iPad Apps Review. Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret.

Bought this app during Mother’s Day special price, at US$0.99 (approximately RM3). What a steal! :D I am not sure of how much it is now, perhaps US$4.99.

Big Fish is really good at developing hidden object or mystery games, ain’t it? You just gotta salute their creativity and imaginations and having such great brains to come up with such great stories.

Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret, took me 3 nights to finish it. Pretty short I must say, but worth to play. Those brain teasers and puzzles, some of them are really tough and required you to go back and forth searching for objects and clues, which is pretty annoying at times. At one point, I had to go all the way back to the starting point, then returned to where I left off to finish the task. The hint works very well though! Clear cut hints were given whenever you need it.

The interactive part, of course, not as much fun as Drawn: The Painted Tower, but it is good enough. The same goes with the graphic, nothing can really beat Drawn. Story wise, the same old, same old princess/empress woke up from some sleep with no memories of what happened in the past. If it wasn’t because of the puzzles that fascinated me (trial version), and also it was on sale, I wouldn’t have bought it.

A good game if it was on $0.99. $4.99???? Forget about it. Wait till it’s on sale again.

iPad Apps Review. Infinity Blade.

A lot of people on the iPad Malaysia Labs recommended Infinity Blade, by ChAIR. Claiming that it has the best graphic and it is fun.

A little bit history of my gaming self. I was into RPG games, a lot, when I was in secondary school and college. I’ve played Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X and a few other RPG which I can’t recall. I was so good at them. However, I stopped playing when I stepped into college. Tried picking it up few years back when I gotten my PS2, but I realised that RPG bores me now. The repetitive fighting scenes, walking, looking for something constantly, are just not my thing anymore. My repertoire is now on finding hidden objects and solving puzzles. Hahaha.

So, I wasn’t so keen on this Infinity Blade. However, people were all talking about how great the graphic is and how interesting and exciting it is, that psycho-ed me into purchasing it! Luckily, it was on sale, $2.99 (Appx RM9). This is by far the most expensive app I’ve ever purchased from iTunes! -__- It now is $5.99.

The 3D graphic, no doubt, very fine and high quality! The whooping of sword looks just so cool! Sound effect is good too. Hell lots of weapons and armors and it is fun to slash away at those monsters and enemies. Two nights after I purchased it, I managed to kill the so-called God King (Level 50). That’s where I got confused. After defeating the God King, the game started all over again from the beginning of castle as a new bloodline. WHAT?! When I reached the God King again, it is the same God King but at a higher level of 100! DUH! Don’t tell me the game is just about killing monsters in the same castle over and over again???!!!

SHOOT! Damn! I felt cheated! Argh! Who to blame? No one except myself, for listening to others easily.

It is fun to play but repeating the whole thing again and again is just, too boring for me. Those who have played Infinity Blade told me I have to keep defeating the God King, earn more money to buy more shining weapons and armors and then unlock the dungeon in the castle to defeat yet another 3 KINGS at level 50, 100 and 150 respectively! Then, there’s another one at level 200 and right after you defeat him, there’s another knight! But the knight is easy.

Been playing it for the past 3 weeks, and I got frustrated and bored killing the God King. The endless fingers-swiping on the screen and slashing the same old enemies all the time…… Bummer. :( I stopped playing since last week. LOL!

Updated 18/06/2011: I, finally managed to defeat all of them last night. Wuahahaha. That is the end of the game, you get to choose to start another new bloodline, or to start the game all over again. I was conned by the explanation that “start new game and you’ll be able to keep your level now and excel even further”. I started a new game, but damn! All the weapons and armors I bought were gone! All back to zero except the level! TT__TT If you do not want that to happen, you might just want to start a new bloodline and buy new weapons to level up.

iPad Apps Review. Awakening: The Dreamless Castle

Awakening: The Dreamless Castle, is another hidden object and puzzle-solving game from Big Fish Games.

I bought this during Mother’s Day too, at US$0.99. What a steal, now it is again on special discount, at $4.99. I wouldn’t buy it, $4.99 is overpriced.

The Dreamless Castle is a beautiful game as well. Although the graphic is not as detailed and vibrant as Drawn: The Painted Tower, it still has beautiful graphics. At some point, the puzzles are a little too tough to solve or sometimes the items are difficult to find. Took me quite a while to accomplish certain tasks and I even got a tad frustrated with the unclear clue or hint. A lot of times when I clicked the Faerie for a hint, she would just go to sleep and I had to wait again and she did not provide any hint. That’s the frustrating part. Also, some of the mini games are of same nature but different scenes, so they sometimes get pretty boring too. Some puzzles are really great and interesting though.

I love the Goblinjong a lot. After you complete the game, you unlock the Goblinjong in the Main Menu that you get to play for unlimited times. :)

The story, is a bit too old-fashioned I’d say. Princess woke up from her 100 years of sleep, on a journey to find her parents and other human, with the help of fairies and all that……

I’ve played Drawn: The Painted Tower, I must say Drawn still has the best graphics and interactive puzzles. The puzzles in Drawn are never repeated. My $0.99 on Drawn is definitely well worth it.

As for Awakening, it is a good game if it is still at $0.99 or maybe $1.99. With $4.99, you could get some other better game than this. Now, you get my hint. :)

Silicone Back Case for iPad 2

We went to the new section in KLCC where all the electronic stores are, and I spotted this iPad2 silicone back case! It is only RM39.90! Of course I grabbed it without any further thoughts. Hahaha. It comes with a few colors, and I chose the most striking of all, orange. :D

Was still worrying if the case would be too small to fit as it looks pretty slim and small. Luckily, it fits nicely and firmly onto the iPad 2.

Love the back case as the front still looks pretty much bare but the back is fully protected. Actually I did not intend to get any protection case for my iPad, just leave it bare as it is. Since this is cheap, why not then. Happy! :)

Don’t ask me what brand it is. No brand. LOL. There is this new electronic store in KLCC, level 3, next to Sony Wing, it’s called Challenger. I only saw it on the way out of the store. Hahaha.


The front. Pretty much bare with only the orange frame visible.

iPad Apps Review. Drawn: The Painted Tower

iPad 2 isn’t the first iDevice that I own or owned, had an iPhone 3G that was lost last year and briefly owned the iPad 1 for a month before I gave it to my nephew. I could have started writing the App reviews when I had an iPhone, but I did not. With the iPhone, gaming wasn’t my main purpose but more of texting, surfing the internet and sharing & obtaining information.

Now with the iPad 2, I do a lot of gaming. I am not a person who fancies listening to music or watching movies on a small device like this. When it comes to music and movie, I prefer the conventional means. :)

Since the Jailbreak for iPad 2 has yet to be released, all we can do is download the FREE apps or BUY. Most of them are at an affordable price, which is US$0.99. Whenever there’s some special holiday or occasion in the US, there will be some special price slash off the regular price. That is the best time to quickly grab the app that you like.

I am into hidden object or mystery games. I am not sure why. Guess I prefer games with a story to tell rather than blindly playing it just to get to the finish line.

Long story short, here’s the first app that I’m going to review, Drawn: The Painted Tower, by Big Fish Games Inc. For the full description of the game, click the link above. Am not going to repeat here in my blog about what you can find there.

I’ve been a fan of Big Fish Games since Yahoo! Games. They developed one of the best graphic games other than EA Games. Most of Big Fish Games on Yahoo! are a hit.

I, as expected, was frantically looking for Big Fish Games when I got my iPad. Hahahaha. Download the trial version of Drawn: The Painted Tower, and I fell in love with it. The regular price for a full game was $6.99!!! That is like RM21. Ridiculous. I wasn’t going to buy it. I remember it was $6.99, but now it is $9.99!!! That is even worse!

Mother’s Day came, Big Fish was having a huge discount for all the games! WEEEEEE!!! The Painted Tower became $0.99! Delighted and within seconds, I was downloading the full app. :D

The graphic of The Painted Tower is simply awesome. The interactive part is so interesting. Every scene and location is so strategically intertwined together. The story is amazing too! The puzzles tease your brain so much that it only makes you want more. Some puzzles are tougher but definitely you will be able to solve them. Some of the puzzles even make me giggled for a while. Haha.

The hiccups (of course there’s some hiccups in every app), after playing it for a long time, it takes a bit longer to load the scenes. My solution to this, when I’m done for the day, I’d off the iPad and on it again. It sorts of like let your iPad rests for a while and everything will be running smoothly again. I do this not just when I’m on this game, I do this now and then when I feel the iPad is in need of a reboot. I’ve seen people complaining about the game crashes very frequent, that doesn’t happen to me though, not a single time. *Touch wood* Other than this, nothing much to complain about. :)

Best graphics top with a well-written storyline, definitely an app that you must not miss, if you are a puzzle lover. :) Also, provided that you are willing to pay $9.99 for it. :P

The Culprit

Sorry for the lack of updates here. Life’s been busy, been travelling between 3 states for the past 2 weeks. Tired.

As you may now know, I have a new toy, my iPad2. Now, you can blame all you want on my iPad2. Hahahaha. The only thing that occupies most of my time now. I hardly on my laptop when I’m at home (poor lappie).

Some people wonder, what is so good with iPad that everyone (almost everyone) wants to have one. Trust me, you will never know its magic until you personally touch one! Play around with it for 5 minutes, and you will know what I mean.

One could live without iPad if one has not experienced it, but one could never live without it when one has it. Go ask any iDevices users, they will tell you the same thing. I’ve heard people being so skeptical about iDevices, yet they couldn’t resist the temptation of the “i” and ended up owner of an iDevice too. :)

Yes, yes, I could blog from my iPad too, but I was just not in the mood for blogging. :p Perhaps my life is getting boring with the iPad now back in my life? Hahahahaha. Perhaps, just perhaps.

iPad is just like a little library on the go, you can store so much of information inside and easily access to it wherever you go. Speaking of gaming, nothing beats the App Store. The gaming experience on iPad is so overwhelming. There is still so much more that you can do with the iPad.

Other than that, recently I’ve been keeping my eyes on this Facebook page and blog, iPad Malaysia Labs. They are providing information on the iPad which is pretty accurate and reliable. No nonsense and untrue rumors. They are so helpful in answering any dummy questions about the iPad. There are some fun activities to keep the readers/fans entertained too. :)

I usually bring my iPad everywhere I go, except if I know it’s gonna be a day out with no time to sit and relax. I even bring it to work everyday, not that I can use it when I’m at work, but the feeling of it is there when I need it somehow makes me feel comfortable. :) Yeah, I’ve come to a point that I can’t live without my iPad. My best companion of all time.

The main culprit that takes up most of my time –> my lovely sweet iPad2. :) I shall officially name it Sooshi. :D


Sooshi with my favorite Bleach wallpaper :D

It’s The i In Small Caps

This, isn’t my first iPad. It’s my second, in ONE year!!! Hahaha. Bought an iPad for nephew for his excellent results in PMR and UPSR. I promised him a gift since he was 12. Now he’s 16 and got straight A’s in his PMR, how could I delay again. Glad that he likes it and hope he could put it to good use.

I was having the iPad for myself for a month before I brought it home to my nephew. Having tasted the sweetness of iPad, it was so tough to let go! Seriously, you would not miss it if you don’t have it. Once you have it, you can’t live without it, and you’ll be wanting more. Go ask any Apple users, they will tell you the same thing!

After handing the sweet iPad to my nephew, my life suddenly became so dull and boring. I didn’t find the need to on my laptop whenever I got home from work. It was never boring again when I stuck in the traffic jam (Andrew was driving of course). When it is gone, gosh…… I never thought iPad could change so much of my life. I’m hooked! Ever since then, I have been keeping track of iPad2 news! When was it going to be released in Malaysia, or perhaps HK and Singapore. I was counting down everyday!!! With another iPad2 enthusiast! Hahahaha. We constantly update each other on the iPad2 news!

When the rumors came, I had my doubts. The day after, it was 70% affirmative that iPad2 was going to launch on that Friday. 3rd day, another friend confirmed that it was true. All of a sudden, we were so excited and thrilled!!! With some help from “some” friend, I managed to get one without going through much agony!!!

Gosh, I was so happy when I paid for it. Hahaha. Finally, I could bring it home with me!!! After I’ve lost my iPhone, I’ve been missing those Apple “juice” madly! Geez…… Finally!!! YAY! Hahahaha……

It was fun too, to have gone through the experience of getting something with a big crowd. It was even more excited to see everyone having the same purpose and interest and passion!

All the iPad fanatics, I salute you! Apple rulez!!!!!! :D

An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away. :D

It’s the Pad with an I. :)



P.S.: A big thank you to my friends, who helped me in getting the much sought-after toy in today’s world. :)

Wish For A Wish – Birthday

What? It’s that time of the year, again? Geez…… Time is really flying pass!

Guess what, this year I’ll be having my birthday in Melbourne!!! Hahaha. Did I choose the dates on purpose? Of course I did! LOL! Well, with a little bit of coincidence. I can’t wait, you know, celebrating birthday in another country! How’s it going to be? I don’t know. Perhaps there won’t be any celebration, but it is still going to be a special one. :D Go on laughing, but silly Ashley is all smiling at just the thought of it.

New iPad 2 is out! Gosh, with front and rear camera! 30% thinner than iPad 1! And the iPad 2 smart cover! Have you seen it? Gosh…… Though it still looks pretty the same with iPad 1, iPad 2 is simply gorgeous (although the rumors about the UBS port stay as a rumors, bah)! It has white! Furthermore, the price is going to be the same as iPad 1!!! AHHHH!!! I want one!

Emailed Andrew yesterday about my birthday wish, he in return, emailed a link to me, about iPad 2 is just a teaser for iPad 3, which is coming real soon. Nah, that was bulls***. Even if it was real, it won’t be so soon. Do you think Apple is stupid enough to mass produce the iPad 2 now only to launch iPad 3 soon enough to replace iPad 2? They sure are going to make a big fortune first!

iPad 2, when are you going to be mine???

Watch this video and you’ll get “poisoned”. LOL.