Pregnancy Photoshoot – First Ever

I was so excited when she engaged me to shoot for her pregnancy photos. It was one of the 10 portraits that I was giving out in the month of June. I am so glad that she showed me her support! That is exactly what I needed and still need at this moment. Thank you Shin Yee for having faith in me. :)

But I was so nervous last week. I was worrying I may screw up the good memories. I kept thinking “what if the photos aren’t nice? What if she doesn’t like them? What if my photos look flat?” I flooded myself with so many of what-ifs!!! Assurance from friends didn’t seem to work on me. Hahaha.

Anyway, here are some of the photos.

Big Dream. Big Step. It’s Now Or Never.

I am now taking my first and big step here. I am going to be a part-time photographer from now on.

1. Any portraits will be considered. Pregnancy, babies, family, pets, personal portraits and others.

2. Bookings is opened from this very minute. However, dates are open from 1st June 2009 onwards. I will only be available during weekends. Therefore, all photography sessions shall be on weekends only.

3. At this moment, make-up artist, dresses, gowns, accessories and other of similar nature are NOT included. Clients are to source for them personally.

4. Photography sessions will be held at clients’ choice of place, be it indoor or outdoor. Clients are to bear any renting/entrance fees.

5. One session of portraits will be on one location only. If 2 locations are involved, additional charges will be imposed.

6. All photos taken will be returned to clients in DVD, in jpeg format.

7. Do email me for quotation if you’re interested. (

8. As for wedding day photography, please email me to discuss further.

Thank you for supporting.