Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid

Thanks to my friend, Vanessa who informed me that Hada Labo was giving away a 9ml Moisturising sample for those who registered. I registered out of fun.

Few weeks ago, I received the sample which I’ve totally forgotten. Can you believe that they sent it via post? I thought we would have to go to some counter to collect it, I was waiting for a SMS or something. Instead, they mailed it. Right to your doorstep. Awesome service.

In the envelope, I also received a leaflet with a code. It says that the code will entitle me to some discount on the products. Sorry, I can’t remember how much discount I got. Hahahahaha. I threw the leaflet after I made my purchase. :P I think it was either 20% or 30% off the normal price.

I was surprised to see that the prices of the products are relatively reasonable and affordable. I’m not interested in the whitening and lifting range, and I’m a bit allergic to AHA+BHA. So, I only concentrate on their moisturising range.

Hyaluronic Acid is famous for its moisturising function and it is proven on my skin that it is indeed VERY moisturising. I’ve tried The Face Shop Hyaluronic Acid masks and loved it so much. I guess the SUPER Hyaluronic Acid from Hada Labo would be even more moisturising then. Super wor, must be lah.

I bought 4 Super Hyaluronic Acid products.


My Clinique cleansing oil finished few months ago, am now using the cleansing foam which I bought in Korea and it is also finishing. So I thought might as well try Hada Labo’s cleansing oil. It’s only RM35 after discount! No harm trying.

I am very particular with facial wash. I’ve tried other brands but I would always go back to Clinique. Other brands are either too oily or  too dry, only Clinique’s liquid facial soap has that “just right” feel. The best part is, one bottle of 200ml can last me for more than 9 months. :D Thinking of giving this Hada Labo Moisturising Face Wash a try. Since it says that it is moisturising, guess it couldn’t be that bad. After discount, I only paid RM20 for it. DIRT CHEAP!

I’ve read a lot of good reviews on this Moisturising Milk and Moisturising Cream. I didn’t know what’s the difference until I Googled them. Found a blogger who did a comparison between the two. Her verdict was to use the milk during day time and to use the cream during night time. I am already using two moisturisers for day and night. So, I don’t mind the same routine. After discount, RM39 for the Moisturising Milk and RM41 for Moisturising Cream. Adoih…… So cheap!!! If at all they’re not good on the face, I can use them on my hands, right?!

Four products, only costs me RM135! I could hardly buy 2 products in Clinique with that money!

I didn’t purchase the hot selling Moisturising Lotion though. I am already using SKII Treatment Essence and Clinique’s Repairwear Laser Focus serum, don’t feel like stopping them. If I were to add the lotion in, gosh, how many products I have to put on my face?!

Today, I’ve received all the products, and I’m gonna start using them. Hope Hada Labo won’t disappoint me. Few weeks later, we will know. :)

SK-II: Surprise Surprise

My first SK-II product was Advanced Eye Treatment Film. Started using it since last year September. I am now on second tube. Usually the beauty consultant will tell you a full size (15ml) eye gel/cream will last you 3 months, but this eye gel from SK-II could last me 5 months! Yes, you read me right,  5 months. Although it is in gel form, it is not watery. I use it twice a day, morning and night. The amount I apply is slightly bigger than a grain of rice, and that is enough for both eyes. I don’t see any big improvement on my dark under eye circles, but the skin around my eyes is not so dry anymore.

I’ve been helping my sister buying SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I never had the urge to try until last year. My uneven skin tone became pretty visible. I also noticed the pores were getting larger. I realised that the amount of foundation that I had to apply was getting heavier.  Every morning I woke up to enlarged pores and dry skin. Was pretty sad that my skin condition was deteriorating. I’m only at my early 30’s, why I age so fast??!! *Cries* :( I used to have good skin, but I guess you can’t fight the ageing process that’s happening every minute and second.

Early this year, I finally managed to buy the Facial Treatment Essence trial pack that costs RM199. It comes with a 75ml of Facial Treatment Essence, a piece of Facial Treatment Mask and a 30ml of Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (toner).

Two months after using the Facial Treatment Essence (half a bottle of the so-called “miracle water”), I saw no miracle at all. :( My facial skin condition was still the same, still having the the uneven skin tone, red blotches were still visible on my cheeks when I did not apply foundation. Was disappointed with the essence and I proclaimed to myself that my skin would not get any better. :(

Lately, I’ve noticed some improvements! After 4 months of using the essence, I have more even skin tone now! Hurray!!! I no longer wake up to enlarged pores and dry skin, there’s no red blotches on my face anymore and I use little foundation now! The most surprising one would be the 3 tiny dark spots under my left eye, they’re lighter now! I noticed that few days ago when I was applying concealer. They were still visible after the concealer but now, hardly visible! I am so delighted. :)

Now, let’s look at how I apply the essence first. There has been 2 different methods of applying the Facial Treatment Essence. Some said pour the essence onto the facial cotton and dab it all over your face. Some said pour the essence onto the palm and apply to your face directly. Those who used the latter argued that by using the facial cotton, some of the essence would be absorbed by the cotton and it is a waste. The essence is not cheap, you definitely don’t want to waste any of it. There is no right or wrong, it simply depends on how you prefer to do it.

At the beginning, I used the first method, by using my palms. Kiasu mah, also don’t want to waste any of it mah. Then, when I had breakouts, I remember my sister pressing the facial cotton (with the essence in it) directly on the breakouts and it seems to soothe the skin. So, I did the same. Surprise!!! It really soothed the pimple/zit and the area was no longer reddish and swollen!

Then, I decided to use the facial cotton. I’ll dab it all over my face and stays longer on the eye areas and areas that needs extra care, such as the cheeks and nose. I feel that the essence is best absorb this way. You don’t dab across your face quickly, you have to dab gently and slowly. It’s like dab-and-press.

Wastage? Not really. I’ll dab around my face and neck until the cotton is totally dry, and then I’ll rub it against my elbows. :D I usually pour 2 drops, and 3 drops if I have breakouts. Also, avoid applying the essence with the fan blowing on full blast. It’s essence, but it is watery. With the wind blowing strongly the essence dry up very fast! You may think that the essence absorbs very fast but in fact, it’s been blown dry lah! That is so wasting!

So, it IS indeed the “miracle water” huh. :) Guess the miracle took longer to happen to me. :P

One bottle of 75ml Facial Treatment Essence could last me 4 months, whereby the beauty consultant told me it would only last 2 to 3 months! Gosh…… Cannot waste such an expensive stuff like that lah! Must treasure every drop of it!

I’ve bought another bottle recently and would like to see what it can do if I use it long-term. See if it can still work miracles and improves the skin around my eyes. :D

I have yet to try the facial mask, heard that it can instantly boost moisture level and leave skin looks younger! Who doesn’t want that huh? :P

I have also bought this Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil. Hmm…… Although it cleanses pretty well and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily, I’m not going to buy this again. It contains mineral oil. :( Found out only after I bought it! It’s weird, for such a high-end brand to use mineral oil in its products. Clinique doesn’t use mineral oil in its cleansing oil and oil-based make-up remover. This is bad coming from SK-II. So people, please read the ingredients of the product first before you purchase. If you’re sensitive to any particular ingredients, DO NOT buy even others tell you that their product is different.

Read lots of reviews on SK-II, they’re really confusing. If you seriously want to see how good it is, by all means, go try it out. RM199 for a 75ml of Facial Treatment Essence, is worth to try. If you think RM199 is expensive, well, if it doesn’t work on you, it is expensive and you stop using and buying. As simple as that. If it does work, trust me, RM199 is cheaper compared to using a range of products which could cost hundreds that don’t really work. I wish it could be cheaper though. Seriously, if their products are so good, why do they still need heavy advertisements and all the celebrity spokespersons? If the 75ml Facial Treatment Essence costs only RM170, I believe more people would want to try. That, would be a better marketing strategy. Well, I’m only gonna use this Facial Treatment Essence and eye gel. Will not want to try its other products. I still love Clinique better. :)

Shop Till You Drop

Isetan is having anniversary sale this month, 3-day members special starting yesterday. The crowd was crazy, we didn’t even get the chance to go into the car park, the traffic at the KLCC entrance was so bad! I told Andrew even if we got in, the chance to get an empty car park within 10 minutes would be very dim too. Seeing that we too were rushing to go home to watch the Thomas Cup, I decided to go home and do the shopping today.

Got there around 11 this morning, hoping the crowd would not be big. Luckily, no crowd at all. Went to TGV KLCC to see if we could grab any movie later. Well, earliest show for The Bounty Hunter is 4.20pm. Bummer! That is too late. No other good movie, full concentration on my shopping then. LOL!

Went straight to Clinique, I was the only customer. :D Geez…… There were so many things I needed to replenish! Looked at the amount, oh Lord! I could feel my heart ached so much and Andrew was like “whoa, that is a lot! But well, if you really need them, that is ok though.” Aww…… That was so sweet of him to comfort me. I have no idea why my skincare all finished at the same time! Usually they did not, I used to replenish one at a time. The money involved was too scary, I dropped a few items in the hope that the existing ones could still last me another month.

If it was ME 2 years ago, I wouldn’t even blink an eye to buy all of them. I am proud to say that I am a more careful consumer now. :) Thanks to Wan Yi and Melissa. They are constantly telling me “do not buy what you do not need”.

Roaming around in KLCC whilst waiting for my ex-colleagues to come, also looking for a gorgeous top for my upcoming photography session, hopefully! Hahahaha. Argh, couldn’t find one that caught my eyes. Finally my ex-colleagues reached, passed me a bottle of super healthy fish oil that promise could improve health dramatically. So nice of my ex-colleagues to come all the way from PJ to give me the fish oil. Couldn’t thank them enough. I am truly blessed with many little angels. :)

Tomorrow meeting with another 2 angels. Hope I could grab some really yummy-looking top then.

Bought 5 pieces from Clinique, and one from Origins.

Something to share about this Origins Youthtopia eye cream. Using Rhodiola as one of the ingredients, it claims it is able to reduce fine lines, puffiness, dark circles and helps firm the skin. I have been using it for more than a year, this is the 3rd bottle. What I love about it is that it is made from all natural ingredients, no chemicals. Hence, it is not oily at all even though it is pretty creamy. It feels oily and heavy on your fingertips, but when you dab it around your eyes, you will only feel that it is creamy but definitely not oily. I can’t use oily products on the skin around my eyes, otherwise I’ll get oil seeds and that would be nasty. The skin around my eyes used to be very dry. I’ve tried a lot of eye products that claimed to work wonders and magic. None of them really worked. Some of them were so oily and caused oil seeds to grow and I have gone through a tough time removing them. I gave up on my eyes for some time, only using the hydration eye gel from Clinique to prevent it from dehydration. It was by chance I stumbled upon this Youthtopia. Tried it for the first time, didn’t like it. Since I’ve bought it, I gotta use it. 1 month later, I noticed my skin around the eyes was improved! It is still dry, but I no longer have fine lines! Also, the skin has more elasticity now, it is no longer sagging. I am absolutely loving it. No worries about applying too much of it. RM160 for 15ml, which can last 6 months if you use it day and night.

I’ve been a loyal customer of Clinique. I can’t remember for how long, 5 or 6 years perhaps. Their products are less expensive compared with others. They do not have celebrity as their spokesperson, guess that’s why they managed to keep their prices reasonable. Also, their products are milder and gentler on the skin.

Lancome, Estee Lauder, Shu Uemura, L’Oreal, Kose, Shiseido, Clarins…… I’ve tried them all. Most of the times, 6 months of usage, either they were too oily for me, or they lost their effects on me. Clinique is the only brand that balances everything out on my face. There are people telling me some of Clinique products contained alcohol which is harmful to our facial skin. Well, after years of usage, I would say my face is still looking good, if not best. :)

Love Clinique’s Airbrush Concealer and Derma White concealer stick. They are so easy to apply, do not cause dryness, do not flake, and not oily! Their Derma White liquid foundation is very light too, but I’ve stopped using it for quite some time since I now prefer BB cream and the mousse foundation I got from Taiwan.

Okay, enough of Clinique. :) More photos.

6 pieces of free gifts plus few other which the lovely sales assistant always smuggled into the bag for regular customers. :)
Andrew insisted on buying me this since the one I have now cracked at its end although it is still usable. He said now I could have one at home and one at work. :) Thank you my dearest.