The Predator

Finally, I finished Predator that I started since last year July!!!

Patricia Cornwell is so good in writing forensic sciences. It’s even better than watching all the CSI series. Besides all the sciences, she is so damn good in creating mystery and suspend!

Well, not all her books are interesting, I’ve read one which is kind of boring, Book of the Dead. Her Kay Scarpetta series are in fact very famous.

Gotta start another book, perhaps it’s time for Nora Roberts now.

Chinese New Year 2009

It is coming soon, real soon. Another 10 days. This year, I am not so looking forward to the Chinese New Year. You may say this is the first Chinese New Year I’m going to spend with my husband together with his family, I should be excited. Well, I am not.

I am saddened by the fact that I can’t have the ‘reunion’ luncheon with my family. I miss my mom’s cooking, I have always been. Though I go back to hometown every month, I still miss her cooking for the Chinese New Year. I miss having meal together with all my family members, everyone sits around the round table, chit-chatting, laughing, having fun…… I feel sad whenever I think of it.

Why is there such a rule that the daughter has to follow the husband during Chinese New Year? What the hell…… Aren’t we women children to our parents too? Don’t we have to reunion with our family? Is it only the men need to reunion with their family?

It’s not that I do not like my in-laws. I like them, I love them for bringing up such a lovely son who knows how to appreciate love. It’s just that I miss my own family. Can you imagine that you have to spend the most important day of a year without your parents, where you have been with your family for the past 28 years? That feeling is just something which you will not like it. Just think about that. Perhaps some may think that 28 years with family, it’s time for a change. Well, I do not like that change then. I don’t think I’m going to “feel” the Chinese New Year this time.

Switch topic. I went to KLCC last night. Wanted to go home, instead I stepped into KLCC. I just don’t want to take the train home, hate it. I’d rather wait for Andrew to finish work.

Went to Kinokuniya bookstore. It’s been quite some time I haven’t soaked myself in books. I love bookstores. It doesn’t matter if I’d buy anything, I just love to go into the bookstore and see what’s new. I used to buy a lot of magazines, sometimes 3 copies of different magazines a month. Ever since I subscribed to Reader Digest, I no longer buy any magazine. It is Andrew who would buy once in a while, but what he normally buys are those gadgets related or automobile related magazines. Last night I saw this magazine that got my attention. It is featuring all 5 new DSLR cameras, so happened that this is the magazine that Andrew likes to buy. So I bought it. My eyes got so wide when I saw this, Canon Power Shot G10… GOSH… Look at the size! It’s so much smaller compared to my Canon 450D!

I am a Patricia Cornwell fan, since 2 years ago. LOL. I know I’m slow. It was only 2 years ago that I finally bought my first “Kay Scarpetta” series novel, Trace. Then I just couldn’t stop. I haven’t finished “The Predator” and now I’ve bought another one. Geez… Wonder when I can finish them.

Last year May I bought this “Blood Brothers” by Nora Roberts. I didn’t know it was the first book of the trilogy of “Sign of Seven”. The 2nd and 3rd book weren’t out yet back then. After I finished the 1st book only I realised there’s a sequel! I hate reading sequel when the 2nd book isn’t published. Checked the website, damn it, I had to wait till November 2008! It seemed long to me that time. But fortunately, the remaining 2 books are published at the same time! Of course I grabbed both of them. Hahahaha…… I’m not a fan of her. It’s just that I like mystery, horror and thriller.

Isetan closed earlier last night for today’s sales preparation. I wandered to Parkson. Saw this lovely dress. For myself?! Absolutely not! For my niece. It’s been a while I didn’t buy her any dress since she grows so fast. Hope this one would fit her nicely. Now I’m having headache of how to bring the gifts back to my family since I’m not going back before Chinese New Year. Sigh……