Inspirational ME Back On Track

Finally, my inspirational and intellectual ME is back. The mood to blog and write was just down the end of the tunnel and I’ve finally reached the end and saw the light. :)

I’ve been blogging, even got my posts scheduled all the way to 2 or 3 days ahead. Nope, I’m not blogging nonsense. At least I do not think so. Well, if you do not like my blog, everything about me here would be nonsense then. So, they make sense or not, depends on you LIKE me or not. ;) Don’t like? No worries, I ain’t gonna force you to read. It’s just a click away to close the browser. LOL.

New books are piling up higher and higher, and I have no motivation to read them. Why? The weather is just too hot for me to lie on the bed and chill. Spend most of my weekends in the shopping mall, for the air-con! Work late pretty often because Andrew works late too.

So, where do I get my inspirations from? News, magazines, newspapers, blogs, Facebook pages, dramas, movies…… Also, keeping in touch with friends.

I am very happy, recently. Take note of the keyword here, VERY. I am a happy person, but recently I feel very happy. I can’t put a reason to it. Perhaps I now see things from a different perspective? My happy-go-lucky nature has taken to the next level? Beats me. I do get pissed off at times, but I could shrug it off almost instantly with a joke! I was in shock for a moment when I realized that I joked with one incident at work. Weird. Where is this happy-mood coming from? *Edit: Wrote this before the car accident took place. I am still happy, but not as ecstasy as before.*

Seeing the usual blogger Ashley, makes me even happier. :D WEEEEEE! I am happy!!! Hope it lasts as long as forever!

Taken in Kuala Terengganu, 30 August 2010. *My legs look so lean and long here!*

Oops, You Did It Again

Out of the blue, thought of checking “it” after such a long time. To my surprise, I found so many similarities to my blog, and another friend’s blog.

It happened before, and it didn’t bother me for quite some time. Now seeing and reading all the similarities again, it just sent the chills down my spine once again. This time, to the next level, another victim. Erm, perhaps victim is too strong a word to say, I should say “source”. :>

Sorry to say that there are uncreative people out there who just do not have originality. It’s ok that if you would like to write on the same thing, but it is your creativity to write it your way and make it different. Once you do it your way, people would only say that you’re inspired by someone/something, not copying.

Well, you could say that I am being sensitive again. Readers who read my blog here may not be reading others’ and their readers may not read mine, so it doesn’t really matter. Or perhaps take it as a compliment. HA!

I truly believe that everyone is creative in their own way, but it seems like there are exceptions. :)

It’s ok now, look at it on the bright side, I help someone to improve. A good deed indeed. :D

Luckily, the only and most important difference is, I could write better. :) *V signs*

New Theme

Gosh…… WordPress has only 80++ themes to select, and it took me more than a week to finally choose one that suits my taste (as if I have fantastic taste), my style, my blog content and my preference.

I wonder why WordPress requires us to upgrade (to pay) in order to edit the CSS. Plus, to use a third party theme which is not featured in WordPress ready-to-use themes, we have to have a web host! Argh, saw so many nice themes and yet can’t even use them. Big bummer!

This theme you see here allows me to change the header photo and edit the text. But I couldn’t realign the text or change its font and size. Geez…… They let you customize but they do not give you full customization, that is just so frustrating.

How long can I stick to this theme? I don’t know. Hahaha. In fact I love the other theme, guess I’ll keep that for later. :)

Do you like this theme? Please let me know if you think otherwise.

Get Pressed or Get Blogged

Lately, I have noticed there are a few bloggers around me switching from Blogger to WordPress. I wonder why. Has WordPress improved so much that it attracts more bloggers? Or has Blogger stopped improving that leaves frustrated bloggers switch channel? Or it simply is the trend now?

Few years ago, when I used to have a Friendster account, I had a blog in Friendster too. Then, I blogged in Later, someone introduced Blogger into my life. I was with Blogger for a year.

Blogger is more user-friendly. You can do a lot of customizations if you know where to look in those eye-blinding HTML codes. They’re lengthy, but they’re not difficult once you grasp the basics. All in all, I loved Blogger. I’ve even encouraged others to blog and recommended Blogger to them. I am still recommending Blogger whenever people asked me.

The reason why I switched to WordPress? For security.

If I want total security, I could have easily limited my Blogger blog to only authorized friends, but I would still want others to read my blog too. Plus, I didn’t want people to keep emailing me to add/authorize them so that they could read my blog. Besides, it is only a handful of blog posts which I would like to keep them protected and I enjoy the freedom either to disclose the password to others. I am not sure about other free blog hosts, but I know WordPress could give me that kind of luxury. Haha.

On WordPress, I can’t do customizations unless I want to get myself “dirty” with those CSS style sheet. That is something no fun to mess with. People told me CSS is just like HTML if you know the basics. Whoa, to me that is a total whole new world. I have yet to find time to get familiar with the CSS. Plus, you have to pay for the upgrade in order to edit the style sheet.

You can’t have third-party Java script on WordPress too. You can’t tag a “page” in WordPress too.

So, I gave up Blogger because of one single feature it doesn’t have despite of many others that it has? I sound weird, don’t I? :) Well, I’ve paid my price for being careless. Gave up Blogger is just a small price that I could afford compare to the one that I have paid with my own privacy.

Now, I enjoy the freedom of blogging and yet have the protection whenever I feel need to. Still, I am very careful in the choice of words, not wanting to infringe on the rights of others. How did I land myself in the blogosphere? Well, I was afraid one day I could be so sick that I wouldn’t be able to remember what has happened in my life. So, here I am. :)

Blogging can help one to get famous, it can also bring one down. It’s a double-edged sword.

Are you a Pressed blogger or a Blogged blogger?

Happy Ending

I was pretty upset and pissed last night. I’ve noticed it a while ago, didn’t really get bothered by it. Well, after all, everyone could improve. But gradually, I realised it was more than just improving. We learn something, we understand it, we improve on it, we practise it. We’re adults, we don’t copy like what children do during their learning process. However, what I have seen was an adult practically copying like how children do.

Been telling myself to look at it positively. But the feeling was so overwhelming that I just felt helpless and disappointed. Andrew has told me to stop blogging, another friend on the other hand told me not to give up, as there’s no second Ashley in the world, everyone is unique. Yes, I did say that before, everyone is unique. But seeing what has been my style and way has become others’, I just couldn’t help but felt disturbed inside.

Perhaps someone just couldn’t understand the meaning of “unique”, perhaps like what a friend mentioned, they got no substance so they copied.

After giving it some serious thought, why shall I make myself difficult, getting all upset and disturbed by someone that probably purely is admiring me? Yeah, they said I’m good and people out there is simply just admiring and copying my style. LOL! That made me feel even more vain.

Thanks to my friends, they’re really angels sent from above that could really make you feel good about yourself.

I seriously love blogging. Call me vain or showing-off. Who cares? I have a bunch of friends that care, and that is more than enough. Enough to make me pick up my faith once again and move on.

P.S: There is one thing which others would not be able to copy from me. My experience, my feelings, my thoughts and my life. They’re all what make this blog. And I am very proud to say, that I write in my own way and I have my way of writing. And, I AM NOT ASHAMED OF IT!

To Blog or Not To Blog?

I want to write, I love writing. Over the past one year, writing/blogging has helped me looked at things at a different way and learned. I’ve done some soul searching after I put my feelings down in words, I would let my thoughts settled after I wrote them. This is the reason why I love blogging/writing. I finally found a channel to release my feelings.

In fact I’ve written something else in this paragraph. I deleted them, again. See, it once again proved that putting my thoughts into words indeed make me think better and act better.

Someone has asked me, if I were writing my personal life, why would I want to share it in my blog, share it with the world? A lot of people out there are trying very hard to have their own privacy, yet I am exposing myself and making myself vulnerable to the cruelty of this world. I have no answer for it. Is it because of that pure vanity of mine wanting to show off? Or do I simply just want to have a blog since it’s another trendy thing to do? I don’t know. Well, perhaps there’s a little of showing off there. Can someone tell me???

Shall I continue writing/blogging? Shall I make my blog private and only share my photography works?

Life With WordPress


Few months ago I’ve created an account in WordPress, transferred all the blog posts here. But I didn’t go on with it as I found it not as user-friendly as Blogspot.

But I guess when it’s time to move, it is time to move.

Fish Avenue is now officially a WordPress blog.

You may notice that there are some blog posts being protected by password. That is to give myself some security.

If there is any post that interests you and is protected, please feel free to drop me an email.

I would like to emphasize again like I used to, Ashley only writes about her own feelings towards certain situations. If you find it offensive and uncomfortable in reading my blog, you have the absolute right to stop reading. I am writing about my life here, not about any other people’s life. Hope that the readers out there could understand.

Thank you for your understanding.

New Address. Facelift.

I did something brave and crazy today! Hahaha. Thanks to a friend, again, gave me that little push but BIG help!


He was saying why I still haven’t registered my own domain name. He was pushing me to register it today or else he would register it and let me be a crying-baby. Hahaha. Alright, I got this website which recommended by him and checked the name availability. Damn, has already been registered by someone else. To buy from them, I have to pay approximately RM260! That is crazy. Then, I’ve decided to register another name.



Now, Fish Avenue is same with!


Million thanks to my friend who really put in a lot of time and effort in helping me. I am grateful that I still have this kind of helpful friend.


Next target, new design for the blog. It should be something that could reflect my new goal in life – Photography.

Lovely Blog???

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it! I was reading a Vivian‘s blog and I saw that she named my blog in her sweet little game called “Lovely Blog Award”! Gosh…… I almost fell from my chair. *Sweats*

I do not for a mili-second think that I deserve the title of “lovely blog”, what’s more it’s an award! LOL!

Shall I or shall I not break the chain of it? The rules say that I have to accept it and blog about it and then name another 15 blogs for this award, and…… I have to inform that person about the award. Geez…… I guess you know me better, being such a lazy-bone, I’m gonna have to pass this. LOL! You already know what blogs I am reading by looking at my blog-list on the right. I dare say those are definitely nice and lovely blogs to read. So, why the hassle to name them all over again. Hahahaha. Sorry Vivian, that I disappoint you. :P Anyway, thank you. I am honoured being awarded. Hehehe.

P/S: Just right before I published this post, I saw another Vivian also joined in the award giving thing! *Faints* Thank you my dear. You all are really my sweethearts. Hahahaha.


There are so many little things that I want to blog about, but I can’t be blogging each and every one of them in different post. So, this is going to be a random and “rojak” kind of post. Beware of the waves of little things. Hahahaha.

Went to KLCC just now, bought a new lens, 50mm f1.8. It’s more for close-up or portraits. I so wish to get the 85mm f1.8, but the price totally knocked me out. Guess I’d leave it for later. Now I just hope this 50mm could perform up to my expectations. I spent RM550 today for the new lens and 2 filters! Gosh……

The weather is killing man!!! It’s hot, super hot, extremely hot, unbelievably hot…… And what?! It’s going to be like this all the way to the month of September! And now it is only what, May???!!! For goodness’ sake, another 4 months!!! For your information, as I am now renting, I do not have air-conditioning room. Yes, you heard me right, no air-conditioner! Both Andrew and I are now living on one ceiling fan and one table fan. However, 2 fans sometimes just seem failed to work. Sometimes, the moment I stepped out from the cold shower, before I have the chance to take the towel to dry myself, I was sweating already! Argh!

Dinner with Andrew’s dad last night, he mentioned that it’s about time for Andrew to sell that good-serving Proton Wira and get a new car. Wait a minute…… That Proton Wira is truly our wira (hero), it has been with us for more than 5 years. It’s a second hand car when Andrew’s brother first bought it. After that Andrew is the one that has been using the car. It has served a few good years, it is only recently that the car started to give us some problems. Two years ago was unbelievable, the car would just have some lil’ problem every alternate month. At times it even broke down for no reason, was making funny noise once in a while too. But it has proven its good. I am fine with the car, in fact it’s not so bad at all. Okay, buying a new car now is definitely a no-no. First, we’ve got our house now. Both of us ain’t from the high income group, another new loan would definitely put us into difficulty in coping with daily life. So, no. Thank you father-in-law for suggesting helping us with the installment, but sorry, no more new loan for now.

I’ve put on weight. No, to a lot of people, I’m not fat. But I’ve put on weight on areas that I do not want them to be!!! My arms are bigger, I can feel it. I now feel so tight around the arms when I wear my working shirts. No kidding. It’s true. I even feel the edge of the sleeves is eating into my skin when I lift my arms. My tummy and waist… Gosh…… Few months ago mom looked from behind and said, “from behind I thought which daughter of mine is this, so it is you! Where has your waist gone?!” My mom, of all the people in the world, from saying “so thin, eat more”, to now “where has your waist gone”. You better believe it. Now even Andrew also said he can see my tummy. :( I can feel it too, I am now having difficulty in zipping all my pants and skirts. I was 49kg in January, and now I am 51kg. You may say 2kg ain’t much. Well, try to put 2kg of meat around your waist and you’ll know. I seriously need to get back in good shape. Exercise. Hope I could start doing some exercise next week. Now I skip lunches, instead I’m taking this organic drink as detoxifying.

I am happy now. I am now moving towards my dream. Whether it comes true or not, let’s worry about it later. I am happy simply because I have something to look forward to and keep myself busy with hope. I have so many things that I need to learn. I’m a quick learner, I believe I can learn fast. Have faith.

Oh by the way, someone who’s been reading my blog was telling me that I am honest in blogging and I write what I feel. I feel so honoured and flattered. I do my best to be as honest as possible in my blog. But of course there are some details which I do not reveal for reason of privacy. Other than that, I do not cheat on my feelings. What for? Afterall, this is my blog. Even if Andrew or friends do read it once in a while, I find it no purpose at all to cheat.

It is almost 1am now. See, I am all tired yet I always sleep late. I can’t seem to change my sleeping time. Sigh……

Let’s count my blessings. Oh yeah, I said/wrote this quite frequent recently. I do not know why. Everytime after blogging I would just recall who I am today and how I got where I am today. I guess blogging kind of let you do some soul searching along the way.

I am blessed with a lovely family. It is my family that makes me strong today, I realised. Good or bad, the experiences/memories kind of moulded me. Shall share it some day later. It’s time to hit the sack.

P/S: Please bear with me for the photo-less posts. I am just being lazy. Please forgive me.