50 Shades of Boredom

Last year, I’ve been seeing and hearing this Fifty Shades of Grey everywhere. I know that it is a book, but I didn’t know what kind of book it is. Saw it in the book-store but it didn’t attract me to at least pick it up and read the introduction at the back of the book.

First of all, I’ve never heard of the author. Secondly, the title looks to me like some sort of crime novel. When it comes to crime novels, Patricia Cornwell remains my favorite author. E. L. James? Sorry.

I’ve seen a lot of people singing its praises! Most of them are female. I saw people kept saying, “I am fifty shades of…” on Facebook statuses, blogs, emails, conversations…… I was like, what the…… Why the big hu-ha about a book? Finally, one of the Facebook friends is kind enough to email me the e-books. All three of them! I was thinking, good, I have new books to read then.

So, I went on a fifty shades trip without knowing what exactly it entails.

When I read the first page, “HUH??? Don’t tell me this is a romance novel!”

By the time I finish chapter one, confirmed lah, romance!

The more I read, the more I felt the boredom.

No doubt Anastasia Steele is smart and witty, but I don’t admire Christian Grey. To me, he is just a filthy-rich-seriously-troubled guy. Without the filthy-rich, no one would ever want to associate themselves with him. A lot of women out there would disagree with me. :)

I actually stopped reading at chapter 16. However, I was so bored during Chinese New Year and I finished the trilogy in a week’s time.

I can’t believe that I actually finished reading them! Well, I finished it just so that I could blog about it later! LOL! I don’t want to write about something that I don’t know and claim to be an expert. :P

If you take away the erotic scenes in the books, you don’t get much of the story. There is no reading value unless it is the pornography that you’re after. The author did try very hard to incorporate some mystery into the story, but I must say that she failed miserably. Before anything else, I already figured where she was leading us to. Before she could unravel the mystery, I already knew how it was going to be. Everything is so predictable, even the sex at the later part. Basically, the author was merely copying the same thing over and over again.

One thing I do wonder, if the author has tried all those sex toys and scenes. Either that, or she has consulted an “expert”. :)

Well, I am a romantic person, but also a realist.

I love romance too, but romance with a good story. I do read romance as well, in fact I love Nora Roberts’ novels.

Now, at least I can tell people that, I’ve read Fifty Shades, and it is f***ing boring. LOL!

P.S.: There’s a lot of rumours that they’re going to make a film based on the book. Will the movie ever get pass the censorship with so many sex scenes? And, will they get enough story to make a film minus all the sex scenes??? If minus all the sex scenes, will it just be another boring romance movie? One thing for sure, if ever it makes it to the big screen, I’ll not be able to watch it here. It will never get pass the Censorship Board of Malaysia. LOL! :D By luck that it gets through, the movie will only have 30 minutes left. Hahahaha.


Read ON. Write ON.

Last week, I realised, it has been months since I last had a book in my hands. It is happening again.

I love reading and I love books. That is something I will not forsake! However, I am just being plain lazy to pick up A book! With Sooshi as my best companion now, even more excuse for me to pick up A BOOK! Sigh.

Someone, commented that I write English very well and he was surprised since I was Chinese-educated. He told me not to give up reading since I have good writing skills. Gosh…… I felt so flattered and motivated. No one, has verbally TOLD me I write well. I have not felt so proud of able to write well until this very moment. Also, finally someone understands that READing is the key to write well!

However, I’ve seen people who try to write as “great” as some author. Bear in mind, able to write well does not mean using “BIG” words altogether. Point out some “big” words in my post here and see how many you could find. And, elaborate your sentence in a repeating manner is just too… confusing. LOL! I hope I don’t do that.

I know very well that when I read, I write better. Look at me now, my post is so bland and flat. Tasteless! ARGH!

I gotta find ways to ditch Sooshi for a while. This is not right and I gotta stop it.

Read, Ashley. Read.

What? How many books are still unwrapped and unread?! 2 Scarpetta’s books, 3 Jodi Picoult’s, Wondla, Jimmy Liau’s, 4 Rick Riordan’s…… That’s about all, I think. Oh SHOOT!!! *Faints*

Book Lover

I am so sorry for not posting for the past few days. Was insanely busy with work and was a dead meat by the time I reached home. The urge to switch on the laptop was the last thing on my mind. Here I am, finally, stealing some time during lunch to scribble something.

I must admit that I am a “bookworm”. Not that I am nerdy, it’s just that I love books. Just give me any kind of book and it could cheer me up for a very long time. I could bury myself in a book all day long too. :)

Have you ever felt excited unwrapping a book? Your heart is racing menacingly when you flip on the first page? The smell of the new book simply fascinates you? Feeling like you want to carry the book to sleep?

Ok, I may sound exaggerating, but I feel exactly all of the above whenever I have a new book to read.

When I was in college, I could read at least 4 novels in one month. It even came to a point where I couldn’t find a more interesting or intriguing book to read in the library. The library in the college was huge, but it has more reference books than novels and story books. It was then I started patrolling bookstores and buying new books. The whole new world of reading started then.

I’m not sure if it’s the love for the books or the love for reading. Either one, I would not stop reading. There was a guy, asked me who is my favorite author. I have none. He asked again, what books do I read then. After I told him, he commented, “whoa, you seriously read all over the place”. I was pretty taken aback with what he said. I love reading and I don’t choose author or genre. If it’s a good book or if I think it’s a good book, I’ll read. Even if it was a mistake, I still enjoyed reading the book.

Yes, there are some authors who really stand out. There are also some who are just simply overrated by the media. Look at Dan Brown, who got famous because of The Da Vinci Code. I’ve read all his books before Da Vinci Code, they’re all equally great, but no one noticed him! Then there’s Rick Riordan of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. In my humble opinion, the way he writes is simple and straight forward. What makes him so famous then? It’s the story.

My point is, if you love reading, you will just pick up a book that interests you and read, doesn’t matter if the author is widely known or some nobody.

Conclusion, I love reading and I love books. :)

The Search For WondLa

I was playing this game on iPad last week. It’s a “find the difference” game, called The Search for WondLa. Read from the game that it’s actually a book. Didn’t give it much thought as I was thinking the book wouldn’t be available here in Malaysia.

Went for a movie last Saturday and got some time to spare before the movie started. Andrew dearest suggested to go to Kinokuniya to kill some time. There, it is very rare for him to be the first one to suggest a bookstore for time-killing. I thought I hit the jackpot of the day! Hahaha.

I guess it was destined for me to find this book. It’s in hardcover, and there are some illustrated images in the book too. That’s what it says on the cover, since it was wrapped, I had no way to see what kind of images inside. The only thing that caught my attention and spur my interest is that, the author is the one who wrote The Spiderwick Chronicles. That’s it. No more second guessing, I grabbed a copy of the book. :D

Geez…… I bought a children’s book! LOL! Perhaps I could read this to my child (if I’d ever have one) in the future. :)

The Search for WondLa is about Eva Nine, who goes on a journey to search for her own kind.

This is going to be a bizarre journey. Would it be as interesting as The Spiderwich Chronicles? We shall see. :)

Here’s a trailer of the book.


Got It Finally!

I am not really a fan of Stephen King. Watched a few of his novel-based television series and movies, like The Shining, Dreamcatcher, The Tommyknockers, Children of the Corn, Secret Windows and The Green Mile. Never had I read a book of his, except one. I read it when I was in secondary school, borrowed it from the school library. It isn’t his best book ever, but I couldn’t quite forget that story.

I’ve forgotten about the name of the book, have been looking for it in the bookstore but couldn’t find it. I took some time, went to check on every of his book’s description and finally I found it. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.

It wasn’t exactly horror and thriller. It was about a little girl, who loved Tom Gordon, her favorite baseball player, got lost in the forest. It was all about how she managed to survive in the woods only later to be attacked by a bear and died. It was a sad story to read but at the same time you’d be awed by how much a little girl like Trisha knew about all the survival skills in the woods. Oh well, it’s just a story book you might say. There is still so many messages you could get from the book.

Finally, yesterday I found it in Kinokuniya! Of course I want to read it once again although I still remember it like I’ve only read it yesterday. I don’t know why this novel imprinted in my mind for so long.

Besides Stephen King, I bought another Jimmy Liao’s book. Hahaha. My 4th Jimmy Liao’s. :)

The book is so cute! It has more “words” in this book.

Wednesday Blue

So, there I was, watching Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs with Phoebe. Didn’t have a good start in the morning, decided to go for a movie to give my mood a little lift.

Before the movie started, I went to Kinokuniya to grab some book. Sorry, not some book, wanted to buy the Tribute to Michael Jackson, Passion magazine. I was roaming around in the bookstore, wanting to buy some other book to reach my yearly quota. Hahaha. Yes, I am so going to spend RM1000 this year on books!!! So that I could get tax relief for that. LOL. Yeah, I’d rather spend extra on myself than paying extra for taxes. I’ve already paid enough! Imagine all the import taxes on all the books, clothes, cosmetics, skincare, and many more!!!

Hey, something caught my eyes in the bookstore. They are together with the stacks of “Twilight”. I’ve never seen that story book before. It’s called Night World. There are 3 of them, each of them with 3 stories inside. What’s more, it’s only RM29.90 for the first book!!!

With 2 books in hand, I went to the counter. I got 28% off the MJ book. I didn’t know that was considered a BOOK and not magazine. Anyway, happy that I got the discount. :)

Ok, enough with the books. Ice Age that is. It’s a great movie, I enjoyed watching it. But I guess my mind were somewhere else and I wasn’t paying full attention to the movie. There were a few times I realised everyone around me was laughing hysterically while I was not! And when I realised that, I literally faked it and forced myself to laugh with the rest. LOL. Of course there were times I really found it funny. I wonder what happened to me that night.

After the movie, while waiting for Andrew to come pick me up, I went to Isetan and sent my sterling silver necklace and pendant for polishing. Just when I thought I was feeling great after the movie, someone just had to upset it again. The new sales assistant obviously didn’t know the polishing process, ended up my white pearl has got a tint of purple. He didn’t even apologise to me, it was the other nice lady from the other counter who kept on apologising on his behalf. So the pendant was sent for servicing. :( Oh well, I shouldn’t get more upset over such small thing.

Anyway, I’m still happy that I got a new book to read. My short term goal now is, make myself lost in between the pages of all the books. I was joking to a friend, I am now “chasing” books. Hahaha. I never really know that reading can make one self suddenly feels so intellectual, now I am feeling it. I have 6 books waiting for me! Gosh, when did I buy so many?!

Short Trip To Seremban

Last Sunday, went to Seremban for a super duper delicious crab dinner. There were 5 of us, Wan Yi, her husband and her friend, me with Andrew. Wan Yi was coming back from Singapore, while Andrew and I went to Seremban from KL.

Deep fried pork ribs (Nam Yu Pai Guat)

BBQ crab with salted egg.

BBQ crab with Marmite, yummy!!!

Last Friday, while I was waiting for Andrew to pick me up from Subang Parade, I was wandering around in the mall. The place is so different from 3 years ago when it was still new, not so much of crowds back then. I saw MPH bookstore! My legs acted faster than my mind! LOL! I was in there browsing through the books already before I know it. Buy 3 books for the price of 2??? Gosh, that was a steal! Best of all, Jodi Picoult‘s books are among them. I grabbed 2 books from Jodi Picoult, the other one, I just grabbed this chocolate dessert recipe. For what I want a recipe book now? Hahaha. For my collection, for future experiments. Hehehe. :)

Jodi Picoult isn’t my favorite author, but I do love her My Sister’s Keeper which I read years ago. It now has become a big screen movie, starring Cameron Diaz. It’s funny that I don’t see this movie in Malaysia. Hmm…… Gotta watch it and see how different it is from the book like what they said.
Geez, now I have like 5 books waiting to be read!

The Predator

Finally, I finished Predator that I started since last year July!!!

Patricia Cornwell is so good in writing forensic sciences. It’s even better than watching all the CSI series. Besides all the sciences, she is so damn good in creating mystery and suspend!

Well, not all her books are interesting, I’ve read one which is kind of boring, Book of the Dead. Her Kay Scarpetta series are in fact very famous.

Gotta start another book, perhaps it’s time for Nora Roberts now.

Taipei 101

Yesterday received a SMS from Citibank, Air Asia new route to Taipei, open for booking today. I didn’t give it any thought yesterday, didn’t think I’ll go Taiwan in the near future. I didn’t even bother to finish the SMS, didn’t even bother about the price.

This morning, my colleague told me Air Asia having a full page advertisement on its new route to Taipei, air fares as low as RM101! Well, I was curious. Therefore, I checked out Air Asia website. Wow, surprisingly I could still get RM101 for return tickets. Hesitated a while, called Andrew. Then I asked a few friends if they would like to go as well. Again to my surprise, Andrew said go. My friend’s husband said go too! Ok, without any hesitation, I booked 4 air tickets to Taipei! Total came up to RM1504 for 4 of us.

Later afternoon, another 2 friends said they would like to go too! I was so happy they could go with us. But they didn’t manage to get the lowest fare, they got the tickets at RM139 before taxes. Still feel excited, total 8 of us! 4 pairs! Hahaha. I am finally going to Taiwan!

Just now, after work, I went to KLCC to wait for Andrew. It’s been quite a while I didn’t do some serious shopping. I went to shop, but didn’t really buy anything. Just now saw this little yellow dress in Parkson’s Dorothy Perkins, tried it and it is just fine. I bought it for my friend’s wedding dinner later in May. Still, my mission is not yet accomplished. I haven’t got any white blouse! The search continues……

After wandering around, I went to Kinokuniya. One of my goals this year is, to buy as many books as possible. One of the reasons being to get some tax relief, another reason is to build up a library for my future home! Hahaha! I do not like a home without any bookshelf or books, and I do not like a bookshelf without any books! People has been telling me to donate my books which I have read to the charity. I know it’s a good deed, but I love my books. Perhaps later, when they’re old enough. Sorry, I know I sound selfish.

Kinokuniya is having this cute promotion. When you purchase RM80 and above in a single receipt in the month of April, you’re entitled to this “eye of Daruma”. It’s a card that entitles you to 28% of discount on your next purchase of ONE copy of book per month. Yes, one book a month entitles to 28% discount, until November 2009. Isn’t that a lovely news for a book lover like me?! LOL! Now I must hold dear to the card, never ever lost it.

Oh, did I mention what books I’ve bought? Oopsie… Pardon my bad memory. I got this Nora Roberts‘ Tribute. While walking to the Chinese books section, I just couldn’t stop my feet from going into this food & beverages section. My feet just stopped right in front of this one of my favourite books that I’ve always wanted to buy but I didn’t due to the price. I bought it now because I just couldn’t resist it anymore. It’s Jamie Oliver‘s Ministry of Food! Anyone can learn to cook in 24 hours! The book, the page, the content, the author…… Gosh…… It’s a lovely book. Great and simple recipe comes with colourful and rich photo illustrations. I’ve watched Jamie’s shows, the way he cooks is simply amazing. He’s fast, easy, simple, no fuss, healthy…… I hope I’ll get to cook all those nice and simple food when my home is ready.

Jamie has another book too, that shall be my next target. Hahaha!

I apologise for not putting up any photos. First, the photos I took using my iPhone, just couldn’t show the picture when I uploaded it here. Second, I’m just being lazy to take photos again using my camera. Sorry…… I promise, all the photos will up again soon.

Tomorrow I have a special date.

Finally got my favorite Jamie book!

My Sister’s Keeper

Recently read this book, My Sister’s Keeper, by Jodi Picoult.

Anna was born for a reason : to save her leukaemia sister, Kate. At least, that’s what her parents want it to be. But Anna starts thinking, what her life would be without being tied to her sister. She made a decision which is so difficult for a 13 year-old, she sues her parents over the rights to her own body.

I don’t like the ending, it could be a happy ending, but instead, it’s a sad sad ending… Guess that’s how life should be.