Johor Premium Outlet

During the long Chinese New Year holiday, Andrew and I decided to make a trip to Johor Premium Outlet (JPO). As a Johorian myself, how can I not visit it.

It’s located in Senai, took us one and a half hour from Batu Pahat.

The moment I saw it, I was shocked. It looks so similar to the Paju Premium Outlet in South Korea! Even the color tone of the buildings looks the same. The layout and design are almost identical! I wonder, if the developer/owner is the same person.

Went with my eldest sister and her youngest son. Both of us were busy checking out the prices, while Andrew and my nephew were busy checking out the places and fooling around. My nephew kept asking us if we were done. This is what you get when you have a young boy tagging along in a shopping trip. However, he is sweet enough to just tag along and not whining. In between we would just buy him drinks, snacks, play around…… He is so easy to please. :)

Price wise, sorry to say that I did not find the prices attractive enough. They’re more expensive than Paju Premium Outlet. Of course, you may say that Paju is in South Korea, but I wouldn’t spend RM200 for a Ralph Lauren Polo t-shirt here in Malaysia where I know I can get it for RM130 in Paju. 3 pairs of Nike socks cost RM49, where I only got them for RM24 in Paju and of better quality.

Coach ain’t a lot cheaper than the retail store too. A wallet still cost RM350-RM500, a non-leather shoulder bag/tote still needs RM1500-RM2000. Imagine I got a shoulder/sling bag in Hong Kong for RM850.

Despite that I was disappointed, we spent 6 hours there! We had our lunch and dinner in the one and only food court there, with limited varieties. Sigh.

Actually, I still enjoyed the trip, all because I get to spend time with my sister and nephew. It’s been a while since I last travelled with her, the last time was 2 years ago when I went to Melaka to visit her. We had fun doing all the silly stuff. Travelling with your own sister definitely makes you feel young and naughty again. :)


I managed to grab 2 bikinis from Roxy, RM99.90 per set, to my surprise, buy one free one! That is the only bargain that is worth buying. I was so over the cloud nine. If you know the prices of Roxy bikinis, you would go crazy over this bargain.


Also gotten a collar tee from Nike, RM79.


Now, here’s my nephew. He’s such an adorable heartthrob! He did all the posing without us telling him what to do. He just knows how to pose! I couldn’t help but smile when I see these photos again. :)

Am Still A Shopaholic

I noticed I have not been blogging about my shopaholic side. I still shop pretty often, but I do not BUY like I used to. If at all I buy, it would only be 1 or 2 pieces. Unlike in the past, I could buy for a week’s wear of clothes.

Reason of me not buying as I used to is because most of the money has now gone to the house. I find myself linger longer in the grocery and household departments. Amazing huh? Owning a HOME can change a person so much.

Having said the above, when the shopaholic me is on the loose, it is still a scary one. Now, the word of “SALE” could make me go all wide-eyed and excited like a bee sees the honey. :P

I’ve been waiting for MNG sale, for some working clothes. The first time I went to the one in Mid Valley Megamall, I bought a pair of pants and skirt. Damn the long queue to the fitting room, bought the pants without trying and I can’t fit into the pants!!! What the…… MNG always has this problem of inconsistent sizes! Gotta go home ask mom if the pants could be altered. :( If not, that is RM69 wasted!

Second trip to MNG in KLCC, my goodness…… I was alone and I shopped like there was no tomorrow! Finally, got what I wanted. Went home with a wide smile and a guilty heart.

Got the dress at RM99, the long-sleeves at RM69 each (RM99 before sale), short-sleeves at RM49 (RM69 before sale), jacket at RM169 (RM259 before sale) and the pencil skirt with belt at RM69 (RM99 before sale). Love the dress and the jacket heaps! :D

Some may have noticed that MNG’s dresses now are cheaper, don’t be fooled. A lot of them are of lower quality and they don’t even have lining for sheer material. Those sheer material selling at RM99 or some even cheaper at RM69, I wouldn’t even think of buying them for the sake of “cheap”. Don’t want to risk walking around in a see-through dress! Or worse, they only last a few washes. This particular dress I bought is one of the few that I seriously think the material is worth the price. For those with better quality, nah… They ain’t cheap, still selling at RM149 and above. Also, the designs now are a bit trashy. A lot of them are more suitable for party wear. Hope you get what I mean. So, to get a dress that you can wear to work in MNG now is a challenge. It’s either too expensive, low quality or trashy.

With the limited dime, you just gotta make every dime of yours count. I don’t buy casual wear now, such as round-collar top. I spend about 80% of my time at work, we’re not allowed to even wear round-collar t-shirts for the casual Fridays. So, I only buy top that I can wear to work but also casual enough if I want to wear it during weekends.

You must think that I am crazy to spend so much in MNG alone. Sigh…… I know, I know. I’m broke now. When the Zara sale comes later, I think I’ll just have to set myself a limit.

Few weeks ago, went to La Senza to get some new panties. I don’t really fancy their bras, will only buy some of them during sale, for that cheekiness. :P Love their panties though! They’re so colourful and pretty. Most of them are pretty comfortable to wear. Again, you have to know what you’re comfortable with and choose only the right ones. Sometimes what looks pretty may not be nice to wear.

And then, bought another pair of LuiLui heels 2 months ago. AHHH!!! Evil!!!

There, confession of a shopaholic, I’ve done it. @__@

It’s a good thing that Andrew doesn’t really bother with me shopping, he has this principle that it’s my money, how I want to use it is my call. He too knows that I do spend for the house. It’s also a bad thing that he doesn’t stop me. Very often that if he were to open his mouth to tell me that I don’t need new clothes anymore, I would just not buy. Sigh…… Dilemma. -__-

To Coach, or Not to Coach

Gotten my first every Coach tote bag last year, during my Taiwan trip. Then my second Coach handbag last September, in Hong Kong.

To be honest, I am not a fan of Coach. I don’t hate it, but I don’t really like it as well. So, why do I still buy Coach? Because it is cheaper than any other designer brands! LOL!

In Malaysia, I would never buy Coach. Knowing that I could get them cheaper in the airport duty free shops or outlets in overseas, I would never, ever buy Coach here in Malaysia. What?! Paying almost double the price to get the same bag? No way! That’s a rip-off!

A friend made a trip to USA recently, I am so lucky that she managed to get me a wallet and a sling bag! I was so on the cloud nine! Guess what, for that 2 items, they only cost less than RM500!!! Yes, RM500 you could hardly get yourself a wallet here in Malaysia!

Love the wallet so much! Exactly the one that I wanted! And the sling bag, perfect for weekend day out. :D Thank you my dear, for picking up the exact things that I wanted and bringing them home. :)

Went to Korea, was so tempted to get myself another Coach. Lucky thing is, I couldn’t find one that I like in the outlet! Hahahaha. Also, I told myself, no more Coach from now on. I’ve had enough of Coach bags. Wallets perhaps. :)

Loot from the Incredible Seoul

It was spending time! Spent quite a lot in Seoul. Not on the souvenirs though. Came back only realised I do not have enough souvenirs to give away! Shoot! I was so obsessed with all the fashion and skincare and I conveniently forgot about the souvenirs! I am in deep sh** now.

Here’s what I bought, for Andrew and myself! Yes, only for Andrew and myself! It was so rushing and I did not have the luxury of time to think of others except Andrew and ME. Felt guilty to go without Andrew, he was on my mind all the time. Hence, bought quite a number of things for him.

These are for Andrew. Polo Ralph Lauren @ Paju Premium Outlets. The blue one is the most expensive, only realised the price after I paid! @__@

Polo for myself. :) KRW42,300 each. You can’t get that kind of price here in Malaysia.

Finally, got myself a pair of running shoes! No excuse for me to not exercise now. KRW76,300 for the shoes, KRW8,800 for 3 pairs of socks.

Bought this at the very last minute. GAP @ Paju Premium Outlet, KRW42,300.

Bought this huge tote bag at Myeongdong, KRW10,000 only!!!

Got this in Myeongdong too, KRW25,000.

Also got this in Myeongdong, KRW12,900.

Skincare from The Face Shop for Andrew. Don’t know how good they are though.

Bought the powder puff and eye mask only for myself.

From Etude House. (Clock-wise) Eye-brow pencil, Hello Kitty Perfume, loose powder, BB Cream and eye-shadows.

Free gifts! I don’t even know what they are. The sales girls just chucked them into our shopping bag.

Got these from the cosmetics duty free shop, KRW30,000 each.

Ta-da! Got myself a Longchamp in Incheon airport. :D I wouldn’t have bought it in Malaysia. :P

Hmm…… I am missing Seoul already. -__-

Shopping Queen is Coming Back

Oh yes…… My impulsive shopping self is making its come back, soon. The signs are surfacing pretty often recently, in a small extent. Such as buying only one piece of clothes at a time. Hahahaha. Luckily Andrew is working normal office hours, else I’d frequent KLCC more to wait for him (used to do that a lot) and end up burning a big hole in my pocket. :D

Bought a dress from GAP last Friday. Ya ya, go on and say that I am so rich to be able to shop in GAP. :P I don’t care. I was with my colleague and she bought quite a few pieces of dresses from Zara, and whilst I was waiting for Andrew to come pick me up, went to GAP to take a look.

Oooohhhh…… The store attendant told me all the dresses are on 20% discount. Just the right time I came! However, most of the dresses in GAP are priced either RM229 or RM249. Few of them are at RM209, but they’re pretty simple and definitely not worth the price. Guess what, I did my math for a while and only hunting for those priced at RM229. After the 20% discount, it is around RM180. Well, good material ones are absolutely worth to buy. Tried a few, finally decided to only buy this. :D I don’t have a dress like this and it is so comfortable to wear. Love those side pockets so much!

Denim dress, RM183.20 after discount. Not my first dress from GAP, bought one early this year, even cheaper, RM129. :D You see, sometimes you just gotta know when to buy and if it is worth to buy with that price. Not everything is cheap though, and not everything is expensive too. I won’t buy T-shirts in GAP though, they’re just so overpriced. Unless they have like 50% discount. Hahahaha.

Sometimes, you just gotta update your fashion senses by going window-shopping too. It’s not a bad thing to do. Keeping yourself up-to-date with the trend (if not ahead of it) is pretty much essential for every woman. You wouldn’t want risk wearing something which is so out-of-date to a dinner or party. Or wearing the never-goes-out-of-date jeans and T-shirts all the time. :D Once in a while, you will just want to have that little fresh air in your wardrobe. Give me a high-five if you agreed with me. :D

Crap, I’m running out of mascara and eyeliner, blusher has finished, concealer is finishing soon, Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus only left a few drops…… ARGH!!! So many to replenish!!! Geez…… How????? Gosh…… *Headaches*

Am I A Crazy Shopper?

In my previous post, if you’ve read, I’ve bought a blue dress for RM167. Andrew was a bit surprised with the price, but he is always very sweet to say “as long as you like it, it’s ok, and by the way, it is pretty”. He has never tried to stop me from buying anything, he would only ask if I needed it.

I’d buy cheaper clothes too, if they’re nice. I’ve even tried online-shopping. My last online-shopping experience wasn’t a good one. I was so disappointed. I’ve bought 9 pieces of tops and dresses altogether, amounting to RM261. Guess what, only 3 of them are wearable! That is sad, isn’t it? RM261 for 9 pieces is VERY cheap. But when you could only wear 3 of them, you do the maths. Out of that 3 pieces, one T-shirt, one off-shoulder blouse and one cotton dress. The rest of them, bad quality, poor workmanship, way too different from the photos on the web, sizes are not consistent with what mentioned on the web too. Shall post the photos of them when I have the courage to look at them again. Now whenever I see them, I feel sad. Can’t wear them nor give them away. They are so bad I wouldn’t want another person to feel that I’m giving them unwanted bad stuff. I may sound a little exaggerating, but one thing could prove that they’re really bad. Tried all of them on and showcased to Andrew, he has never said a word except smiling. Oh well, perhaps one word he did say when I asked if it looked nice, “OK” was his only answer.

So now, you tell me, would you rather spend RM261 for 3 casual simple clothes? With that RM261, I could get a pretty dress from Miss Selfridge and a nice top from Dorothy Perkins which I could wear to work. Most importantly, I know I am going to wear them!

Okay, I am finding excuses to justify my shopping spree. LOL!

Shopping Spree Continues

Had a date with my fellow ‘sistas’, Jenny, Yee and Wan Yi. Wan Yi told me last night that she could join us. Jenny is at her 3rd trimester, so good that I could finally feel and touch her big tummy. :D

We had our lunches in Din Tai Fung in The Gardens Mall. The Xiao Long Bao (steamed dumpling) is so nice! Juicy and tender. I had a bowl of beef noodles too, thumbs up! Reminded me of all the beef noodles I had in Taiwan. Oh, I miss Taiwan so much.

After a satisfying lunch, gotta do some exercise instead of sit and chat and let the fats accumulated around our waists. LOL! Got myself a Le Sportsac handbag, my first Le Sportsac! Hahaha. Wan Yi got one too. Around 3pm, we all went separate ways. Me, while waiting for Andrew who was on his way, went to Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge to hunt for my “perfect” top. I managed to grab a few of them! Oh my gosh, it’s been a while since I last splurged on clothes! Not even when I was in Taiwan! Geez…… Enough of spending, Ashley. Please don’t go back to your old shopaholic self.

From Miss Selfridge, RM167 after discount.
From Dorothy Perkins, RM80.10 each, after discount. They don't look nice and attractive right? Well, look perfectly beautiful when you put them on! I was surprised they suit me well. :)
Le Sportsac handbag, RM95 after 50% discount.

Few hundreds gone. :(

Shop Till You Drop

Isetan is having anniversary sale this month, 3-day members special starting yesterday. The crowd was crazy, we didn’t even get the chance to go into the car park, the traffic at the KLCC entrance was so bad! I told Andrew even if we got in, the chance to get an empty car park within 10 minutes would be very dim too. Seeing that we too were rushing to go home to watch the Thomas Cup, I decided to go home and do the shopping today.

Got there around 11 this morning, hoping the crowd would not be big. Luckily, no crowd at all. Went to TGV KLCC to see if we could grab any movie later. Well, earliest show for The Bounty Hunter is 4.20pm. Bummer! That is too late. No other good movie, full concentration on my shopping then. LOL!

Went straight to Clinique, I was the only customer. :D Geez…… There were so many things I needed to replenish! Looked at the amount, oh Lord! I could feel my heart ached so much and Andrew was like “whoa, that is a lot! But well, if you really need them, that is ok though.” Aww…… That was so sweet of him to comfort me. I have no idea why my skincare all finished at the same time! Usually they did not, I used to replenish one at a time. The money involved was too scary, I dropped a few items in the hope that the existing ones could still last me another month.

If it was ME 2 years ago, I wouldn’t even blink an eye to buy all of them. I am proud to say that I am a more careful consumer now. :) Thanks to Wan Yi and Melissa. They are constantly telling me “do not buy what you do not need”.

Roaming around in KLCC whilst waiting for my ex-colleagues to come, also looking for a gorgeous top for my upcoming photography session, hopefully! Hahahaha. Argh, couldn’t find one that caught my eyes. Finally my ex-colleagues reached, passed me a bottle of super healthy fish oil that promise could improve health dramatically. So nice of my ex-colleagues to come all the way from PJ to give me the fish oil. Couldn’t thank them enough. I am truly blessed with many little angels. :)

Tomorrow meeting with another 2 angels. Hope I could grab some really yummy-looking top then.

Bought 5 pieces from Clinique, and one from Origins.

Something to share about this Origins Youthtopia eye cream. Using Rhodiola as one of the ingredients, it claims it is able to reduce fine lines, puffiness, dark circles and helps firm the skin. I have been using it for more than a year, this is the 3rd bottle. What I love about it is that it is made from all natural ingredients, no chemicals. Hence, it is not oily at all even though it is pretty creamy. It feels oily and heavy on your fingertips, but when you dab it around your eyes, you will only feel that it is creamy but definitely not oily. I can’t use oily products on the skin around my eyes, otherwise I’ll get oil seeds and that would be nasty. The skin around my eyes used to be very dry. I’ve tried a lot of eye products that claimed to work wonders and magic. None of them really worked. Some of them were so oily and caused oil seeds to grow and I have gone through a tough time removing them. I gave up on my eyes for some time, only using the hydration eye gel from Clinique to prevent it from dehydration. It was by chance I stumbled upon this Youthtopia. Tried it for the first time, didn’t like it. Since I’ve bought it, I gotta use it. 1 month later, I noticed my skin around the eyes was improved! It is still dry, but I no longer have fine lines! Also, the skin has more elasticity now, it is no longer sagging. I am absolutely loving it. No worries about applying too much of it. RM160 for 15ml, which can last 6 months if you use it day and night.

I’ve been a loyal customer of Clinique. I can’t remember for how long, 5 or 6 years perhaps. Their products are less expensive compared with others. They do not have celebrity as their spokesperson, guess that’s why they managed to keep their prices reasonable. Also, their products are milder and gentler on the skin.

Lancome, Estee Lauder, Shu Uemura, L’Oreal, Kose, Shiseido, Clarins…… I’ve tried them all. Most of the times, 6 months of usage, either they were too oily for me, or they lost their effects on me. Clinique is the only brand that balances everything out on my face. There are people telling me some of Clinique products contained alcohol which is harmful to our facial skin. Well, after years of usage, I would say my face is still looking good, if not best. :)

Love Clinique’s Airbrush Concealer and Derma White concealer stick. They are so easy to apply, do not cause dryness, do not flake, and not oily! Their Derma White liquid foundation is very light too, but I’ve stopped using it for quite some time since I now prefer BB cream and the mousse foundation I got from Taiwan.

Okay, enough of Clinique. :) More photos.

6 pieces of free gifts plus few other which the lovely sales assistant always smuggled into the bag for regular customers. :)
Andrew insisted on buying me this since the one I have now cracked at its end although it is still usable. He said now I could have one at home and one at work. :) Thank you my dearest.

An Urge That’s Gone Too Long

Well, it’s weird…… Something that is very strange about Ashley recently. I’m not sure if you guys noticed.

The last dress I bought was in May, until now I have not bought any clothes! And I hardly blog about shopping or hunting for clothes anymore. My shopaholic side has left me!!! Looking back, all I shop now is skincare, lens, books and food……

Is this a good thing? Suddenly I miss my impulsive shopping nature.

I should feel proud of myself, I managed to refrain myself from spending unnecessarily. Another reason being I do not have extra money to spend with. LOL!

But, I’m going to Singapore this weekend! Hahaha. 2 missions in Singapore. 1st is to visit our sweet Adeline since I haven’t seen her for almost a year!!! 2nd is to “shoot” her! Hahahahaha…… I’m feeling so excited about meeting and shooting her. It would be fun since she’s such a cheerful and bubbly lady. And I miss talking to her. She will go on and on and you’ll never feel bored around her. Hahaha. Ade, please don’t kill me. :P

I shall not spend too much in Singapore. Hopefully SGD200 is more than enough!

July is a busy month, then August is play time! Gathering with friends, a trip back to Terengganu and a trip to Redang…… I can’t wait!!!

Oh, not forgetting a pregnancy photoshoot with a lovely friend. :) She’s such an angel, a nice lady which I’ve never heard her cursing or saying bad words. LOL! Unlike me, I’m no angel. Hahahaha……

What? The urge? Oh damn…… See, I’m way off the topic again……

A Day Filled With Too Much Of Laughters

Today went out with a few girl friends. Didn’t plan to bring my camera, but what for to keep it at home? Hence I decided to take it with me.

Before we hit KLCC for lunchie and shopping, I went to Cheras with Wan Yi to see the chinese traditional doctor, sin seh. Gosh…… I really need to take good care of my body.

We had KFC for lunch! Hahaha. The new recipe is so spicy! Mel bought something in MNG, but Wan Yi and I didn’t get anything. Good for us. Hehehe. 3 of us were window shopping until we got so tired and thirsty. We went to Coffee Bean to rest. (OMG! I couldn’t believe that I wrote Starbucks! Thank you Melissa for pointing that out. Haha!)

After KLCC, Wan Yi’s husband came to fetch us and we went to Jalan Alor for dinner. Geez, Jalan Alor is definitely not a place for local people to have dinner. It is so commercialised now and it is so expensive. With that kind of price you could easily find other good food in town. The food we had was so-so. However, lunch in Jalan Alor is different. Been there few times for lunch, the price is reasonable and the food is good!

Really gotta thank Wan Yi and her husband, for fetching and sending me home! And the great time! Hahahaha…… I laughed so much the whole night during the dinner!

Triple decker chocolate cheesecake, Coffee Bean.

Orange poppy seed cake.

Wan Yi’s friend.