Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

Using low shutter speed, trying to take a good shot of Taipei city at night from Taipei 101 viewing deck.

Cursing myself numerous times for the shaky hands. This, of all the blurry images, came out to be beautiful in its own way. I deleted the rest, except this.

A sea of lights…… Waves of lights…… They’re like fish swimming across the ocean of darkness…… Colorful Taipei……

This reminds me of how much I miss Taiwan……

Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

I am vain. Yes.

You could call me Miss Vain, I don’t mind. :)

I am me.

The one and only.

However, you can’t copy me.

It is the Ashley-ness that makes me, ME. :)


The Man of My Life

He is the first man in my life. I bet every girl would say so. He is, my father.

When I saw this contest by Photobook, I thought I would like to try my luck. Then I was searching for a photo of me and my father, and I found only one. Yes, only ONE!!! I couldn’t believe that for so many years, I only have one photo of myself and father! That is ridiculous! Luckily, it’s a happy one. It was on the most important day of my life.

We were taking photos and I gave mom a kiss on the cheek too. Then I saw father giggling beside mom, and I asked, “So father, you want one too eh?” He said NO, but I moved closer and kissed him on the cheek too. He was protesting so loud later on that it was so mushy and ‘girlish’ and “GELI”! Hahahaha. He ain’t a man that’s used to all these public affections. LOL!

Here’s the link to the photo. Please, help me to vote.

“Like” Photobook on Facebook first. Then, “Like” my photo HERE. Thank you, for your votes. :)

On my registration of marriage.

Kuala Terengganu. Sun. Sand. Sea.

Most of the people would give me a wide stare when they know Andrew is from Kuala Terengganu, followed by the remarks “so far”. Some of them would show their sympathy for the fact that I have to travel such a long distance with my husband. A lot of them would even be very surprised to know that I follow Andrew back home whenever it’s possible, few times in a year. Few of them said I am a good daughter-in-law and wife to do just that. :) I feel honored but that doesn’t make me a good DIL or wifey. If there wasn’t any North-South Highway, to go back to my hometown Batu Pahat is equally long too. :)

Kuala Terengganu, 6 hours drive from KL city center, at 120kmph average. It’s going to take longer if you’re driving at 100kmph. From Karak Highway to Kuantan, about 3 hours. After Kuantan town, there isn’t any highway/expressway. Hence, it takes longer. You will go into the Kerteh industrial park, with lots of oil processing plants/industries on both sides of the road. They look beautiful and amazing especially at night, with the burning fire (from the excessive gases). Day time, they look as impressive too.

I like Kuala Terengganu, for I am pretty much a beach person. I am not a sun person, but my first Redang trip has made me fallen head over heels for the beach and the sand. I do not like the sun still, but I am not afraid to go under it and bask in it. :) In fact, I kind of like getting a teeny bit of tan despite people has been telling me fairness is the queen of all. :D

The sea at KT, changes every time I visit. It is usually very choppy during the month of December and the color is brown, but last year August, it was pretty choppy and windy too. Early of this year, it was pretty peaceful but the wind was strong. However this August, it is extremely peaceful and breezy. The color is so pretty! I don’t remember seeing KT’s sea at this color!

The weather, HOT HOT HOT! Even hotter than Bali’s! It is stinging HOT in KT, whilst Bali’s hot is milder and hardly makes you feel uncomfortable.

Besides the sand and the sea, I like the food in KT too. There are so many delicacies that you could never get in KL. They’re not some expensive food in a luxurious restaurant. They are food on the streets or in some small non-air-conditional restaurant.

Also, mom-in-law’s home-cooked meals. :) She cooks whenever we go home, and she cooks a lot! Andrew and I often stuffed our stomachs so full until we could hardly walk. It’s not that healthy actually to eat so much, but you wouldn’t want to see the disappointment on her face. Plus, home-cooked meal is after all better and healthier than the food outside. :)

Other than the beaches and the food, there isn’t much entertainment you can find in KT. Cinemas? Sorry, there isn’t any. Shopping mall? Erm, there is a supermarket and it isn’t really that “super”. Water sports? Oh, if swimming in the sea is considered as water sport, yeah, you can swim. LOL. Oh yes, there is one place you will have to go when you get the chance to visit KT, the KT state museum. It’s boring but again, it’s not that boring actually. Hahaha. Worth a tour.

Next time, when I go back again, hope that I could remember to take photos before I start biting into those delicious food! Hahaha. I’m sorry, whenever I saw those food, I forgot to take a photo of them. :D

I have so many photos to edit. Please pardon me for a while. I promise I’ll come back with more photos, soon.

Here’s one to curb your “hunger”. Hahaha. Specially requested Andrew to help me take some portraits! Gosh, he needs a lot of practicing and polishing. Obviously he has forgotten how to shoot, decently.

Another Time. Another Place.

Was in Seremban with Wan Yi on the last day of July 2010. What a good date! :) Melissa brought us to this place which is supposed to be a library for Seremban town. The moment we took the turn and we could see the little pretty-in-white not far away. It indeed looks beautiful.

The dust and dirt accumulated everywhere made us realised that the building is not occupied. Isn’t it wasted to build such a nice place just to abandon it when it’s completed? Typical Malaysian style. Sigh.

Well, it’s good for us though that it is unoccupied. :) We could take photos everywhere and anywhere we like without fearing someone would chase us away. :D So the photography session started.

I only brought my 50mm, couldn’t take a wide-angled shot of the building. All I could take was portraits. :) Thanks to Wan Yi who was already so tired and we made her went under the hot sun to take photos with us. LOL! Thank you again Ah Yi. No kidding, the weather was so humid and the sun was scorching hot! We were constantly wiping our sweat away. Hahaha.

Melissa is getting better at handling her camera. She has a way of seeing things (framing) that no one else sees. You see her aiming at something, but the result (photo) would always come out to be different from what you expected it to be. Love the surprises. After all, photography is be yourself and do it your way. :)

Many friends have said that they must get some photography tips from me. Just because I have a DSLR, it doesn’t make me a photography expert. I shoot with feels and guts, those technical do’s and don’t-s are out of the windows whenever I shoot. So long as the lighting is right, adjust a few more things, then I’ll “fire” away. :)

Well, you may say I’m arrogant, ignorant or cocky. All I could say is, all I want is a good photo, how I achieve it, that’s another story. Perhaps I am a person who focus on the result, rather than the means. LOL! As long as it is not against the law or breaking any rules, who wouldn’t want to do it smartly. :)

Here are some photos from my camera. Shots of myself are taken by Wan Yi. :) She is real good at taking candid photos! :D

Introducing the beautiful photographer cum driver, Melissa. :)

Here’s Wan Yi, the cute and sweet as ever lady.


Time to go home. :)

On The Other Side

I love to take photos, I love photography, that is a known fact. But do you know that I love to be photographed too? I finally get to be on the other side of the camera, “full-time”. :D

Owner of the sweet Canon 450D for 1 and a half years, Andrew has never offered to photograph me except when we were traveling. I would have to tell him “take here, I want this… I want to see this…… right right, left left……” LOL! Bossy? Hahaha. Perhaps. I have lots of photos, but never a proper portraits kind.

I did not expect it to be a total photo-shooting session with Wan Yi and Melissa! We started off with a 3 hours of karaoke in Redbox The Gardens, singing our hearts and lungs out. Although I was late, I had a wonderful time still. The Backstreet Boys’ Everybody is still echoing in my little head. Haha.

After the karaoke, the unbelievable photo-shooting session began! And I, have become their model, officially. Or I shall say “guinea pig”? LOL! They wanted a BIG “moving” subject to practice, and I was happy to be that subject. Hahaha. Who to blame?! I never had a GOOD photo-shooting session of my own.

Here, let’s see what we have now. I am so, so, so happy with all the photos. I am happy as a clam! :D

(These are from Wan Yi. For photos from Melissa, click HERE.)

A great day has come to an end, in a great way. :)

Went dinner with Wan Yi and Kong, fish head noodles, in Kuchai Lama. Pretty good. Had my first sip of the soup, thought the one in Desa Petaling that Phoebe brought me to was nicer. Towards the end, found that this one was better. The milk isn’t too much and that makes the soup whole lot better. I almost finished the soup!

Mandy, the Ballet Queen

It was few months ago, when I saw Mandy, my lovely cousin (actually, Andrew’s cousin :)) posted on her Facebook wall that she was looking for a photographer who could help to freeze her dancing acts. I replied “ME” half-heartedly, expecting that she would want someone who has more experience rather than some amateur like me. My heart was jumping with joy when she asked me when!

We decided Sepang Gold Coast for our shooting location. I’ve never been there, I did not know how it was going to be. But ballet on the beach? That would be something different. The day has come, Mandy was so disappointed that she couldn’t find her perfect white dress. :) When the session started, we all found that the moves looked more like yoga instead of ballet. So, I decided not to shoot any still poses anymore, more dancing and prancing and running, gracefully. I was feeling a bit guilty to have asked her to repeat so many times. Glad that Mandy was such a sweetheart to play along. :)

Happy that the photos came out Ok. But I could do better next time. There were some twisting moves which I couldn’t get them right. All of us wanting to have another round in the near future. :) Can’t wait!

I am happy with myself, trying many different things. 2009 is a good year, as I expected earlier this year. Seeing that it is going to end real soon, I am pretty anxious about the new year. Whatever it may bring, I’ll have to gear myself up to face them. Like all the ballet dancers, no matter how nervous they are, they never fail to smile, hold their heads up and dance gracefully. It is similar to a swan, so gracefully floating on the water but nobody could see their feet busy treading under the water.

My favorite.

Here’s the “working man”, helping us with the bags and all, and not forgetting taking some behind-the-scenes photos and videos!!! I was laughing so hard when I saw some of my ugly ‘working’ pose.

Photoshoot – Vivian C. & Shany

These are the photos taken on the same day I did Vivian’s photoshoot. I didn’t publish them before because I didn’t have many of them. It was the other Vivian Tan that I took most. Now, here they are.











Photoshoot – Stanley & Lynne

This is long overdue. I am so sorry that I dragged this for so long. Really sorry to Stanley. He has never rushed me and I really took all the time in the world to finish all of the photos. Guilty as charged.












Malacca Day Trip 18 Oct 2009

We were supposed to go Ipoh, but I had a photoshoot session back then. Hence, we postponed it to this week and we changed the destination to Malacca. :)

It has been 6 years since I last toured Malacca. Came here with Andrew and some other friends. Now to set feet on this historical heritage soil again, nothing much has changed. Only now that I am married and I am travelling with my girlfriends, not Andrew.

Most of the people in Malacca are friendly. Especially those in Jonker Street. We went to try the chicken rice balls in Jonker Street, it taste awful. The chicken meat was tasteless and the rice was cold. The cendol was delicious though. Then we went on to the Eye On Malaysia which is now in Malacca. A bit disappointed with the view when we were up there. Nothing much to see except the Straits of Malacca.

We didn’t have an exact itinerary of where we would be visiting. Just roaming around in the car, stopped wherever we felt like to. A fun trip actually. Just pity Phoebe that she had to drive all day.

We will definitely go Malacca again. It is an interesting place.

Fish head noodles, not in Melaka though. In KL.
You can't miss the church which is by the road side.
Walking along the river to Jonker Street.
Nice sunny weather. Super hot though.
This cendol in Jonker Street is yummy-licious
Jonker Street. Not so crowded, YET!


See the birds?
Yummy curry puff.
Eye on Malaysia in Melaka.







A very unique mosque. Tranquerah Mosque.



Dinner at Kapitan Restaurant.