Ideas. At Work. #4

Living room or some may refer to it as living hall, is obviously the largest space in a house. It is also where you can actually get more creative in planning, renovating and decorating.

To me, living room is the first thing that I (or a guest) would see when I step into the house, it should give at least myself a feeling of “welcoming home”.

I am struggling with the color theme/choice for the living room. I’d love red/white combination, but knowing that white furniture would be rather difficult to maintain and you’ve gotta be careful all the time not to dirty it, is one big reason that got me thinking twice. I love the earth tone too, it would create so much of warmth and comfort that would make you feel so much at home! Both Andrew and I adore rattan chair too. However, when it collects dust, it’s gonna be a hell lot of work to clean it. Sigh. Home planning is not easy wey. There’s so much to think with so little of dime.

This is pretty simple and homey,  but no creativity lor. :|

This one feels so comfortable!

My favorite of them all. :)

It is very likely am gonna get that sofa. The seat is deep/wide enough for long-legged persons like Andrew and I. LOL!

Ooohhh… Black & white. Too “heavy” to me.

Gosh! Books! Shelves! I’m a bookworm, and this looks heaven to me! Considering this for the study corner. :D

It’s amazing to see how sometimes different contrast of colors could look so nice together. The wooden coffee table, earth color rug and the orange sofa are woven together so well and the maroon-grey armchair sort of add a splash of live to it.

I have seen how a coffee table take up the space of a living room, adults bump on the edges and children bumping onto the corners, having not enough of sitting space when more guests pour in, difficulty of moving it during cleaning time or sometimes, it serves no purpose at all. I’ve told Andrew from the very beginning, too much drama a coffee table could give, no coffee table in the house in the future. One side table, yes, but not a coffee table. When I saw a footstool with storage at Ikea, I was jumping with joy. Not that I was buying it at that point of time. Hahaha. At least I know there is something that I could use as a footstool, storage and coffee table! Three in one.

See that rattan chest in the centre? How nice if I could have that too. I’m such a sucker when it comes to rattan. LOL.

Guess what, Andrew fell in love with this ↓ when he first saw it! Love at first sight! He said he is so getting it for the house. I wonder where is he going to put it???????? He claims that not many would have or dare to have this in the living room, we would be so uniquely different from others. Bla… bla… bla……

I seriously don’t think this would go well with the rattan. There goes my at-least-one-rattan-in-the-house plan. :(

Other than the furnitures, there’s the lightings and paintings to think about. Argh! Now you know where my creativity goes to and the reason of lack of updating here on the blog. -__-

*Photos courtesy of Ikea and Martha Stewart.