IKEA Or Not? #5

Wow, it’s almost 2 years ago since I last blogged about what I bought from IKEA for my home. Of course, I still shop in IKEA. Mainly small items which I don’t think worth to blog. Recently got some big (okay, not really that big lah, chest of drawers and chair lor) items from IKEA again. I would say worth every penny.

We were busy clearing and cleaning our bedroom to welcome the baby. Since we can’t fit all the baby stuff in our built-in wardrobe, I thought of getting a new chest of drawers from IKEA. I’ve decided that all baby furnitures/fittings must be in white, I do not want any headache thinking what theme color for the baby’s room in the future. Been looking through IKEA website and decided to get this Brimnes chest of drawers that cost RM339, good enough for baby stuff.


However, when we were in IKEA and Andrew saw this ↓


“Isn’t this more worth it and cheaper?” I checked the price, RM369! Just RM30 more and I get a bigger chest! Geez…… Lucky Andrew saw it, else I would be banging my head. It further proves that this is a good buy, I get to store Lucy’s stuff and clothes and the bottom drawer for my cosmetic and skincare. The quality is good. Love how easy it is to pull out the drawer. Now I have another headache, gotta baby-proof all the drawers in the future. :(

Then we picked up some textiles for baby. We’ve gone to other supermarkets to look for bedsheet and quilt, they’re so expensive! I can’t believe bedsheet and quilt for baby are almost the same price with adult size. IKEA is still cheaper.


 Fantasidjur quilt cover with pillow case – RM29.90


Skamtsam quilt cover with pillow case – RM39.90


 Jollra cot bumper pad – RM59


LEN quilt for cot – RM49.90


LEN fitted sheet for cot 2 pieces – RM39.90


Leka rattle – RM11.90 (Bought this because they’re so cute)

Since Andrew’s mom would be coming and we need more kitchen storage for all the stuff needed during my confinement, we bought some shelves to be put in the kitchen. We bought two OMAR shelving unit, at RM119 each. Very sturdy. You can adjust the height of the shelf to your need. The only cons is stuff may slip off the shelf since it’s edge-less. What Andrew did to one of the shelves is to reverse the top shelf, bottom-up. We put mugs and dishes on it and don’t have to worry they’ll slip off.


On our way out to the cashier, we picked up this Helmer drawer unit with castors. It was on special price for RED color, I can’t remember exactly how much it was. The original price is RM139, we got it definitely lower than RM100, maybe RM88. I use it as a bed-side table for baby’s and my stuff. I must say this is another good buy too. I can organise my stuff into each different drawer. The not-so-good point is that the drawers do not have “stopper”, you have to be careful when you open it. If you open it too fast, the whole drawer will just slide out and you may hurt yourself. Again, headache now that I too have to baby-proof this. -__-


In another visit, we saw this Poang armchair on special price! It was so cheap! Normal price is RM269, during Chinese New Year it was RM189. Of course, only RED color was on promotion. Without hesitation, Andrew bought it. He said very worth it wor, as my dad bought a Pello armchair which has slightly lower quality at RM169. I asked him where are we going to put this chair, the living room already has a rattan chair. He said he would find some place to put. Men, when they want something, there’s no stopping them.


We didn’t buy a changing table. For me, I thought just change baby on our bed lah, easier and we get to sit down. Just buy a waterproof changing mat will do. Andrew’s friend, upon hearing that I was pregnant, immediately offered to lend us his changing table. He said no need to buy, just borrow will do ’cause only use it for few months, and he too lent it to his sister. So grateful to have friends like this. It turned out that the changing table is useful. Actually it’s not expensive, it’s just that if we were to buy it, we will have to either give it away or find some place to keep it.


Sniglar changing table – RM99 (not including the mat)

I’m lucky that I bought my baby cot and cot mattress from a friend, almost like giving for free as she sold them to me cheap! Can’t imagine how much I will have to spend if I had to buy a new one.

That’s it for now for our IKEA trips. Going to make another trip soon.

In Love With You

It has been months since I got my Daniel Wellington watch. I love it to bits! Love the thin and light body, love the simplicity of it, love the way it pumps up your look no matter what you’re wearing, love its quality leather strap, love the fact that I can change the strap on my own……

Andrew who was previously sceptical about its looks and quality, is now in love with his Classic Bristol too. I asked him once why I don’t see him wearing his Seiko anymore, he said, “after wearing DW, that Seiko looks so bulky and old-fashioned. DW looks so classic”. LOL!!! DW is now officially his working watch. However, he still hasn’t tried on the NATO strap. He wears it to work everyday, so the NATO strap doesn’t seem to suit his working attire.

About the leather strap, it is definitely of high quality as mine is still not completely broken in after wearing it for more than 6 months. The NATO strap gets dirty easily, well, as expected. Now I am an expert in changing the straps. Hahaha.

Recently, I start to see DW being sold locally online. Groupon once had a deal on some DW watches, and recently I saw some online seller selling it on Facebook. I’m not sure how they got the watches, perhaps they bought directly from DW website with discount and sell them at a higher price. I’m just curious, why would someone buy from them since we can buy directly from DW website with free international shipping?

Love my DW so much. It is always the first watch that I pick up every morning, my rose gold Titus has become my second watch. :P


 Photo by Ashley, taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


 Photo by Ashley, taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


 Photo by Ashley, taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


 Photo by Ashley, taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Watch. Me. Daniel Wellington

I am not so much of a jewellery person. I’m just plain lazy to wear them. There is only one thing that I will feel uncomfortable if I don’t wear it when I go out (other than clothes). A watch.

I love watches. However, I don’t have many watches. I am pretty loyal to my watches. :P

I used to have one watch for casual, and one for work. That’s it. I only change my watch when it really reaches the end of its life. However, watches don’t go spoil or rot. I usually buy new watch when the old one is beyond repair, or I couldn’t find a compatible replacement strap when the original one is torn. That means, I only buy new watch every 5 or 6 years. LOL! If everyone were like me, the shops will be out of business very soon. :P

Recently, things changed a little. :D

Few months ago, I saw this Daniel Wellington watch on Fancy. The simplicity of the design caught my eyes. I went Google for it, read about it, looked up more of its photos…… I fell in love with it. You can go to their website if you want to know about their history.

I’ve read reviews that it is not worth the price since it is running on a Japanese quartz movement, and people always said with that kind of price, you could get a better one (I’ve even read people making fun of the backwards “D” on the watch :P). I was struggling for a while. What they said is true, with that kind of price, and if I just top up a little, I could get a much better watch. However, the beauty of the DW watch has kind of won me over. The more I looked at it, the more I wanted it. I was resisting the urge to buy it…… Until last month. I don’t care whether it’s Japanese quartz or not, I just love it and I want it.

Wanted to get a Valentine’s gift for Andrew, I decided it was a great excuse for me to buy it then. Hahaha. The price of the watch on Fancy, is the same with the price on Daniel Wellington’s website. I saw on DW’s website that you can enter “discount code” at check-out. Out of the blue, something struck me. I went Google for “Daniel Wellington discount voucher”. When I saw those discount codes, I nearly screamed “YOU’RE SUCH A GENIUS ASHLEY!” LOL! It was near Valentine’s day, so there was this Valentine’s day discount code for 20% off all items! And guess what, DW was doing free shipping worldwide! I bought 2 watches immediately without much ado. Lucky I decided to buy it through DW website instead of Fancy.

It is actually cheaper for us (Malaysia) to buy from DW website as the price will be reduced due to the VAT since we’re not the European country. However, I did pay for the import duty tax when I received the watches, RM18.36. I was so happy when I got the watches, within 4 days after I placed my order! Hats off to UPS. Here’s  the watches all the way from Sweden.


Classic Sheffield Lady (silver) and Classic Bristol (rose gold). I’ve also gotten 2 NATO straps. Oh, did I mention that the straps are interchangeable as long as they’re the same size? That is another reason why I love DW watches. DW is so kind and considerate to include the pin so that we can change the straps on our own without having to go to a shop. I’ve not tried changing the straps yet. It’s a pity that the women watch is different size from the men watch. I can’t swap straps with Andrew’s. Hahaha. I got myself a silver face and black leather strap since I already got a rose gold Titus. Got the rose gold for Andrew since he only has silver watches. Indirectly, I made Andrew a DW fan too. LOL! He doesn’t love it as much as I do. To him, it’s a nice watch.


I’m not only impressed with the full leather box, but also the THICK leather straps. The strap is so thick and I think it will take some time to break in. I’ve been wearing it for 2 weeks now, the leather is curved but it still doesn’t “hug” my wrist. Unlike my Titus, it took only a week of wearing to break in and feeling soft. I don’t have to worry that I couldn’t find a matching strap when this one breaks, as long as DW is in the business, I get to order a new one online.

I regretted for not getting the men size for myself after I tried it on. It still looks cool on my wrist ler and I’ve always liked BIG watch. Oh, the diameter of DW women classic is 36mm while for the men it is 40mm. From the photo they don’t look much different but they are when you put them on your wrist. I’m also pretty surprised of how thin it is. I thought it was the illusion since it is bigger. I took my Titus out and compared and I wasn’t convinced. So I compared it with Andrew’s Seiko, wow, DW has a thinner body indeed. And it’s lighter.


Glad that I got the silver face with black leather. It’s so versatile. It still looks “right” even when I’m wearing jeans and t-shirt. My rose gold Titus tends to only go well with formal wear.

Love the simple face design. Some complained that there isn’t at least a date display. To me, that is pure simplicity and DW truly understands the purpose of a watch, to tell the time. If you need to know the date, please go look at the calendar. :P

Now, I have more than 2 watches. My next target is, Panerai. I wonder when will I be able to own a Panerai…… @__@


I’m a happy DW fan. :)

Gifts For Him Vs. Gifts For Her

I’ve always heard people said, “I don’t know what to get her this Christmas, she’s got everything”.

People who said that, obviously have not bought a gift for a man before. I think!

It always puzzles me when people said that. If you’re really out of idea, just a cosmetic/skincare/bodycare gift box would really make her grinning from ear to ear.

A woman would never complain she has too many bottle of perfume.
A man though can be very choosy for the scent.

A woman would never say no to jewellery.
A man though doesn’t usually wear jewellery!

A woman would always be happy to receive flowers.
A man though doesn’t seem to appreciate the beauty of flowers.

A woman would be happy to receive soft toys.
A man though doesn’t like to be associated with anything fluffy and cute.

A woman doesn’t mind to have an extra purse.
A man though carries one wallet until it’s torn.

I’ve thought of pen. Nope, he doesn’t carry one around.

How about wallet? No, the one he’s using is still new.

Shoes? Sorry, I will have to bring him there for fitting. So, no.

Shades? He doesn’t wear them, and he lost the Armani pair that his brother gave him all because he rarely wore them and he forgot where he put. -__-

Gadgets? Toys? They’re too expensive. He’s into remote control helis and stuff, but they’re so bloody expensive. He likes the new Play Station 4, again, it is damn expensive. You have no idea. He doesn’t simply splurge, but he has expensive taste. @__@

Watch then. I know he likes one of the G-Shock watches, but it’s so expensive! And I think I’ll save that for his birthday.

Think I’m left with clothes and perfume. SIGH…………………………

Now, don’t ever tell me it is easier to buy gift for a man!

Another Chuck Taylor

As you know me, I prefer flats than heels. Ever since my RM39 red flats which I bought from Zalora worn out, I’ve been looking for a replacement. I hate that moment that when you wanted something badly, you just couldn’t find it. I’ve tried cheap ones, expensive ones, comfortable ones (as they claimed)…… None of them really gave me that comfortable feeling like the RM39 flats! Idiot…… I am stuck with my ugly but comfortable yellow Crocs…… And my red Chuck Taylor (I still love my red Converse)……

I was looking for a pair of white Chuck Taylor classic for a long time. All the stores I’ve been to are “out of stock”, I even left my numbers with them so that they could call me when they restock. I never received calls from them. Ish…… But Ashley, why white? You may ask. ‘Cause I can then pair it with anything, any color, any outfit…… Oh, and I wanted a high top since I already have a classic.

Was wandering in KLCC with Andrew after dinner on one Friday. Walked past Converse store and I said, “let’s go in and try my luck again”. Saw the white high top on display, I was sceptical when I asked the store assistant if there were any smaller sizes available. The shop owner heard and answered “try size 5”. I was surprised that they have sizes!!! I was yelping in delight inside! “They have size! They have stock wor!” I told Andrew. When I put that white high top on, my goodness…… I didn’t want to take it off!!! I was looking in the mirror (almost dance in front of the mirror) and kept asking Andrew, “nice right? It looks nice right? It looks so nice and it’s so comfortable……” That moment, I knew I gotta buy it NOW.

Fastest decision I ever made in buying a pair of shoes! Within less than 5 minutes. Hahahahahahaha.

Love my Chuck Taylor All Star!

White high top Chuck Taylor

P.S.: I’m still hunting for a pair of flats that I can wear with my work outfit. I don’t wear flats in the office usually. I wear flats TO the office, and change into my heels when I’m in the office, and change back into my flats when it’s after work. So, I still need a pair of flats that could compliment my work outfit. Crocs is just too ugly. :(

IKEA Or Not? #4

I was supposed to post this before the Chinese New Year. I don’t know why it’s been sitting in my “draft” for so long.

We did a fair bit of shopping for the coming Chinese New Year, spent a whole lot of money!

Nope, I am not trying to have a big fat CNY. Those things that we bought are actually for the house. One year after moving into the new place, we still have boxes of stuff yet to be unpacked. All because of the tight budget and we can’t possibly buy everything all together.

Finally, bought some more book shelves from IKEA. It’s not completed, still need to get the doors for some of them later.

Every time we went to IKEA, we would always end up buying more stuff than we planned.

I’ve always wanted to get a carpet for our bedroom, thought of getting the same one as the one we have in the living room. Then, Andrew spotted a bigger one at RM299. Out of the blue, he said, “why not we move the one in the living room to the bedroom and get this bigger one for the living room?” Hmm…… Makes sense. So we went to pick up the HAMPEN high pile rug (RM299).

Hampen high pile rug

When I looked at the real thing, I was a bit concerned about the size. It is 160x230cm, which may be too long for our living hall. I was struggling there whether to buy it. Thanks to Andrew’s sharp eyes, he saw another rug priced at RM299 too! It’s a low pile rug though, but it is square. We were not sure of how it’s gonna look in the living hall, but with the IKEA’s 100 days return policy, we took the risk. It fits perfectly fine and looks great!


I was really headache with the dressing table in the bedroom. Whether to get a table, a wall shelf or a chest of 6 drawers which the top can double up as a table top. For a year I’ve been applying make up in the bathroom and sitting on the floor applying my skincare. @__@ Why took so long? Firstly, I couldn’t find a dressing table that I like in IKEA and I do not trust the local furniture shop anymore. I was eyeing the chest of 6 drawers in IKEA but it was out of my budget, needed to save up then. This time, I know I couldn’t wait no more. I went ahead with the wall shelf. I.NEED.A.PROPER.PLACE.FOR.MY.MAKEUP.AND.SKINCARE. Got one shelf for now, thinking of adding another one later and get some baskets to make them like drawers, sort of. Can’t believe this LACK wall shelf is so cheap, RM59 only!


Since we were already there, and to cut down another headache, we got a king size quilt from IKEA too. Saved us the hassle of going through all the brands in Isetan/AEON and burn a big hole in our pockets. MYSA STRA quilt, warmth rate 3, at RM129 for king size. You may tell me that it isn’t good for that kind of price. Well, I have had cheap comforter which I’ve used for 7 years. If this can last us a good 5 years, I would say it is good enough. Update: This is really a warmer and worth all the penny! It’s not too warm and not too thin. Perfect in any weather.


On our way to “check out”, while I picked up some photo frames, Andrew saw this magnetic board and he got this crazy (okay, maybe not that crazy) idea. He wanted to get 3 magnetic boards so that we could stick our photos on it and that way, won’t damage the wall too. THREE magnetic board!!! I am “looking forward” to seeing how he’s gonna do that. Sometimes his spontaneous impressed me, but I always have doubt on the “implementation” part. :P Let’s just see. Update: Still much work to do to make this thing looks really “impressive”, I wonder when will my man get to do it. :|


We have also bought a few small items, which I will not mention all of them here.

So, my house is full of IKEA’s stuff. What choice do I have when the local furniture shops failed me big time.

Beauty Box. The Lilac Box.

Beauty box has been around for quite some time in Malaysia. Recently it has become more and more popular and we ladies are going crazy about them. Each beauty box provider is striving to provide varieties, in terms of brands and range of products. It’s getting more and more competitive now. Most of the times, it is not just the products, it also involves a great deal of customer service provided. We the consumers are the ultimate winners, we get better products and service each time. :)

Whether you’re only interested in premium brands or promotional discounts that you can get, you get to try out different kind of brands and products by just paying a small amount of money. If you like what you have tried, then only you go and buy the full size products on your own. No obligation or whatsoever. You buy at your own choice and you try at your own risk. Don’t like this beauty box? No problem, just move on to the next. :) There are so many out there. We are spoiled with choices.

In April, I subscribed to The Lilac Box. They are new in the market, only three months old. It is managed by three guys. Yes, you read me right, three GUYS. :) C’mon, there are a lot of men in the beauty industry, don’t look so surprised. You just have to admit sometimes men know better what a woman really needs.

They claimed that they only deliver premium products, and that got my light bulb lighted. *DING* :D I must say, I made a wise choice.

The Lilac Box is slightly more expensive (RM49.90 per box) than most of the beauty box, but they feature more premium brands. I was so happy with their Box 2 (in April). So, I bought Box 3 again early last month. It never disappoints! Can’t believe that Box 3 was sold out within 2 days.

I saw some subscribers commented that The Lilac Box mislead the customers by saying “it’s going to be a very heavy box”, they were disappointed when they received the box and it is not VERY heavy like what The Lilac Box claimed. I felt sorry for the three guys that worked so hard for putting the products together. When I finally received mine, I was actually on the cloud nine and excited. I must say the words “full and heavy” are true. Perhaps, some expected more than that. Kudos to the three guys behind The Lilac Box. I can see from its Facebook page that they make a lot of effort in satisfying every customer. Emailed one of them about the redemption voucher for the Talika eye therapy patch, I got a prompt reply and the email has a very personal touch.

Now, let’s see what Box 3 has.


Love the packaging of the box. There is a cardbox (instead of the usual bubble wrap) to protect the box inside. Very thoughtful. I keep the cardbox in case that I need it for gift-wrapping in the future. :)


Ta-da, here’s the box. The decorative lilac lace ribbon is less than impressive this time. I prefer the lilac ribbon in April. The box has no labels or markings, so that you can recycle and use it again. I noticed their boxes are of the same size every month, which to me is a good thing. I like the boxes. They are simple, but reliable. I’ve bought another beauty box from Mivva and I’m sorry to say that I don’t like the box at all, not even one bit. It’s not soft, but very easy to go out of shape and it looks “childish”. Perhaps it isn’t fair for me to comment on Mivva’s box, I only bought one month. I’ve bought the June box too, sad to say the box is the same as May.


I was delighted when I opened the box. It was indeed full, not full to the brim, nonetheless it was still considered full. As of the heaviness, it is heavy but not as heavy as Box 2 which has 2 bottles of Redken hair products. I also love the going-green concept, no unnecessary vouchers or brochures. You can go to their website to check out the products’ details and print out the discount/promotional vouchers (if any) if you would like to use them. It’s another story for Mivva. I got a box full with unwanted brochures, cards and vouchers that I know I’m not going to use them. I threw them all away. In The Lilac Box, there’s only one piece of paper to thank the customers for their support and a little information on what the Box 3 is about.


Yves Rocher Fresh Rose Shower Gel, 200ml. I’ve heard about Yves Rocher but never had the chance to try it because it doesn’t have outlet in the malls where I usually shop. I’ve heard all the good things about them and how they grow their own plants organically and harvest them on their own. Now finally I get to try it. Love the smell of this shower gel and you do not have to use a lot for the whole body. The scent of roses isn’t too strong, it’s quite refreshing. Unlike some shower gel I’ve tried from Body Shop which smells very strong. However, the scent doesn’t last long and it’s not moisturising enough. I still prefer L’Occitane, which smells better and moisturises very well. Price wise, Yves Rocher is much cheaper. Seeing that the plants are organically grown, I don’t mind to give Yves Rocher other products a try though.


Payot Speciale 5 and Pate Grise, sachets. I was a little disappointed when I saw this 2 sachets. For such a premium brand like Payot, they don’t even bother to package their samples nicely in a bottle or container? Isn’t it more hygiene to use a proper container to prevent any contamination after open? I felt like they are just like some brands who think that they’re so high and mighty and simply give you some samples in sachets to make you go away. I could get a 5ml eye cream sample from La Mer, in tube!  Why not Payot? Sigh. Back to the product.

Speciale 5 and Pate Grise are said to be Payot’s legendary products, you can see the result with just one use. They’re for blemishes/pimples/acne. Pate Grise is said to help the blemish to reach its maturity. So happened that I had blemish that week. I applied Pate Grise on the blemish before bed. All you need is just a tiny dot enough to cover the blemish. The almond smell is very strong. Good that it doesn’t sting or irritates. The next morning, I was surprised to see the blemish was less swollen and no longer red. I was happy. I used Pate Grise for 2 nights in a row on the same blemish. On the 3rd night, I applied Speciale 5. Speciale 5 dries and purifies the blemish at the end of its cycle. It’s said to help diminish scar of blemish. Also, just apply a thin layer on the blemish. After 3 nights of applying Speciale 5, my blemish scar was still there! @__@ I thought my blemish hadn’t reached “the end of its cycle”. So I went back to apply Pate Grise. Nope. Nothing happened. T__T Not wanting to give such a premium product the “death sentence” so quick, I continued applying Speciale 5 for few days (almost a week). Sigh…… My blemish scar was still there! When my face developed new blemish, I again applied Pate Grise. Guess what, all of a sudden it just stops working wonders, on my face. End up I resorted to my usual blemish routine, pat on the blemish with a cotton pad with SKII Facial Treatment Essence then apply the Clinique Anti-Blemish Spot Treatment Gel. Will I go on a second-date with Payot? The answer is a resounding NO. Moreover that it is so troublesome to use, how would I know if my blemish has reached its maturity? I’m not a dermatologist. I only know my blemish is GONE when it DISAPPEARS.


Phyto Phytodéfrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm, 15ml. It’s funny that it says BALM, it clearly is not balm! It is runny and colourless, more like gel. Sometimes how the French named their products really make you scratch your head. This is an anti-frizz smoothening/straightening gel. Squeeze a small amount of gel on fingers, apply it to your damp hair from root to tip, strand by strand. I know, it sounds ridiculous right to apply strand by strand and for people like me who has thick and long hair, this will take forever. I don’t really separate my hair to strands when I apply it. I just grab some hair and rub the gel onto the hair from root to tip. It says that it is heat-activated, meaning you’ll have to blow-dry your hair to achieve a better result. I always blow-dry my hair after the wash, so this is not a nuisance to me. Oh boy, I couldn’t believe that it really works. When I looked in the mirror and I saw my straight hair without frizz! My hair looks so tamed after blow-drying and without the oil-based serum that I always used. I was so freaking happy that I could finally ditch that oil-based serum for good. When I used that serum, my hair would appear to be smoother at the end of the day, but oily. It would be worse if I sweat. Now, I get straight and smooth hair all day long! If you have a bit of natural curls and would like to have straight hair, you may want to consider Phytodéfrisant. Last month, I got the full size (100ml) from Zalora at RM90. Thanks to The Lilac Box, I got a 20% discount. :)


Babor HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream for face and eye, 5ml each. Nice packaging, Babor! I give you two thumbs up just for the packaging alone. When I opened the lid, I was surprised that the bottle was nicely sealed with a foil! Wow! That shows that they did not just scoop some cream from the full size into the bottle for the purpose of “samples”. When I opened the foil, another surprise, it is so full! Babor is definitely generous.

The Extra Firming Eye Cream is not oily and is easily absorbed by the skin. I used it for about 2 weeks, no good for me. I saw my right under eyelid has developed a new milia seed (or oil seed some may call it). I panicked. Ever since I got rid of most of my milia seeds years ago, I’ve been very careful with eye skincare. Nothing rich and oily for me. Some may argue that it is due to the oily stuff that we eat, but for me, it is proven that milia seeds on my eyelid were caused by rich and oily eye products. I have not had new milia seed on my eyelid for 2 full years. I stopped using this Babor eye cream immediately. As much as I love its texture and scent, I hate to have milia seeds growing on my eyelids, they look awful. Sorry Babor, you’re too “rich” for me. Other than the milia seed, I don’t see any significant improvement on the fine lines.

I’ve also used the Extra Firming Cream for face for 2 weeks, night and day. It smells heavenly! Note that though the cream is rich, it is not oily. It doesn’t give the sticky or oily feeling after application. I enjoyed applying it on my face, felt like some goddess whenever I used it. :D However, I had blemishes and acne after using the cream. :( At first I thought it was my body being heaty. Then, I noticed the blemishes started growing more and more, some even look like milia seeds! It was about the same time when I discovered that damn milia seed on my eyelid. I stopped using the cream and started treating my blemishes with the Payot products that came together in the beauty box. Speaking of perfect timing. It was only 2 days ago I fell back to my usual Clinique routine, and I saw improvements. Sigh. Babor, Babor, you’re just too “rich” for me. Second date? Sorry, my FACE says NO even when my HEART says YES. Someone advised me to use only a tiny bit of the cream for the face. I did. Again, same thing happened. Babor is really too rich for me. By the way, I don’t see and feel the firming effect after I tried this.


Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum. I’m so happy to see there’s 10 packets of foundation from Max Factor. Love this 2 in 1 foundation as it is so easy to apply and it doesn’t feel oily. It is very light-weighted. I don’t even need to use facial powder. Coverage is good too.


See By Chloe Eau De Parfum miniature. It is very similar to Moschino Cheap and Chic, only this is lighter. The funny part is I LOVE Moschino Cheap and Chic, but I don’t like this See by Chloe. I don’t think it “suits” my personality. Perfume is very personal and subjective. What I love may not be what you like and what you adore may not be what I like. So, don’t take my word for it. You’ll have to go try this out and see if you like it.

The Lilac Box launched their first ever concept box last month, the box is going to be filled with only products from Decléor. Can’t wait to receive them. :D

SK-II: The Journey Continues

Last year, I’ve sort of written a review on the Facial Treatment Essence, the so-called “miracle water” from SK-II. Now that I’ve been using it for one and a half years, and I must say that I love it.

I have previously heard people said that you’ll get hooked once you start using the Facial Treatment Essence. I must say that it is true, but not for the reason that I’ve heard. Some said that the essence is actually “eating” away the dead skin and expose your true skin, which is why your skin will look like baby’s skin which is soft and smooth. If you stopped using it, the dead skin that grows back will become dull and thick and make you lost all the radiance. So, you’re hooked. You’ll have to use the essence for the rest of your life. Some even said that the essence caused them to have sensitive skin.

Well, I must say that there is no one perfect skincare that is perfect for everyone. Remember, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. What works perfect on me, may not be all that good on you and vice versa. If one thing can really work best on everyone, we wouldn’t have so many brands and products in the market and yet they have their own loyal customers.

Like I’ve mentioned before, you’ll just have to try it out to find out what is best for yourself.

Back to the essence. I’ve actually stopped using it for a while to see if my skin really needs to depend on it to look good. Last year, when I was on sick leave for more than a week, I actually stopped all skincare. I was at home and I was lazy. :P Guess what, after more than a week without skincare, my skin still looked as good as (or as bad as) when I use them. Perhaps I was at home the whole time and there wasn’t any pollution to my skin, my skin looked fine. I didn’t see any skin regrowth during that 10 days break.

The essence works really good on blemish and breakouts. Whenever I have pimple or blemish, I’ll press the facial cotton (wet with the essence) on the concern area. The pimple/blemish will be less swollen. The best part is, the essence doesn’t irritate. You don’t feel the tingling or burning effect that you may feel with some anti-blemish cream. Instead, the essence soothes the skin. This, has become my ritual whenever I have breakouts. :)

When I feel that I need a little of pampering and extra care, I will use the essence as a mask. I’ll wet 2 or 3 pieces of facial cotton pad with the essence, and put them on my face for 10 minutes, usually the cheeks and forehead. If the cotton pad is still damp, I’ll put them on other areas such as the nose, chin and neck. Trust me, with something expensive like that, you do not even want to waste a drop of it. My face feels so supple and soft after this little pampering.

Another good thing about the essence is that I can use it on the eye area. I don’t have to worry about it being too heavy or oily or irritation. It actually helps a little in puffiness in the morning. When my under eyelids appear puffy in the morning, I’ll pat and dab the essence (with the cotton pad) around the eye area and stay on longer. Surprisingly the puffiness reduced. Also, the oil seeds (some called them milia seeds) around my eyes stopped growing larger when I started using the essence. Some even reduced in size and they’re not so obvious anymore. I was so, so, so delighted.

Conclusion, I’ll still continue using this Facial Treatment Essence. Expensive but one bottle of 70ml can usually last me 5 months. I don’t buy the largest bottle, which is 215ml even the salesgirl kept telling me it was more worth it to go BIG. I prefer the small bottle, easier to carry around and 70ml can already last me 5 months, imagine how long 215ml can last for me.

I am now so tempted to try the Cellumination Essence EX. A lot of review said it works and skin glows even without make-up. Isn’t that what all of us women want? But it is darn expensive lah, RM499 for 30ml. @__@

Women are so contradicting. When we are young, we spend money on cosmetics to look beautiful. When we are old, we spend thousands of money to look au naturale. Sigh……

High Heels

I’m not really a high-heels person. Whenever I go out, I prefer to wear flats, sandals, sneakers or slippers. I only wear high heels when I go to work and on special occasions.

I didn’t like high heels in the past. I can’t say that I love them now, but I don’t hate them. :)

I started wearing heels when I started work, but the heels were limited to 2 or 3 inches. It is only this few years that I challenged myself to wear 4 inches heels.

I always hold on to this one important rules whenever I buy new shoes or heels, they must be comfortable to walk in.

If I don’t feel comfortable walking in them, I don’t care how pretty they look, I ain’t buying.

Very often I saw girls walking in heels awkwardly. They don’t look elegant and comfortable at all. To me, they’re just torturing themselves. For what? To show that you’ve got taste to buy a pair of pretty heels? Sorry, that to me is silly. You’re walking like a robot and we all know that you’re in pain. Who would still care to see if your shoes are pretty?

Worse, if you trip over by your own heels. :P

When it comes to shoes, I am a fussy pot. Even if it’s just flats, I’ll make sure that they’re comfortable. Although it’s cheap, I wouldn’t even buy them if it’s not comfortable.  I’ve learned my lessons the hard way. I’m not someone who would splurge on a pair of shoes just because it LOOKS nice.

You see, I know that a pair of comfortable heels is hard to come by. I often feel very sad when they got worn out or broken. :( 

There’s a saying, shoes are like partners, if it’s not the right fit, don’t force it. You’ll end up hurting yourself more than you can imagine. ;)


Oh dear, how to wear these heels????? Can you?


Oooohhh…… This is cool!!! I wonder if Nike really has this.

Zara heels 3

Heels with platform from Zara. Nah, I don’t wear heels with raised platform on the ball of the feet. I’ll trip. :P

Zara Pink Heels

PINK heels!!! I would love to try this. :D From Zara.

Zara black heels

Court shoes from Zara. I have a pair of this, no good. Not comfortable ’cause it is pointed front. Only wear this occasionally because I can’t wear long hours in it.

Note: I don’t own these photos.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid

Thanks to my friend, Vanessa who informed me that Hada Labo was giving away a 9ml Moisturising sample for those who registered. I registered out of fun.

Few weeks ago, I received the sample which I’ve totally forgotten. Can you believe that they sent it via post? I thought we would have to go to some counter to collect it, I was waiting for a SMS or something. Instead, they mailed it. Right to your doorstep. Awesome service.

In the envelope, I also received a leaflet with a code. It says that the code will entitle me to some discount on the products. Sorry, I can’t remember how much discount I got. Hahahahaha. I threw the leaflet after I made my purchase. :P I think it was either 20% or 30% off the normal price.

I was surprised to see that the prices of the products are relatively reasonable and affordable. I’m not interested in the whitening and lifting range, and I’m a bit allergic to AHA+BHA. So, I only concentrate on their moisturising range.

Hyaluronic Acid is famous for its moisturising function and it is proven on my skin that it is indeed VERY moisturising. I’ve tried The Face Shop Hyaluronic Acid masks and loved it so much. I guess the SUPER Hyaluronic Acid from Hada Labo would be even more moisturising then. Super wor, must be lah.

I bought 4 Super Hyaluronic Acid products.


My Clinique cleansing oil finished few months ago, am now using the cleansing foam which I bought in Korea and it is also finishing. So I thought might as well try Hada Labo’s cleansing oil. It’s only RM35 after discount! No harm trying.

I am very particular with facial wash. I’ve tried other brands but I would always go back to Clinique. Other brands are either too oily or  too dry, only Clinique’s liquid facial soap has that “just right” feel. The best part is, one bottle of 200ml can last me for more than 9 months. :D Thinking of giving this Hada Labo Moisturising Face Wash a try. Since it says that it is moisturising, guess it couldn’t be that bad. After discount, I only paid RM20 for it. DIRT CHEAP!

I’ve read a lot of good reviews on this Moisturising Milk and Moisturising Cream. I didn’t know what’s the difference until I Googled them. Found a blogger who did a comparison between the two. Her verdict was to use the milk during day time and to use the cream during night time. I am already using two moisturisers for day and night. So, I don’t mind the same routine. After discount, RM39 for the Moisturising Milk and RM41 for Moisturising Cream. Adoih…… So cheap!!! If at all they’re not good on the face, I can use them on my hands, right?!

Four products, only costs me RM135! I could hardly buy 2 products in Clinique with that money!

I didn’t purchase the hot selling Moisturising Lotion though. I am already using SKII Treatment Essence and Clinique’s Repairwear Laser Focus serum, don’t feel like stopping them. If I were to add the lotion in, gosh, how many products I have to put on my face?!

Today, I’ve received all the products, and I’m gonna start using them. Hope Hada Labo won’t disappoint me. Few weeks later, we will know. :)