Him, Again.

I think this is my 5th post about Michael Jackson. I know I never blogged about him while he was alive, and to blog about him now may only make me looking as if following the trend and news. Well, he IS now everywhere, on the TV, internet, news, music store, bookstore…… How can one-self not think of him when practically we are surrounded by him? Before this, when he was alive, the world had never been surrounded by this much of Michael Jackson. Don’t you agree? Not even when he was involved in all the accusations and having his concerts.

MJ’s most anticipated “This Is It” video, is coming soon. It’s a video all about his rehearsals on his never-get-to-do-it concert. Finally, we will get to see Michael Jackson performing on the stage for one last time.

Since he was an idol, I’ve never met him and I would never meet him now, he has always been in my heart and mind, he will always stay in my heart. In fact, him being dead doesn’t really change anything, except that no more “new” news and songs from him in the future. No more live performances. Oh yes, how could I forget! His great contributions to the children and the world. With his death, no one could or would continue what he was doing. That would change a lot of things. How sad. Guess most of the parents now would be begging for MJ to be alive instead of cursing him and calling him names that he had never deserved.

Enough of Michael. Now I am waiting impatiently for his video. Saw the trailer of it, awesome! His dance moves are unbeatable! You rock the world, Michael!

P.S: “Man In The Mirror” just can’t stop playing in my head! Weird……

Michael Is Still The Best

Michael Jackson’s burial is tomorrow. If Wan Yi didn’t tell me this afternoon, I wouldn’t have remembered.

For the whole month of August, NTV7 played his concerts and performances during all the Saturday nights. I only managed to watch one, the HIStory concert, which I have watched numerous times until I’ve lost count. Nevertheless, it is still great to watch.

From the shock of his death, to the realisation of he is truly gone, to the now he is going to be buried for good…… It has now ruled that MJ was indeed murdered. Negligence or not, MJ’s physician has caused great loss not just to the family, but to the whole world.

I still couldn’t believe all the accusations towards MJ on child sexual abuse. Look what he had done for the children. For someone who had done and contributed so much for the children in need and turned around and abused them?

Can time heal all wounds? Including this one that caused the whole world to grieve?

Michael Jackson was the best dancer and performer, and he will always remain as the best dancer and performer.

One video to remind ourselves, how much of effort MJ had put in to make this world a better place.

Random #1

I do not know what to write. Hahaha. I was back at home with my family last weekend. I was so lazy that I did not go out and meet any of my friends. Brought my camera back, but it was sleeping in the bag and didn’t get to do what it is supposed to do. LOL! Can you believe that I did not take a single photo over the weekend?! That is something new to me, if not for you. :P

This week onwards, I wouldn’t get to rest over the weekend. I’ll either be doing photoshooting or having fun. LOL. July and August are going to be fun, fun, fun!

About my photography, I’m taking small and steady steps. Hopefully with the coming assignments, I could do better then.

iPhone 3GS is coming soon!!! I asked Andrew if he’d be getting it, he said nope. Hahahahaha. I wonder if Maxis would offer to the current iPhone owners a plan for trade-in like what they have in the States. LOL. Ashley, you gotta stop thinking that and stop spending!

News about Michael Jackson are still everywhere. His sister, Latoya, is now saying MJ was murdered. Gosh…… What’s next?

I still miss him though. Saw his HIStory concert while I was having dinner with Andrew last Sunday, in a Mamak restaurant. My jaws dropped open so wide when I saw him dancing. Dancing and singing were in his blood, no doubt about that. The way he moved was just amazing and so natural. MJ made dancing looks as easy as drinking water.

That reminds me of something. Gotta go grab some DVDs and CDs of MJ. Original of course. :) Andrew was joking that since he is now dead, there’s no reason to support his originals. LOL! What a good theory.

Going to KLCC tonight? To go or not to go??? Hmmm……

P.S: Why do I miss MJ so much? Geez……

Michael Is Now Gone, For Real.

Ever since after his death, I felt that everyone was living in denial of his death. All the events that followed, were more like dramas for the whole world to see. His autopsy, his toxicology report, his will, his children’s custodian, his burial service, his grave…… Everyone is so looking forward to see/read all that. Until his memorial service, we all just had to face the cold hard fact, that he is really gone. He is now only living in our memories, in our hearts.

Yesterday Andrew forwarded an email to me, inside it was full of photos from MJ’s memorial service. When I saw the photo where MJ’s daughter, Paris was being comforted by Janet Jackson, the emotions and the tears just hit me out of nowhere. Called me emotional or whatever. I am still feeling sad over his death. Why am I being so sad for some singer that I’ve never met before? I don’t know, don’t ask me. I’m not always like this, Heath Ledger died I didn’t feel this way. Princess Diana died I didn’t feel anything like this too.

We took MJ for granted. For all the years when he was still alive, all the news about him were of negativity. For most of the younger generations, those who are below 20 year-old or in their early twenties, would never bother to get to know more about Michael Jackson, about his songs, his materpieces…… My housemates for instance, they are all either 20 or 21. It is only after MJ’s death that they started talking about him, browsing all his videos through Youtube, listening to his songs…… There was once I caught one of them watching MJ’s concert on Youtube and his face was showing that he is in awed of MJ’s moves! I couldn’t help but laughed, thinking to myself, perhaps that was his first time seeing MJ’s moon walk. LOL! I wonder if my children in the future would appreciate how great MJ was.

Of all his greatest songs, I love this one the most. It has always been in my head and sometimes, it would just come to my mind with no reason. Especially for the past 2 weeks, it’s on my mind like almost every single day. Hahaha. Soak yourselves deep in the lyrics, you’ll sure understand what they all mean and appreciate the way MJ sang it, right from his heart.

Man In The Mirror ~ Michael Jackson

Don’t expect to see MJ in this music video, you’ll be disappointed. Click and you’ll know why.

The King of Pop is gone. But his name will always be remembered by all of us.

Hmm…… I wonder… If there are life in other planets, would they be listening to MJ and mourning his death too? LOL! I think too much.

King Of Pop: Always Will Be

I guess some of you may wonder where has Ashley gone to? I normally blog pretty often, but it’s been 4 days I didn’t update anything. Friday was a tiring day for me, went to a seminar in Subang, after dinner and all that, I got home around 10pm. Saturday I had an appointment with Christine in Damansara. Sunday I was at home but later in the evening went to Seremban for seafood dinner. And here I am today. (More photos in the next post.)

Early morning of 26th June 2009 (local), a news shocked the whole world, from young to old. Our beloved King of Pop died, of cardiac arrest (heart attack), at the age of 50. It was only few weeks away from his London concerts. How sad……

I am not exaggerating to say myself have been living in the era of MJ. 80’s was the prime time for MJ, I’ve been listening to his songs when I was just a small child. My eldest sister used to listen to him a lot, having to live in such a small room, how could I have missed the songs? :) I still remember 10 years ago, second elder sister bought the HIStory double-cassette album, for fear that the prophecy of MJ was going to die at age of 40 would come true. LOL!

I’m not sure if you guys have heard of his ABC song when he was still in Jackson 5. That was a cute song! “ABC… … 123… … you and me… …” I think I know that song from the Sesame Street. Hahaha.

Earth Song, They Don’t Care About Us, You’re Not Alone…… All the great songs…… Can you deny his talent? Well, lots of talented artists out there now. But, none of them have ever written such impactful songs. When MJ was singing the Earth Song, I bet the human race would never have imagined our world indeed needed to be saved. Look now, the HOME movie. Why didn’t we listen to MJ years ago?

It was sad that at the later years of his life, all the negativities surrounding him. Allegations of child sexual abuse, illnesses, business, bankruptcy…… How much can a man take?

Hitz FM was playing MJ songs for 2 days, 8TV replayed his concerts on Saturday…… For the past 3 days, I was basically surrounding by MJ’s voices and faces. Andrew and I were both amazed by his voice and dance moves.

I love the tribute that the 8TV did, the name of Michael Jackson appeared on the screen, followed by his song “You Are Not Alone” with the lyrics.

Michael Jackson,
You are not alone,
For I am here with you,
Though you’re far away,
I am here to stay.
You are not alone,
For I am here with you,
Though we’re far apart,
You’re always in my heart,
For you are not alone……