Seoul In, Seoul Out #4

So, where did we go on the 4th day in Seoul? It’s shopping time!

Early morning, the tour guide brought us to the cosmetic duty free shop. All of us girls went crazy! We bought more than KRW500,000 altogether, got a hand-carry luggage as a free gift. Crazy shopping, I didn’t take any photos. Hahaha.

Later in the afternoon, we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace (景福宫). A good place for photos. One of the tour guides told me a lot of couples come here for wedding photography. It was windy and gloomy that day, sort of giving the palace another kind of look under the gloomy sky. We were lucky that it didn’t rain heavily whenever we were out. :)

Since it was our last day in Seoul, did a major shopping in Myeongdong. Too bad we were only given 2 hours to shop, there are so many nice things in Myeongdong! I prefer Myeongdong than Dongdaemun.

We went to the JUMP show in the evening! It was so entertaining and hilarious! You can catch a glimpse of JUMP show on YouTube. For what is JUMP all about, read Wikipedia lah. :P

It’s all YELLOW!!! So pretty lah!

Our lunch, BBQ beef!!! Mashisoyo!!! Gosh… Miss it so much.

At Gyeongbokgung. *This is what you get when you give your DSLR to someone who’s unfamiliar with handling it. All the background people are in. Sigh.*


Love this pic. :) Really wish Andrew was there with me. :(

Heading to Myeongdong for shopping. Shinsegae department store, didn’t get to go in. Sigh.

In Myeongdong! My favourite shopping place!

Skincare, skincare!

Clothes, clothes!

Food, food!

Aiyooo… Not enough time ah!!!

Our tour guides. The lady speaks good English. The guy is also the photographer.

On the 5th day, some of us who were on MAS flight left for their flight in the early morning. My colleague who shared the same room with me was on MAS. I, considered myself lucky to be on Korean Air, get to stay and hang around until 1pm. The tour guide brought us to Ewha Womans University (a very famous and prestigious university) and we again did some mini shopping there.

Since it’s a women university, it is surrounded by lots of boutiques and cafes. We went to this Zoo Cafe for some chillax moment. :) The interior is so unique and comfortable.

The university looks so nice. Not like us here so boring. -__-

Coffee time! I love giraffe! :D

My favourite mocha. Regretted that I did not bring back the cup. :(

This is not from Zoo Cafe. My colleague bought it in another cafe. The cup is cute. :D

On our way to Incheon Airport. See there’s a reddish layer on the ground? They’re crabs! So many of them, along the river!

Hello again Incheon Airport. Goodbye Seoul. :(

Ahhh…… I miss Seoul……

Seoul In, Seoul Out #3

On the third day, we visited DMZ, Korean Demilitarized Zone. You may read about all its history and such from Wikipedia, I’m just gonna spare my blog from all the reposting of history of which you can find in Wikipedia.

With so many tourists around, you do not get to feel much of the history around the area. I was merely enjoying the view. However, when we made our trip to the 3rd infiltration tunnel, the sense of history came rushing into the mind. The 3rd tunnel is the closest to Seoul, dug by the North Korean for a surprise attack on the South. We are not allowed to take photos in the tunnel, all our bags and cameras would have to be locked in the locker provided.

It’s no joke to go down the slope and walk back up!!! I can’t remember how long the slope is, but it is pretty steep, perhaps 200m. When we reached the tunnel, most of the time we had to hunch our backs and lower our heads. The tunnel is so low, we had to put on the helmet for protection. You can always hear the banging sound of the helmet against the rocky top of the tunnel. LOL! We walked another few hundreds metres into the tunnel until we reached the third barricade. No visitors are allowed to go past the barricade. The problem is, walk back up the slope!!! Oh boy, for a person who does not exercise to walk up the slope is like dying slowly. I’m not joking, but I am proud of myself. I only took 2 rests in between to come back up. I was sweating madly when I came up! With the knitted long sleeves shirt, gosh, I felt like taking off my clothes!

The DMZ was a great experience. If you happen to visit South Korea, make sure you go to DMZ.

After the tunnel visit, we went to see a 7-minute video in the theatre, briefly showing the war between the North and the South and how the DMZ formed. It’s so sad, to see so many people killed during the war. Sigh. We also went to the Dorasan Station, a train station which was once opened and then closed, the train travelled between South and North Korea. However, it is now only open for tourists. It does not transport people to and from North Korea. :(

After visiting DMZ, it’s time for, SHOPPING!!! We went to the Paju Premium Outlet which located, of course, in Paju. :P So many branded boutiques, but they’re cheaper than Malaysia!!! Yay! We were given 2 hours for shopping. 2 hours??? Seriously, 2 hours is not enough! Sigh…… I was busy shopping and didn’t want to waste time, I realised I didn’t take any photo in Paju Premium Outlet. Hahahahaha…… Shopping and photo, suddenly photo seems so unimportant. :D

Chinese breakfast. Not very nice.

Guarded post and fence along Imjin river, the river that runs from North to South. Security along the river is very heavy.

At Imjingak.

The wish ribbons.

The railway that runs in between the North and the South.

Imjingak during autumn is just so beautiful!

Dorasan Observatory deck. To take photo, you have to stand about 3-4m away from the binoculars, behind a yellow line. If you’re caught taking photos within the yellow line, the soldier will come immediately to demand you to delete the photos from your camera. It happened to one of the Korean tourists. Please obey all the rules when you’re in DMZ.

Dorasan Station.

Steamboat lunch again. A bit “jelak” already. @__@

Ginseng chicken for dinner!!! Superb! Yummy!

There goes our 3rd day in Seoul. Huh…… Time flies.

Seoul In, Seoul Out #2

By following a tour, we tend to be more disciplined. Woke up at 6.30am, as we had to gather at 7.30am for breakfast and the tour would start after that. Shower, dry my hair, skincare routine, make-up, change, pack… All done within an hour! No lazing around or taking my own sweet time. Phew. You don’t want to waste everybody’s time, you just gotta make haste.

On our second day, we went to Lotte World. It is pronounced as “Lot-Teh” World, not “Lot” World. According to Wikipedia, Lotte World has the world’s largest indoor theme park. The reason the bosses and I chose Lotte World over Everland, is because it has both indoor and outdoor theme parks, and a shopping complex attached to it. Those who do not like to go for the outdoor, could at least stay indoor and in the shopping complex. The indoor theme park is really an eye-opener! It is so huge! There’s also this cable cars that shaped like hot air balloons floating in the air! And an ice-skating space! The outdoor theme park is even better! So many adventure rides! If Andrew were to be with me, we would have gone for all the rides! With my colleagues, we only managed to go for 2, Atlantic Adventure and the Gyro Swing. Don’t underestimate the Gyro Swing, it may look gentle, but once you got into it and up in the air, that’s where the thrill is!

After half a day of fun and thrills, we went for some kimchi making class. It was pretty boring, after-all, they just wanted you to try their kimchi and hopefully get you to purchase some. I didn’t buy any, knowing that I do not have any refrigerator at home to store them later. Bummer. Also, they will let you to try on the Han-bok (韩服), Korea traditional wear. I was so reluctant to try it as I know the tour guide is going to take a photo of everyone wearing it and sell the photo to us later. Not that I am stingy to buy the photo later, but I see no point in wearing it. It’s not the real full set of Han-bok, plus, I don’t want to make myself a fool. Was forced to wear it and took a photo with it. Grrr…… I didn’t even buy the photo at the end of the trip. :P

After our dinner in Dongdaemun, we went for some shopping. Too bad that they’re selling winter clothings now, wouldn’t be suitable for us to wear in Malaysia, we didn’t shop much in the malls. We went to the streets and got ourselves some skincare and food instead. :D

Checked in to New Hilltop Hotel in Gangnam-Gu. Geez, can you believe that they off the air-conditioner? According to the front desk, it’s centralised, and it’s off ’cause it’s cold! The room was so stuffy and warm!!! We were forced to open the windows and risk letting in the mosquitoes. Sigh…… First time I slept in a hotel with windows opened! And it’s supposed to be a 4-star hotel! 4-star my a**! Forgot to take photos of how the room looks like. It’s pretty spacious. Well…… No complaints except that the bed is not comfortable. I usually do not have problem sleeping in hotels, but it took me 2 good nights to adjust in order to sleep well. Didn’t sleep well for first 2 nights, I was so tired.

On our way back to Seoul city.

Chocolate bar from our tour guide :D Yummy!

Lotte World! Must ‘tunjuk’ muka lah sikit. Hahahaha.

See that “hot air balloon”?

Lotte World outdoor theme park, Magic Land.

Gyro Drop! Sorry, I don’t have the guts for this!

We were starving, grabbed our lunch in Lotteria! It looks so much like McDonald’s, but it has more varieties than McD, and it is delicious! Got myself a shrimp burger, thumbs up!

Kimchi making! My “art”. Hahahaha.

Our dinner on second night, yummy!!!

Didn’t take many photos on the second day, too busy having fun and shopping. :)

Seoul In, Seoul Out #1

Went to Seoul for 5 days 4 nights, with colleagues, a company trip. This isn’t the first time I went for a company trip without Andrew, the first time was 2 years ago when I went Phuket. This time, I felt heavier to leave him. Hugged him few more times at the airport and my arms felt so heavy to let go. If the tea lady (I called her Auntie) wasn’t with me, guess I would just cry there and then. Hahaha. Silly me. Few minutes later, I received a message from Andrew, written in Chinese. I was touched, and that really got me teary. And I, really took good care of myself during the trip, so that I didn’t make him worried. :)

We were basically rushing for time everyday during the trip. That’s the consequence of following a tour, but you don’t have to worry about the transportation and food. There’s just pros and cons.

The sceneries in Seoul are just so beautiful during autumn. Fell in love with Seoul the moment I saw the falling leaves. The weather was pretty unpredictable. It was pretty warm last week, I didn’t even wear the down jacket that I brought along. The double-breast trench coat was enough to keep me warm. Perhaps I could stand the cold, and I like the cold, a trench coat and most importantly a shawl/scarf is enough for me. Don’t listen to too much of advice, just bring a mixture of thick and thinner clothes so that you will have something to fall back to whenever the weather changes. Do prepare some winter wear if you’re going during the winter.

First day, went to Mt Sorak (Seoraksan). That is such a beautiful place. We even climbed the mountain, I didn’t make it to the top, looks too scary for me. The view on top is just stunning! There are so many colors down at the Shinheungsa temple too! Mt Sorak is the place I miss the most.

Went to Teddy Bear Farm thereafter, saw a bear that I like but it is so bloody expensive! For a medium size it needs about RM85! Geez…… Forget it.

Brief stop in Daepohang port, bosses bought some seafood but the rest of us only bought some snacks to chew. Finally, checked in to Sorak Kumho Resort. We slept on the tatami! A unique experience. :D

Flying with Korea Air, superb service and meals!

Our beautiful tour guide, speaks good English.

A lot of bridges and tunnels in South Korea, no joke man! They’re all magnificently built!

On our way to Mt. Sorak.

Another beautiful bridge.

First lunch! Yummy!!!

Teddy Bear Museum.

Finally, Mt. Sorak!

Climbing Mt. Sorak. :)

That’s the peak!!!

View from inside the cable car.

Daepohang Port.

Lots of seafood.

Sorak Kumho Resort. Each unit can sleep up to 5 persons, but we only sleep 2. :)

There’s a kitchen in every unit where you can cook the seafood you bought from Daepohang Port.

There’s 2 rooms in each unit. My colleague and I used only one room, scary to sleep alone. Hahahaha.

That’s it for our first day in Seoul.

Loot from the Incredible Seoul

It was spending time! Spent quite a lot in Seoul. Not on the souvenirs though. Came back only realised I do not have enough souvenirs to give away! Shoot! I was so obsessed with all the fashion and skincare and I conveniently forgot about the souvenirs! I am in deep sh** now.

Here’s what I bought, for Andrew and myself! Yes, only for Andrew and myself! It was so rushing and I did not have the luxury of time to think of others except Andrew and ME. Felt guilty to go without Andrew, he was on my mind all the time. Hence, bought quite a number of things for him.

These are for Andrew. Polo Ralph Lauren @ Paju Premium Outlets. The blue one is the most expensive, only realised the price after I paid! @__@

Polo for myself. :) KRW42,300 each. You can’t get that kind of price here in Malaysia.

Finally, got myself a pair of running shoes! No excuse for me to not exercise now. KRW76,300 for the shoes, KRW8,800 for 3 pairs of socks.

Bought this at the very last minute. GAP @ Paju Premium Outlet, KRW42,300.

Bought this huge tote bag at Myeongdong, KRW10,000 only!!!

Got this in Myeongdong too, KRW25,000.

Also got this in Myeongdong, KRW12,900.

Skincare from The Face Shop for Andrew. Don’t know how good they are though.

Bought the powder puff and eye mask only for myself.

From Etude House. (Clock-wise) Eye-brow pencil, Hello Kitty Perfume, loose powder, BB Cream and eye-shadows.

Free gifts! I don’t even know what they are. The sales girls just chucked them into our shopping bag.

Got these from the cosmetics duty free shop, KRW30,000 each.

Ta-da! Got myself a Longchamp in Incheon airport. :D I wouldn’t have bought it in Malaysia. :P

Hmm…… I am missing Seoul already. -__-