Makan-Makan In Seremban #1

After watching Avatar in the morning, we went to Seremban with Andrew’s friends. His friend insisted us to tag along and they didn’t even mind to wait for us to finish the movie. How sweet.

This trip was purely an eating trip. Hahaha. They even got the map and addresses for all the places that they wanted to go to taste the food. :)

First stop, beef noodles. Somewhere near the Seremban hospital, now I couldn’t remember its name. Anyway, this is the shop. There’s this beef noodles in Seremban wet market, but I heard from Melissa that the one in the market taste better. Andrew and I are not a beef person, but since we were there with the group, we had to adapt. No point yelling “eww I don’t eat that” and making everybody feels awkward. No harm eating it. :) The beef noodles taste unique, it’s dried with the gravy. The beef is a bit too hard though. Overall, it’s special and good. I love the beef balls though!

After the beef noodles, they wanted to go for the Hakka Mee. I’ve been there before with Melissa and the rest. Hmm… This time my friends don’t really like the Hakka Mee. They were saying the noodles are too oily.

I missed the Cendol, so I went ahead to have one! :D But this time was an Indian lady, didn’t see the Indian uncle. And this lady wasn’t friendly. :( My friends too had one, but they didn’t really like it. LOL! It was a hot day, I just wanted something cold.

We headed to Port Dickson to see the sea and feel the breeze. Aww…… It was nice to set foot on PD again. The sea of course isn’t as nice as those in the East Coast, but it’s good to get away from the city and feel the sea breeze.

For dinner, we headed back to Seremban. It wasn’t my first time to this restaurant Sun Yat Sing also, been there few times. Hahaha. Love the Marmite crab there. Again, my friends didn’t find the dinner great as they were expecting something else. Only Andrew and I were enjoying the dinner! LOL! 2 of us were eating away like nobody’s business. Hahaha.

It was one great eating day!