Taipei 101

Yesterday received a SMS from Citibank, Air Asia new route to Taipei, open for booking today. I didn’t give it any thought yesterday, didn’t think I’ll go Taiwan in the near future. I didn’t even bother to finish the SMS, didn’t even bother about the price.

This morning, my colleague told me Air Asia having a full page advertisement on its new route to Taipei, air fares as low as RM101! Well, I was curious. Therefore, I checked out Air Asia website. Wow, surprisingly I could still get RM101 for return tickets. Hesitated a while, called Andrew. Then I asked a few friends if they would like to go as well. Again to my surprise, Andrew said go. My friend’s husband said go too! Ok, without any hesitation, I booked 4 air tickets to Taipei! Total came up to RM1504 for 4 of us.

Later afternoon, another 2 friends said they would like to go too! I was so happy they could go with us. But they didn’t manage to get the lowest fare, they got the tickets at RM139 before taxes. Still feel excited, total 8 of us! 4 pairs! Hahaha. I am finally going to Taiwan!

Just now, after work, I went to KLCC to wait for Andrew. It’s been quite a while I didn’t do some serious shopping. I went to shop, but didn’t really buy anything. Just now saw this little yellow dress in Parkson’s Dorothy Perkins, tried it and it is just fine. I bought it for my friend’s wedding dinner later in May. Still, my mission is not yet accomplished. I haven’t got any white blouse! The search continues……

After wandering around, I went to Kinokuniya. One of my goals this year is, to buy as many books as possible. One of the reasons being to get some tax relief, another reason is to build up a library for my future home! Hahaha! I do not like a home without any bookshelf or books, and I do not like a bookshelf without any books! People has been telling me to donate my books which I have read to the charity. I know it’s a good deed, but I love my books. Perhaps later, when they’re old enough. Sorry, I know I sound selfish.

Kinokuniya is having this cute promotion. When you purchase RM80 and above in a single receipt in the month of April, you’re entitled to this “eye of Daruma”. It’s a card that entitles you to 28% of discount on your next purchase of ONE copy of book per month. Yes, one book a month entitles to 28% discount, until November 2009. Isn’t that a lovely news for a book lover like me?! LOL! Now I must hold dear to the card, never ever lost it.

Oh, did I mention what books I’ve bought? Oopsie… Pardon my bad memory. I got this Nora Roberts‘ Tribute. While walking to the Chinese books section, I just couldn’t stop my feet from going into this food & beverages section. My feet just stopped right in front of this one of my favourite books that I’ve always wanted to buy but I didn’t due to the price. I bought it now because I just couldn’t resist it anymore. It’s Jamie Oliver‘s Ministry of Food! Anyone can learn to cook in 24 hours! The book, the page, the content, the author…… Gosh…… It’s a lovely book. Great and simple recipe comes with colourful and rich photo illustrations. I’ve watched Jamie’s shows, the way he cooks is simply amazing. He’s fast, easy, simple, no fuss, healthy…… I hope I’ll get to cook all those nice and simple food when my home is ready.

Jamie has another book too, that shall be my next target. Hahaha!

I apologise for not putting up any photos. First, the photos I took using my iPhone, just couldn’t show the picture when I uploaded it here. Second, I’m just being lazy to take photos again using my camera. Sorry…… I promise, all the photos will up again soon.

Tomorrow I have a special date.

Finally got my favorite Jamie book!