Interstellar 2014

I’m a fan of sci-fi movies, not a huge fan, but as long as it is entertaining and not too exaggerating, I’ll watch. When I saw the trailer of Interstellar, I know I gotta watch it.

Matthew McConaughey is a great actor, no question about it. Anne Hathaway is also a great actress, and beautiful. Then there’s the director, Christopher Nolan. How could one miss a movie like this? And I still have 2 TGV Amber passes that I won from Kinokuniya book contest, thought I’d better use them before they expire.

Going to the cinema for movie is not cheap nowadays. We went on Saturday, one movie ticket is RM16! The movie passes only gave us discount of RM9 each! Still had to top up RM14 for 2 movie tickets! Since when the price gone up to RM16? My goodness! One popcorn regular set that comes with a regular cup of popcorn and one medium size of soft drinks, cost RM10.90! It was only RM8.50 last year! @__@ Sorry for the out-of-topic rant.

Interstellar was an interesting movie. It’s a little similar to Gravity, but Interstellar has more stories to tell. The story between the father and daughter, the story of making promises, the story of the end of the world, the story of humanity, the story of gravity, the story of life beyond earth…… In fact, too many stories that I find it a little hard to digest. There was a point I got so irritated with the story and I was paying so much attention to the dialogue that I felt my head spinning! Especially towards the end I was trying so hard to understand all the “gravity beyond time” stuff.

I can’t say that I enjoyed the movie very much. I, again felt what I felt when I watched Gravity last year. However, this time minus the feeling of restless. I finally reached the conclusion that, although I love sci-fi movies like Star Wars and Star Trek, I don’t like “space” movies. I am fascinated with our universe, but I don’t think I enjoy watching movies like Gravity and Interstellar. You may tell me that Star Trek is also similar to exploring the universe. I know, but that is more like adventure and action. Interstellar is more like reality, too much of information to digest, it sorts of killed the entertaining part.

Well, it could be just me. Andrew enjoyed the movie very much, just like how he enjoyed Gravity. Ok, ok, it is me. So, if you’re like me, and you didn’t like Gravity, don’t waste your time watching Interstellar. You’ll be gritting your teeth and wishing the movie will end faster.

Anyway, despite the story, I did enjoy the visual and the occasional action scenes. What surprised me was, Matt Damon played a small part in the movie too!

I almost forgot, Hans Zimmer done the music for the movie. No wonder I felt a bit of familiarity when I heard the musics throughout the movie. I must say the musics created perfect mood every time.

Living For Pain

It is strange
How you feel about me
How I feel about you

It should not be

It is odd
The way you look at me
The way I look to you

It must not be

It is bizarre
How time has worked for you
How time has worked on me

It can not be

It is not real
This is not real

To not feel the pain
To not see the pain
To not live the pain

It is painful to be awake
It is staying awake that can save me

Save me
Will you?

Save me.

~ Ashley

P.S.: How many of us can really pull ourselves back together after a tragedy? How many of us can really let go and live with the pain? They said, time is the best healer. But they forgot, there is some pain, even the best healer in the world cannot heal. The movie Snowpiercer inspired me to write this. Chris Evans’ character was living with a pain that he cannot let go. We can only try to forget, but we never really forget. We can only pray for the strength to overcome the pain, and live on.


Worth watching, if you can ignore some of the non-logical parts. A pretty inspiring story. Don’t be surprised when you see the Korean language in the trailer. It is a Korean movie, by a Korean director. But the movie is in English, don’t worry. :P

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is also one of the much anticipated movies this year. When Andrew and I saw the trailer, both of us said the same thing, “we must watch this!” We were ooh-ing and ah-ing watching the trailer and he kept saying cool!

Those robots, they called them Jaegers, are even more magnificent than Transformers! Now, who said we need Autobots from the outer space to rescue us, we could build our own. :) Love the way that the pilots would always say the name of the moves out loud before they strike. That sounds very Janapense-Ultraman-style, but it is cool! I’m never a fan of Ultraman, but surprisingly I love Pacific Rim Jaegers.

Whenever I saw the Jaegers fighting, my adrenaline pumped up too. I didn’t feel much of that when I watched Transformers. Yeah, Optimus Prime is cool and “handsome”, but Gipsy Danger is cooler and more magnificent! I kept ooh-ing and woah-ing. The music also plays a major role in the movie. They sound pretty impressive and make the Jaegers “appear” to be very stylish. You MUST listen to the ending song played during the credits. It sounds really fantastic! And it totally matches the grandness of Jaegers. Andrew and I were still watching and listening to the song when the credits played. :D

The moment I first saw Charlie Hunnam, I thought to myself, why this man looks so weird? Somehow, I don’t find him attractive. He seems to be trying too hard to impress in the movie. When I saw the Japanese girl, I thought, why the director picked all the non-attractive people for this movie lah aiyo!!! She sounds like she was reading from the script. Saw her in the trailer of 47 Ronin, she doesn’t sound like that anymore. Luckily there is Idris Elba. Oh gosh, he exudes such overwhelming power in the movie. Whenever he appeared, you could feel the power and authority that he represented. Great actor. I didn’t recognise him in Pacific Rim. However, when I went to watch Thor: The Dark World, Andrew said when Heimdall appeared, “this the man from Pacific Rim”. My lips went “O” for a long time! No wonder they both give me the same feeling.

Apart from the rookie performance of Charlie Hunnam and Mako Mori, I enjoyed the movie a lot. If you love Transformers, you just gotta watch Pacific Rim.

“Today we are cancelling the apocalypse.” – Stacker Pentecost

And here’s the ending song, Googled for it, it’s called Drift.

The Horror

I used to love horror movies (in fact I still love them) and I wouldn’t have nightmares after watching them. I could still go on with my daily life not worrying if I would see a ghost or some spirit is going to haunt me.

Years ago, when I was still a college student, I watched Ju-On together with my housemates at home. That movie, is my curse. I couldn’t get rid of those images from my head! I was so scared that I called Andrew (who wasn’t home to watch the movie together) and told him to come home IMMEDIATELY (he was my housemate back then). He would now recall that I sounded like I was just being robbed. LOL! Ju-On is really scary s*** I tell ya!

I have this love-hate relationship with horror movies since then, I want to watch them but I am also scared. Andrew doesn’t appreciate that part of me. He doesn’t like horror movies and he doesn’t understand why I still want to watch them when I feel so scared. He refuses to watch horror movies in the cinema, or I should say he doesn’t even want to watch them. I literally have to beg him to watch it with me, but he never budge. :( Luckily he said yes for watching The Conjuring in the cinema! That’s because I told him it’s based on a true story! The last time he watched a horror movie with me in a cinema (before The Conjuring), he fell asleep!!! T__T

I only watch horror movies at home when Andrew is around. Also, I will only watch horror movies after I take my shower. Hahaha. You ask, what has shower got to do with watching horror movies? All because of Ju-On lah! There was a scary scene happened in the bathroom while the girl was taking her shower…… Gosh!!! Don’t remind me of that! Andrew will always remind me to take my shower first if I want to watch horror movies. :P I dare not to go to the bathroom after watching the movies, or, I will leave the bathroom door open. Hahahahahaha.

So, why do I still love watching horror movies? Let’s just say I love the mystery or story behind every horror movie. There is always a reason behind a haunted place, and it is always related to human. Horror movies are, most of the times, telling you a story from a different perspective. Don’t you want to know why that house is haunted? Why the spirits become restless? Why the living ones did what they did? Why……

I have never watched the trailer above to the end…… Whenever I saw this trailer on TV, I would quickly cover my ears and close my eyes! LOL!!! I’ve not watched the movie too, it looks too scary. Hahahaha.

Few years back, Andrew got me this movie, Dead Silence, since I told him I wanted to watch. I put the DVD on, just 5 minutes the movie started, I close and off everything. That scene is the beginning of the trailer above too. The moment I saw it was zooming in on the bed with something covered underneath the blanket, I hit pause! I was so scared and, Andrew wasn’t home!!! I think I deserve a trophy for acting so quick to hit the pause button, it was lightning quick I tell ya! LOL!

There was once I saw this trailer on TV, can’t remember what movie is that. I didn’t know it was a horror movie trailer, I screamed the moment I saw the ghost! Idiot!!! And Andrew was laughing! @__@

Do you like horror movies?

“Come out, come out, wherever you are.” – Hide and Seek

Monsters University

I love Monsters, Inc.! So, I would never miss a “monsters” sequel. Right after Monsters, Inc., I already know that they were making a sequel. Finally!!! I told Andrew that no matter what, I MUST watch! Hahahaha. However, this is not a sequel. It is a prequel to Monsters, Inc. Story about the monsters before they become the employees in Monsters, Inc.

I was so happy and excited that morning, felt like a little kid again. Hahaha. You know, sometimes it is so easy for me to feel happy. :) When I saw Sully and Mike on the big screen again, I had to control myself not to yell like a kid, “Sully!!! Mikey!!!” LOL! Somehow I miss being in Disneyland, you get to do all that yelling and shouting like a kid and no one would look at you with that this-girl-is-so-weird-and-childish look.

Anyway, back to the movie. I still prefer Monsters, Inc. Monsters University somehow does not have that much of “funny factors”. It is funny, but it is also pretty forgettable. You laugh, and that’s it. It doesn’t leave a big impression on the audiences. There isn’t a particular scene that I can really remember and still laugh about. I enjoyed a great laugh, and that’s it.

I guess the movie is trying to tell us that, your performance in academic doesn’t define your future. You fail on papers, you can still well be successful in life later on. And, attitude is all that matters.


Gravity 2013

You may have noticed that I don’t write movie reviews much lately. How can a movie-goer suddenly stop watching movies? No way. I still watch movies, but I am too lazy to write about them. I blame my hormones. LOL! Guess now I am back to my normal self to start blogging/writing again. You’ll be seeing a few movie reviews in the next few days, just skip my blog lah for a few days if you don’t want to read them.

Didn’t know about Gravity until it was in the cinema and I constantly heard people raving about it. “It was so amazing that you could actually feel like you’re in the space! It was so real! It was so cool! You gotta watch it in IMAX, unbelievable! Best space movie ever!” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…… To be honest, it didn’t attract me at all even after watching the trailer. Oh well, Andrew wanted to watch and I don’t mind since there’s George Clooney. :D

Twenty minutes into the movie, when the adventure started, I got restless. I got so impatient with Sandra Bullock’s character being so stupid and stubborn in the movie. LOL! I also got impatient with the atmosphere of the movie. Nothing is moving…… Everything stays still…… Floating and drifting helplessly…… Some said that is the power of the movie, that the experience of the character in the movie felt so real. Apart from feeling “real”, I felt boring too. -__- I got restless and impatient because I wanted the movie to end faster since I already could predict the ending. Okay, that’s how it feels in the space…… I don’t need someone to use 90 minutes to tell me that. I already know in the first 30 minutes…… @__@

Andrew enjoyed the movie, a lot. In fact, a lot of people did. I’m the odd one! What makes me more sad is, George Clooney appeared for like maybe 30 minutes ONLY!!!

Nevertheless, it’s still a good educational movie for all of us.

Not forgetting the excellent performance of Sandra Bullock. She’s such a great actress.

White House Down with Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx

Been hearing positive comments about this movie. Andrew and I just watched Olympus Has Fallen two weeks ago, thought we should watch White House Down too and see which one’s better.

You know, Andrew and I always have this feeling, why all of a sudden one particular actor/actress keep appearing in movies? Last year was Jeremy Renner, this year is Channing Tatum, not forgetting last year movie The Vow. Suddenly they become hot cakes and everyone wants them in their movies huh. :P

Well, I’m happy to see Channing Tatum though. He’s just so charming. :) I wasn’t happy with his brief appearance in G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Watched The Vow recently and found that he could act well too if given the right role, not just a handsome guy with great body. So, of course I’m happy to see him in White House Down. :D

When I saw Jamie Foxx, as the POTUS, I turned to Andrew and asked, “is Jamie Foxx THAT old? He certainly doesn’t look THAT old to be the President.” In the movie, he is more like the happy-go-lucky type of Mr. President. I was laughing so hard when he kicked the bada** in the face and said through his gritted teeth, “!” It was so hilarious!!!

Both Andrew and I agreed that White House Down is more entertaining that Olympus Has Fallen. White House Down has more humour elements while Olympus Has Fallen is more dry and serious. Also, White House Down’s storyline is more convincing than Olympus Has Fallen. Last but not least, Channing Tatum is more handsome than Gerard Butler. :D Oh, and I prefer Jamie Foxx than Aaron Eckhart.

The movie is full of actions and you will never ever feel bored, not even for one second. The twist at the end of the movie, is pretty unpredictable. Kudos to the director and script writer.

Man of Steel

I know it’s a little too late to blog about Man of Steel now when the heat is gone. I just didn’t have the time and mood to blog about movies. As some of you may know that it ain’t easy to blog about movies.

I was attracted to Man of Steel, not because of the handsome and macho Henry Cavill, but more because I wanted to see what kind of “man of steel” they made this time. I love Superman Returns back in 2006, love the way Brandon Routh portrayed Superman and love the story. I was hoping after so long, Man of Steel could (if not better than the previous one) at least remind us the story of Superman again.

When Andrew saw the Superman standee outside the cinema, he shouted, “Look! Superman not wearing underwear!!!” I laughed so loud! Before the movie, I’ve been hearing people saying finally Superman now learns to wear underwear on the inside, or that he has grown up that he doesn’t need diaper anymore. I’ve not heard anyone saying Superman not wearing undies!!! LOL! Andrew’s the first!!! Hahahaha. I was shocked to see the new Superman doesn’t have the red undies on the outside. To me,  that is Superman’s trademark, same with the cape. If you remove it, he just looks like yet another superhero. But this is Superman! The superhero of all superheroes. How can he be ordinary like other superheroes?! :(

First half an hour of the movie was about what was happening on Kryton before it exploded. After that, more stories on what happened back then and there. It was a delight to see Russell Crowe, but I don’t appreciate the movie focused so much on what happened on Kryton and the feud between General Zod and Jor-El. The movie seemed to lose its focus on Superman. I felt like they were making a movie to tell what happened to Kryton and General Zod’s story.

Superman’s character was not well defined. Although we know what Superman went through to be who he is today, it would be nice if the director could focus more on his childhood and teenage time. Those periods were mostly briefly described. I didn’t expect to see this in Superman Returns because we all knew it was on Superman’s adulthood, that he went missing and returned. However in Man Of Steel, the director showed us the childhood and yet he didn’t show enough.

The same goes to Lois Lane’s character. With all due respect to Amy Adams, she’s a great actress, but I don’t think she’s suitable for Lois Lane’s character. She looks too sweet to be Lois Lane. In the movie she did appear to be strong and stubborn, but I find it forceful.

It was another surprise to see Kevin Costner. How perfect for him to be Superman’s human father. He totally nailed it.

I find the movie to be a bit long. I got so impatient towards the end. When the Kryton’s craft finally exploded, I thought to myself, “finally! Finished!” When I saw General Zod came out from no where (how the hell he survived the explosion was not even explained), I sank deep into my seat and told Andrew, “my gosh…… when is it going to end?!”

There were times the conversations were boring and unnecessary. The superhuman fighting scenes were boring too. You got two superhuman throwing fists at each other and you don’t even know who’s beating who. I know, I know. Superman is fast and this is expected, but it’s just, boring. The way how Superman finished General Zod, gosh…… What?! Just like that???!!! That was really… lame. :(

I was so disappointed with the movie. I still prefer the Superman portrayed by Brandon Routh. Handsome, with a bit of sorrow in his eyes. Gentle, yet stubborn. Strong, but fragile. I personally feel Henry Cavill’s Superman is too macho, too rogue. Perhaps I shouldn’t compare the two of them. After all, it’s two totally different movies. Well, I just can’t help it. :)

P.S.: About the new costume, it’s a love-hate thing for me. Love that it has texture, the new “S” logo, the flowy velvety cape and the new boots. However, what happened to the underwear??? :| Okay, I must admit Superman looks cooler without the underwear, but it also makes him lesser of a Superman. Don’t you think so?


Furious 6

Every 2 or 3 years, we get one Fast & Furious movie. How cool is that? :)

I must say that this is one hell of a sequel that hardly disappoints. This is one of the rare movies that has 6 sequels and each sequel is still the most anticipated one.

Fast & Furious has always been on our “must-watch”  list. This time, after watching the trailer of Furious 6, Andrew told me that this time it may not be good. The trailer showed too much of stunts by CGI, not the real stunts. Andrew was expecting fast cars, races and stunts, not some visual effects that you can get in any other movies. So, we went to the cinema with low (I could even say NO) expectations. I on the other hand, wanted to watch it just because I have been watching it since the first and wouldn’t want to miss the sixth.

The beginning was boring. I’m sorry to say that Vin Diesel just couldn’t do emotions. Hahaha. He has this poker face. :P Lucky that the movie started to pick up the pace after 20 minutes. Then, there was no turning back. Actions after actions, jokes after jokes…… This is one fast & furious movie with the most humorous scenes. Tyrese Gibson (Roman) and Chris Bridges (Tej) are so funny. I think the movie would be a little boring without them, and the jokes would not have the same effect coming out from others. :D

If you want to watch this movie, please throw your logics out of the window. There’s totally no logic in some of the scenes. I was totally enjoying myself and not bothering of the logics part. Furious 6 is still a very entertaining movie. You can still see fast cars, races and stunts. There’s a bit of CGI here and there, but it’s not as bad as we expected.

Finally, in this movie it was revealed how the Tokyo Drift is connected to Fast & Furious. Oh boy, Jason Statham appeared! I can’t wait for the Fast 7!!! The original director Justin Lin would not be directing Fast & Furious anymore. Keep our fingers crossed that the next one would still be good if not better.

P.S.: The scenes on the aircraft and runway were ridiculous and drama though. A military type of cargo plane couldn’t lift 4 cars??? Are you kidding me??? One car managed to pull down a (again) military type of cargo plane??? The runway took forever to end and coincidently it ended before the car crashed??? Are you seriously serious??? Oh, don’t forget that Vin Diesel became the flying superman landing on a car without even a scratch, or an “OUCH”. OUCH! Like I said, throw all your logics out of the window.

Oblivion 2013

Finally, managed to catch a movie last night. Was so tired with the work, watching a good movie could offer me the relaxation that I longed for although a short one.

Andrew and I have never heard anything about “Tom Cruise has a new movie this year”. When we saw the trailer in the cinema few weeks ago (when we went to watch GI Joe), we were so surprised. Surprised that Tom Cruise has a new movie, also surprised that we’ve not heard or read anything about “Oblivion“. I couldn’t help but felt “oblivious”. :) How apt.

Of course, anything with Tom Cruise in, is a must-watch for me. :) For Andrew, the director is good enough to lure him in, it was the same director who directed Tron: Legacy. Just the trailer alone already showed quite a number of similarities to Tron.

The simplicity of colors, costumes, weapons and technology in the movie, is truly outstanding. Everything is so simple and clean but amazingly hi-tech. The beautiful hi-tech resident sits amongst the ruined and damaged city creates such a strong contrast. I asked myself, do I want to live in such a beautifully and nicely built house and sacrifice the earth, or live in the nature of the earth without the technology? Well, must we sacrifice the nature for the advancement of technology? Must we also sacrifice the usefulness of technology to protect the nature? Can’t we have both?

Sorry for the side track, back to the movie. :) Same director, same rules. Love the colors of the costumes/uniform, they’re so clean and uniform. In Tron we have those lighted race cars and bikes, in Oblivion there’s drones. :)

Thumbs up to Tom Cruise! Without his good performances, I honestly think that the movie wouldn’t be so great. He could make the boring scenes bearable and needed. Not because of his looks (of course he is handsome), it’s his ability to make you pay attention and listen to him. You just can’t deny his talent.

The movie was progressing pretty slow but not boring. The director, Joseph Kosinski is smart in keeping the audience suspended. Revealing the truth bit by bit, left you doubting what you’re thinking, wondering what the end will be and wanting to stay until the end. It’s pretty much a romance story, but not lacking the action too. I didn’t know sci-fi movie can be so simple and “clean”. The visual effects are so neatly done.

Surprisingly, this is one sci-fi movie that I asked less questions. I didn’t find anything in the movie that I don’t understand. It is so easy to understand and interpret if you pay attention.

Oblivion is a great movie if you’re a sci-fi fans. If you’re a romantic, you’ll love this too. For me, I love it. Cool story, great backgrounds, great actors, exciting action, pretty visuals…… Need I say more? :)