Oiling the Rusty Hands

I have abandoned writing for so long. My last post was I was back. And then I was gone again. LOL!

All I know now is to write work emails, memos, letters, policy…… With the pandemic, I must say I am so bloody good at writing policy and setting up SOPs. LOL. Not that I wasn’t good at it, but now I am extremely good. Okay, enough of the self-praise. Hahaha.

Not just writing, all that I read now is mostly news, policy, SOPs, webinars and articles on how to add value to myself and my job. Picked up Stephen King new book, Outsider, early this year. Guess what, I’m only half way through.

This is the 3rd week I’m working from home after returning to office for a month. Was working from home for 3 good months since March. Was so happy that we got to go back to work in September. And the 3rd wave of outbreak came. Sigh. Just hope that things would get better.

5 years into my current job. And I’m already 40. At this age, you realised a lot of things.

I do not waste so much of energy pleasing everyone.

I do not waste my breath arguing with idiots anymore.

I do not care so much about who like/dislike me.

I do not even care if someone hates me.

Time is precious. No point wasting it on unimportant things and people. Can’t believe that it took me so long to realise this. I’m still learning, 70% there I think.

So, it’s time to pick up the “pen”, give these rusty hands and mind some good oiling and practice. Reading and writing, still my passion.

Got to continue with my painting too.

Painted this during the lockdown.