Shopping Queen is Coming Back

Oh yes…… My impulsive shopping self is making its come back, soon. The signs are surfacing pretty often recently, in a small extent. Such as buying only one piece of clothes at a time. Hahahaha. Luckily Andrew is working normal office hours, else I’d frequent KLCC more to wait for him (used to do that a lot) and end up burning a big hole in my pocket. :D

Bought a dress from GAP last Friday. Ya ya, go on and say that I am so rich to be able to shop in GAP. :P I don’t care. I was with my colleague and she bought quite a few pieces of dresses from Zara, and whilst I was waiting for Andrew to come pick me up, went to GAP to take a look.

Oooohhhh…… The store attendant told me all the dresses are on 20% discount. Just the right time I came! However, most of the dresses in GAP are priced either RM229 or RM249. Few of them are at RM209, but they’re pretty simple and definitely not worth the price. Guess what, I did my math for a while and only hunting for those priced at RM229. After the 20% discount, it is around RM180. Well, good material ones are absolutely worth to buy. Tried a few, finally decided to only buy this. :D I don’t have a dress like this and it is so comfortable to wear. Love those side pockets so much!

Denim dress, RM183.20 after discount. Not my first dress from GAP, bought one early this year, even cheaper, RM129. :D You see, sometimes you just gotta know when to buy and if it is worth to buy with that price. Not everything is cheap though, and not everything is expensive too. I won’t buy T-shirts in GAP though, they’re just so overpriced. Unless they have like 50% discount. Hahahaha.

Sometimes, you just gotta update your fashion senses by going window-shopping too. It’s not a bad thing to do. Keeping yourself up-to-date with the trend (if not ahead of it) is pretty much essential for every woman. You wouldn’t want risk wearing something which is so out-of-date to a dinner or party. Or wearing the never-goes-out-of-date jeans and T-shirts all the time. :D Once in a while, you will just want to have that little fresh air in your wardrobe. Give me a high-five if you agreed with me. :D

Crap, I’m running out of mascara and eyeliner, blusher has finished, concealer is finishing soon, Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus only left a few drops…… ARGH!!! So many to replenish!!! Geez…… How????? Gosh…… *Headaches*