Courtyard Garden Restaurant, Damansara Heights

Last week Andrew has already told me that his friend was planning a birthday surprise for her boyfriend, Shaq. Shaq, is actually Andrew’s school mate. We got to know Jennifer, Shaq’s girlfriend since last year. Why is his name Shaq? Hahaha. It’s his nickname since school because he played good basketball, is tall and big, like the NBA basketball player Shaquille O’Neal. :)

The birthday dinner supposed to be on Friday, but Shaq’s family was here in town, gotta postpone the dinner to Saturday. Here we were, at Courtyard Garden Restaurant in Damansara Heights.

My jaw dropped open so big when I saw the prices in the menu. We already expected it to be expensive, since Andrew has promised Jennifer to go, we had to keep to that promise. For a Wanton noodles it costs RM20! A clay-pot assam noodles needs RM28. I told Andrew to better order something which is more worthy than a plate of noodles! LOL! They offer fusion menu, Asian delights and western. All of us went for western! Hahaha.

I ordered an asparagus soup, RM9, and Black Olive Crustecean with scallops and tiger prawns, RM35. Andrew got himself Butter Fish (cajun fish), RM45. Most of us ordered pasta! The pasta is nice I must say, but I couldn’t finish mine as it was too oily (although it’s olive oil) and it was a lot. Andrew’s butter fish wasn’t exactly what I like, there was this fishy smell and it was too dry. Overall, we enjoyed the dinner. For us who ordered pastas, we were happy. :) Worth the price or not? Hmm…… You could actually get the similar thing from TGIF. You go figure. :)

If you would like to go for a try, do not get stunned by the prices, I warn you first. :) Will I go again? Hmm…… I don’t think so. :P Unless you’re the one who pick up the tab. Hehehe.

While having my pasta, I had a flashback of our times in Taipei, having our lovely lunch in Mr. J’s restaurant. I’d still prefer the pasta in Mr. J’s restaurant. Gosh……. I miss Taipei so much.

Please pardon my photos quality, taken by my miserable 2MP iPhone 3G. It is still better than none.

Geez... O.P. Ribs, RM220 per kg!!! What is that??!!!
My asparagus soup, not bad. Not thick enough though, pretty watery.
The Black Olive Crustacean! It is nice, they're not stingy in the ingredients. Pretty healthy with all the greens, olive oil and tomatoes.
Andrew's Butter (cajun) Fish. Love the greens, but the fish is a bit too dry.
The birthday boy! And we had Baskin Robbins ice-cream cake for desserts. :D
Shaq got a box of Marlboro as birthday gift, and he gave us one to keep. :) No, Andrew and I don't smoke. This is purely for collection.