High Heels

I’m not really a high-heels person. Whenever I go out, I prefer to wear flats, sandals, sneakers or slippers. I only wear high heels when I go to work and on special occasions.

I didn’t like high heels in the past. I can’t say that I love them now, but I don’t hate them. :)

I started wearing heels when I started work, but the heels were limited to 2 or 3 inches. It is only this few years that I challenged myself to wear 4 inches heels.

I always hold on to this one important rules whenever I buy new shoes or heels, they must be comfortable to walk in.

If I don’t feel comfortable walking in them, I don’t care how pretty they look, I ain’t buying.

Very often I saw girls walking in heels awkwardly. They don’t look elegant and comfortable at all. To me, they’re just torturing themselves. For what? To show that you’ve got taste to buy a pair of pretty heels? Sorry, that to me is silly. You’re walking like a robot and we all know that you’re in pain. Who would still care to see if your shoes are pretty?

Worse, if you trip over by your own heels. :P

When it comes to shoes, I am a fussy pot. Even if it’s just flats, I’ll make sure that they’re comfortable. Although it’s cheap, I wouldn’t even buy them if it’s not comfortable.  I’ve learned my lessons the hard way. I’m not someone who would splurge on a pair of shoes just because it LOOKS nice.

You see, I know that a pair of comfortable heels is hard to come by. I often feel very sad when they got worn out or broken. :( 

There’s a saying, shoes are like partners, if it’s not the right fit, don’t force it. You’ll end up hurting yourself more than you can imagine. ;)


Oh dear, how to wear these heels????? Can you?


Oooohhh…… This is cool!!! I wonder if Nike really has this.

Zara heels 3

Heels with platform from Zara. Nah, I don’t wear heels with raised platform on the ball of the feet. I’ll trip. :P

Zara Pink Heels

PINK heels!!! I would love to try this. :D From Zara.

Zara black heels

Court shoes from Zara. I have a pair of this, no good. Not comfortable ’cause it is pointed front. Only wear this occasionally because I can’t wear long hours in it.

Note: I don’t own these photos.

Am Still A Shopaholic

I noticed I have not been blogging about my shopaholic side. I still shop pretty often, but I do not BUY like I used to. If at all I buy, it would only be 1 or 2 pieces. Unlike in the past, I could buy for a week’s wear of clothes.

Reason of me not buying as I used to is because most of the money has now gone to the house. I find myself linger longer in the grocery and household departments. Amazing huh? Owning a HOME can change a person so much.

Having said the above, when the shopaholic me is on the loose, it is still a scary one. Now, the word of “SALE” could make me go all wide-eyed and excited like a bee sees the honey. :P

I’ve been waiting for MNG sale, for some working clothes. The first time I went to the one in Mid Valley Megamall, I bought a pair of pants and skirt. Damn the long queue to the fitting room, bought the pants without trying and I can’t fit into the pants!!! What the…… MNG always has this problem of inconsistent sizes! Gotta go home ask mom if the pants could be altered. :( If not, that is RM69 wasted!

Second trip to MNG in KLCC, my goodness…… I was alone and I shopped like there was no tomorrow! Finally, got what I wanted. Went home with a wide smile and a guilty heart.

Got the dress at RM99, the long-sleeves at RM69 each (RM99 before sale), short-sleeves at RM49 (RM69 before sale), jacket at RM169 (RM259 before sale) and the pencil skirt with belt at RM69 (RM99 before sale). Love the dress and the jacket heaps! :D

Some may have noticed that MNG’s dresses now are cheaper, don’t be fooled. A lot of them are of lower quality and they don’t even have lining for sheer material. Those sheer material selling at RM99 or some even cheaper at RM69, I wouldn’t even think of buying them for the sake of “cheap”. Don’t want to risk walking around in a see-through dress! Or worse, they only last a few washes. This particular dress I bought is one of the few that I seriously think the material is worth the price. For those with better quality, nah… They ain’t cheap, still selling at RM149 and above. Also, the designs now are a bit trashy. A lot of them are more suitable for party wear. Hope you get what I mean. So, to get a dress that you can wear to work in MNG now is a challenge. It’s either too expensive, low quality or trashy.

With the limited dime, you just gotta make every dime of yours count. I don’t buy casual wear now, such as round-collar top. I spend about 80% of my time at work, we’re not allowed to even wear round-collar t-shirts for the casual Fridays. So, I only buy top that I can wear to work but also casual enough if I want to wear it during weekends.

You must think that I am crazy to spend so much in MNG alone. Sigh…… I know, I know. I’m broke now. When the Zara sale comes later, I think I’ll just have to set myself a limit.

Few weeks ago, went to La Senza to get some new panties. I don’t really fancy their bras, will only buy some of them during sale, for that cheekiness. :P Love their panties though! They’re so colourful and pretty. Most of them are pretty comfortable to wear. Again, you have to know what you’re comfortable with and choose only the right ones. Sometimes what looks pretty may not be nice to wear.

And then, bought another pair of LuiLui heels 2 months ago. AHHH!!! Evil!!!

There, confession of a shopaholic, I’ve done it. @__@

It’s a good thing that Andrew doesn’t really bother with me shopping, he has this principle that it’s my money, how I want to use it is my call. He too knows that I do spend for the house. It’s also a bad thing that he doesn’t stop me. Very often that if he were to open his mouth to tell me that I don’t need new clothes anymore, I would just not buy. Sigh…… Dilemma. -__-

LuiLui Again

My lovely LuiLui heels have finally given up on me. :( Sent it for repair a while back, lasted another month or two, but it has gotten loose and the seam on the side has came off too. I am so, so, so sad that I could no longer wear it. It is so versatile and I could wear it for all occasions. Sigh. Tried looking for the same pair but it is all sold out. T__T

Finally, bringing this second pair of LuiLui (bought them the same time with the previous one) to light. It was a bit challenging when I first wore it. The heels are taller and with a bit of wedge on the front. Took me a week to get used to it! Good thing is, it is comfortable. Seriously, LuiLui has got some killer-heels but they’re really comfortable to walk in. Now I fell in love with this pair of heels. Gonna get another pair, pray hard that it is still available.

It’s just that this one looks so “normal”. My colleagues have been asking me “where are the red heels”. ARGH! Sad……


Shoes – LuiLui

LuiLui is a local brand, founded in year 2010. A friend of mine, Angie is a big fan of it for reason that I prefer not to broadcast here. :)

LuiLui is only available in Isetan stores in Malaysia. Prices ranging from RM79 to RM200 in circa.

Early this year, bought 2 pairs of LuiLui high heels and I must say they worth every penny.

This pair of colorful heels, I wear it in the office, every day for the past 2 months. Guess what? It does not give me any cramps or pain or blister. It is so comfortable to wear! I was surprised. Never thought that I could manage a 3.5-inch heels all day long and still enjoy and love walking in it. Even the Fiorucci 1.5-inch shoe is not as comfortable as this! Plus, it’s pretty! I’ve received so many compliments from colleagues and friends. Just recently my CEO saw and commented, “nice shoes, Ashley!” :D

Finally, a pair of good-looking heels that I could wear all day and not letting it wears me out. :) Thumbs up to LuiLui. So, who said Made in Malaysian is always bad? :P



Still have another pair of 4-inch black heels lying in the box though. Hahahahaha……