On The Other Side

I love to take photos, I love photography, that is a known fact. But do you know that I love to be photographed too? I finally get to be on the other side of the camera, “full-time”. :D

Owner of the sweet Canon 450D for 1 and a half years, Andrew has never offered to photograph me except when we were traveling. I would have to tell him “take here, I want this… I want to see this…… right right, left left……” LOL! Bossy? Hahaha. Perhaps. I have lots of photos, but never a proper portraits kind.

I did not expect it to be a total photo-shooting session with Wan Yi and Melissa! We started off with a 3 hours of karaoke in Redbox The Gardens, singing our hearts and lungs out. Although I was late, I had a wonderful time still. The Backstreet Boys’ Everybody is still echoing in my little head. Haha.

After the karaoke, the unbelievable photo-shooting session began! And I, have become their model, officially. Or I shall say “guinea pig”? LOL! They wanted a BIG “moving” subject to practice, and I was happy to be that subject. Hahaha. Who to blame?! I never had a GOOD photo-shooting session of my own.

Here, let’s see what we have now. I am so, so, so happy with all the photos. I am happy as a clam! :D

(These are from Wan Yi. For photos from Melissa, click HERE.)

A great day has come to an end, in a great way. :)

Went dinner with Wan Yi and Kong, fish head noodles, in Kuchai Lama. Pretty good. Had my first sip of the soup, thought the one in Desa Petaling that Phoebe brought me to was nicer. Towards the end, found that this one was better. The milk isn’t too much and that makes the soup whole lot better. I almost finished the soup!

Pregnancy Photoshoot – First Ever

I was so excited when she engaged me to shoot for her pregnancy photos. It was one of the 10 portraits that I was giving out in the month of June. I am so glad that she showed me her support! That is exactly what I needed and still need at this moment. Thank you Shin Yee for having faith in me. :)

But I was so nervous last week. I was worrying I may screw up the good memories. I kept thinking “what if the photos aren’t nice? What if she doesn’t like them? What if my photos look flat?” I flooded myself with so many of what-ifs!!! Assurance from friends didn’t seem to work on me. Hahaha.

Anyway, here are some of the photos.

Photography – With Vivian & Friends

Remember the photoshoot with Vivian that I mentioned few weeks ago. Finally I’m done with the photos editing part.

Vivian is so much fun to shoot with, she can definitely work it all. It was so easy to shoot with her.

It was supposed to be a friendship-themed photoshoot. Too bad that it didn’t materialise as there were too many photographers. Ended up that each of us shoot with different people. I was lucky that I followed Vivian. :) I followed her because first, I know her longer, the interactions between 2 of us would be easier. We joked, we talked, we laughed at each other…… Hahaha. Then, I knew that shooting Vivian would be fun. She’s such a bubbly person who likes to smile and laugh a lot.

I knew that she was a bit, hmm… how should I put it? She was probably a bit frustrated that the other photographers didn’t understand the theme that she had wanted. Plus, the other photographers just didn’t give her the attention that she deserved! I always believe that it is not the prettiness of the object that we shoot at, it is always the interactions between the photographers and the object. If you interact well with the object, you can have beautiful photos. So, I can’t understand why those photographers having their eyes fixed on the other 2 pretty ladies. Vivian is all pretty and fine too. I am glad that I shoot her more. My heart felt a bit of the twitch when she mentioned in her blog that there ain’t much photos of her except from me.

I believe the photos speak of themselves. Look at all the wonderful photos I’ve got for Vivian. It once again proves that, you don’t need an almightly camera to take good photos (of course a good camera adds to the finest details of the photo). I’m not being arrogant here, just that I love the photos so much, and I love Vivian too. :) Thanks Vivian for giving me the chance.

She looks so cute! :D

The other photographers didn’t want to have the passer-by in the photo. Well, I was thinking, “the hell with it”. It looks more fun to have other things in the photos. :)

They said silly to have direct sun light on the face of your subject. Well, at least it looks nice here. :p


Goddess in the forest? LOL!

Love, Laughters, Sweat

Today is a day that made me all energised again. We ate, talked, laughed, screamed, played, joked, took photos, sweat…… All that we could do in probably several days, we did it all in one day! LOL!

I can’t remember if Nicole invited us over, or it was one of our little evil ideas (okay, we have many BIG evil ideas :)) just to crash her house and made her worked her ass off to cook for us. Hahahaha. She has been headache for 2 weeks on what to cook for us and if we would like it. Awww… Nicole, Nicole… Your worries were all for nothing. :) The food was delicious!

After buying some Coca-cola from 7-Eleven, went to Wangsa Maju LRT station to pick up Melissa and off we went to Nicole’s house. There was some minor traffic jam on the road, but we got there around 12.30pm. Wan Yi came late, at about 1pm.

Nicole had made us a dozen of double chocolate muffins! Yes, you read me right, a dozen for 5 of us, including her kind self. There was a dozen of strawberry chicken wings!!! And, the divine of the day, potato/ham gratin!!! When Melissa, Vivian and I got there first, the gratin was still in the oven. Nicole said there was too much of cream and it was watery. But when it was done, it wasn’t. With the extra cream and milk, Melissa happily sucked all of them! LOL! Alright, not all, but much of it. Hehehe. The gratin was super yummy, with the ham and cheese…… Ooohhh…… There wasn’t any single drop of cream spared on my plate! Hahahaha. The strawberry chicken was unique. With a teeny tinge of sourness, it didn’t spoil the taste of the chicken wings. The double chocolate muffins!!! How could I miss that! I was the first to grab one and put it in my mouth! Hahahaha. It’s even better than those muffins from Coffee Bean or Starbucks.

After having a hearty, filling and satisfying meal with a big grin on all of our faces, we headed straight for the Wii!!! Yes, it was Wii time! So funny to see Wan Yi having all sorts of expressions again. She has never failed to demonstrate to us how her face can be contorted into so many funny ways! Hahahaha.

We had a great time playing and laughing our heads off!!! After a while, I noticed Melissa and Vivian, who weren’t playing, were having their very own photoshooting session right at the balcony area with my camera! LOL! And then Vivian suggested to go down to the facilities floor to have some outdoor photoshooting session.

Vivian left around 4pm, but the 3 of us continued our Wii session. Melissa wasn’t playing at all. Hmm…… I wonder if she doesn’t like to play or she simply wanted to enjoy seeing our funny reactions! Hahaha. Every great party has to come to an end.

Melissa then left around 5.30pm. Wan Yi and I now had the whole Wii to ourselves, with Nicole sitting and watching! :D Both of my arms are aching now after all the violent shaking from playing Wii! Hahaha.

A super-duper BIG thank-you to Nicole, for cooking such a nice and wonderful meal for us. I know you’ve made a lot of efforts in cooking something that we all would like. Thanks.

I forgot to mention that, Nicole has got a very homey house. She has always mentioned that it’s her 狗兜 (doggie house, similar to a small humble hut). If that is a doggie house, it sure hell is a damn big house! LOL! It’s not small at all, not even close to messy, it is so clean and comfortable. Wish I could have a home like that in the future.

Here’s some photos, to feed your hungry eyes. More to come later tomorrow.

Backdate, Update, Today!

For the past 2 days, I did not have the time to log in here and blog what was actually happening.

Saturday, had a photoshoot session with a friend and his girlfriend. It was one of my free portraits that I’ve given out 2 months ago. Finally, we decided to go to Putrajaya. The weather was good and sunny, but damn it was so hazy! It was even worse in Putrajaya. Anyway, we went on with the photoshoot.

Stanley is such a friendly person. We were school mate in secondary school, both of us studied in the same college but different school, he was in School of Techonology while I was in School of Business Studies. We weren’t in contact with each other for quite some time. It was early of this year that we started to get back in contact.

Stanley is so cool! He isn’t camera-shy at all. Lynne is quite photogenic, without the make-up and all that, she could still look pretty good. :) It was a fun day. We finished off around 11.30am and Stanley took us to Klang to have Bak Kut Teh (porks cooked with some herbs). If you like Bak Kut Teh, Klang is definitely the place you want to go.

After our satisfying lunch, Stanley sent Lynne home as she wasn’t feeling very well, and he brought me to Setial Alam to see all the show houses they have there! Gosh…… Setia Alam is so big!!! We went around the show village, seen about 7 or 8 show houses, then I told him I gotta run. I’ve promised Wan Yi to follow her to Genting Highlands! Hahaha.

Gosh, I reached home around 4pm, had a quick shower, changed, make-up a little then I rushed out. They were actually waiting for me downstairs in the cafe, playing monopoly!

Reached Genting, wow, the air… so cooling and refreshing. We were having coffee in Coffee Bean, at the open air area, enjoying the chilling wind. Well, guess we aren’t as strong as we thought we were. 15 minutes sitting in the wind, we decided to go back in as all of us were shivering! LOL! Playing monopoly while sipping ice-blended coffee and eating the muffins…… Hahahaha……

After chilling in Genting, we came down and went to Klang to have supper. Yes, as you may aware, I went to Klang 2 times in a day! The supper was nice!

I got home around 2am, Andrew was sound asleep. After transfering all the photos to my lappie, it was almost 3am.

The next day would be having a photoshoot with Vivian and her mates in Taman Tun Park. I’ll talk about it later, let’s not spam this post with too much of I-don’t-even-understand. :)

Photos will be up later. I need some break and I’ll be finishing off some translation works for the coming few days. Please bear some patience with me. Sorry.

Wedding: Bee Hui & Zhao Yang

Finally, I have found myself some time to upload this batch of photos. Take a look.

Portraits for Pets???

Went to meet Christine last Saturday, needed me to take some simple photos of her maternity-wear shop located in Tropicana Medical Centre, and also some “portraits” for her cute little doggie, Fanshih.

I am quite afraid of dogs, but I do love dogs. It’s just I’m always worrying that they may bite or claw at me. Mind you, Fanshih is so different! The moment she got in the car, she was like running in between me and Christine, looking out of the window. She is so adorable! That was my first time got so close with dog!!! LOL!

When we got into the house, gosh, she is so hyper-active! She just wouldn’t stop running around. Hahaha. Especially when she saw my camera. She’s not camera-shy at all, she is just so aware of the camera and sometimes she would just run away from me. Hahaha.

Here are some photos of her. Sorry that there isn’t any music for the slideshow, as some of you are aware, the copyright thingy.

Click on the thumbnail to see the photos.


Everything Is Looking Good

No good news from sister. Sigh. She is disappointed as well. But glad that she is ok.

A friend told me about a child abuse case this morning, went on to read it on The Star Online. Pity that little fella. But it’s so touching when he commented that he loves his mom eventhough his mom beats him.

Guess every mother loves their child. It is just sometimes perhaps the life gets so unbearable for them and they tend to take it out on the persons nearest/closest to them. Sigh.

I am so glad that I got another wedding assignment!!! Thanks to a friend who believes in me and given me that opportunity. It’s going to be a buffet style wedding dinner. Bet it’s going to be a glamorous and fun one! Keeping my faith that I can do well.

June is going to be a relaxing month, preparing myself for the busy July.

Finally, I am moving towards my dreams. Should say thank you to Christine who gave me that hard little push. I bet a lot of my friends would be surprised that I am moving into the photography field in such a short time. In fact, not even my parents know that I am so much into it. All they know now is that I have bought a DSLR for my hobby, they do not know I am doing something big.

By the way, I do translation from English to Chinese too. If any of you have that kind of job, do contact me. :)

Portraits – Vivian

Portraits for Vivian. Just some casual shots.

Girl Power

I was so excited yesterday, that I am seeing the girls again today. Our meeting place would be Mid Valley, that is kind of like a middle point for all of us.

I wanted to have Nando’s, and the girls agreed. Hahaha. I was there earlier than what I expected, told the girls that I’d be late but ended up I was there earlier than some of them!!! Vivi and I went on to take some portraits of her. When the rest arrived, off we went to Nando’s to have our stomach filled with all the chicken and chips and rice. Hahahaha. We were cam-whoring in the restaurant too!!!

It was so fun taking photos of them. Luckily all of them are so photogenic and most importantly, they aren’t camera shy. My 50mm lens didn’t fail me. Photos came out pretty nice. The only short fall is that it isn’t wide enough for group photos.

Bodyshop is having sale!!! Bought a facial scrub for Andrew and a facial sponge for myself.

We were doing a lot of window shopping, then we decided to have something to drink as we all were so thirsty from talking and laughing. Went to My Toast in The Gardens. Gosh, Mel and I just couldn’t resist the temptation of the Nasi Lemak that seemed like saying “EAT ME”. We ordered one packet and shared it with the rest. LOL! We were so full!!!

Vivi left around 4pm. The rest of us just continue wandering around. At the end, it left me and Yi. With nothing to do and shop anymore, we soaked ourselves in Speedy browsing through all the artists and DVDs! Andrew came pick me up and I had to leave Yi alone again.

Went to Bandar Sri Permaisuri, had my dinner together with Andrew’s cousins. Geez, I ate so much today!!!

Traffic was bad, took us one whole hour to get home.