With Love

3 good and happy years. :) Happy, is the most important thing in life.

We quarrel and fight like every other couples, there are ups and downs and unhappy moments too. However, the happy ones always outweigh the unhappy ones. I can still say that I am happily married. In fact, Andrew has been showering me with all the love and care. Sometimes I think I am a spoiled child, I throw tantrums just to get more attention.

Last night, I half-heartedly asked him how shall we celebrate this special day, wasn’t expecting him to answer. I was so concentrating on my Smurfs’ Village and I didn’t hear what he said. When I was done with those little  blue people and lifted my head, I was surprised to see that we were in KLCC’s car park! Didn’t expect him to really go somewhere for some dinner. He has been picking up the tab for the past few days, so I told him I shall be the “host” for this dinner. He was sweet enough to tell me the dinner would be on himl. :)

He wanted to have the dinner in KiKi, there we were, having a great time in KiKi Taiwan Cuisine.


Top: Andrew’s Sweet & Sour Chicken Set (so expected of him lah). Bottom: Stewed Beef Set. The stewed beef is nice! Must try. The portion is big too, I was so full.


Camwhoring with iPad whilst waiting for the food. The restaurant attendants were looking and giggling at us playing with the iPad camera! LOL!

Wishing myself, Happy Anniversary! May our happy marriage last forever. :)

KiKi Taiwan Cuisine #3

It’s KiKi time, again! :D


I had the Spicy Chicken Chop set, doesn’t taste good. The sauce makes the fried chicken soggy. I wanted to order something else, guess I misunderstood that for this. Andrew just loves sweet and sour! It tastes OK. The side dishes that come with the set, there’s something different. Andrew and I weren’t sure what it is, but it is tasty! :D

I still prefer the ginger beef slices.

Kiki Taiwan Cuisine, Again.

It’s movie day! Went to watch Pirates of Caribbean and it was almost 3pm when it finished. Went to Kinokuniya to buy some books. Gosh, couldn’t believe that were there for 1 hour! 4pm, lunch time. I had KiKi in my mind. :D


Surprisingly, when all other restaurants were crowded, KiKi does not have much crowds. I wonder why. Not that the food is bad.


This time, Andrew tried the Chicken with Sweet & Sour Sauce (set meal), RM19.80. Very nice! I like it a lot as well.


And I, wanted to have beef but something different from what I had the last time, chosen Dry Udon with Sliced Beef (set meal), RM19.80. It is nice too! The beef is so tender and juicy!


No, this is not a dish. LOL. Random photo of me :D

One meal, RM59.85 in total. Pretty expensive huh. Well, it’s still fine for once in a blue moon, definitely not going to be my every week splurge.

KiKi Taiwan Cuisine – Suria KLCC

Supposed to go for a Japanese cuisine with Andrew, for his birthday, but he was being nice and not wanting me to splurge so much on the food, he suggested this Taiwan cuisine, KiKi by Fong Lye Restaurant. KiKi is there since last year, but we did not give it a try as we know that it’s the same with Fong Lye and we’ve been to FL few times, so it never crossed our minds to dine in KiKi.

KiKi is located on 4th floor of Suria KLCC, just another branch by Fong Lye Restaurant in The Gardens (Mid Valley City). I wonder why it is called KiKi and what has it got to do with cat? There is this cat cartoon on their signboard, name card and menu. Anyway, the cat looks cute. :)

The decorations and everything is pretty similar to Fong Lye, but KiKi is a bit more comfortable as there is lesser patrons. Full attention from the waiters. Unlike Fong Lye in The Gardens, so often we had to call for a few times in order to get someone to attend to us. The menu is similar too, it seems that KiKi has lesser a-la-carte choices.

I was surprised with the food. They taste slightly better than Fong Lye!


The menu.


The back of the menu.


Chrysanthemum Oolong tea, RM12 for 2 persons. I usually go for the tea. There are still other choices of tea to select from.


Set meal: Fresh tomato fried eggs with fish, RM19.80. This is nice, better than the one in Fong Lye.


Fuyooohhhh…… Love the gravy!


Set Meal: Fried sliced beef with green onion in claypot, RM19.80. This is so yummy and I couldn’t have enough of it!


The beef is so tender and juicy! My favorite.

Oh, not forgetting the soup that comes with the set meal. The soup is so, so, so yummy! I wonder, is it the Ajinomoto or they truly use the genuine ingredients? Hahahaha.

Now, I can see myself frequenting KiKi more in the near future. Hahaha.

Happy Birthday to my dearest husband ever. :) Wish you success in every aspect of your life. XOXO