Dreaming Away

Have you ever waken up to a dream of a dream? You were deep in sleep, having a dream, when you woke up, you were still in a dream. You woke up another time to the reality. I had dreams like that before, only a few times. But I couldn’t remember them. Yes, how often do you remember your dreams?

After Shutter Island, learned that Leonardo DiCaprio has another movie coming up soon. It is as mysterious and bizarre as Shutter Island. It is called Inception. I’ve no idea why it was called Inception as the trailer I saw earlier didn’t have any conversations. I knew I just have to watch it because the trailer looked so amazingly strange.

Luckily, the movie didn’t disappoint me. Leonardo’s acting is unbeatable. Everything he does in the movie could only get you more into it. Before you know it, you actually get sucked into the movie so deep by the character he plays. He has this charm or charisma that you just couldn’t take your eyes off of him. That makes you pay attention to the movie.

If you still can’t understand what the movie is all about, perhaps the movie fails to reach you. It’s not your fault, Inception, as well as Shutter Island, is not meant for those who do not like lengthy conversations. I ain’t gonna tell you the story of the movie, if you’re interested, go watch it.

The music in the movie is awesome! Most of the time it is the music that keeps the movie suspended. Salutes to Hans Zimmer. Am gonna grab the movie soundtracks.

Not forgetting Ken Watanabe, who played a supporting role in the movie. He has his own charms too.

An amazing movie indeed. You’ll start wondering, if you are living in a dream or reality. The dream and the reality, is just a sleep away.

This is the trailer I first saw. It’s compelling enough to make you wanting to go to the cinema, without anything being spoken.

Shutter Island

Leonardo DiCaprio did it again, in Shutter Island. And it’s another Martin Scorsese’s film DiCaprio starred in.

I missed his Body of Lies in the cinema, I told Andrew I wasn’t going to miss this Shutter Island again this time. Hahaha. I like DiCaprio, not because of his good looks, but more of the way he works his charms in a movie. Have briefly mentioned about him in my earlier post.

He looks even more matured in Shutter Island. Fatter too, but that doesn’t make him less charming.

The movie, I’m impressed. The plot, the characters, the line of the story, the twists…… They’re all woven together so perfectly. There are times where lengthy conversations may make you fall asleep, but you won’t. You would have all your nerves in alert condition to pay attention to every details in the movie. Yes, that is pure Scorsese’s magic. The same way he had you in The Aviator and the Gangs of New York.

The end of the movie wasn’t unexpected, but it was nicely and carefully crafted  to only reveal the entire truth at the end. The mystery was hanging in the air right up to the very end of the movie. Sadness, dark humors, tragic, anger, mystery, suspense…… You could feel just all of them in the movie. Nope, I’m not exaggerating. You’ll know what I mean after you watch it.

Do not expect too much of actions in this movie. If you weren’t into thriller and suspense, you will not enjoy Shutter Island. It is long too, almost 2 and a half hours long. You will have to need to prepare yourself to really engage in the plot. If you ever felt one tiny bit of boredom in the middle of the movie, well, you can forget about watching it till the end. :)

Enjoy your movie. Or I would say, enjoy Leonardo DiCaprio. :D

P. S.: Andrew and I found one funny point in the movie. The whole institution played along with one person for such a long time. Salute their efforts, man! If that was real. LOL!!!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Came across this movie while surfing the web. I’m so excited and glad to see Leonardo DiCaprio has another new movie. Kind of waiting for something new from him.

Body Of Lies – The Movie

I wouldn’t say that I’m his biggest fan. Watched Romeo & Juliet, didn’t have any idea who that is. Just know that he’s a cutie pie. Watched Titanic when I was 18, boring yet touching. Then came The Man In The Iron Mask and The Beach. Nothing great about them. I love Catch Me If You Can. Leo is much more matured in that movie. The Aviator was another big hit. He again proved that he could act. Blood Diamond is good too. Leo is definitely a great actor. He is trying lots of different roles recently. I’m impressed with his acting and effort as a producer.

Leo is an environmentalist as well. Hats off to him. He is the narrator cum producer for The 11th Hour, an environmental documentary about global warming.

Can’t wait to watch Body Of Lies!!! Bet Andrew would like this kind of movie… But we hardly have time for dating nowadays.

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