Sherlock Holmes

The last movie I watched in year 2009, was Avatar (2D). Then I watched Avatar 3D on the first day of 2010 with Andrew. Not much different between the 2D and 3D, sometimes the 3D looked blur and both Andrew and I felt a little bit of dizziness watching the 3D. The movie was absolutely awesome!

Before the Avatar 3D, Sherlock Holmes was my first movie of the year. Got the early bird tickets at RM9 each. Watched it on the 1st of January morning, the very first movie.

I’ve not read any of Sherlock Holmes books, nor am I a fan of Sherlock Holmes. But I am a fan of Robert Downey Jr. and a small-time fan of Jude Law. :) Downey is charming in his own way, while Jude Law is charming in every way. But I was shocked to see Jude Law appeared to be older than his age in the movie, sometimes even looked older than Downey. That certainly did not do him any justice.

Guess I expected too much of the film and I was disappointed. The movie was good, but the story seems to be a little boring. Before Sherlock Holmes could finally explain all the seem-to-be supernatural incidents, I was already guessing that all of them were some man-made plots. Did I read/watch too much of those detectives books/movies that I could now analyse things in a different way? Hahaha. I have no idea.

Love the sense of humor of Sherlock Holmes, and his weird behavior and also the way he lived not by the common rules. We were all taught to abide by the rules and sometimes we miss out a lot of fun from not following the rules. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to break the rules. Just once in a blue moon, we have to break ourselves away from this common world, from what everybody seems to be doing the common things. Not thinking the same as everyone else does, think out of the box, walk the path that least traveled by others…… Not many of us could do that, and when someone could, we always see them as a freak or weirdo. Imagine if everybody were to think like Sherlock Holmes, his rules then would become the common rules, what seems to be common now would be the weird. That would be cool, huh? :D

I wonder if there would be any sequel to this movie.