Shutter Island

Leonardo DiCaprio did it again, in Shutter Island. And it’s another Martin Scorsese’s film DiCaprio starred in.

I missed his Body of Lies in the cinema, I told Andrew I wasn’t going to miss this Shutter Island again this time. Hahaha. I like DiCaprio, not because of his good looks, but more of the way he works his charms in a movie. Have briefly mentioned about him in my earlier post.

He looks even more matured in Shutter Island. Fatter too, but that doesn’t make him less charming.

The movie, I’m impressed. The plot, the characters, the line of the story, the twists…… They’re all woven together so perfectly. There are times where lengthy conversations may make you fall asleep, but you won’t. You would have all your nerves in alert condition to pay attention to every details in the movie. Yes, that is pure Scorsese’s magic. The same way he had you in The Aviator and the Gangs of New York.

The end of the movie wasn’t unexpected, but it was nicely and carefully crafted  to only reveal the entire truth at the end. The mystery was hanging in the air right up to the very end of the movie. Sadness, dark humors, tragic, anger, mystery, suspense…… You could feel just all of them in the movie. Nope, I’m not exaggerating. You’ll know what I mean after you watch it.

Do not expect too much of actions in this movie. If you weren’t into thriller and suspense, you will not enjoy Shutter Island. It is long too, almost 2 and a half hours long. You will have to need to prepare yourself to really engage in the plot. If you ever felt one tiny bit of boredom in the middle of the movie, well, you can forget about watching it till the end. :)

Enjoy your movie. Or I would say, enjoy Leonardo DiCaprio. :D

P. S.: Andrew and I found one funny point in the movie. The whole institution played along with one person for such a long time. Salute their efforts, man! If that was real. LOL!!!