White House Down with Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx

Been hearing positive comments about this movie. Andrew and I just watched Olympus Has Fallen two weeks ago, thought we should watch White House Down too and see which one’s better.

You know, Andrew and I always have this feeling, why all of a sudden one particular actor/actress keep appearing in movies? Last year was Jeremy Renner, this year is Channing Tatum, not forgetting last year movie The Vow. Suddenly they become hot cakes and everyone wants them in their movies huh. :P

Well, I’m happy to see Channing Tatum though. He’s just so charming. :) I wasn’t happy with his brief appearance in G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Watched The Vow recently and found that he could act well too if given the right role, not just a handsome guy with great body. So, of course I’m happy to see him in White House Down. :D

When I saw Jamie Foxx, as the POTUS, I turned to Andrew and asked, “is Jamie Foxx THAT old? He certainly doesn’t look THAT old to be the President.” In the movie, he is more like the happy-go-lucky type of Mr. President. I was laughing so hard when he kicked the bada** in the face and said through his gritted teeth, “get.your.hands.off.my.jordans!” It was so hilarious!!!

Both Andrew and I agreed that White House Down is more entertaining that Olympus Has Fallen. White House Down has more humour elements while Olympus Has Fallen is more dry and serious. Also, White House Down’s storyline is more convincing than Olympus Has Fallen. Last but not least, Channing Tatum is more handsome than Gerard Butler. :D Oh, and I prefer Jamie Foxx than Aaron Eckhart.

The movie is full of actions and you will never ever feel bored, not even for one second. The twist at the end of the movie, is pretty unpredictable. Kudos to the director and script writer.

Man of Steel

I know it’s a little too late to blog about Man of Steel now when the heat is gone. I just didn’t have the time and mood to blog about movies. As some of you may know that it ain’t easy to blog about movies.

I was attracted to Man of Steel, not because of the handsome and macho Henry Cavill, but more because I wanted to see what kind of “man of steel” they made this time. I love Superman Returns back in 2006, love the way Brandon Routh portrayed Superman and love the story. I was hoping after so long, Man of Steel could (if not better than the previous one) at least remind us the story of Superman again.

When Andrew saw the Superman standee outside the cinema, he shouted, “Look! Superman not wearing underwear!!!” I laughed so loud! Before the movie, I’ve been hearing people saying finally Superman now learns to wear underwear on the inside, or that he has grown up that he doesn’t need diaper anymore. I’ve not heard anyone saying Superman not wearing undies!!! LOL! Andrew’s the first!!! Hahahaha. I was shocked to see the new Superman doesn’t have the red undies on the outside. To me,  that is Superman’s trademark, same with the cape. If you remove it, he just looks like yet another superhero. But this is Superman! The superhero of all superheroes. How can he be ordinary like other superheroes?! :(

First half an hour of the movie was about what was happening on Kryton before it exploded. After that, more stories on what happened back then and there. It was a delight to see Russell Crowe, but I don’t appreciate the movie focused so much on what happened on Kryton and the feud between General Zod and Jor-El. The movie seemed to lose its focus on Superman. I felt like they were making a movie to tell what happened to Kryton and General Zod’s story.

Superman’s character was not well defined. Although we know what Superman went through to be who he is today, it would be nice if the director could focus more on his childhood and teenage time. Those periods were mostly briefly described. I didn’t expect to see this in Superman Returns because we all knew it was on Superman’s adulthood, that he went missing and returned. However in Man Of Steel, the director showed us the childhood and yet he didn’t show enough.

The same goes to Lois Lane’s character. With all due respect to Amy Adams, she’s a great actress, but I don’t think she’s suitable for Lois Lane’s character. She looks too sweet to be Lois Lane. In the movie she did appear to be strong and stubborn, but I find it forceful.

It was another surprise to see Kevin Costner. How perfect for him to be Superman’s human father. He totally nailed it.

I find the movie to be a bit long. I got so impatient towards the end. When the Kryton’s craft finally exploded, I thought to myself, “finally! Finished!” When I saw General Zod came out from no where (how the hell he survived the explosion was not even explained), I sank deep into my seat and told Andrew, “my gosh…… when is it going to end?!”

There were times the conversations were boring and unnecessary. The superhuman fighting scenes were boring too. You got two superhuman throwing fists at each other and you don’t even know who’s beating who. I know, I know. Superman is fast and this is expected, but it’s just, boring. The way how Superman finished General Zod, gosh…… What?! Just like that???!!! That was really… lame. :(

I was so disappointed with the movie. I still prefer the Superman portrayed by Brandon Routh. Handsome, with a bit of sorrow in his eyes. Gentle, yet stubborn. Strong, but fragile. I personally feel Henry Cavill’s Superman is too macho, too rogue. Perhaps I shouldn’t compare the two of them. After all, it’s two totally different movies. Well, I just can’t help it. :)

P.S.: About the new costume, it’s a love-hate thing for me. Love that it has texture, the new “S” logo, the flowy velvety cape and the new boots. However, what happened to the underwear??? :| Okay, I must admit Superman looks cooler without the underwear, but it also makes him lesser of a Superman. Don’t you think so?


Furious 6

Every 2 or 3 years, we get one Fast & Furious movie. How cool is that? :)

I must say that this is one hell of a sequel that hardly disappoints. This is one of the rare movies that has 6 sequels and each sequel is still the most anticipated one.

Fast & Furious has always been on our “must-watch”  list. This time, after watching the trailer of Furious 6, Andrew told me that this time it may not be good. The trailer showed too much of stunts by CGI, not the real stunts. Andrew was expecting fast cars, races and stunts, not some visual effects that you can get in any other movies. So, we went to the cinema with low (I could even say NO) expectations. I on the other hand, wanted to watch it just because I have been watching it since the first and wouldn’t want to miss the sixth.

The beginning was boring. I’m sorry to say that Vin Diesel just couldn’t do emotions. Hahaha. He has this poker face. :P Lucky that the movie started to pick up the pace after 20 minutes. Then, there was no turning back. Actions after actions, jokes after jokes…… This is one fast & furious movie with the most humorous scenes. Tyrese Gibson (Roman) and Chris Bridges (Tej) are so funny. I think the movie would be a little boring without them, and the jokes would not have the same effect coming out from others. :D

If you want to watch this movie, please throw your logics out of the window. There’s totally no logic in some of the scenes. I was totally enjoying myself and not bothering of the logics part. Furious 6 is still a very entertaining movie. You can still see fast cars, races and stunts. There’s a bit of CGI here and there, but it’s not as bad as we expected.

Finally, in this movie it was revealed how the Tokyo Drift is connected to Fast & Furious. Oh boy, Jason Statham appeared! I can’t wait for the Fast 7!!! The original director Justin Lin would not be directing Fast & Furious anymore. Keep our fingers crossed that the next one would still be good if not better.

P.S.: The scenes on the aircraft and runway were ridiculous and drama though. A military type of cargo plane couldn’t lift 4 cars??? Are you kidding me??? One car managed to pull down a (again) military type of cargo plane??? The runway took forever to end and coincidently it ended before the car crashed??? Are you seriously serious??? Oh, don’t forget that Vin Diesel became the flying superman landing on a car without even a scratch, or an “OUCH”. OUCH! Like I said, throw all your logics out of the window.

Iron Man Rocks. Still.

Andrew and I don’t like to “squeeze” with the crowds, we often wait until the second or third week after the blockbuster movie starts showing in the cinema. Especially for movies like Iron Man where everybody is “fighting” for a seat, we’d rather wait.

However, last month when Iron Man 3 started showing, we went to visit Andrew’s aunt and she suggested to go for a movie. We went to TGV in 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall, gosh, all Iron Man shows were sold out! Aunt Felicia didn’t give up, when we reached home, she went online and bought tickets for Iron Man 3 in TGV KLCC. LOL! Thanks to her, we get to watch Iron Man 3 while it was still HOT. :)

Tony Stark is what makes Iron Man human. I must say that Robert Downey Jr. really plays it very well and given the iron suit the heart and soul. He’s telling us that even superhero has his weaknesses and fear. It is the fear, that makes them do the impossible, that makes them heroes. Tony Stark’s fear of losing the love of his life, Pepper, he would do anything and everything to protect her. That includes giving up his own life.

I shall not write anymore, it’s all in the movie. :) Iron Man 3 is very easy to understand.

No matter if you’re a fan of Iron Man or not, you should watch this. It’s not just about superhero, invincible shield and actions. There is romance, friendship and trust.

P.S.: I was so freaking surprised when the true identity of Ben Kingsley, Mandarin was revealed in the movie! No one would have thought of that! I couldn’t believe it! Ben Kingsley, a great actor indeed. :)

Oblivion 2013

Finally, managed to catch a movie last night. Was so tired with the work, watching a good movie could offer me the relaxation that I longed for although a short one.

Andrew and I have never heard anything about “Tom Cruise has a new movie this year”. When we saw the trailer in the cinema few weeks ago (when we went to watch GI Joe), we were so surprised. Surprised that Tom Cruise has a new movie, also surprised that we’ve not heard or read anything about “Oblivion“. I couldn’t help but felt “oblivious”. :) How apt.

Of course, anything with Tom Cruise in, is a must-watch for me. :) For Andrew, the director is good enough to lure him in, it was the same director who directed Tron: Legacy. Just the trailer alone already showed quite a number of similarities to Tron.

The simplicity of colors, costumes, weapons and technology in the movie, is truly outstanding. Everything is so simple and clean but amazingly hi-tech. The beautiful hi-tech resident sits amongst the ruined and damaged city creates such a strong contrast. I asked myself, do I want to live in such a beautifully and nicely built house and sacrifice the earth, or live in the nature of the earth without the technology? Well, must we sacrifice the nature for the advancement of technology? Must we also sacrifice the usefulness of technology to protect the nature? Can’t we have both?

Sorry for the side track, back to the movie. :) Same director, same rules. Love the colors of the costumes/uniform, they’re so clean and uniform. In Tron we have those lighted race cars and bikes, in Oblivion there’s drones. :)

Thumbs up to Tom Cruise! Without his good performances, I honestly think that the movie wouldn’t be so great. He could make the boring scenes bearable and needed. Not because of his looks (of course he is handsome), it’s his ability to make you pay attention and listen to him. You just can’t deny his talent.

The movie was progressing pretty slow but not boring. The director, Joseph Kosinski is smart in keeping the audience suspended. Revealing the truth bit by bit, left you doubting what you’re thinking, wondering what the end will be and wanting to stay until the end. It’s pretty much a romance story, but not lacking the action too. I didn’t know sci-fi movie can be so simple and “clean”. The visual effects are so neatly done.

Surprisingly, this is one sci-fi movie that I asked less questions. I didn’t find anything in the movie that I don’t understand. It is so easy to understand and interpret if you pay attention.

Oblivion is a great movie if you’re a sci-fi fans. If you’re a romantic, you’ll love this too. For me, I love it. Cool story, great backgrounds, great actors, exciting action, pretty visuals…… Need I say more? :)

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

How long since I last went to the cinema and watched a movie? My goodness, that was before Chinese New Year! New record! I don’t know why and what we are busy with, Andrew and I just can’t seem to have the time for movie even during weekends. Two weeks ago, Andrew’s colleague gave him some TGV complimentary tickets, we went to the cinema twice and there wasn’t any good movies on. Until G.I. Joe came.

When we saw the trailer of G.I. Joe: Retaliation last year, we thought “whoa! cool!” However, 30 minutes into the movie and I felt disappointed.

Characters weren’t well introduced, most of them were there in the movie for show. The main actor in The Rise of Cobra, Duke (Channing Tatum) died too soon in this sequel. Storyline is weak. Snake Eyes didn’t get to show off much of his ninja skills. Storm Shadow looked so weak. If Lady Jaye is there to show how pretty she is, I seriously wish the director would get someone who is really pretty and has the character, like Megan Fox. This Lady Jaye just doesn’t have that look. The Rock is again the muscle guy that can’t act. :( G.I. Joe is famous for its high-tech weapons and gadgets, but we don’t see many of that in the movie!

What is wrong with the sequel? :( There were even a few scenes which I honestly think that they are stupid. Also, there were jokes that didn’t even sound funny. When someone pushed the crates and they tumbled on Storm Shadow and he fell, I was like, “what the…… He is a ninja, c’mon! How could a ninja get hit by crates???!!!”

If you’re not a fan of G.I. Joe, you may skip this movie. If you’re looking for action movie, this isn’t your cup of tea either. If you’re a fan of Bruce Willis, please choose his other movies to watch, don’t waste your time.

Honestly, this movie didn’t make a big impression on me. I won’t even watch it for second time. The first movie was so impressive, but the second just failed. Sigh.


Do you believe that the more you deal with idiots, the more likely you will become one too?

What do you do when you’re surrounded by idiots?

I still can’t seem to handle idiots well. I still get agitated by them. Especially when they do idiotic stuff that really push me to the edge. ARGH! Someone said don’t argue with idiots, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with it. It is easier said than done. :(

Recently, I start to feel like I am an idiot too. :(

If I were any smarter, I would have gotten out of this hell hole and stop complaining.

My heart is singing,

Somebody save me
Let your warm hands break right through it
Somebody save me
I don’t care how you do it, just stay, stay
C’mon, I’ve been waiting for you.

When will my superman come to my rescue? T__T

CZ12 成龙与十二生肖









寒战。Cold War 2012.








Skyfall for Daniel Craig

:D I love Daniel Craig for a reason…… His eyes. I think he could just hypnotise me by asking me to look into his eyes for 5 seconds. Hahahahaha. Look at his blue eyes, you’ll understand. He has got this charm too that you just can’t take your eyes off him in a movie.

So, how can I miss Skyfall then? I’ve been bugging Andrew since the day it came to the cinema, busy with work and stuff, I told him I MUST watch this by hook or by crook. Hahaha.

I’ve heard a lot of people saying that they’re very disappointed with the movie. I’m surprised. The movie, to me, turned out to be great. This time, it required more concentration from the audiences than the previous 2 movies. However, I don’t think it’s that bad to the extent that it’s boring or dull.

Action scenes were here and there, not too intense but sufficient for a James Bond movie. It was more like “getting smart” with the villains than the merely physical fighting and battling through. As all of us know it, all the previous James Bond movies relied on a lot of gadgets. However in Skyfall, you wouldn’t see many of those gadgets flying all over the place. Just a few of them are impressive enough to make you go “WOW”. Most importantly, this time you’d get to see a more brainy James Bond. :)

James Bond’s background has always been a mystery, but finally we get to see it in Skyfall. So, James Bond is just another troubled kid like most of us. Hahahahaha……

The movie has a different twist at the end. Never would I expect that Skyfall was actually a place. Before I went to the movie, I thought it could be about some terrorist attack using some kind of airborne weapon, hence the name of “skyfall”. Little did I know I was so wrong. :P I find that it was a bit lame though to use the name of a place for a movie title. It does sound nice and mysterious, but lame.

Another twist is I never expected M to die! Oh dear…… The graceful and yet fierceful M died! T__T That is tragic. However, am glad to see Ralph Fiennes as the new M. :D He looks so old now, I was smitten by his charm too once upon a time. Hahahaha.

Andrew and I love the movie. We love the fact that the James Bond played by Daniel Craig, is more human compared to all those previous James Bond. This James Bond, is scarred. As always, we believe hero is made, rather than born.

If you’re a James Bond’s fan, you shall not miss this. Whether it’s good or not, you’ll not want to miss this. If you’re not, you’ll find this boring. If you’re looking for excitement and action like The Expendables 2 and Bourne Legacy, you shall not waste your money on Skyfall.

P.S.: In the cinema, I was sitting beside this group of young people. When the scene showed MI6 Headquarters with the subtitle “HQ – MI6”, the “boy” (early twenties perhaps) next to me said this loudly to his friend, “M-Sixteen!!!” I nearly lost control and burst out laughing!!!!!!!!!! I was covering my mouth and laughing on Andrew’s shoulder!!! M-16 for goodness sake!!!! Clearly, he isn’t a fan of James Bond. Or perhaps, he doesn’t even know about James Bond. No one would ever think it was referring to M16 although the alphabets do look like it. I still couldn’t get over it, I laugh whenever I think of it. M-Sixteen!!!! Good one BOY!