My Rant On Kubiq, LAST!

Finally, the handles of the wardrobe were fixed last night. Carpenter came at 10pm. Room is dusty again even after Andrew cleaned and vacuum-ed. Sigh.

Before carpenter started, he asked Andrew for the desired height of the handles and Andrew asked me what is my preferred height. I told Andrew, “huh? Why bother? Anything lah, it is already ugly enough, the height of the handles wouldn’t make it better.” That, shows how disappointed I am. When the carpenter was fixing the handles, I didn’t even bother to go and check. I only went in the room to see if it was messy and to check on Andrew, not the carpenter.

They’re not the handles that I wanted, so I can’t be bothered if they’re of perfect height on the doors. As long as they’re fixed, so that I can open the doors. The whole thing pissed me off so much that I start to hate my wardrobe. 4 f***ing months to get everything done! Handles alone took 2 month and a half!



The more I look at it, the more I feel the color is so old-fashioned. The corner ceiling-high wardrobe just looks, odd in the bedroom. Why on earth did I choose that??????? Because of a friend and convenience? F*** knows! ARGH!

I learned a lot during this whole renovation process. Not to trust a friend for renovation works, not to take things for granted, not to go with common sense…… I told Andrew, in the future, do NOT ever tell me how white color is going to get dirty, I WANT WHITE, PERIOD!

Another advice from me, if you like a certain color theme for your house, do not ever let other people to convince you otherwise! I wanted white kitchen cabinet and white wardrobe, but everyone (including Andrew) told me white is not going to last long as it gets dirty easily and difficult to maintain. I thought they were wiser than me, so I went with other colors than white. Now? I feel sorry for myself for listening to others but not myself!

5 years down the road, dirty or not, it’s up to me to either change it or live with it. Hell with it! Who bothers if white is difficult to maintain if you’re the one’s living with it and seeing it everyday?????? And best of all, you’re the one paying for it!

To be honest, dark color isn’t any better neither. Have a long scratch on the black counter-top in the kitchen. Yep, first week after the kitchen is done. Mind you, a scratch appears to be very obvious on dark surfaces. Now I use the ugliest table cloth that I could find in the house to cover that scratch. So you tell me, how nice is it going to be with dark colors?

Well, I’m not going to take good care of both my kitchen and wardrobe. I’m just going to USE and ABUSE them like some cheapskate stuff. Just see how long they can last under the wrath of ASHLEY! Wuahahahahahahahahaha! *Evil laughs*

So, so, so disappointed with a friend. The way that friend handled this issue, is totally disappointing. Friend thinks that he/she has done everything to help, sort of like telling me I’m asking too much and I shouldn’t be bothering him/her anymore. Sigh…… Someone will never understand. Colleague asked me, “still friend?” I don’t know…… I seriously don’t know. He/she doesn’t seem to want to stay friends anymore, or else will at least call me to ask how’s thing going. No, no calls. Every time I would be the one who texted first.

Wasted my money, lost a friend, and lost my trust.

My Rant On Kubiq

Chosen Kubiq, for our kitchen cabinets and wardrobe. First, I was convinced by someone, that the quality is good. Secondly, I believed it would worth the money. Thirdly, I trusted my friend more than my contractor. It wasn’t that my contractor is not good, in fact he is pretty good. However, who wouldn’t trust a friend more than a contractor which you only know for a month?

I regret every decision that I made about Kubiq. Yes, I am not a person who regret my decision. When I know I make a mistake, I don’t regret, I’ll just make sure I don’t repeat it and I learned. For this, I broke all the principles I have. Kubiq, now adds to my regret list, which has only 3!

If you want to know about the full story and if you care to read, (it’s long, I’ve warned you) it’s here in the Lowyat Forum. I posted in Lowyat Forum because I do not want another person fallen as a victim. Perhaps I’m the unlucky, still, I want to make sure I’ve done my part to warn you that, Kubiq is not professional enough to take on bulk orders during peak seasons and their workers are definitely not professional ones.

If you were in my shoes, going through all the hassles and headaches, living in a house with incomplete kitchen and wardrobe for nearly 3 months, couldn’t do a thing to other furnitures as you couldn’t unpack your stuff, seeing your walls and floors damaged by some unprofessional pricks, spent weekends mopping the dusty floors due to the numerous installations in the house, waited f***ing few months for them to correct their stupid mistakes, dealing with idiots not responding promptly to your questions and emails, always have to call FIRST to get an answer…… YOU tell me, if my patience for the past 3 months is not enough, tell me what is???!!!!!

I made a mistake, a grave mistake! I went with my guts more than the facts. I should have just let my contractor to do everything, but I put too much trust on a friend. A friend that believes has done everything to help me in this. I don’t know. I don’t care, you messed up, you get it corrected, I don’t care just how much you have done. Guess what, not even a call from my friend asking me “how’s thing going” after everything went wrong.

People, a friendly piece of advice from me. Do NOT ever, EVER, trust your friend for any renovation works. NOT even when they guarantee you that they could do a perfect job for you, NOT even when they could assure you 101% of quality, NOT even when you have seen how brilliant their work is, NOT even when they’re so good to you and certainly NOT even when they need your “help” in their business.

Things, can go wrong. Even the smallest of things can go wrong. You trust your friends, fine. Just don’t let them renovate your house! Advice given, take it or leave it.

Right now, even the word “Kubiq” looks disgusting to me. They deserve a middle finger from me. Make sure you run as far as possible when you see Kubiq. Quality wise, to be honest, it is similar to IKEA, but I must say IKEA is better because you have so many choices in IKEA and their service is definitely way better. If you are considering Kubiq, please go to IKEA. You may even find that IKEA is cheaper especially comes to installation price. Good thing with IKEA is, the workers are hired by IKEA, everything is controlled by IKEA. Anything goes wrong, go back to IKEA and they will definitely attend to you. Unlike Kubiq, my complaint was not even well addressed!

When I gather the same amount of money, I’m gonna tear every bit of Kubiq down and show them! Kubiq my a**!

Actually, I don’t feel as angry as I was. I just needed to rant here. In the future, when I look back, I will know how my grave mistake taste like! Also, I really do not want others to be another victim.

Tall unit is shorter than the wall cabinet. They appeared to be of same height on the drawings. If I had known the difference earlier, I would have told  them to take away the tall unit. It wasn’t even something I suggested, it was suggested and added by the designer!

I showed this photo to share a joke. I told some a**hole that this door is shorter since it came with the wrong handles, the door should cover the cabinet nicely, but here, I could see the bottom white edges so clear when I stand 3 feet away. I know they were going to change the doors, but I still showed that idiot this. Before anything else, that idiot said this is common, nothing is perfect! Now you tell me what bulls*** he was talking about. Common???

The biggest blooper!!! The plaster ceiling was already done when Keiron came to measure, yet the wardrobe came out to be shorter!!! See the small narrow top cabinet? That is another blooper. The a**hole told me you can’t do customisations for Kubiq, you can’t even cut it. I asked him, “if you can’t customise or cut it, it is taller than the ceiling then how??!!! Force it into the ceiling and wall????!!!!” I didn’t get any answer from that idiot.

The wall beside the wardrobe, badly damaged because those stupid workers didn’t use their brains, peeled off the silicon and didn’t bother to mend it! This goes from top to bottom ok, not just a tiny part! F***!

Stain/white wash on the wardrobe door, can’t remove it. Idiot asked Andrew if we want to replace it, if yes, then we have to take the measurements of the door and let him know then he give us a replacement. HA! No, thanks!!! I do not want to wait another 3 months again for a f***ing door. I don’t trust you anymore, not a damn bit!

Idiot told me drawings/plans can’t be used! Well, only a very “well-educated” idiot can say such a thing.

Guess what, up to this day, my wardrobe is still without handles. Every time they said will return call, but they never did until Andrew called them. Ya, ever since the day that idiot came, I’ve had enough of all this and I stop liaising with those idiots, Andrew is the one who’s been contacting them. I told Andrew I can’t talk to those idiots anymore, nothing good will come out from my mouth if I ever speak to them again. First time in my life that I felt so angry until I could curse his whole family and business! First time! Seriously, how far can this kind of person go in business?

Feel this, dumping RM11,400 into the deep blue sea! How does that feel?