Online Shopping

In the past, I hardly had the chance to go to Seremban. But this year, within a month, I travelled to Seremban twice. And today, I went to Seremban for the 3rd time. Hahaha. But today it was for work.

When I was on my way back to KL, received a SMS from Irene, that if I received the parcel. 3 days ago, I bought 2 dresses from Irene online. This isn’t the first time I shop online. First time was I bought some beads from ebay about 2 years ago. Second time was I bought 2 dresses
from Josephine before Chinese New Year. Too bad that one of the dresses didn’t fit me well.

I got Irene’s website from the Facebook advertisement. Went in to have a look, found that she got more choices there. Found a few that I liked, but I couldn’t spend unnecessary anymore. At the end, I bought 2 dresses from Irene. Going to wear one of them to a friend’s wedding.

Bought this from Irene. Love the colours!

For the other one, I haven’t got it yet. There is some minor mistake, Irene mixed up with the other customer’s dress. LOL. The one I got is a green dress which is not what I ordered. I’m going to courier the dress to her customer tomorrow. Hope that I could get my dress next week.

Despite the small hiccups, I find that Irene is good. Efficient and more friendly in dealing with her customers. I’m not polishing her shoes in order to get some good discounts. This is just my review and experiences. If you do not think the same, that’s ok.

The material for the dress shown above is chiffon. It’s quite comfortable to wear. The dress is a bit short for me, but guess I could still wear this to work on a Friday. One thing quite funny is, the zip is on the right side of the dress! Normally the zip would be at the left side for a dress, easier for us ladies to zip. It took me quite a while to pull the zip by using my left hand. Other than that, it is a nice dress overall. The colours are sweet.

Guess I’ll be buying from Irene again. Hahaha. Not so soon though, I have too many dresses now! Can’t wait for the other dress next week!