The Bourne Legacy – Not So Bourne

Okay, this is going to be the last of the movies marathon I had last week. :P

When I saw the beginning of the trailer, I thought it was some other movie. Jeremy Renner suddenly got so HOT after his role in The Avengers. When I heard “Jason Bourne was just the tip of the iceberg”, I went “WHAT?!” O__O Jeremy Renner, is another Outcome, not Jason Bourne.

Andrew and I have been the fans of Jason Bourne, we’ve never missed any of the Bourne series. Firstly, Matt Damon played so well as Jason Bourne. Secondly, all the fighting and action scenes were so real-life, it makes you start thinking that all this could well be real and happening. Then, it was the pulling factor – they successfully created a story that makes you always want to know more and what’s going to happen next. The hide and run turned into a kill and pursue, it’s almost like telling us to face our darkest moments before they get to you. Andrew and I also like the song that appeared in every Bourne series.

I was having mixed feelings with Jason Bourne gone. It’s a Bourne movie, how can it be without Jason Bourne? This is like a James Bond movie without James Bond. However, am glad to see Jeremy Renner as the new Outcome. He always has this look that makes him look like a good guy and yet can be bad and vice versa. The same thing that Matt Damon has. Now, here’s why Matt Damon quit playing Jason Bourne.

The Bourne Legacy was one of our many MUST-SEE movies. Guess what, we managed to grab two 2D tickets at RM13 only!!! Thanks to RHB promotions. :) Now we prefer 2D as compared to normal. 2D means high definition, everything is so crisp and clear.

The story of The Bourne Legacy is rather, simple and boring. An Outcome agent went loose, all of a sudden he is on the run and everybody is trying to kill him. If it wasn’t for the action and fights, I would have yawned. Things are pretty predictable. A good show anyway, simply because Jeremy Renner played it well. You gotta give credits to him. Nice try Renner. :)

The character played by Edward Norton, sigh…… What? Who did I just say? Oh, Edward Norton…… He is a great actor, but it’s a shame that his role in the movie is so forgettable. Still remember the lady in The Bourne Ultimatum, Pamela Landy (Joan Allen)? See, I could still remember her! But Ed Norton, he is more like a dog barking orders to others in the movie. I don’t get the point that they were trying to tell me that he is the brain of the operation and he IS smart. I just simply don’t feel it. Sigh…… What a waste.

I must say the previous Bourne movies were better. Honestly, if they changed the movie title to something else, I would have regarded it differently, perhaps higher and better. It’s one of the Bourne series, the expectation is there. I expected a better and interesting plot. From the first to the last minute of the movie, I practically correctly predicted everything. To me, this is the lowest standard of the four.

This is another example of, the movie doesn’t live up to the hype of trailer.

Wish we could see Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross together in the future. Andrew said, “it’s the trend now, reunion of everyone, like The Avengers”. :D

Now, this is the song that appeared in every Bourne movies. Andrew and I love it. :)