Singapore Escapade

I’m so sorry that I posted this Singapore trip up so late! I went Singapore before Redang but I posted this after my Redang trip. Gosh…… Here it is.

It was a trip that I planned long time ago, to visit Adeline in Singapore. If you do not know just who Adeline is, click here for her blog. She married to a Singaporean last year and has been living her adventurous life there ever since. LOL! Ady, please don’t kill me after reading this. :P

The plan was to have a photoshoot session with her, but due to some other factors, the photoshoot didn’t materialise. Well, it’s okay, I bet there’s going to be more Singapore trips from now on since she’s getting her own house very soon. :)

This is actually my second trip to Singapore. My first was almost 3 years ago, with Andrew. Spent 7 days there in his auntie’s house. :P

I was in fact going together with Wan Yi, her husband and her boss’ family. Her boss Mr. Lew (I’m not sure if I got the name correct) has got a beautiful daughter!!! She is only 8 months old, yet she is a laughing-baby!!! She just loves to smile and laugh.

When we were outside of the Ion, we saw this RED man!!! Yes, we have yellow man in Malaysia, and now they have red man in Singapore! LOL! They are from SingTel, a telecommunication giant in Singapore. Okay, I guess having too much of soup and sandwiches could get you go a little bit of crazy. I couldn’t believe I suggested taking a photo with those RED men!!! Hell, now they were pushing me to go first! There I was, with Adeline, standing with 3 other red men. Hey!!! I was wearing red too!!!

When we reached Atria, we went to have our proper lunch in MOS burger. Geez, can you believe that I was craving for it like 3 years?! This time, I had the ebi rice burger instead of unagi since I’ve tried it before. Oh gosh… It was so yummy!!! Geez… I’m drooling now……

After 4 hours of shop and walk, Ade’s husband came to join us too! Well, to find a seat in the restaurants at such hour was disaster. Most of them were full with long queue outside! So, we went to Haagen Daaz to have an ice-cream treat. Ooohhhh…… I felt so sinful! LOL! Adeline and her husband are so funny! 2 of them are definitely made for each other, so funny and full of jokes.

We went separate ways after the sinful treat, by Adeline’s husband. He insisted on picking up the tap. Well, let him be the man then for this time. Hahaha.

The next morning, all of us woke up late, around 10am. Then we went to Ya Kun Kaya Toast in Lot 1 for breakfast. The soft-boiled eggs are so delicious!!! The eggs are so huge! What a satisfying breakfast. I bought some Giordano clothes there, for Andrew and myself. :) Wan Yi then brought all of us to the IMM mall. It actually has more of household items, but with one floor of the mall full of boutiques and food!

3 of us decided not to go for proper and filling lunch, instead we went for snacks and sharing the food together so that we could try more food! Hahahaha…… First thing we tried was this Istanbul Kebab, with 2 hunky macho men selling at the stall!!! LOL! Yes, that 2 Turkish men are definitely charming. We bought the beef kebab, and gosh, it was super delicious. I didn’t expect it to be so delicious! I’m not a beefeater, I eat beef occasionally. I would say that the kebab made me feel like eating it again and again!

After the kebab, we went on to have some oyster vermicelli at Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack. I have tried the one in KL, it tastes awful, or I would say yucky. But this one, is way better from the one in KL. See, once again it shows that the standard in Malaysia and Singapore could be so much different. Why is that? Do they think that Malaysian has a bad taste bud that we do not require such higher standard of food? Geez……

We went to Esprit outlet, I didn’t buy anything but Wan Yi bought a little dress for the baby princess and her husband bought a sweater which I think is cool. Hahaha. Well, we then had some ice-cream from Hokkaido Ice-cream. I had my favorite passion fruit.

We saw this wedding decorations shop and thought of buying a wedding gift for a friend. I saw this cute little pair of bride & groom decorative, but damn, the price is kind of steep for us. We had to give up the thought then. :(

Around 5pm we decided to go home and pack for the journey back to KL. Sigh…… Fun trip has finally come to the end. When we were back in Malaysia, we stopped in Yong Peng to have our dinner. The restaurant is previously being recommended by a local food show, famous for its Hok Chiew noodles. Well, the food isn’t bad, just that it’s a little too salty.

During the trip, I spent more on the clothes, because thanks to Mr. Lew who had actually paid for some of the food when we dined together. LOL! Also there were a few times Wan Yi paid for some of it. I am so lucky! Hahahahaha. Guess what? After all the spending and eating, I found out when I got home, that I still have SGD35 in my wallet! I was pretty surprised. I spent about SGD150 on clothes, and I only spent SGD17 on food!!! That is a new record for me!

Think I’ll be going to Singapore again and again…… Hahahaha…… Next I’m going to eat all I can rather than spend the money on the clothes. :P

Here’s the RED MEN!

The new Ion Shopping Complex

This is definitely NOT for sale!!! LOL!

LOL! Imitating Nicole’s pose in Seremban previously!!!

She’s the same like Wan Yi, so many facial expressions!!!

Here’s the little princess. She was so tired and bored.

All happy again after her meal. :)

Had our breakfast here.

The artwork from the children.

This is the hunky man I mentioned.

Oyster vermicelli from Shihlin.

Spotted this popcorn vending machine!!! Cool!

Baby princess is so cute!!!

One happy family.

Baby loves Coach!!! Gosh……

Superman hair style! LOL!

Had our dinner in Yong Peng. The food is nice, but a bit too salty.

A Retreat To Paradise

If you want best finest sand on the beach, Redang Island is definitely a place that you can’t possibly miss. It has got the safest beaches, even with the red flag up, you can still swim around, but of course, don’t swim too far from the beach. :P

My first time in Redang, geez… It was 6 years ago!!! Was still using the typical half-automated point & shoot camera back then. If I have the time, I’ll scan one of them and post it here. Let’s see how big the difference is between now and then. Hahaha.

I won’t describe much about Redang Island. You can get all the information about it on the internet. I’d only tell what happened to us in Redang. :)

Actually there were 5 of us, but I went back to KT earlier to visit mom-in-law. Well, we didn’t get to see her! Just right after Andrew bought the air tickets, his mom told him that she would be going to KL for 2 weeks with her boss! Gosh……

The other 3 fellas reached KT at 2.30 in the morning!!! Omigosh…… All 5 of us bunked in the small bedroom. By 9am, we were already at the Merang Jetty waiting for the boat. We were amazed by the service provided by Laguna Redang Island Resort. I remember during my first trip, I had to hand-carry my own luggage onto the boat and walked all the way to the resort. But with Laguna Redang, we didn’t have to do that!!! It’s all taken care by their porter. The room was quite spacious, just nice for 5 of us. The food, well, you can’t complain much since it’s not a 5-star hotel. I’d still say the food is okay.

We had 3 snorkelling trips. But out of the 3, 2 were actually changed to a different location as the waves were too strong. Actually, the thing that we enjoyed the most, wasn’t the snorkelling trips, it was riding the waves, oops… I should say hitting against the waves by the beach!!! LOL!!! The waves got so strong in the afternoon and we simply enjoy tossing and dipping ourselves under the sun and dipping in the sea.

Compared with my Langkawi trip last year, I’d say I didn’t take enough of photos. It’s a good thing, that means I had fun most of the time rather than spending time taking photos. :D

Anyway, I did have some nice shots. And thanks to Andrew, I have some cool shots of myself too. *Wide grins* :D

Despite the money I’ve paid, I’ve got back something valuable. Sweet sun tan and sun burn!!! LOL! And of course, the sweetest memories with friends in Redang. :) What a fruitful and precious trip!

Mind you, I suffer sun burn easily, even with tonnes of sunblock on! Even right now at this very moment, my right fore arm still hurt from the burns I’ve got. Yep, my right arm has more serious burn than other areas, I don’t know why. Hahaha. My skin is all red!!! 3 days after the trip and it is still red! Hmph! :(

Phoebe and I

Wan Yi and I

Cool. Andrew.

Great beach in front of Laguna Redang Island Resort.

Phoebe got that shovel on the beach!!!

The lifeguard in Laguna Redang wears red, and Phoebe was wearing red and thought that she would play a little with that red flag! LOL!

The famous “More More Tea Inn” filming spot.

This is the morning sun, not sunset. :)

Now I can’t recognise which ones are my footprints and which ones are Andrew’s.

Love the sand on the beach!!! They’re so fine.

I love this!!!

Hahaha. He’s got the move, but that skinny body… sigh……

Wan Yi always looks sweet!

Got ourselves soaked and drowned!!! :)

I HEART this too!

Okay, the occassional V-sign! LOL!

Pretty ladies, with the carp at the back.

Edited and made this B&W.

This is so beautiful!

Last one with Laguna Redang Island Resort.

If you don’t know about this place, well, go and search “collapsed stadium in Terengganu”. I wonder why they didn’t do anything about the debris after it collapsed!!! Another abandoned project??? Wasted the taxpayers money, again!

We stopped by to buy some corn, and saw these boys sitting at the back of the stall. Guess they’re the children to the “mak cik” that’s selling. They’re so shy and innocent. Love it.

Went to Kuantan, Tong Yuan Restaurant to have our dinner. This is the famous stuffed crab. Not bad, but nothing to shout about.

The fish and sotong taste better! And the veggie is fresh too. :)

Out Of Town

I’ll be out of town (out of KL that is) for about a week. Don’t plan to take my lappie with me this time. Therefore I may not be blogging. But seeing that I LOVE to blog… Hehehe… If I get any 3G reception there on my phone, I’ll grab the chance to blog then. :D

Till then, take care and see ya.

Redang!!! HERE I COME!!!

Taipei 101

Yesterday received a SMS from Citibank, Air Asia new route to Taipei, open for booking today. I didn’t give it any thought yesterday, didn’t think I’ll go Taiwan in the near future. I didn’t even bother to finish the SMS, didn’t even bother about the price.

This morning, my colleague told me Air Asia having a full page advertisement on its new route to Taipei, air fares as low as RM101! Well, I was curious. Therefore, I checked out Air Asia website. Wow, surprisingly I could still get RM101 for return tickets. Hesitated a while, called Andrew. Then I asked a few friends if they would like to go as well. Again to my surprise, Andrew said go. My friend’s husband said go too! Ok, without any hesitation, I booked 4 air tickets to Taipei! Total came up to RM1504 for 4 of us.

Later afternoon, another 2 friends said they would like to go too! I was so happy they could go with us. But they didn’t manage to get the lowest fare, they got the tickets at RM139 before taxes. Still feel excited, total 8 of us! 4 pairs! Hahaha. I am finally going to Taiwan!

Just now, after work, I went to KLCC to wait for Andrew. It’s been quite a while I didn’t do some serious shopping. I went to shop, but didn’t really buy anything. Just now saw this little yellow dress in Parkson’s Dorothy Perkins, tried it and it is just fine. I bought it for my friend’s wedding dinner later in May. Still, my mission is not yet accomplished. I haven’t got any white blouse! The search continues……

After wandering around, I went to Kinokuniya. One of my goals this year is, to buy as many books as possible. One of the reasons being to get some tax relief, another reason is to build up a library for my future home! Hahaha! I do not like a home without any bookshelf or books, and I do not like a bookshelf without any books! People has been telling me to donate my books which I have read to the charity. I know it’s a good deed, but I love my books. Perhaps later, when they’re old enough. Sorry, I know I sound selfish.

Kinokuniya is having this cute promotion. When you purchase RM80 and above in a single receipt in the month of April, you’re entitled to this “eye of Daruma”. It’s a card that entitles you to 28% of discount on your next purchase of ONE copy of book per month. Yes, one book a month entitles to 28% discount, until November 2009. Isn’t that a lovely news for a book lover like me?! LOL! Now I must hold dear to the card, never ever lost it.

Oh, did I mention what books I’ve bought? Oopsie… Pardon my bad memory. I got this Nora Roberts‘ Tribute. While walking to the Chinese books section, I just couldn’t stop my feet from going into this food & beverages section. My feet just stopped right in front of this one of my favourite books that I’ve always wanted to buy but I didn’t due to the price. I bought it now because I just couldn’t resist it anymore. It’s Jamie Oliver‘s Ministry of Food! Anyone can learn to cook in 24 hours! The book, the page, the content, the author…… Gosh…… It’s a lovely book. Great and simple recipe comes with colourful and rich photo illustrations. I’ve watched Jamie’s shows, the way he cooks is simply amazing. He’s fast, easy, simple, no fuss, healthy…… I hope I’ll get to cook all those nice and simple food when my home is ready.

Jamie has another book too, that shall be my next target. Hahaha!

I apologise for not putting up any photos. First, the photos I took using my iPhone, just couldn’t show the picture when I uploaded it here. Second, I’m just being lazy to take photos again using my camera. Sorry…… I promise, all the photos will up again soon.

Tomorrow I have a special date.

Finally got my favorite Jamie book!

Trip to Langkawi Island – Day 3

23 Sept 2008 – Tuesday

Luckily our flight return to KL was 5.35pm. After the breakfast in the hotel, we were basically just relaxing in the hotel until 12pm to check-out.

Awana Porto Malai isn’t a bad place. It has no private beach, but the view is great still. The room is comfy, both Andrew and I enjoyed it. We expected some smaller room which is only enough for 2 of us. To both of us, we’re satisfied with Awana. It isn’t as bad as some of the reviews I read on the internet.

The jetty for Star Cruise is actually located at the end of the road after Awana Porto Malai.

After check-out, we went to Jetty Point, a small shopping complex. Guess what, we had KFC for lunch! Hahaha! We just wanted to know if there is any different in the taste between Langkawi and KL. Haha. Silly, of course they taste the same. Now we know. Haha!

The Eagle Square is just beside the Jetty Point. Wow, the eagle is spectacular and big! The wind at the square was so strong!!! Nice view of the sea from the square too.

Didn’t know where to go, we went to Telaga Harbour again which we went on the first day. Took more pictures. It was so damn hot and Andrew could stay under the hot sun for so long just to take the panoramic view of the harbour. Hats off to him!

On the way back to the airport, saw this restaurant named 7 Roofs Restaurant. It indeed has 7 individual green roofs. Too bad it was closed then.

Finally, back to the airport waiting for the flight. Bye bye Langkawi.

Geez, I’m now back in KL working like a dog. Hmm… Speak of dog, I only saw one dog in Langkawi… Weird…

The chocolates I bought on the 2nd day, all melted under the hot sun. My colleagues all had a great laugh when they saw the chocolates!

1. Do rent a car with tinted film! The sun in Langkawi is hot.
2. Do buy chocolate at night!
3. Do apply lots and lots of sunscreen lotion.

I definitely will go back to Langkawi next year. It is good to go during month of Ramadhan, less crowds and less cars, if you prefer some quiet time.

I still haven’t got the time to upload the photos. Promise I’ll try to put them up as soon as possible.
I am glad that Andrew can finally take some great shots!!

Trip to Langkawi Island – Day 2

22 Sept 2008 – Monday

Alarm sounded at 7am, but the brain was still in sleeping mode. Ended up woke up around 8.30am. Breakfast in the hotel. Sufficient, but I wouldn’t say nice. Andrew ate a lot. :O He said going to climb the mountain later. Hahaha.

All set, we were heading to Mount Raya (Gunung Raya) for the Air Track (flying fox). I was so excited!
Had a glance at the fuel metre, 2 bars left. Andrew assured me “Enough!”

The road up Mount Raya was like going up the Genting Highlands. For those who drove up to Genting Highlands before would understand what I mean. Half way up (not really sure half way or not), the fuel metre dropped to 1 bar and blinking!!! Andrew, “No joke man! Better U-turn now or you and me will be gliding down hill with the car and stuck in the middle of no where”. I couldn’t believe it! We were almost there!!!

The petrol station was god damn far. After filling up the petrol, we didn’t go up Mount Raya. We went to Durian Perangin Waterfalls instead. It was fun anyway. That was the first time in my life I have climbed so many rocky stairs! They aren’t really stairs, just steps carved out of the rocky mountain, with handrill, luckily. My legs were aching half way through, I was gasping for air. I could only blame myself for not exercising enough!

Finally reached the peak. The falls are fantastic! Took some gorgeous photos. Andrew almost fell into the water! Hahahahahaha… Luckily the camera was in my hands… *Phew*

We stopped by at Tanjung Rhu Resort, took some photos by the beach. Nice view. Went in to the resort wanted to use the washroom. One of the security personnel approached us and told us only stay-in guests are allowed to roam here! I worked my charm and managed to convince him to let me use the washroom. Haha! My bladder was so full and I could just wet my pants in front of him if he didn’t let me go in.

Next, we went to Kuah town for lunch and shopped in the duty-free shop. Andrew and I bought 1 pack (10 packets) of cigarettes each for our fathers. Geez… What kind of children are we? Encouraging the fathers to smoke!

We went to the Crocodile Farm in the afternoon, RM5 entrance fee each. Nothing much to see. They are all crocodiles, what do you expect. The show was not on, we missed it.

Before turning into Awana Porto Malai, Andrew went straight and we came to a dead end. My gosh! There is a Sunset Beach Restaurant inside and a whole stretch of beach! The view was so beautiful. Too bad that Andrew didn’t want to wait for the sunset!!!

Back to the hotel, roamed here and there. Relax a while and freshen up, out for dinner in Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant. Ordered a fish, tiger prawns and vegetables… Cost us RM100. More reasonable than Putumayo!

There, the end of our 2nd day in Langkawi.

Trip to Langkawi Island – Day 1

21 Sept 2008 – Sunday

Finished packing, slept at 1.30am. Woke up 4.30am, packing the daily necessities and my skincare. Felt like I was sleepwalking, couldn’t remember what I packed. Rushed to the LCCT at 5.30am. Andrew’s dad sent us to the KLIA instead!! Made a big U-turn to LCCT. Finally reached LCCT at 6.35am. Bye bye Kuala Lumpur for the time being. I would not miss YOU. Hehehehe.

We rented a car for 3 days for RM100, it was a Proton Iswara. Good enough for all the hilly roads. Most importantly, it doesn’t consume much of the petrol.

Nice weather in Langkawi, all the sunshine and sea breeze… Funny, I wasn’t coughing as much in Langkawi as when I was in KL. My voice was clear and my throat was good!

First destination – Langkawi Cable Car. Located near Pantai Kok. Entrance fee is only RM15 per person. It was fun. The cable car ascends almost at 45º! Along the way up the mountain, there’s 2 waterfalls on the left and right side. The view is spectacular! About 10 minutes, we reached the first viewing deck. Another 5 minutes, it’s the highest viewing deck. It is at 710 meters above sea level. The view is superb.

There is an Oriental Village located right at the exit of the cable car station. Nothing much there, just a lack of maintenance lake and some orange color buildings.

We went to Awana Porto Malai at 12pm to check-in. Silly Ashley got confused with the check-in and check-out time. Luckily the room was ready and they allowed us to have an early check-in. A plus point there.

The room was nice and spacious, can easily fit in another 2 single beds. The view from the room was fantastic! I didn’t make the wrong decision then to top RM10 for sea view.

Freshen up, had lunch in Lan Kwai Fong Restaurant along Pantai Cenang. Not a good choice, but we were hungry.

Went to the Mahsuri Mausoleum (or Tomb of Mahsuri), entrance fee RM5 per person. Nothing much inside, just a walk-through of the story of Mahsuri and some kampung style show houses. There was a small bird park at the back though.

Went to the Kuah town, wanted to go to the Eagle Square. Damn it, no where to park the car! I was so damn tired and sleepy. Andrew parked the car so far from the square, had to walk a long distance to reach the square. I gave up not even half way. Went back to the hotel and sleep!! I was so tired that I slept all the way back to the hotel in the car.

Woke up at 8pm. Went to a fusion restaurant for dinner, Putumayo. What an unique name. The decorations are nice. But the food is damn expensive! 4 pieces of prawns, cost us RM28!!! Total bill was RM80 for 3 dishes and 2 juices. OMG!

After the dinner, we roamed around the shops and boutiques nearby. Back to hotel, explored the hotel. Time for bed.