Shop Till You Drop

Isetan is having anniversary sale this month, 3-day members special starting yesterday. The crowd was crazy, we didn’t even get the chance to go into the car park, the traffic at the KLCC entrance was so bad! I told Andrew even if we got in, the chance to get an empty car park within 10 minutes would be very dim too. Seeing that we too were rushing to go home to watch the Thomas Cup, I decided to go home and do the shopping today.

Got there around 11 this morning, hoping the crowd would not be big. Luckily, no crowd at all. Went to TGV KLCC to see if we could grab any movie later. Well, earliest show for The Bounty Hunter is 4.20pm. Bummer! That is too late. No other good movie, full concentration on my shopping then. LOL!

Went straight to Clinique, I was the only customer. :D Geez…… There were so many things I needed to replenish! Looked at the amount, oh Lord! I could feel my heart ached so much and Andrew was like “whoa, that is a lot! But well, if you really need them, that is ok though.” Aww…… That was so sweet of him to comfort me. I have no idea why my skincare all finished at the same time! Usually they did not, I used to replenish one at a time. The money involved was too scary, I dropped a few items in the hope that the existing ones could still last me another month.

If it was ME 2 years ago, I wouldn’t even blink an eye to buy all of them. I am proud to say that I am a more careful consumer now. :) Thanks to Wan Yi and Melissa. They are constantly telling me “do not buy what you do not need”.

Roaming around in KLCC whilst waiting for my ex-colleagues to come, also looking for a gorgeous top for my upcoming photography session, hopefully! Hahahaha. Argh, couldn’t find one that caught my eyes. Finally my ex-colleagues reached, passed me a bottle of super healthy fish oil that promise could improve health dramatically. So nice of my ex-colleagues to come all the way from PJ to give me the fish oil. Couldn’t thank them enough. I am truly blessed with many little angels. :)

Tomorrow meeting with another 2 angels. Hope I could grab some really yummy-looking top then.

Bought 5 pieces from Clinique, and one from Origins.

Something to share about this Origins Youthtopia eye cream. Using Rhodiola as one of the ingredients, it claims it is able to reduce fine lines, puffiness, dark circles and helps firm the skin. I have been using it for more than a year, this is the 3rd bottle. What I love about it is that it is made from all natural ingredients, no chemicals. Hence, it is not oily at all even though it is pretty creamy. It feels oily and heavy on your fingertips, but when you dab it around your eyes, you will only feel that it is creamy but definitely not oily. I can’t use oily products on the skin around my eyes, otherwise I’ll get oil seeds and that would be nasty. The skin around my eyes used to be very dry. I’ve tried a lot of eye products that claimed to work wonders and magic. None of them really worked. Some of them were so oily and caused oil seeds to grow and I have gone through a tough time removing them. I gave up on my eyes for some time, only using the hydration eye gel from Clinique to prevent it from dehydration. It was by chance I stumbled upon this Youthtopia. Tried it for the first time, didn’t like it. Since I’ve bought it, I gotta use it. 1 month later, I noticed my skin around the eyes was improved! It is still dry, but I no longer have fine lines! Also, the skin has more elasticity now, it is no longer sagging. I am absolutely loving it. No worries about applying too much of it. RM160 for 15ml, which can last 6 months if you use it day and night.

I’ve been a loyal customer of Clinique. I can’t remember for how long, 5 or 6 years perhaps. Their products are less expensive compared with others. They do not have celebrity as their spokesperson, guess that’s why they managed to keep their prices reasonable. Also, their products are milder and gentler on the skin.

Lancome, Estee Lauder, Shu Uemura, L’Oreal, Kose, Shiseido, Clarins…… I’ve tried them all. Most of the times, 6 months of usage, either they were too oily for me, or they lost their effects on me. Clinique is the only brand that balances everything out on my face. There are people telling me some of Clinique products contained alcohol which is harmful to our facial skin. Well, after years of usage, I would say my face is still looking good, if not best. :)

Love Clinique’s Airbrush Concealer and Derma White concealer stick. They are so easy to apply, do not cause dryness, do not flake, and not oily! Their Derma White liquid foundation is very light too, but I’ve stopped using it for quite some time since I now prefer BB cream and the mousse foundation I got from Taiwan.

Okay, enough of Clinique. :) More photos.

6 pieces of free gifts plus few other which the lovely sales assistant always smuggled into the bag for regular customers. :)
Andrew insisted on buying me this since the one I have now cracked at its end although it is still usable. He said now I could have one at home and one at work. :) Thank you my dearest.

Spent Again

Make-up remover finishing, wanted to replenish. Ended up I bought some other things!!! Aiks… Cost me RM346 in total!

Got a 6-piece gift with purchase of RM330 and above.

Planning to buy a pair of Crocs shoes, going to Mid Valley soon to hunt for one.

Just now Andrew was at the brink of buying this Electrolux air purifier, our room is getting dustier as there’s construction of a condominium nearby, but didn’t manage to buy as the one we wanted was faulty!!! Muahahahahaha…… Now surveying on other brands.

My shopaholic side is creeping back silently…… Scary…… *Shoo shoo… Go away…*

I Shopped Again

Ok, recently I have done a lot of shopping I must admit. Hahaha. But I dare not to spend or buy impulsively like I used to. I’m going to need a lot of money when the wedding day comes. I am worrying about it now.

I ran out of facial cleanser last Thursday. So, I went to Isetan KLCC to replenish it. Have I mentioned that I’m a Clinique user? Well, I am. I was previously using all sorts of brands, Lancome, Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Biotherm, Shiseido…… Few years back bought some Clinique products, tried them and I fell in love with them. They just suit my skin. But recently I found out one of their products (moisturiser) has mineral oil in it. I shall discontinue using it after this one finishes. Overall, their products are ok. They don’t use supermodel or international artists for advertisement. Therefore, their prices are indeed quite affordable in the market.

I like the sales girl who serve me, she always gives me lots of freebies/samples. I love those travel-sized samples, you can just bring them anywhere you want, good for traveling. Last Thursday, she even gave me a face mask when she knows that my big day is coming!!! Hehehe…… So sweet of her. Also, she hinted to me that the sale will probably start end of the month. She advised me not to buy anything now but to buy later to get those vouchers and other promotional items. Gosh… I’m not sure this is a good news or bad news. I’m going back to Johor for my 1st wedding dinner at the end of the month!!!

Wedding is coming…… Do I feel nervous? I don’t know… I don’t know what to feel now……