Shopping Alone. Again.

Last night went to KLCC for some shopping. Bought quite a number of things. Wanted to buy some new clothes for Andrew, too bad couldn’t find some nice ones. Guess tonight will bring him together. Really need to do some last minute shopping for the wedding day this Saturday. I still haven’t found a dress to wear during the “returning home” ceremony. Luckily mom reminded me last week, I have totally forgotten about it.

Today really need to bury my head in the works as I’ll be off for one whole week starting this Thursday.

Gifts redeemed using the L’Occitane membership points.

Bought these pyjamas at La Senza, RM208.50 for 2 sets.

Naf Naf is on sale again, bought this 2 at RM122.

TA DA!!! Finally, a peek at my ivory gown.