Nokia N96 or iPhone

iPhone was my dream phone earlier of the year. Wanted to have it badly. Too bad that the price in Malaysia is kind of crazy.

Saw the Nokia N96 in a magazine few months before it launched. Fell in love with its beauty. Kept telling Andrew that I’m so gonna wait for the N96. Hoping that it would be cheaper than the iPhone. When it was out on the street last month, my heart dropped deep to the ocean floor. Damn it! It costs RM3338!!! (Sorry about the price of RM 3399 I mentioned earlier) If it’s AP phone, it will still cost RM2500 to RM3000. It is lighter than iPhone (133g & 125g). I just love the looks. Though iPhone looks clean and with a larger screen, N96 isn’t too bad at all. Again, my ‘hunky, macho, masculine’ Andrew still thinks that it’s not worth the price. He told me to wait again for the price to drop. HA. He added, “what you gonna use it for? You’re just gonna use it to call and SMS or probably MMS.” Hmph……

N96… When will you be mine???

For comparison of 2 phones —