La Pari-Pari, Langkawi

Last year, Andrew and I thought, it was time for us to revisit Langkawi. Our first time to Langkawi was back in year 2008, before we were married. So, I booked 2 tickets to Langkawi again. That was last year September we travelled. :) Sorry for sharing it so late.

We stayed in Awana Porto Malai, was thinking to stay there again but, it looks pretty run-down to me now. Also, we would like to stay in some where else to have the different experience. Langkawi isn’t a place short in places to stay.

Coincidentally, saw this new B&B in Langkawi, called La Pari-Pari. Usually I would go to TripAdvisor to read the reviews of the place before I make any reservation. I couldn’t find any for La Pari-Pari, it was still very new. There were some good comments on its Facebook page though. They called themselves eco-friendly and striving to recycle and reuse. They even had carpenters to make the bedframes for all of the rooms, use natural colour tones, preserve the greens and energy. I was attracted by this and the look of the resort. So, I decided to give it a try.

RM275 per room per night, inclusive of daily breakfast for two. It isn’t the cheapest in Langkawi, and I would say that it is a little pricey considering that it is just a B&B. Well, don’t you notice that nowadays everything related to “organics, natural, eco-friendly” would cost more than those which is not? Sigh…… The price is higher to pay to go back to nature, how irony.

Back to the B&B. It took Andrew and I some time to find the path that leads to the B&B, we missed it the first time we drove past. They should have a bigger signboard on the main road, and another one on the path leading to it.

Andrew and I had a shock when we saw the entrance, pretty small. We were greeted by a young lady, sorry that I didn’t ask for her name, she ushered us into the restaurant area, fatCUPID. Everything is furnished in a simple and clean way, white, grey, wood, cement…… I felt a sense of serenity. It was so quiet.

While waiting for the lady to process our check-in, I took a quick tour around. Small compound, nothing too fancy. It is basically a U-shape design. Two rows of chalets on the left and right, the swimming pool in the centre and there’s a big tree. Not a great idea though to have such a tall tree so near the pool, you get fallen leaves and branches in the pool. The pool is smaller than what I’ve seen in photos, it appeared larger. There’s an empty field after the pool, kind of a waste for not utilising it. At the far end is forest/jungle that I doubt I would want to venture into.

When we got the key, the young lady led us to our room, which is at the far end facing the jungle! Oh dear…… I appreciate the privacy but I don’t appreciate having to hear all the weird sound/noise in the middle of the night. The walkway is nicely paved. Problem though when it rains because it isn’t covered. Lucky they have an umbrella in the room which you can use any time.

The key to the room, is just a, KEY. Don’t expect a fancy swipe card like a 5-star hotel. The key is all you have to lock the door in the small courtyard. Then you have another key to open the sliding glass door to the room. You’ll have to switch on the air-conditioner, lights and fan, on your own. There is no such thing as central control here. Don’t be lazy, it’s time to go back to nature and use your hands.

The bed is okay, considered spacious for Andrew and I. I actually expected the bed to be smaller. :) There’s a hanging rail in the dressing area, a shelf unit and a table. I gasped when I saw the bathroom. Holy cow, so big and spacious that I could dance inside! What a shame that there isn’t a bathtub. Love the sink area.

I was surprised to see several toilet rolls on the shelf, meaning that the guests would be able to use as much as they please. Hahaha. I won’t do that. Just surprised as usually hotel would only provide an extra roll for you everyday.

I finally met Karina, the owner of the B&B. A very nice and lovely lady. Am not sure it was because of the low season or she is naturally friendly, she talked to us whenever we were in fatCUPID. There is another lady which I can’t recall her name. Aiks, this is the result of writing this so long after the visit lor. They don’t have this I-am-the-boss-here attitude, they’re just too friendly.

Speaking of fatCUPID, I believe it deserves another blog post by itself. The food is so delicious! I’ll blog about it later on.

The daily continental breakfast provided isn’t fantastic though. When I read the menu and what are the things in a continental breakfast, I wasn’t thrilled. I was disappointed as I don’t even get an egg in the breakfast. :( There’s some fresh vegetables, fruits, 2 pieces of toast, butter and jam and that’s it. How could this last me till lunch time especially when I had to wake up so early in the morning? I made a decision to order something else from the menu. Good news is, we get RM6 subsidies if we order something else instead of taking the continental breakfast. The breakfast isn’t cheap though. Sigh.

In general, it was a pleasant stay. However, we personally think that it isn’t worth the value. Saw that they’ve increased their price too. We will definitely return to fatCUPID for the food, but we will not stay in again. If you’re looking for some place quiet and different, you may try La Pari-Pari though. Good experience.


The entrance.


fatCUPID is located at the front of the B&B after the entrance.


The small courtyard in front of our room.


The room.




Dressing/mini bar area.


The huge bathroom.


Shower milk, shampoo and conditioner from Thann.


The key! :D


Path that leads to all the rooms.


The pool.




Just a comparison to show the size of the pool.

Getaway. Get Away.

Not to the moon
But to the sea

Not in the tub
But under the sun

Not in water
But in sweat

Not on the street
But on the sand

Sun. Sea. Sand. Sweat.

Where else can you get the 4 S’s?

The beach.

~ Ashley

I’m going to the beach! Yes! This time, my resolution will be, to get myself a good tan!!! Okay, you must be thinking that I’m crazy. Why would someone want to trade her the-fairest-of-them-all skin with a tan?! Hahahahahaha…… I don’t really like my fair skin, especially my legs!!! They’re so fair and I think they look like chicken feet. –____– Of course I wouldn’t get myself toasted! Just a good honey-looking tan will do. :D

Won’t be blogging for the coming few days, heard that internet access is very limited there. See you all in a bit. XOXO.

Bangkok City Hotel, Bangkok

If looking for hotel to stay in Taiwan was a challenge, looking for a decent hotel to stay in Bangkok was mission impossible! Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit, but it was so tough! I now realised it is a bliss for not having too many choices.

There are so many hotels in Bangkok. Take note here, MANY. Just go to TripAdvisor and search for “hotels in Bangkok” and you’ll understand what I mean.

How do you choose one out of so many? First, you gotta eliminate those that’s out of your budget. Then, you decide the location. Thirdly, look around and see if the hotel is near to any public transportation system. Then, read tons of reviews from the reviewers about the cleanliness and whatnot of the hotel. Finally, you make your own judgement and decision. Seriously, you can’t blame others for misleading/confusing you. Always remember, one man’s food is another man’s poison. What may be bad to others, can well be OK for you. So long as you are comfortable with what you choose.

The mixed reviews on TripAdvisor, didn’t make it easier for us. Melissa and I were headache about those reviews every now and then. This minute we thought we found a good, then we read something bad that freaked us out. We were going round the circle and it was pretty frustrating.

I saw a friend’s photo on Facebook about Citrus Sukhumvit 22, a very modern hotel. Then Melissa’s friend gave us a few suggestions and we short-listed Citin Pratunam too. I personally love Citrus Sukhumvit 22, but Citin Pratunam is slightly cheaper. So, we kind of decided to stay in Citin Pratunam and we planned to book the rooms when the date drew nearer.

Late March, Melissa came and told me one of our mutual friends, Vivian just came back from Bangkok and she stayed in Bangkok City Hotel, which is cheaper. Argh…… Another one to consider. -__- Of course we welcomed the choices, but too many choices made it more difficult to decide. Anyway, we went ahead with Bangkok City Hotel figured that we wouldn’t stay long in the room and a relatively cheap and clean one would do just fine. For a double/twin bedroom, it costs 1190 Baht per room per night, inclusive of breakfast.

The directions on how to reach the hotel, is unclear and confusing. The information provided on the hotel’s website was not very clear and it took us a while in the BTS station to figure out where exactly we should head to. Imagine 6 headless flies dragging their luggage walking here and there in the train station. LOL!!! Now I feel that it was funny. :P

Okay, for the ease of everyone, I’m going to tell you exactly how to go to Bangkok City Hotel, right from the Suvarnabhumi Airport. If you do NOT want to take a taxi from the airport, you can travel to the city by Airport Rail Link and get off at the last station, Phaya Thai. I can’t remember how much it costs, it’s not expensive don’t worry. It’s pretty convenient and comfortable. Again, I can’t remember how long it takes, not more than half an hour definitely. Here’s the link to the BTS’ website.

After you get off at Phaya Thai, purchase a ticket to Ratchathewi station. It is only one station, costs 15 Baht. When you reach Ratchathewi station, please take Exit 3. Exit 3 is the direction to go to reach Bangkok City Hotel. Walk for about 5 minutes until you reach an intersection, turn LEFT at the intersection. Don’t cross the road, just turn left. Walk for another 5 to 8 minutes and you’ll reach Bangkok City Hotel which is on your left.

If you’re up for the “adventure”, you can walk from the hotel to Platinum Mall, about 15 minutes walk. When you come out from the hotel, turn right, the way to go to Ratchathewi station. When you reach the intersection, cross the road and go straight. Walk all the way straight until you see the mall. Basically it’s like walking all the way straight from the hotel. :) I won’t say it’s near, because it was bloody HOT! However, if you do not mind the weather, it’s good to just walk.

All right, back to the hotel. The hotel is still pretty new, less than 2 years. So, you can expect that it is pretty modern and clean. Being Ashley, when I say clean, take my words for it. It is clean. Love the timber floorings in the room, I didn’t have to wear slippers in the room. :) It is pretty spacious with plenty of room for your luggage, especially after days of shopping, you do not have to worry about where to chuck your stuff.

You may want to request for a room at higher floors or a room facing the back of the hotel. The hotel is on the main street, you may get some noise from the traffic if you were at lower floors facing the street. We were staying at 9th floors facing the back of the hotel, totally quiet. :) Only some noises from the corridor if you so happen to have some noisy guests staying on the same floor.

There’s a small bathtub in the bathroom. There is some toiletries, they changed our towels and make up the room everyday. I don’t think they did a good job in cleaning the bathroom though, I could still see hair (my hair lah :P ) here and there in the bathroom. Well, since it was MY hair, I could live with that. As long as it was clean the first moment I stepped in. :) I broke my foundation bottle on the 4th day, the floor was sticky even after I cleaned up, thought they would clean it when they came to make up the room, but they didn’t. Came back at night and the floor was still sticky. -__- Perhaps I should have made mention to the housekeeping.

The TV channels available are rather limited, but well, we ain’t here for TV! So, we didn’t mind some boring shows. In fact, we have watched a very boring movie and a great movie in the hotel at night. Hahahaha. I still remember the titles, Lost In Translation and United 93. :P

The hair-dryer in the bathroom, takes ages to dry my hair. The air is not warm enough, and after 5 minutes of using, the handle becomes very hot.  -__- If you’re someone who relies on hair-dryer to style your hair, just a little note for you that you’ll need more time to do that. Lucky for me I only need my hair to be 80% dry.

The hotel provides FREE wi-fi! WEEEEE!!! How cool is that huh? :D Just get the user ID and password from the front desk and you’re good to go. Please also note that you can only use one ID for one device. If you have multiple devices, you’ll need to get a few ID’s from the front desk then. The speed is pretty fast. Can’t complain. :)

The daily breakfast, is boring. They’re practically the same EVERYDAY. @__@ My taste buds couldn’t seem to agree to the taste of their fried noodles/rice, I was only having some pastries and cooked vegetables every morning. Well, it’s free, what do you expect? Just fill your stomach so that it can get you going until lunch time. If you seriously don’t like the breakfast in the hotel, there are lots of delicious food on the street. Don’t be too sceptical of them, they’re pretty hygienic. Most of all, they’re yummy. :)

Good thing about this hotel is, there are so many restaurants/street food when night falls!!! Along the street towards the hotel, it is so quiet during daytime, but it is so bustling with people and activity at night! We had our dinner there twice! Don’t know which one to go to? Choose the one with a lot of customers. Or, there is one that the tour agent in the hotel told us to go, when you come out from the hotel, walk towards your right, all the way until you reach the end of some GREEN hoarding, the one at the end of it is the famous one. We somehow missed it and went to the wrong one. Anyway, it was good too. :)

There are also some massage centres along the road. We went to the one few doors away from the hotel, costs us only 200 Baht for the foot massage. Do go to the  tour agent in the hotel (located at the lift lobby) and ask for some massage vouchers from another massage centre, you’ll get some discount with the vouchers. :) Our men went for the Thai massage on the 4th day while we women went for shopping.

7-11 convenient store is at the corner of the street (left side of the hotel). In general, the hotel is at a pretty convenient location. TESCO Lotus is also nearby but you’ll need to take a cab. To get a cab in front of  the hotel is very easy, the bell boy is more than happy to haul a cab for you. Just make sure that you insist on going on metre. After 2 days in Bangkok, we’ve learnt the fact that taxi is way cheaper than BTS if you travel with more than 2 persons.

We took a peek at the hotel’s guestbook and we were surprised to see that a lot of guests commented that the lighting in the rooms were too “romantic”. Hahahahaha. I must admit, it is. I find it a lil’ bit difficult to do my make-up and there’s no lights at the entrance/closet area. It didn’t surprise us at all when most of the guests commented that the breakfast was boring. :P

Again, if you’re travelling with a group of people, it is always wiser to take a taxi to your destinations. We hired 2 MPVs from the hotel to send 6 of us to Suvarnabhumi Airport on our last day. It only costs us 800 Baht in total! Comfortable, convenient and cheap! I was so happy that we didn’t have to go through all the hassles with the BTS. It takes about 40 minutes from the hotel to the airport, with some traffic.

Bangkok City Hotel isn’t a bad choice at all. Will definitely go back again, just because it is so near to Platinum Mall and Siam Paragon! Hahahahaha. :P

Looking in from the entrance, closet on the right.

There, there, the bed and my sleeping “beauty”. LOL! He refused to move away when I was taking photo! See the platform at the corner beside the windows? That is enough to put 2 luggage bags! Great convenient for us.

The bathroom. Pretty spacious and most importantly, clean and tidy.

Bangkok City Hotel:

268 Soi Petchburi 10 – 12 Petchburi Road, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Bangkok Afterthought

Came back from a 5-day trip to Bangkok. It was an impromptu decision. We were supposed to go Redang Island for a trip together, but couldn’t work out the transportation and stuff. Andrew was asking “why not we go Bangkok”. We checked the flight ticket and MAS was having some promotion, the price was pretty reasonable, RM520 per person, return tickets.

We were having difficulties deciding on the hotel to stay. Not because of Bangkok doesn’t have any decent hotel, it is exactly the other way round. Too many good hotels that we got so confused and we weren’t sure which one to go with. Finally, between Citin Pratunam and Bangkok City Hotel, we chose the latter. It is pretty new and looks more trendy, and it is cheap. I’ll leave the hotel review for later.

Been hearing the negative sides of Bangkok city, I was pretty sceptical and worried about the safety and transportation. The moment I was in their skytrain (BTS), I got even more sceptical. When I had to walk under the extremely hot sun for 10 minutes from the BTS to the hotel, I was basically cursing everything under the sun. 10 minutes may sound very near, but try that under the super hot and humid weather lugging all the luggage on the not-so-easy-to-walk-on pavement. Lucky the hotel is good, I would have cursed even more if  the hotel turns out to be otherwise. Lesson learned, don’t believe the “fairy tale” on TripAdvisor when the reviews said “it is near to the BTS with just 10 minutes walk”. For someone who walks fast, 10 minutes is near. For someone who walks moderate, 10 minutes is pretty far. Always, always, always take the weather into consideration.

There’s some similarity between Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. The LRT here and the BTS in Bangkok, they’re not connected to most of the major shopping complex/malls! You reach the station, sometimes you will still have to walk about 5 to 10 minutes! It is another mistake to believe someone that told you, “it’s near, just a 5 to 10 minutes walk”. My goodness…… Seriously, I am not a lazy person, I can walk. However, to walk in such a weather is something I don’t appreciate. They also said that from one shopping mall to another is pretty near, I wonder how they define NEAR. When you are already tired from all the shopping and walking, to walk another 15 minutes to another shopping mall which appears to be “near”, is definitely tiring. Another lesson learned, stick to only 2 malls in one day! Even though it may appear to be near on the map, unless you really have the energy, don’t be too adventurous under such extreme weather.

Another similarity would be the taxi/cab. The taxi drivers will always try their luck to give you excuses of not using metre and charge you a sky-high amount for a very short distance. Never believe in them and always INSIST on going on metre. There are plenty of taxis, don’t have to worry that you can’t get one. We only compromised once for not going with the metre. The taxi fare is unbelievably cheap! If you’re travelling in a group of 3 or more, taxi is definitely cheaper than BTS.

Food is also cheap! For a meal of seafood dinner, we paid 160 Baht to 180 Baht averagely! 100 Baht is about RM10, you do the math. The price of food in the shopping mall isn’t too expensive too. You can easily get a bowl of noodles or some rice with less than 100 Baht! Unlike in major shopping malls in KL, usually you have to spend more than RM10 for one meal.

Shopping is cheap too. They have all these fashion malls offering wholesale prices. A piece of good quality dress only cost 200 Baht! Tell me, where to get it in Malaysia? The quality isn’t too bad at all! There are so many choices too! We could even get T-shirts at 95 Baht a piece!

However, I have this love and hate relationship with Bangkok. If the weather wasn’t this unbearable, I would have pronounced to the whole world that I LOVE Bangkok. Sorry, I can’t say that. Honestly, the weather is the biggest put-off to me. I would think twice if I want to visit Bangkok again. Perhaps in the month of February when it isn’t so hot.

Also, I am someone who fuss a lot over quality. I’ve been very choosy lately when it comes to clothes. When I find something of good quality, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy as long as the price isn’t too steep. However, if the quality couldn’t meet my expectations, I wouldn’t bother looking at the price even if it could be dirt cheap. I only bought 3 dresses in Bangkok, can you believe it?

I didn’t spend a lot in Bangkok, brought around 9900 Baht (RM1000), I still have 500 Baht left. Would have more if I didn’t buy cigarettes in the airport. Friends had been telling me that RM1000 wouldn’t be enough, I’m glad I went ahead with my decision. :P

So, will I be going Bangkok again? Yes, for shopping only!!! I don’t miss other stuff, only miss the cheap prices!!!

Photo taken by Andrew at Damnoen Floating Market.

Getting In The Mood

You know, when you know that you’re going to go on a vacation, the mood starts to settle in. Sometimes it kicks in a month before the trip, sometimes it only starts a week before. Generally, you will be in the mood for travel as the date approaches. You get excited, you start packing up, you look for places of interests and you are happy. You have that little voice in your head yelling “YAY” every morning you wake up. You can hardly wait! You even wish secretly that time could go a lil’ faster! You want to get out from this place and away from work soonest possible.

Hold on there…… I am writing in “YOU”, not “I”. Aaaahhhh…… Hmmmm…… Sigh……

I will be travelling to Bangkok tomorrow, with a bunch of lovely friends and Andrew. Seriously, the mood hasn’t come knocking. Hello Missy Travel Mood! Have you forgotten about visiting me?

Andrew was the one who booked the tickets. I wasn’t feeling anything back then either. When I booked the hotel a month ago, I was more like in a state of gotta-book-now-or-else-sleep-on-the-street.

I didn’t even bother to search for the attractions in Bangkok until last week. Melissa is the one who keeps feeding me the information and I felt so guilty. :P

I am not even doing the counting down. I did plan the itinerary with Melissa, but I do not “feel” it. I planned for the sake of planning, because I do not want to get the panic attack in such a foreign land where I can’t even understand their language.

I started packing for the trip last night, but still, I don’t “feel” it. I am worried about the HOT weather, I was trying to pack some casual and light-weight clothes. To my surprise, I have little of them. They’re either too plain, or I already feel HOT by just looking at them. I realised my wardrobe has either the working side of me, or the VERY casual side of me. There is nothing in between. Hmph! :(

This isn’t the first time I feel mood-less for a trip, but it is worse this time.

I am preparing for the sake of preparing. I know I am going somewhere, and that’s it.

I am not jumping with joy that I will be going for a vacation. There’s no little voice in my head yelling “YAY” everyday.

I know what I am doing and should do, but I am not feeling excited.

It’s like, “Okay, I’m going to Bangkok”.

Sigh…… What is wrong with me…… Going somewhere with a mood like this isn’t good. Guess I gotta switch it on “manually”, “Ashley, you’re going to Bangkok!!! YAY!!! Shopping!!! YAY!!! Food!!! YAY!!! Ayutthaya!!! YAY!!!”

Hope the travel mood will come when I see my friends tomorrow in the airport. Ya, their silly jokes can do magic. Wuahahahahaha.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Photo taken on a helicopter ride over the 12 Apostle on Great Ocean Road, Melbourne. The sea was deep blue that it looked like some Jell-O from above. The sky was so clear that I thought I was going to heaven.

It was my first heli ride and it was awesome. All of a sudden, nothing seemed to matter anymore. It was all about the sea, the sun, the sky, the Mother Nature, the creator……

We all are living on this gifted land, but we are taking things for granted. When will we human ever learn that Mother Earth doesn’t belong to us? We are like parasites feeding on her resources, and we give nothing back (except when we die).

Perhaps, all the movies about aliens exterminating the human on earth, isn’t all that fantasy at all.

Perhaps, someday, it will come true. Aliens, or disasters.

Perhaps, not the end of the world, but rather, cleansing.

Perhaps, then, Mother Earth can breathe again.

Thistle, Port Dickson

I’ve written this last year, but only managed to find time to upload the photos now. Hahaha. :P

Last year, I was looking for a place for our third wedding anniversary getaway. My intention was merely a getaway for both of us, to be away from the bustling town and the nuisance from the house renovation.

Was tempted by Golden Palm Tree located in Sepang Gold Coast. It’s pretty pricey but was thinking to go for the experience at least once. Then remembered my colleague went to Thistle PD early last year and she rated highly of the place because it has a private beach. Checked out their promotions and was so happy to see they had the Spa Package at RM635 nett per room per night. Was so happy when I gotten the green light from Andrew. :D You can check out their various promotions HERE.

Reached Thistle around 1pm. There’s 4 desks in the lobby, 3 were opened. I got a little impatient after waiting for 10 minutes, then a staff came to me and asked if I wanted to do the check-in. She then told us they have upgraded our deluxe sea-view room to a honeymoon suite at no extra charges. Oh… Wow… I was shocked and I didn’t ask her why. Was thinking perhaps it’s just a suite that no one booked and they could just upgrade ours and rent out the vacated deluxe room then. Mr. Faizal then came to greet us and wished us happy anniversary. Oh yes, I left a remark when I booked the room online that we would be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary and hope they could decorate the room a little bit to make our stay more memorable.

Went to the honeymoon suite, my jaw dropped open and I gasped. Gosh, it is so huge! I was so excited to see the bathtub in the bedroom! The dressing area is so spacious! The shower area is big! Geez…… Head over heels in love with the suite.

The door to the backyard was faulty, called the room service and someone came to fix it in less than 15 minutes. Good service.

We went for a stroll at the beach. It was a weekend but it wasn’t crowded, we get to enjoy some quiet time by the beach, having fun with the swings. The pool in Thistle is huge too. There is a jacuzzi beside the pool as well! Gosh, I just love this place.

Since it’s a spa package, we went for the 1-hour spa treatment in the evening. Totally relaxing!

The swimming pool is huge too! There is this small jacuzzi at the side. The adults pool’s depth is of minimum 1.6 metres if I remember correctly. A bit challenging for me since I’m not a good swimmer. Andrew challenged me to the deeper one, I tried and I nearly drowned! Kanasai!!!!! What kind of husband is this! So, people, don’t ever challenge yourselves with your life!

The only negative point is the variety of breakfast. The roti Jala is delicious, but they didn’t replenish it quick enough. I only managed to have 2 small pieces. Also, they did not clear the empty plates from our table too. We were stacking all the empty plates. Perhaps they were having some big groups of people for some company events, short of hands.

Our stay in Thistle was definitely a pleasant one. I wouldn’t mind going back again, but guess we wouldn’t be so lucky next time to have them upgraded our room. Hahahaha.

Jaw dropped open the moment we opened the door!

There is a common toilet in hall area!

The mini bar.

The room with the bathtub!!! Lovely!

The king-size bed!

The shower area! Very nice!

Wash and dress area, with the toilet.

The door leading to the huge deck outside.

At the swimming pool. The jacuzzi at the far end.

Fruits basket complimentary of the hotel.

Surprise from the hotel! Not very nice, plus the ants were covering most of the cake when we came back from the massage! We ate the little corner untouched by the “merciful little friends”.

Another surprise!

3rd surprise! Thought Mr. Faizal would replace the flowers in the vase, instead they sent me a bouquet of fresh lilies! How lovely!

A late night soak before bed! Heaven!

The yummy roti Jala!

Had another stroll on the beach the next day. No crowds, it was nice.

Don’t we all love swing regardless of what your age is? :)

My man was totally enjoying it until his sandals got washed away by the waves! I was laughing hysterically! Lucky managed to get them back! Hahahahaha!

The beautiful empty field and pathway connecting the hotel and the beach.

Loved the lilies so much!

Last one, been wanting to do this, PLANKING! LOL! :

Seoul In, Seoul Out #4

So, where did we go on the 4th day in Seoul? It’s shopping time!

Early morning, the tour guide brought us to the cosmetic duty free shop. All of us girls went crazy! We bought more than KRW500,000 altogether, got a hand-carry luggage as a free gift. Crazy shopping, I didn’t take any photos. Hahaha.

Later in the afternoon, we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace (景福宫). A good place for photos. One of the tour guides told me a lot of couples come here for wedding photography. It was windy and gloomy that day, sort of giving the palace another kind of look under the gloomy sky. We were lucky that it didn’t rain heavily whenever we were out. :)

Since it was our last day in Seoul, did a major shopping in Myeongdong. Too bad we were only given 2 hours to shop, there are so many nice things in Myeongdong! I prefer Myeongdong than Dongdaemun.

We went to the JUMP show in the evening! It was so entertaining and hilarious! You can catch a glimpse of JUMP show on YouTube. For what is JUMP all about, read Wikipedia lah. :P

It’s all YELLOW!!! So pretty lah!

Our lunch, BBQ beef!!! Mashisoyo!!! Gosh… Miss it so much.

At Gyeongbokgung. *This is what you get when you give your DSLR to someone who’s unfamiliar with handling it. All the background people are in. Sigh.*


Love this pic. :) Really wish Andrew was there with me. :(

Heading to Myeongdong for shopping. Shinsegae department store, didn’t get to go in. Sigh.

In Myeongdong! My favourite shopping place!

Skincare, skincare!

Clothes, clothes!

Food, food!

Aiyooo… Not enough time ah!!!

Our tour guides. The lady speaks good English. The guy is also the photographer.

On the 5th day, some of us who were on MAS flight left for their flight in the early morning. My colleague who shared the same room with me was on MAS. I, considered myself lucky to be on Korean Air, get to stay and hang around until 1pm. The tour guide brought us to Ewha Womans University (a very famous and prestigious university) and we again did some mini shopping there.

Since it’s a women university, it is surrounded by lots of boutiques and cafes. We went to this Zoo Cafe for some chillax moment. :) The interior is so unique and comfortable.

The university looks so nice. Not like us here so boring. -__-

Coffee time! I love giraffe! :D

My favourite mocha. Regretted that I did not bring back the cup. :(

This is not from Zoo Cafe. My colleague bought it in another cafe. The cup is cute. :D

On our way to Incheon Airport. See there’s a reddish layer on the ground? They’re crabs! So many of them, along the river!

Hello again Incheon Airport. Goodbye Seoul. :(

Ahhh…… I miss Seoul……

Seoul In, Seoul Out #3

On the third day, we visited DMZ, Korean Demilitarized Zone. You may read about all its history and such from Wikipedia, I’m just gonna spare my blog from all the reposting of history of which you can find in Wikipedia.

With so many tourists around, you do not get to feel much of the history around the area. I was merely enjoying the view. However, when we made our trip to the 3rd infiltration tunnel, the sense of history came rushing into the mind. The 3rd tunnel is the closest to Seoul, dug by the North Korean for a surprise attack on the South. We are not allowed to take photos in the tunnel, all our bags and cameras would have to be locked in the locker provided.

It’s no joke to go down the slope and walk back up!!! I can’t remember how long the slope is, but it is pretty steep, perhaps 200m. When we reached the tunnel, most of the time we had to hunch our backs and lower our heads. The tunnel is so low, we had to put on the helmet for protection. You can always hear the banging sound of the helmet against the rocky top of the tunnel. LOL! We walked another few hundreds metres into the tunnel until we reached the third barricade. No visitors are allowed to go past the barricade. The problem is, walk back up the slope!!! Oh boy, for a person who does not exercise to walk up the slope is like dying slowly. I’m not joking, but I am proud of myself. I only took 2 rests in between to come back up. I was sweating madly when I came up! With the knitted long sleeves shirt, gosh, I felt like taking off my clothes!

The DMZ was a great experience. If you happen to visit South Korea, make sure you go to DMZ.

After the tunnel visit, we went to see a 7-minute video in the theatre, briefly showing the war between the North and the South and how the DMZ formed. It’s so sad, to see so many people killed during the war. Sigh. We also went to the Dorasan Station, a train station which was once opened and then closed, the train travelled between South and North Korea. However, it is now only open for tourists. It does not transport people to and from North Korea. :(

After visiting DMZ, it’s time for, SHOPPING!!! We went to the Paju Premium Outlet which located, of course, in Paju. :P So many branded boutiques, but they’re cheaper than Malaysia!!! Yay! We were given 2 hours for shopping. 2 hours??? Seriously, 2 hours is not enough! Sigh…… I was busy shopping and didn’t want to waste time, I realised I didn’t take any photo in Paju Premium Outlet. Hahahahaha…… Shopping and photo, suddenly photo seems so unimportant. :D

Chinese breakfast. Not very nice.

Guarded post and fence along Imjin river, the river that runs from North to South. Security along the river is very heavy.

At Imjingak.

The wish ribbons.

The railway that runs in between the North and the South.

Imjingak during autumn is just so beautiful!

Dorasan Observatory deck. To take photo, you have to stand about 3-4m away from the binoculars, behind a yellow line. If you’re caught taking photos within the yellow line, the soldier will come immediately to demand you to delete the photos from your camera. It happened to one of the Korean tourists. Please obey all the rules when you’re in DMZ.

Dorasan Station.

Steamboat lunch again. A bit “jelak” already. @__@

Ginseng chicken for dinner!!! Superb! Yummy!

There goes our 3rd day in Seoul. Huh…… Time flies.

Seoul In, Seoul Out #2

By following a tour, we tend to be more disciplined. Woke up at 6.30am, as we had to gather at 7.30am for breakfast and the tour would start after that. Shower, dry my hair, skincare routine, make-up, change, pack… All done within an hour! No lazing around or taking my own sweet time. Phew. You don’t want to waste everybody’s time, you just gotta make haste.

On our second day, we went to Lotte World. It is pronounced as “Lot-Teh” World, not “Lot” World. According to Wikipedia, Lotte World has the world’s largest indoor theme park. The reason the bosses and I chose Lotte World over Everland, is because it has both indoor and outdoor theme parks, and a shopping complex attached to it. Those who do not like to go for the outdoor, could at least stay indoor and in the shopping complex. The indoor theme park is really an eye-opener! It is so huge! There’s also this cable cars that shaped like hot air balloons floating in the air! And an ice-skating space! The outdoor theme park is even better! So many adventure rides! If Andrew were to be with me, we would have gone for all the rides! With my colleagues, we only managed to go for 2, Atlantic Adventure and the Gyro Swing. Don’t underestimate the Gyro Swing, it may look gentle, but once you got into it and up in the air, that’s where the thrill is!

After half a day of fun and thrills, we went for some kimchi making class. It was pretty boring, after-all, they just wanted you to try their kimchi and hopefully get you to purchase some. I didn’t buy any, knowing that I do not have any refrigerator at home to store them later. Bummer. Also, they will let you to try on the Han-bok (韩服), Korea traditional wear. I was so reluctant to try it as I know the tour guide is going to take a photo of everyone wearing it and sell the photo to us later. Not that I am stingy to buy the photo later, but I see no point in wearing it. It’s not the real full set of Han-bok, plus, I don’t want to make myself a fool. Was forced to wear it and took a photo with it. Grrr…… I didn’t even buy the photo at the end of the trip. :P

After our dinner in Dongdaemun, we went for some shopping. Too bad that they’re selling winter clothings now, wouldn’t be suitable for us to wear in Malaysia, we didn’t shop much in the malls. We went to the streets and got ourselves some skincare and food instead. :D

Checked in to New Hilltop Hotel in Gangnam-Gu. Geez, can you believe that they off the air-conditioner? According to the front desk, it’s centralised, and it’s off ’cause it’s cold! The room was so stuffy and warm!!! We were forced to open the windows and risk letting in the mosquitoes. Sigh…… First time I slept in a hotel with windows opened! And it’s supposed to be a 4-star hotel! 4-star my a**! Forgot to take photos of how the room looks like. It’s pretty spacious. Well…… No complaints except that the bed is not comfortable. I usually do not have problem sleeping in hotels, but it took me 2 good nights to adjust in order to sleep well. Didn’t sleep well for first 2 nights, I was so tired.

On our way back to Seoul city.

Chocolate bar from our tour guide :D Yummy!

Lotte World! Must ‘tunjuk’ muka lah sikit. Hahahaha.

See that “hot air balloon”?

Lotte World outdoor theme park, Magic Land.

Gyro Drop! Sorry, I don’t have the guts for this!

We were starving, grabbed our lunch in Lotteria! It looks so much like McDonald’s, but it has more varieties than McD, and it is delicious! Got myself a shrimp burger, thumbs up!

Kimchi making! My “art”. Hahahaha.

Our dinner on second night, yummy!!!

Didn’t take many photos on the second day, too busy having fun and shopping. :)