Good Time. Great Night.

Just got back from dinner with colleagues at Imbi Palace. So sleepy now but don’t feel like hitting the sack yet. Maybe watch one episode of Prison Break before the lappie’s battery runs out. Andrew is sleeping, he has to work tomorrow morning. I am so excited about tomorrow morning, meeting Nicole and Melissa for some karaoke!

The dinner just now was great. The food was superb, love the roasted piggy. I didn’t eat much though, the pain on my right cheek bone came back out of the sudden. Damn… The medicines I’ve been taking don’t seem to work as good as they used to be. The first time I had this pain was about 6 years ago, it attacked again during CNY. Sigh……

Colleagues were close to crazy during the dinner. Everyone was gulping the red wine and Whisky. I didn’t want to drink at the beginning, but at the end I gave in to the Whisky. Luckily the coca-cola was more than the liquor! Hahaha…… I’m not a good drinker, but I prefer hard liquor than red wine.

I forgot to bring my chunky camera! Gosh…… Missed out the chance of taking some great shots and also polishing my skill! I am so forgetful!

Okay, I can feel my eyelids are getting heavier. Before they shut down completely, gotta catch my Prison Break. Hahaha…… I’m so addicted to it now, also Wentworth Miller! He’s so charming!

Good night.