Awaiting Tomorrow

Tomorrow has always been full of hope. Everyone is always hoping that tomorrow would be a better day. There are people who would be anxious about tomorrow too, wonder what would it bring. And I, am the anxious one about tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day with lots of fun.

Last week, my boss has verbally told me that the restaurant that he has some shares in would be having its official opening tomorrow. Few days ago, he gave some other colleagues and me this golden invitation cards, officially inviting us. LOL! I thought I couldn’t make it as I might be doing a photo shoot with a cousin. But then, it was postponed. So, I would now be going to the restaurant for its opening. It is such a coincidence that my BFF lives nearby to the restaurant! I came to know about it last night. Perhaps I could ask her to go with me as well. The more the merrier.

Tomorrow night I’ll be covering a wedding dinner for Gie too. It is something different as the reception would be in her house with all the canopy and buffet style thingy. She has a pair of great parents who have a lot of great ideas. I just can’t wait to go there and meet them. I’m not sure if I could do well tomorrow. Anyway, I’ll just DO my very best.

I’ll be meeting Gie for the first time tomorrow. I wonder how it is going to be. We’ve never met before but we could talk in MSN and Facebook like we’ve known each other for ages. She has always been such a sweetheart.

Alright, I shall be having lots of rest today to prepare myself for tomorrow. But me being Ashley, my “rest” would normally be more Facebook-ing and gaming until my shoulders hurt. LOL!

There will be some great photos coming soon. Until then, it is all about me that you could find here. :)

Wedding: Bee Hui & Zhao Yang

Finally, I have found myself some time to upload this batch of photos. Take a look.

Everything Is Looking Good

No good news from sister. Sigh. She is disappointed as well. But glad that she is ok.

A friend told me about a child abuse case this morning, went on to read it on The Star Online. Pity that little fella. But it’s so touching when he commented that he loves his mom eventhough his mom beats him.

Guess every mother loves their child. It is just sometimes perhaps the life gets so unbearable for them and they tend to take it out on the persons nearest/closest to them. Sigh.

I am so glad that I got another wedding assignment!!! Thanks to a friend who believes in me and given me that opportunity. It’s going to be a buffet style wedding dinner. Bet it’s going to be a glamorous and fun one! Keeping my faith that I can do well.

June is going to be a relaxing month, preparing myself for the busy July.

Finally, I am moving towards my dreams. Should say thank you to Christine who gave me that hard little push. I bet a lot of my friends would be surprised that I am moving into the photography field in such a short time. In fact, not even my parents know that I am so much into it. All they know now is that I have bought a DSLR for my hobby, they do not know I am doing something big.

By the way, I do translation from English to Chinese too. If any of you have that kind of job, do contact me. :)

Wedding: Bee Hui & Siau Yang (My First)

This is their first time, and also my first time.

As I mentioned before, I feel honoured to play a part in their wedding. Siau Yang & Bee Hui have been together for the past 11 years. It is a long, long, long time…… Finally, they’re now husband and wife. It’s a long wait!

Both of them are friendly persons…… Erm… How should I put it? They are very easy-going, not those fussy type of people. They’re generous too, and forgiving. LOL. Seems like I am praising them. Nope, I’m not getting anything for saying all the nice things. I guess they do not know I have a blog too. :)

I reached hometown around 4pm, with Phoebe. We didn’t go back home the first thing, we went to Bee Hui’s house. Saw her chatting with her friend, she told us she got nothing else to do anymore. Then, I noticed she didn’t do any manicure. No nail polish, nothing. Fine, she said she wasn’t into that kind of thing. No pedicure done either!!! Okay, that’s it. I insisted to bring her out for manicure and pedicure! LOL! And Phoebe saw Siau Yang’s hair, she suggested him to go for hair cut! Gosh… Both the groom and the bride are just too… fussy-free. Hahahahaha……

The shooting of their wedding was fun! I was tired, no doubt. Climbing high and low, squatting, lying…… Gosh, I’ve never tried doing so many actions in one day! I’ve got a few bruises here and there, especially around my knees. Hahaha. Also, I strained the muscles on my legs. Even until now I could still feel the pain, can hardly squat down now, it’s painful while sitting down as well.

I wouldn’t say that I did very good. I did my best. I just hope I did not disappoint my friends.

In the coming months, guess I shall be upgrading my lens. Geez…… Where to find those money? :(

So sweet of my friends gave me a small token. I was merely helping and didn’t hope to receive anything in return. Guess I shall do an album for them.

My kit lens is having some problem, the auto-focus is not working now…… Gosh…… What should I do with my upcoming assignments?! Money money money……

P/S: Ok, I know I’m bad for not putting up any photos here. Please give me some time, I’m editing a few. Thanks.

Big Dream. Big Step. It’s Now Or Never.

I am now taking my first and big step here. I am going to be a part-time photographer from now on.

1. Any portraits will be considered. Pregnancy, babies, family, pets, personal portraits and others.

2. Bookings is opened from this very minute. However, dates are open from 1st June 2009 onwards. I will only be available during weekends. Therefore, all photography sessions shall be on weekends only.

3. At this moment, make-up artist, dresses, gowns, accessories and other of similar nature are NOT included. Clients are to source for them personally.

4. Photography sessions will be held at clients’ choice of place, be it indoor or outdoor. Clients are to bear any renting/entrance fees.

5. One session of portraits will be on one location only. If 2 locations are involved, additional charges will be imposed.

6. All photos taken will be returned to clients in DVD, in jpeg format.

7. Do email me for quotation if you’re interested. (

8. As for wedding day photography, please email me to discuss further.

Thank you for supporting.

First Time

Everything has its first time.

During a visit to a friend during Chinese New Year, my mouth was faster than my brain, I offered help to my friends. To take photos for them during their wedding! My friend was quite reluctant, he was worrying I’d be very tired. One month later, he asked me if I could take photos during his wedding! Gosh…… First, I felt flattered. Then, I felt honoured. After a while, I felt worried. Now, I feel pressured. LOL! That is his once in a lifetime moment, what if I messed it up?

So nice of my friend to comfort me that he trusts me and he has faith in me. Oh my… That makes me feel even more pressured. @__@

Well…… Perhaps I couldn’t do a good job like those professional photographers do, but I’m going to do my very best. Both the bride and the groom are my friends, am going to bring out the best in them.