In Love With You

It has been months since I got my Daniel Wellington watch. I love it to bits! Love the thin and light body, love the simplicity of it, love the way it pumps up your look no matter what you’re wearing, love its quality leather strap, love the fact that I can change the strap on my own……

Andrew who was previously sceptical about its looks and quality, is now in love with his Classic Bristol too. I asked him once why I don’t see him wearing his Seiko anymore, he said, “after wearing DW, that Seiko looks so bulky and old-fashioned. DW looks so classic”. LOL!!! DW is now officially his working watch. However, he still hasn’t tried on the NATO strap. He wears it to work everyday, so the NATO strap doesn’t seem to suit his working attire.

About the leather strap, it is definitely of high quality as mine is still not completely broken in after wearing it for more than 6 months. The NATO strap gets dirty easily, well, as expected. Now I am an expert in changing the straps. Hahaha.

Recently, I start to see DW being sold locally online. Groupon once had a deal on some DW watches, and recently I saw some online seller selling it on Facebook. I’m not sure how they got the watches, perhaps they bought directly from DW website with discount and sell them at a higher price. I’m just curious, why would someone buy from them since we can buy directly from DW website with free international shipping?

Love my DW so much. It is always the first watch that I pick up every morning, my rose gold Titus has become my second watch. :P


 Photo by Ashley, taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


 Photo by Ashley, taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


 Photo by Ashley, taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


 Photo by Ashley, taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Watch. Me. Daniel Wellington

I am not so much of a jewellery person. I’m just plain lazy to wear them. There is only one thing that I will feel uncomfortable if I don’t wear it when I go out (other than clothes). A watch.

I love watches. However, I don’t have many watches. I am pretty loyal to my watches. :P

I used to have one watch for casual, and one for work. That’s it. I only change my watch when it really reaches the end of its life. However, watches don’t go spoil or rot. I usually buy new watch when the old one is beyond repair, or I couldn’t find a compatible replacement strap when the original one is torn. That means, I only buy new watch every 5 or 6 years. LOL! If everyone were like me, the shops will be out of business very soon. :P

Recently, things changed a little. :D

Few months ago, I saw this Daniel Wellington watch on Fancy. The simplicity of the design caught my eyes. I went Google for it, read about it, looked up more of its photos…… I fell in love with it. You can go to their website if you want to know about their history.

I’ve read reviews that it is not worth the price since it is running on a Japanese quartz movement, and people always said with that kind of price, you could get a better one (I’ve even read people making fun of the backwards “D” on the watch :P). I was struggling for a while. What they said is true, with that kind of price, and if I just top up a little, I could get a much better watch. However, the beauty of the DW watch has kind of won me over. The more I looked at it, the more I wanted it. I was resisting the urge to buy it…… Until last month. I don’t care whether it’s Japanese quartz or not, I just love it and I want it.

Wanted to get a Valentine’s gift for Andrew, I decided it was a great excuse for me to buy it then. Hahaha. The price of the watch on Fancy, is the same with the price on Daniel Wellington’s website. I saw on DW’s website that you can enter “discount code” at check-out. Out of the blue, something struck me. I went Google for “Daniel Wellington discount voucher”. When I saw those discount codes, I nearly screamed “YOU’RE SUCH A GENIUS ASHLEY!” LOL! It was near Valentine’s day, so there was this Valentine’s day discount code for 20% off all items! And guess what, DW was doing free shipping worldwide! I bought 2 watches immediately without much ado. Lucky I decided to buy it through DW website instead of Fancy.

It is actually cheaper for us (Malaysia) to buy from DW website as the price will be reduced due to the VAT since we’re not the European country. However, I did pay for the import duty tax when I received the watches, RM18.36. I was so happy when I got the watches, within 4 days after I placed my order! Hats off to UPS. Here’s  the watches all the way from Sweden.


Classic Sheffield Lady (silver) and Classic Bristol (rose gold). I’ve also gotten 2 NATO straps. Oh, did I mention that the straps are interchangeable as long as they’re the same size? That is another reason why I love DW watches. DW is so kind and considerate to include the pin so that we can change the straps on our own without having to go to a shop. I’ve not tried changing the straps yet. It’s a pity that the women watch is different size from the men watch. I can’t swap straps with Andrew’s. Hahaha. I got myself a silver face and black leather strap since I already got a rose gold Titus. Got the rose gold for Andrew since he only has silver watches. Indirectly, I made Andrew a DW fan too. LOL! He doesn’t love it as much as I do. To him, it’s a nice watch.


I’m not only impressed with the full leather box, but also the THICK leather straps. The strap is so thick and I think it will take some time to break in. I’ve been wearing it for 2 weeks now, the leather is curved but it still doesn’t “hug” my wrist. Unlike my Titus, it took only a week of wearing to break in and feeling soft. I don’t have to worry that I couldn’t find a matching strap when this one breaks, as long as DW is in the business, I get to order a new one online.

I regretted for not getting the men size for myself after I tried it on. It still looks cool on my wrist ler and I’ve always liked BIG watch. Oh, the diameter of DW women classic is 36mm while for the men it is 40mm. From the photo they don’t look much different but they are when you put them on your wrist. I’m also pretty surprised of how thin it is. I thought it was the illusion since it is bigger. I took my Titus out and compared and I wasn’t convinced. So I compared it with Andrew’s Seiko, wow, DW has a thinner body indeed. And it’s lighter.


Glad that I got the silver face with black leather. It’s so versatile. It still looks “right” even when I’m wearing jeans and t-shirt. My rose gold Titus tends to only go well with formal wear.

Love the simple face design. Some complained that there isn’t at least a date display. To me, that is pure simplicity and DW truly understands the purpose of a watch, to tell the time. If you need to know the date, please go look at the calendar. :P

Now, I have more than 2 watches. My next target is, Panerai. I wonder when will I be able to own a Panerai…… @__@


I’m a happy DW fan. :)