Another Chuck Taylor

As you know me, I prefer flats than heels. Ever since my RM39 red flats which I bought from Zalora worn out, I’ve been looking for a replacement. I hate that moment that when you wanted something badly, you just couldn’t find it. I’ve tried cheap ones, expensive ones, comfortable ones (as they claimed)…… None of them really gave me that comfortable feeling like the RM39 flats! Idiot…… I am stuck with my ugly but comfortable yellow Crocs…… And my red Chuck Taylor (I still love my red Converse)……

I was looking for a pair of white Chuck Taylor classic for a long time. All the stores I’ve been to are “out of stock”, I even left my numbers with them so that they could call me when they restock. I never received calls from them. Ish…… But Ashley, why white? You may ask. ‘Cause I can then pair it with anything, any color, any outfit…… Oh, and I wanted a high top since I already have a classic.

Was wandering in KLCC with Andrew after dinner on one Friday. Walked past Converse store and I said, “let’s go in and try my luck again”. Saw the white high top on display, I was sceptical when I asked the store assistant if there were any smaller sizes available. The shop owner heard and answered “try size 5”. I was surprised that they have sizes!!! I was yelping in delight inside! “They have size! They have stock wor!” I told Andrew. When I put that white high top on, my goodness…… I didn’t want to take it off!!! I was looking in the mirror (almost dance in front of the mirror) and kept asking Andrew, “nice right? It looks nice right? It looks so nice and it’s so comfortable……” That moment, I knew I gotta buy it NOW.

Fastest decision I ever made in buying a pair of shoes! Within less than 5 minutes. Hahahahahahaha.

Love my Chuck Taylor All Star!

White high top Chuck Taylor

P.S.: I’m still hunting for a pair of flats that I can wear with my work outfit. I don’t wear flats in the office usually. I wear flats TO the office, and change into my heels when I’m in the office, and change back into my flats when it’s after work. So, I still need a pair of flats that could compliment my work outfit. Crocs is just too ugly. :(

Loving Chuck Taylor

Converse, something that I dreamed to have during secondary school. It was considered a luxury thing as it was way more expensive than a pair of common white shoes for school.

After college, the need to have a pair of Converse never came. I’ve been wearing heels and sandals, for work and casual. I now wear a lot of Crocs for the comfort and convenience. The price of a pair of Crocs is going up like nobody’s business! After third pair of Crocs and I decided it’s time to stop. RM139 for a pair of rubber is just too much.

I wasn’t hunting for any shoes, as my Crocs is still new. Somehow, that love for Converse crept back a while ago. Blame it on Glee I must say. Hahahaha. Revisiting season 1 of Glee and I paid more attention to their fashion. Converse appeared in the show quite a number of times. I fell in love with it all over again and that dream to have one is back.

Finally, after some thoughts, I am a proud owner of my first red hot Chuck Taylor All Star Classic. :D Gosh, loving every bit of it.


However, Andrew isn’t a fan of Converse and to him, this type of shoes is ugly and he just couldn’t accep it. Hahahaha. Again, it’s individual preferences (ah, it’s been a while since I last used this phrase :p) and likings.

How long is this pair going to last? Long time I guess. ;)

Do you have your favorite Converse?