserable if I couldn’t eat that for the rest of life! Just the thought of it is enough to make me feel “doomed”.

I can quit coffee (in fact, I’ve stopped my daily fix for nearly 2 months).

I can quit cold drinks or soda (actually, I don’t really fancy them).

I can quit chocolate (except chocolate ice-cream of course).

I can quit sweets (rarely eat them).

I can quit pastries and cakes.

I can quit cheese (can’t eat too much of them anyway).

I can quit pork!

But please don’t ask me to quit ice-cream!!!

When I found out I am lactose intolerant last year, I was so devastated. That means I can’t eat ice-cream any more! T__T For the first few months I really stayed out of dairy products the best I could. Whenever I saw ice-cream, I would sulk. The feeling of “can-see-but-cannot-eat” was so overwhelming.

However, after a few months, I couldn’t be bothered. After all, I’ll just get the rashes for a day or two, nothing as serious as purging. So, I continue with eating ice-cream but stay off most of the other dairy products. :D That way, I won’t be “lactose overdosed”. Clever me, ain’t I? Hahahahahahaha.

So, what’s the one thing that you can’t quit eating? Just think, if you were to be told that you can’t eat it again for the rest of your life, it’s enough to make you panic! Hehehehe…… There must be something. :P

Gelatomio has become one of my favorites for its variety and texture. :)

With Love

3 good and happy years. :) Happy, is the most important thing in life.

We quarrel and fight like every other couples, there are ups and downs and unhappy moments too. However, the happy ones always outweigh the unhappy ones. I can still say that I am happily married. In fact, Andrew has been showering me with all the love and care. Sometimes I think I am a spoiled child, I throw tantrums just to get more attention.

Last night, I half-heartedly asked him how shall we celebrate this special day, wasn’t expecting him to answer. I was so concentrating on my Smurfs’ Village and I didn’t hear what he said. When I was done with those little  blue people and lifted my head, I was surprised to see that we were in KLCC’s car park! Didn’t expect him to really go somewhere for some dinner. He has been picking up the tab for the past few days, so I told him I shall be the “host” for this dinner. He was sweet enough to tell me the dinner would be on himl. :)

He wanted to have the dinner in KiKi, there we were, having a great time in KiKi Taiwan Cuisine.


Top: Andrew’s Sweet & Sour Chicken Set (so expected of him lah). Bottom: Stewed Beef Set. The stewed beef is nice! Must try. The portion is big too, I was so full.


Camwhoring with iPad whilst waiting for the food. The restaurant attendants were looking and giggling at us playing with the iPad camera! LOL!

Wishing myself, Happy Anniversary! May our happy marriage last forever. :)

Nando’s @ Festival City

After a busy day, Andrew treated me Nando’s! Wuahahahahaha…… 5 days of Korean food, made me missing the variety of food that we have here in Malaysia!

Festival City, located in Danau Kota (or Setapak, along Jalan Genting Kelang), is a newly opened shopping complex. I’ve briefly blogged about it earlier. Good news for me, there’s lots of my favourite food in the mall! :D Since it is so near to where I stay right now, there’s no reason for us to travel to KLCC for Nando’s. Yes, Festival City has Nando’s. *Wide grin*

From the inside of the mall, Nando’s looks rather small. When we walked inside, whoa, it is so huge and there’s an alfresco area facing the lake! The decoration is unique with a little bit of kampung style. We took the seat at the alfresco since it was night time and not too warm. Ahh…… Enjoying my favourite Nando’s with the night view and breeze, fantastic. :D


Look at the presentation of the food, it is so much better than other Nando’s branches! I was served by the attentive restaurant attendants too. All of them greeted me with a smile. My grilled vegetables, came with mushroom!!! Yes, I was so delighted to see the mushroom as it has gone missing on all the grilled vegetables in other branches!

Why is there a double standard across Nando’s branches? Is it because this is a new branch and lesser crowd, so they could afford to provide better service? Does that mean Nando’s compromises its service when there’s crowds? I don’t get it. If one branch could provide such good service, why can’t the rest?

I wouldn’t be going to KLCC and Mid Valley branch anymore since they couldn’t even provide the most basic thing, good service.

Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine @ Eastin Hotel

Few months ago, bought this Shumatsu Japanese Buffet Dinner at Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel, at RM46 nett per person. Being a Japanese food lover (I just can’t stress enough how much I love Japanese food :D ), this is another good opportunity for me to try the different variety of food.

I am a small eater, when it comes to food, I only go for the quality and variety instead of the quantity. I always say I’ll be the losing party if I ever go buffet, ’cause I don’t eat much. I’ll only take a mouthful of everything and that’s it. As for Japanese food, the only thing that I could and would go for second round, is the sashimi.

However, Eyuzu is such a disappointment. We were there earlier, so we walked around the hotel to kill some time. Guess what, I never knew Eastin is such a small hotel until then. Andrew and I just sat by the swimming pool to wait for Eyuzu to open. When Eyuzu did open sharp at 6pm, I was shocked  to see the queue was rather long already.

Some drama happened and that pissed me off. When it was our turn, I happily handed my printed vouchers to the lady at the front desk. Note, the front desk was merely a table set far away from the restaurant entrance, speaking of hotel and appearance! The lady took my vouchers, happily noted down the numbers and my name, and she handed the vouchers back to me. Please note this, she handed the vouchers back to me. I heard her turning to her colleague and said “G5”. I guessed that was our table number. But hey, no one came to lead us to the table. Well, I was patient enough to just stand there and wait for someone to come lead us. The lady stood up, dropped some papers, I was kind enough to bend down and picked up the papers for her. She looked at me and thanked me with a smile. Minutes later, I saw people that came after us were being lead to their tables. Why Andrew and I were still standing here and waiting? Out of curiosity, I asked the exact same lady, yes, the exact same lady that got my vouchers and returned them to me and I picked up the papers that she dropped, “why is there nobody leading us to our table”. Oh my, my question was a million dollar jackpot question! The lady, she asked me in return, “have you registered?” Andrew and I went wide-eyed. “Of course I have and you were the one who took my voucher numbers and name”, I replied, still in a polite tone. She asked again, “You have? Where’s your voucher?” My goodness, she was the one who returned the vouchers to me and now she conveniently forgotten about everything! Andrew and I were standing there all the while and she was there too and now she totally forgot who we are. It wasn’t very long ago that she looked at me and thanked me, 5 minutes top! Now she forgot? Is she having some memory loss disease? Is she so forgetful? Or she’s suffering some short-term memory loss illness? Senile? WTF! She shuffled through the book again and told her colleague to lead us to G5. See, G5!!!

If it wasn’t because of the stupid unnecessary drama, I would have gone on with my dinner happily. Just that little drama is good enough to kill my good mood.

The food, gosh…… It’s a hotel, I expected more from the standard of a hotel. I’ve been to Eastin for international buffet before, it was good. However, this Japanese buffet is just a disaster. I have a higher expectation for hotel food, therefore I was disappointed, perhaps I expected too much. But Andrew, someone whose taste bud is not as fussy as mine, isn’t too happy with the food too.

His favorite chicken teriyaki was too hard and bland, he couldn’t even finish the chicken satay that he took, the baked oyster which I think was fine and I went for second one but Andrew thinks it was so-so only, he too didn’t like the grilled shishamo…… All the cooked food, that we thought would be the “safest” of all to eat, eventually turned out to be either too bland or yucky. The beef was so chewy and tasteless! The grilled salmon was overly cooked! The eel was hard and cold! The Japanese pancake sucks big time! The tempura taste like those fried stuff you could get in hawker center. The only thing that I did not complain was the baby octopus. Hahahahahaha…… Oh, and the salmon sashimi. The food sucks to the extent that I didn’t even want to try the rest of the food that I have not tried. @__@

For that kind of price, with that kind of food, RM46 is the maximum that I would pay. If there’s another similar offer again, I would rather spend that RM46 in Tenjin!

Guess what, I only took 3 photos during the dinner. After taking first bite on the food, I lost the confidence and didn’t even bother to take photos anymore. This is the only discounted voucher that I regretted buying.

The fresh salmon and baby octopus. The salmon isn’t the best I’ve had.

The not-so-fresh unagi, soggy gyoza, yucky teriyaki and super yucky tofu.

The chewy and tasteless beef and salmon, soggy shishamo and the just-fine baked oyster.

Tenjin @ Grand Millennium Hotel, KL

A million thanks to Groupon Malaysia, given me the opportunity to dine in this great Japanese cuisine restaurant!

Tenjin, I saw it few months back when I was redeeming the buffet voucher in The Mill, wondering how this Japanese restaurant would fare. When I saw there was a Groupon discounts going on for Tenjin, I immediately grabbed it without hesitation. :D RM29 for a bento set lunch with free flow of green tea! That was a great deal for Japanese food lover like me. If you are a Japanese food lover, you would know that a quality one would definitely cost more than that. Once again, I am not one that would purchase those discounted vouchers just because it is near or cheap.

I went with Andrew, for the first redemption. Yes, I went twice. :D I bought 2 vouchers!!! Hahahaha…… Went the second time with my girlfriends. :) There were 5 sets of bento to choose from, I wasn’t worried of getting the same food.

I have to give thumbs up to the service at Tenjin. Firstly, I received reminder calls from its front desk. Someone named Chloe, called me 2 days before the dates I booked, to remind me of my reservations! How thoughtful they are! When we were in the restaurant, the friendly staffs made us felt so relaxed and never did we feel mistreated for redeeming our vouchers (some restaurants treated voucher redemption as if we were beggars! Hey, we did pay for it ok!). Also, they refilled our green tea without having us to ask for it. Trust me, even Kampachi does not refill as soon as Tenjin does!

Great service, great food, great ambiance, great value…… I will definitely go back for more. :)

They gave Andrew and I the counter seat, what a pleasure. Get to see the chefs work. :)

Did I say I love Japanese salad?? Gosh, the dressing and those salmon/crabmeat on top… Mmm… It simply shouts “Yummy”!

The sashimi that came with the Sashimi & Tori Teriyaki Zen, super fresh and delicious! Does anyone know what is that dark red meat with black skin? It is so fresh that I could taste so much of its rawness and fishy smell. Andrew likes it, I don’t.

The grilled chicken. Andrew said it would taste better if it’s more salty, but to me it is good enough.

My Sushi & Tempura Zen! I love tempura and the sushi that came with the set, gosh… They’re so yummy! The rice is nicely pressed and each of the sushi fits a mouthful! Not too big nor small. The chef is good!

My favorite tempura! Other than yummy, it is still yummy. Hahaha.

Salmon sushi. Perfectly pressed and fresh salmon, what more can I say? :P

Dessert – Green Tea Ice-cream! The best green tea ice-cream I’ve ever had! The green tea aroma is so original!

Oh, not forgetting the chawanmushi, which is full of tiny surprises. Tenjin is definitely not stingy on the ingredients used. The miso soup somehow was rather too salty on my second visit. Guess the chef or someone accidentally added that extra pinch of salt. Hahaha. The presentation of the food, worth 10 marks from me. The chef is pretty particular with the presentation and the cutting of the fresh meat. Oh by the way, the chef is a Japanese. You can definitely get freshly made original Japanese food in Tenjin.

Here’s the food from my second visit. :D

Gintara Teriyaki Zen. The generous piece of cod fish is something I didn’t expect. I thought it would be of smaller size since it is a bento set. Another thumb-up to the generosity of the chef. :) The cod fish taste so nice! The meat was so soft and nicely cooked.

My Makunouchi Bento, with sashimi, tempura and grilled mackerel. Love, love, love every bit of it!

Look at them! What else can I complain? Hahahaha.

I miss Tenjin so much! Must go back for some good happy food someday soon. *Slurps*

Nando’s During Public Holiday

First day of Raya, went to Mid Valley. Been craving for Nando’s for weeks! So, there I was, having Nando’s during Raya. :D

When the meal was served, I wasn’t too happy.


This is Andrew’s order, the amount of fries, lesser than what we usually get. It’s ok, he could still live with that.


This is mine. The whole thing just wasn’t in good presentation, the sauce was all over the plate, the rice was “messy”, and my favorite grilled vegetables, were missing the usual mushrooms, cucumber and brinjal. All I got was carrot and bell peppers. :(

I was famished and since it was a Raya, I thought perhaps there was some shortage of supplies, didn’t really bother much. Was just surprised that the standard of Nando’s was compromised because of public holiday. At the very least, this time they gave me a spoon whereby usually I had to eat the rice with the fork. Hahahahaha.

It’s alright, it’s Raya, maaf zahir dan batin.

Perhaps I should stick to Nando’s KLCC. The service there is also better.

Muse Italian Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, Jaya One

Bought a discounted coupon from Groupon Malaysia last month, Italian pizza and pasta dinner for 2 at only RM28 instead of RM75.90, at Muse Italian Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Jaya One.

All these discounted coupons websites are so hot right now. However, I am very particular with the food and location. If it is something nice that is worth to travel, I do not mind. If it is something which I don’t see special in it, I would not bother to try even if it is just next to where I stay or if it is dirt cheap. I would not want to compromise my taste bud for some cheap food. :P The first time I redeemed the coupon was 2 months ago, with Melissa and Christine, The Mill buffet at RM39.90. That was a good one and worth every penny!

Jaya One is a shopping complex located in Petaling Jaya. My first time there, it was a Saturday evening, but it was quiet! Most of the shops were closed, only the restaurants in Palm Square were open. Palm Square is where all the food & beverages are, quite a unique place with the open-air boulevard. It was considered quiet for a Saturday evening. Another failing shopping complex?

Muse is in the centre, opposite Starbucks. The environment is okay except that there was some renovations going on, the constant drilling noise is a big put-off. It was noisy even when we were in the restaurant. Romantic and quiet? Not really.

So, we get to choose from 2 types of pasta and pizzas. I am very particular with beef, so I told Andrew that we should go for the Seafood Aglio Olio Angel Hair. For the pizza, the Chicken Triple Crown Pizza just sounds more delicious than the Beef Up Pizza. :D


Soup of the day, tomato cream soup. Ahh…… Very appetizing and original. :) Love it.


Seafood Aglio Olio Angel Hair. The portion is big!!! It is nice. But sorry that I think the one in Suria KLCC Signatures food court is better. This one is pretty dry, luckily the taste make up for it. The portion is so big that we didn’t manage to finish it.


Chicken Triple Crown Pizza. Oh boy, this looks so much different from the photo in Groupon! However, it is delicious, crispy on the crust but cheesy on the top. Andrew and I finished the whole thing! :D


Orange and pineapple juice, add on, at RM8++ each. Not fresh juices though, just syrup. :(

At the end, we paid an additional RM18.50 for the drinks. We were thinking since we were already eating so cheap with the coupon, paying little extra makes both parties happy too. We saw other tables were not having any drinks, Andrew said, “not sure how they’re going to swallow all those thing without a single sip of water”. Hahahahahaha……

I was so full after a good meal! The food is good, I would love to go back for their pizzas, but the location is a killer for me. And, to pay full price for that? No, I have better option than Muse. Honestly, Chillis and TGIF are better.

So, if you’re in the area and don’t mind paying that little extra, Muse is an OK place to go.