Another Time. Another Place.

Was in Seremban with Wan Yi on the last day of July 2010. What a good date! :) Melissa brought us to this place which is supposed to be a library for Seremban town. The moment we took the turn and we could see the little pretty-in-white not far away. It indeed looks beautiful.

The dust and dirt accumulated everywhere made us realised that the building is not occupied. Isn’t it wasted to build such a nice place just to abandon it when it’s completed? Typical Malaysian style. Sigh.

Well, it’s good for us though that it is unoccupied. :) We could take photos everywhere and anywhere we like without fearing someone would chase us away. :D So the photography session started.

I only brought my 50mm, couldn’t take a wide-angled shot of the building. All I could take was portraits. :) Thanks to Wan Yi who was already so tired and we made her went under the hot sun to take photos with us. LOL! Thank you again Ah Yi. No kidding, the weather was so humid and the sun was scorching hot! We were constantly wiping our sweat away. Hahaha.

Melissa is getting better at handling her camera. She has a way of seeing things (framing) that no one else sees. You see her aiming at something, but the result (photo) would always come out to be different from what you expected it to be. Love the surprises. After all, photography is be yourself and do it your way. :)

Many friends have said that they must get some photography tips from me. Just because I have a DSLR, it doesn’t make me a photography expert. I shoot with feels and guts, those technical do’s and don’t-s are out of the windows whenever I shoot. So long as the lighting is right, adjust a few more things, then I’ll “fire” away. :)

Well, you may say I’m arrogant, ignorant or cocky. All I could say is, all I want is a good photo, how I achieve it, that’s another story. Perhaps I am a person who focus on the result, rather than the means. LOL! As long as it is not against the law or breaking any rules, who wouldn’t want to do it smartly. :)

Here are some photos from my camera. Shots of myself are taken by Wan Yi. :) She is real good at taking candid photos! :D

Introducing the beautiful photographer cum driver, Melissa. :)

Here’s Wan Yi, the cute and sweet as ever lady.


Time to go home. :)

Makan-Makan In Seremban #2

Melissa is in Seremban. She has always taken big effort to come all the way from Seremban to KL to meet us, by taking that bloody unpunctual and moving like tortoise KTM (train) for 1 and a half hours. Never has she complained of the inconvenience and the troublesome of coming to KL. It makes me believe that, if there’s a will, there’s a way. If Melissa could make the effort, why can’t we do the same for friends? When she asked if I would be interested and free to go Seremban, without much hesitation, I said yes. Also, I missed the crabs! Hahahaha. Oh, and her dogs, Kimi and Wang Wang. Also, her cute niece, Vernice! :)

The day has come. Together with Wan Yi, bought our train tickets to Seremban. Gosh, the train was so crowded! We had no choice but to wait for the second train. We were so excited when we reached Seremban. All the memories came rushing back, crossing the roads, sitting in Mel’s car, travelling on the same roads we travelled together……

Seremban is always famous for its food. So, how could we miss the food then? :) Mel Mel brought us to different places to eat. We blamed it on our small stomachs that couldn’t take in more food! LOL! How’s the food? See for yourselves.

The noodles is different from what I’ve always eaten in KL. But this one taste yummy too! Especially the gravy!

Bought some “siew pau” from this shop (right opposite Yi Poh Restaurant), but I find that the ones in “Siew Pau” Empire taste better. Wan Yi bought some small cakes as snacks and that was delicious!

Had our cendol and rojak here. The cendol is nicer than the one we had in Seremban pasar.

Later in the evening, headed to Sin Yit Sing restaurant for the famous “marmite” crabs! My favorite! :D The coconut shown above is the famous coconut chicken soup with herbs. Very nice!

Stir-fried Japanese tofu with minced pork. It went well with the rice because it was a bit salty we felt.

Ohhh… Finally, my favorite crabs! The crabs were full of crab roes!!! First time I saw so much of crab roes!

So sweet of Alex to buy us dinner. We shall return the favour the next time Mel Mel comes KL. :) Total bill came up to about RM12x for 4 of us, 1kg of crabs, 1 plate of stir-fried vegetables, 1 coconut chicken soup and 1 plate of tofu. I feel that it is reasonable as the crabs really worth it all!

Will I go again? Of course! Hahahaha.

Here’s the addresses: (Got the full address from Melissa’s blog :) )

Yi Poh Lou Shu Farn – 26GR, Jalan Seng Meng Lee, Off Jalan Temiang, 70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Business Hour : 7.30am to 6.00pm

Haji Shariff’s Cendol – No. 44, Jalan Yam Tuan, 70000 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Sit Yit Sing Restaurant – 103, Taman A.S.T., Jalan Labu Lama, 70000 Seremban. Tel: 012-602 0122/012-678 0968

Makan-Makan In Seremban #1

After watching Avatar in the morning, we went to Seremban with Andrew’s friends. His friend insisted us to tag along and they didn’t even mind to wait for us to finish the movie. How sweet.

This trip was purely an eating trip. Hahaha. They even got the map and addresses for all the places that they wanted to go to taste the food. :)

First stop, beef noodles. Somewhere near the Seremban hospital, now I couldn’t remember its name. Anyway, this is the shop. There’s this beef noodles in Seremban wet market, but I heard from Melissa that the one in the market taste better. Andrew and I are not a beef person, but since we were there with the group, we had to adapt. No point yelling “eww I don’t eat that” and making everybody feels awkward. No harm eating it. :) The beef noodles taste unique, it’s dried with the gravy. The beef is a bit too hard though. Overall, it’s special and good. I love the beef balls though!

After the beef noodles, they wanted to go for the Hakka Mee. I’ve been there before with Melissa and the rest. Hmm… This time my friends don’t really like the Hakka Mee. They were saying the noodles are too oily.

I missed the Cendol, so I went ahead to have one! :D But this time was an Indian lady, didn’t see the Indian uncle. And this lady wasn’t friendly. :( My friends too had one, but they didn’t really like it. LOL! It was a hot day, I just wanted something cold.

We headed to Port Dickson to see the sea and feel the breeze. Aww…… It was nice to set foot on PD again. The sea of course isn’t as nice as those in the East Coast, but it’s good to get away from the city and feel the sea breeze.

For dinner, we headed back to Seremban. It wasn’t my first time to this restaurant Sun Yat Sing also, been there few times. Hahaha. Love the Marmite crab there. Again, my friends didn’t find the dinner great as they were expecting something else. Only Andrew and I were enjoying the dinner! LOL! 2 of us were eating away like nobody’s business. Hahaha.

It was one great eating day!

Short Trip To Seremban

Last Sunday, went to Seremban for a super duper delicious crab dinner. There were 5 of us, Wan Yi, her husband and her friend, me with Andrew. Wan Yi was coming back from Singapore, while Andrew and I went to Seremban from KL.

Deep fried pork ribs (Nam Yu Pai Guat)

BBQ crab with salted egg.

BBQ crab with Marmite, yummy!!!

Last Friday, while I was waiting for Andrew to pick me up from Subang Parade, I was wandering around in the mall. The place is so different from 3 years ago when it was still new, not so much of crowds back then. I saw MPH bookstore! My legs acted faster than my mind! LOL! I was in there browsing through the books already before I know it. Buy 3 books for the price of 2??? Gosh, that was a steal! Best of all, Jodi Picoult‘s books are among them. I grabbed 2 books from Jodi Picoult, the other one, I just grabbed this chocolate dessert recipe. For what I want a recipe book now? Hahaha. For my collection, for future experiments. Hehehe. :)

Jodi Picoult isn’t my favorite author, but I do love her My Sister’s Keeper which I read years ago. It now has become a big screen movie, starring Cameron Diaz. It’s funny that I don’t see this movie in Malaysia. Hmm…… Gotta watch it and see how different it is from the book like what they said.
Geez, now I have like 5 books waiting to be read!

Fun-filled Day

It was my idea to go Seremban to visit Melissa. Thought of going with Andrew since he is off. Who knows the girls told me that they would love to go as well and it was so sweet of them to make themselves available to make this trip possible. Vivian who is still sick finally managed to come with us, made us so happy.

We waited for each other at KL Sentral around 11am. Wan Yi was the last to come, perhaps her hubby just wouldn’t want to let her venture into some unfamiliar place before we all got there. Hehehe. It was her first time taking the KTM commuter (Komuter). She was all excited about it. Nicole brought her banana muffins as promised. She baked them last night, a dozen of them! Wan Yi and I got too hungry in the train and we decided to have one of those muffins, ignoring the “no eating no drinking” sign! The muffin was just so deliciously. I can now still taste the yummy-ness. Hahaha.

Tickets for remembrance.


It took us 1 and a half hours to reach Seremban. Mel was waiting for us at the other side of the road, we had to cross the bustling road!!! Gosh…… It was scary, and also funny to see Vivian running! Hahaha……

Finally, the Seremban KTM station.


Our first destination would be filling up our stomach first. We went to the Pasar Besar Seremban (wet market) for the famous Hakka noodles. We were too late, they were calling it a day! But luckily, the shop which owned by the brother was still open! We walked across the streets to the shop. We finally get to have some super yummy Hakka noodles.

The famous Hakka noodles.


Yummy yummy.


The weather was hot, hot, hot! When we got back to the market, Mel asked if we would like to have some “cendol”. Of course I want to have some cendol, it’s been quite a while I didn’t have cendol. Before we went for cendol, we stopped for some mini ice-cream. Mel and Nicole bought one each. The rest of us were keeping our stomach for the cendol. Ha! The cendol was delicious too! Cold dessert for a super hot day. We went back to that ice-cream uncle since Wan Yi wanted to have ice-cream too. She is absolutely an eater! Hehehe. Wan Yi was so cute while she talked to the ice-cream uncle. We were giggling beside her.

Cheap but delicious ice-cream.


Cendol cendol.


Mel invited us to her house, her home. Can’t believe that she has 3 dogs! 2 poodles and 1 I-don’t-know-what-kind-of dog. That 2 poodles were jumping and running around inside the house when they saw us. Vivian is scared of dogs! The white poodle is named Kimi, and the other brown one is Wang Wang. The names are just so cute!!!

Banana muffins, baked by Nicole.


At Mel’s home.


After spending some time there, we went to buy some famous Seremban “siew pao” (baked bun) and egg tarts. Off we went to Port Dickson then, photo-shooting time! We took quite a lot of photos there, funny ones, silly ones, pretty ones…… I must really thank to the 4 of them for being my free models of the day. Hahaha. They had to sit and stand under the hot sun, listening to the commands of this amateur photographer. Wuahahahaha……

Buying some “siew pao” and egg tarts.


At Port Dickson, sun-bathing. LOL.


Photoshooting in Port Dickson.










Around 7pm, Mel brought us to this famous Restaurant Sin Yit Sing for dinner. We ordered 6 dishes which includes a coconut chicken soup, fish-head noodles, some vegetables, fried sotong, pork ribs and the fried crab. We were so happy shovelling the food down our stomach. Hahaha. We didn’t manage to finish some of the food though. The dinner was so cheap! Five of us, RM22 each. Now I realised we’ve paid RM2 less to Nicole. No wonder the money that she got in hand didn’t tally with the amount shown in my handphone! Gotta pay her the next time we see her.

The yummy yet cheap dinner.


Finally, it was time to say goodbye. Mel dropped us at the train station, and we took the 8.45pm train back to KL. We were all tired but happy. Though we were tired, still we talked non-stop in the train for 1 and a half hours! Hahaha. When we reached the KL Sentral, Wan Yi and I were running towards the toilet! LOL.

Guess the next time we visit Mel in Seremban again would be on her wedding day, and that would be this coming September! Hooray!

I am so happy to have such a wonderful trip with the girls. Guess I’ll be smiling to sleep and wake up smiling too. Mel was saying I’d better not wake up laughing again, else Andrew is going to send me to hospital. Hahaha. Yeah, you bet, I once woke up laughing and Andrew heard it. LOL.