IKEA Or Not? #1

All the while, people have been telling me that IKEA’s stuffs are not meant to last, the quality isn’t worth all the price that you’re paying. IKEA furnitures only expect to last 1 to 2 years, if you’re expecting to change them 2 years later, IKEA would be a good choice.

I’ve been buying stuff from IKEA, even when I did not own a house. From my experience and observations, IKEA isn’t a bad choice and the quality isn’t as bad as some of them described.

Bought a LACK coffee table many, many years ago. The photo above shows that there’s another layer beneath the top, but mine doesn’t have that. I can’t remember the price back then, it is RM79 now. The quality? I used it as a computer desk, you can imagine how heavy the monitor was and of course, the table actually sagged a little in the middle. Kept the table in the box for a while when I moved to another rented place, took it out again 2 years back. Now, Andrew told me he noticed the surface has some bubbles, wonder if it’s the humidity in the house that caused it or what. This table lasts more than 5 years, to me is pretty good enough.

Bought this ANEBODA wardrobe a year or so after I bought the LACK coffee table above, but mine is in birch veneer, price remains the same as RM249. It was on a lower price for few years. Quality? Damn good! I had 3 stacks of folded clothes at the bottom, almost reaching half of the wardrobe. Yes, the bottom did sag a little with all those clothes in it, but no difficulty in closing and opening the doors. When I moved all of the clothes out last week, I was shocked to see that the bottom bounced back to its original state! The legs are not even slightly bent. The clothes rail is still as tough as new, only that the coated paint is coming off, but it is not bent even when I had so many clothes hanging on it. I’ve seen my mom and sister’s wardrobes (bought from furniture shop) with the clothes rail bent to “V” shape! I’m surprised IKEA has such a good quality for a budget item like this. It looks new too after 5 years, my dad saw it last week and asked if I have just bought this. :)

Bought a FREDRIK desk 3 years ago, also birch veneer. Couldn’t remember the price too, perhaps the same as current one, RM449, but now they do not have birch anymore. Was using it for laptop most of the times, a flat screen monitor occupied one of the table top corner and the books and other stuff occupied the shelves on top. Quality? Good! There is some wear and tear marks on the table top, but it is quite a steady workstation. I used to sit there every night doing my translation, other than the “sweat” marks I left behind, it still looks pretty new.

These 3 were the biggest investments I had from IKEA. When we wanted to buy a bed-frame and a chest drawers, we went to the furniture shop and we regretted the decision. The bed-frame wooden supporting strip broke when I sat too hard on it. The locks on the chest drawers are rusted. It ain’t cheap, cost me RM500 for that drawers.

Andrew and I went hunting for furnitures since months ago. We do not have the budget for some super-expensive-superb-quality furnitures, Lorenzo doesn’t have what we wanted, Rozel is way out of budget, we resorted to those conventional furniture shops. We got so disappointed with the quality and the prices. They would give you attractive discounts, in fact they have actually marked up the prices. The quality? For a RM1800 sofa, IKEA’s sofas are way, way, way better quality than them! Designs? I thought I was living in the 80’s when I saw the designs available. A dining table (with chairs) the furniture shop sells at RM1500, is worse than the BJURSTA dining table (RM625) and AGEN chair (RM69) from IKEA. We were deeply saddened by the fact that the quality in those shops has gone so bad. :(

We have been to IKEA many times. Every time we saw something, we wrote down the prices and materials and we tried to find it somewhere else with the similar quality. Sad to say, either the quality is better but price is super expensive, or the quality is worse but the price is the same with IKEA. We came to a point that enough is enough, we got so tired with the hunting and disappointments. IKEA that is.

Ideas. At Work. #5

After seeing the house and everything is of physical and real now, Andrew and I are busy re-prioritizing and re-work on the ideas that we have previously.

Seeing that the tiles are of beige color, it is not possible to have a beech kitchen anymore. Don’t want to risk the cabinet looks like the extension of the floor up the wall. LOL!

If we were to choose wooden color, we have to choose it wisely. I always have a thing for white, and Andrew is very wary that the white will become yellowish few years down the road. Finally, we decided, black and white for the kitchen. It may look heavy and cause the place to appear less spacious, but that is the nicest color combination that we could think of to go with the tiles! If you have any better idea, do tell. We welcome your ideas.


This would be the dry kitchen. It would be rather small if we do not make use the yard area for wet kitchen.

Other than the kitchen, the living room is another problem. I love earthy tone, but with that beige color tiles, I do not want my home to look all brownish or yellowish or orangy anymore. Cold color tone is the only tone that would work now. We are thinking of black and white too, but too many black in the house… Err…… Perhaps some grey and white.

This one from Ikea, looks cool. :)

Ideas. At Work. #4

Living room or some may refer to it as living hall, is obviously the largest space in a house. It is also where you can actually get more creative in planning, renovating and decorating.

To me, living room is the first thing that I (or a guest) would see when I step into the house, it should give at least myself a feeling of “welcoming home”.

I am struggling with the color theme/choice for the living room. I’d love red/white combination, but knowing that white furniture would be rather difficult to maintain and you’ve gotta be careful all the time not to dirty it, is one big reason that got me thinking twice. I love the earth tone too, it would create so much of warmth and comfort that would make you feel so much at home! Both Andrew and I adore rattan chair too. However, when it collects dust, it’s gonna be a hell lot of work to clean it. Sigh. Home planning is not easy wey. There’s so much to think with so little of dime.

This is pretty simple and homey,  but no creativity lor. :|

This one feels so comfortable!

My favorite of them all. :)

It is very likely am gonna get that sofa. The seat is deep/wide enough for long-legged persons like Andrew and I. LOL!

Ooohhh… Black & white. Too “heavy” to me.

Gosh! Books! Shelves! I’m a bookworm, and this looks heaven to me! Considering this for the study corner. :D

It’s amazing to see how sometimes different contrast of colors could look so nice together. The wooden coffee table, earth color rug and the orange sofa are woven together so well and the maroon-grey armchair sort of add a splash of live to it.

I have seen how a coffee table take up the space of a living room, adults bump on the edges and children bumping onto the corners, having not enough of sitting space when more guests pour in, difficulty of moving it during cleaning time or sometimes, it serves no purpose at all. I’ve told Andrew from the very beginning, too much drama a coffee table could give, no coffee table in the house in the future. One side table, yes, but not a coffee table. When I saw a footstool with storage at Ikea, I was jumping with joy. Not that I was buying it at that point of time. Hahaha. At least I know there is something that I could use as a footstool, storage and coffee table! Three in one.

See that rattan chest in the centre? How nice if I could have that too. I’m such a sucker when it comes to rattan. LOL.

Guess what, Andrew fell in love with this ↓ when he first saw it! Love at first sight! He said he is so getting it for the house. I wonder where is he going to put it???????? He claims that not many would have or dare to have this in the living room, we would be so uniquely different from others. Bla… bla… bla……

I seriously don’t think this would go well with the rattan. There goes my at-least-one-rattan-in-the-house plan. :(

Other than the furnitures, there’s the lightings and paintings to think about. Argh! Now you know where my creativity goes to and the reason of lack of updating here on the blog. -__-

*Photos courtesy of Ikea and Martha Stewart.

Ideas. At Work. #3

Kitchen! I would love to have a spacious and well-organised kitchen. I’ve seen my mom and mom-in-law suffering in such a small kitchen, I told myself I would at least want a simple but comfortable kitchen.

I’m a very simple and modern person. Those European or English style kitchen may look all glamor and fantastic, but I do not like them. To me, they’re too complicated for a small lady like me. Hahahaha…… I do not fancy those dark timber kitchen, they look too heavy to me, I’ll feel suffocating in it. LOL. Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit here. :P

Since the kitchen in the new house is of open concept, I thought I could have more ideas, but that is so wrong. Open concept meaning oily smoke will be flying all over the places! *Faints* That will leave your sofa, furnitures, carpets, curtains, all smell like they’ve just been cooked. :( Now I’m struggling with the design and all that. With a very inflexible budget, I am seriously struggling.

Not a bad idea, but don’t like the color of beech.

Love the wall cabinet, but it’s clear glass, you gotta make sure the stuff inside is always tidy! Sien lor……

This is something I like. So sleek and clean and simple! No fuss.

Very likely I’ll do something like this. (Got this photo from Golden Carpentry)

Somehow, I like metal/steel sink/counter top. However, looks very “cold” and overly hotel-ish.

Okay, back to work now. :|