First of all, one of the many reasons that keep me on my blogging journey is that I know there are people out there reading my blog and take good interest in it to actually LIKE some of my posts. No words need to be written or spoken, just a LIKE and I know someone is sharing the same thought or interest. Thank you people, for liking my posts. :)

I too, take great interest in the people who LIKE my posts. I’ll often check out their profile and if they have a blog too. Yesterday, someone LIKED my post on “Bryan Adams”. As usual, I clicked on the Gravatar, it shows Moses Melkonian. Looked for his blog, Moses Junkyard, clicked. Surprise, surprise. A new, young, talented artist. I wouldn’t label him as merely a singer since he writes and composes the songs on his own.

I’m impressed with Moses’ new work piece, We Are Mighty, We Are Young. The video (shot by Aaron Leaman) may look simple, but that’s what it’s all about. Great music doesn’t need fantastic video to tell the story, the song itself is great enough. Love the rhythm of the song. I’m impressed that Moses does not go into the main-stream pop music what others seem to be doing. We Are Mighty, We Are Young is pretty groovy. I was swaying my body a little while listening to it. Don’t believe me? Just listen to it and you’ll understand what I mean.

I was googling about this young artist, all I could get is this interview with Steezy Street. Then I went on to YouTube, wanting to see what else he has. Gosh, I found Lunar Lull! So soothing and comfortable. Moses sounds so different in Lunar Lull.

How long since we have someone who dares to be different?

Let’s hope Moses could stay in the industry and be different for as long as he could.

Seriously, you don’t know what you’re missing if you have not heard this brilliant artist.

Ahh…… Bliss of the week to have found this amazing star. :)